Visit this page to keep up to date on the latest developments in the bb wars campaign. track the progress of each faction, find after action reports, see who is in control of resources, find important rule information, and see upcoming games in the series.


Battlefield Map

THIS map displays all the current battles being waged by the empire and THE rebellion. click the icons on the map to learn more about the fight, get details on the leading commanders, and sign up for a faction. find RESULTS of past battles in the past events tab above to learn more about outcomes, resources won, and the aftermath of each event.

Faction control

supreme control over the land is determined on the field of battle. as each event is won or lost by either side, this bar will shift dependent on the outcome of the ongoing battles. it is up to you to tip the balance in favor of your side. choose your allegiance, gear up, and hit the field to tip the scales in your favor. will you fight for order or freedom?



these essential resources can be gained by either faction during events by completing specific goals. once attained, commanders can utilize these tools to gain the upper hand in the following battles. TACTICAL RESOURCES CAN BE USED AT REGIONAL GAMES. STRATEGIC RESOURCES WILL BE BY HELD BY THE FACTION AND USED AT THE END OF THE YEAR GAME. aid your commander in attaining these key strategic pieces to help wipe the opposing forces from the battlefield. Battlefield resource control will be listed under the faction control bar once they are attained.

( hover over the icons to learn more )



Universal Game RUles

  • Medic rules – allow you to be bandaged once before heading back to respawn (Bandage must be carried by the wounded player). Players may wait in place for a medic for a maximum of 5 minutes.

  • Melee kills – are allowed, but melee weapons must be made out of foam or soft rubber. Melee weapons may have plastic cores, but must be covered with foam for safety purposes (Example: Plastic ninja sword covered with foam or homemade foam sword)

  • Smoke Grenades are allowed (Per field rules)

  • Thunder B’s – count as kills (within 15 feet)

  • Tornado Grenades – count as kills (if BB’s hit you)

  • Mobile Respawn – This is a flag that can be moved around the battlefield by the controlling team so that friendly players may respawn. Once the flag is under fire, players may no longer respawn there and the flag must be moved out of the line of fire in order to be used for respawn. These flags may be captured by the enemy team BUT NOT USED.

  • VIP Capture – VIP’s may be captured when they are surrendered or wounded for the first time. VIP’s that are wounded the first time must stay in place for at least 30 seconds before they are allowed to return to respawn, however, they are allowed to wait longer, if they would like to, for a medic. If the VIP has been shot after they have been medic'd once, they must go directly back to respawn. While the VIP is movinG to respawn, the VIP cannot be captured. Asking a VIP to surrender is an option that they are not required to take.

  • Airstrikes – Airstrikes are signified by a red smoke grenade accompanied by a thunder B. Referee’s should be on hand to call out all players within a 50 foot radius.

  • Hard Respawn – This is a respawn location that is not mobile. Players may come back and tap this location to immediately re enter the game.

  • Timed Hard Respawn – This is a respawn location that is not mobile. Players may come back and tap this location to begin a preset countdown to re-enter the game (countdown depends on the specific game)
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Episode VI | Hidden Dagger

Origins | Airsoftology

Imperial Victory

Battlefront | Spider Hole

Rebel Victory

Vehicle Support

Commander gets use of local vehicles for one round.

Smoke Barrage

Commander gets one smoke barrage to call in
( three smoke grenades )

Nuclear Strike

The entire battlefield is cleared and players may not re-enter the battlefield until they put on radiation suits.

Artillery Strike

One artillery strike may be called in by the ground commander.

Intelligence Asset

A quarter of the battlefield is revealed to the commander along with dispositions of all troops and objectives.


One air drop of twenty troops anywhere on the battlefield.


An additional mobile respawn point will be available to a commander for one round.

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