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Imperial Commander:
Field Marshall Ed "The Meerkat"

Rebel Commander:
Bob “The Axe Man”

Game Description:

After suffering a string of defeats over the summer, Imperial High Command has initiated a full scale offensive on Rebel bases across the country, culminating in an all out assault on the main Rebel stronghold on the East Coast. Multiple divisions of Elite Guard are on their way to the Rebel base at Ballahack with the intent to overrun the base and crush resistance on the East coast once and for all. Will the forces of Order turn the tide? Or will those who fight for Freedom stand their ground? You decide!

Ballahack Airsoft Field Waiver:

Click Here

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  • Event Schedule
  • Rules
  • Uniforms

BB Wars | Episode IV | Final Assault

  • Please read the Ballahack Airsoft Safety, Gameplay, and Player Conduct Rules by clicking the link in the description below.
  • This will be a Virginia event
  • Limited Slots Available – First Come, First Serve
  • This will be a Two Day event | Tickets must be purchased for Each Day you plan on attending
  • 1 Day Walk-on Tickets Can Be Purchased on the Day of the Event for $70 | 2 Day tickets can be purchased on the day of the event for $120
  • The Winning Side will be declared the winner of this year’s BB Wars Campaign
  • Pizza will be provided at the end of the day before the raffle.
  • Raffle at the end of the day.

Walk On Player Disclaimer
To ensure fairness and balanced play, Walk On players will be assigned a team. We will attempt to be as accommodating as possible, but please bring both Green-Based Camo as well as Tan-Based / Civilian clothing. To ensure you get to play on the team you want, please purchase your tickets early.

What is BB Wars Episode IV: Final Assault?
This is the final battle of year for the BB Wars saga that will determine who has won the yearlong campaign. All other BB Wars events across the country have lead up to this epic weekend. Each team has several strategic resources won by Rebel and Imperial troops all across the country that can be used over the course of this 2 day event. Sign up and fight for Order or Freedom to decide who will win this yearlong campaign!

Online / In-Store Registration Cost: $60 1-Day Ticket | $100 2-Day Ticket

Walk - On Registration Cost:$70 1-Day Ticket | $120 2-Day Ticket

Ballahack Airsoft Field
2900 Ballahack Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23322-2829

Event Date:
November 21-22 2015

Event Schedule for Day 1 AND Day 2:

7:30-9:00 Parking

8:00-9:30 Registration

8:00-9:30 Chrono

9:30-10:00 Briefing

10:15 OP Start

10:15-1:00 Phase 1

1:00-1:45 Lunch Break

2:00-5:00 Phase

5:15-6:00 Pizza, Raffle, Photos, and Autographs

Ballahack Field Rules

Player Conduct:  Click Here

Gameplay: Click Here

Safety: Click Here

Airsoft GI Universal Game Rules

Magazines Allowed - Any type of magazine is allowed with any gun (example: High Caps, Box Mags, Mid caps, Standard Caps, etc.) Adding box mags, high caps, etc. does not reclassify your gun as a support weapon for purposes of FPS limits.

Medic rules - These allow you to be bandaged once before heading back to respawn (Bandage must be carried by the wounded player). Players may wait in place for a medic for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Melee kills - These are allowed and encourage, however, melee weapons must be made out of foam or soft rubber. They can have plastic cores but be covered with foam for safety purposes (Example: Plastic ninja sword covered with foam or homemade foam sword)

Hard Respawn – This is a respawn location that is not mobile. Players may come back and tap this location to immediately re enter the game.

Vehicles – These can be immobilized with 1 Rocket hit, however, all crew inside are allowed to keep firing and may disembark to continue the fight on foot. 2 rocket hits destroy a vehicle and everyone inside. Grenades do not kill vehicles but do kill vehicle occupants if they detonate inside the vehicle. Vehicle respawn times vary for each event.

Mobile Respawn – This is a flag that can be moved around the battlefield by the controlling team so that friendly players may respawn. Once the flag is under fire, players may no longer respawn there and the flag must be moved out of the line of fire in order to be used for respawn. These flags may be captured by the enemy team but not used.

Rebel Troopers – Civilian clothing and/or Tan-based Camo (Example: 3-color desert, 6-color desert, AU A-TACS, Desert Digital, AOR1, Solid Tan, Desert DPM, Desert Tiger Stripe, Kryptek Highlander, Gray/Gray Based Camo, Black/Black Based Camo etc.)

Imperial Elite Guard – Green-based Camo (Example: OD Green, Woodland, Multicam, FG A-TACS, Woodland Digital, AOR2, Woodland DPM, ABU, ACU, Project Honor, Kryptek Mandrake, etc.)

Field Map


Game Tickets
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