Bob The Axe Man
Commander of all Rebel Forces

In the midst of repeated EMP strikes on North America, the fall of the US and Canadian governments, and the collapse of the American way of life, Bob and Tim were sent on a covert mission to track down the man responsible. Moments before completing their mission, Tim betrayed Bob leaving him to die with a gunshot wound to the chest. Being more stubborn than most, Bob was able to drag himself to safety and much-needed medical attention. Using the military and financial resources gained from their last mission together, Tim built his Empire into the force it has become today all whilst Bob was gathering strength and biding his time to take down his erstwhile friend and new-found tyrant. With the disappearance of Tim and the resurgence of his Empire, Bob yearns for the return of true freedom and prosperity for the people of North America and will fight to the death so that freedom shall not perish from this Earth.

West Coast Rebel “Special” Forces
Code Named “Team Therapists”

Notorious for their ferocity and the heavy weapons they wield in battle against the Empire, not much is truly known about this elite 7-member unit. Some speculate as to the reasons for the oddness of their personalities and the uniforms they choose to wear but nothing is certain. They are fiercely loyal only to Bob “The Axe Man” and fight for the thrill of battle rather than the cause itself.

Commander Panda

The moniker, Panda, was bestowed on him by those he called friends, by those closest to him who knew his true nature. Determined to escape his own homeland at a very early age, he sought to make a better life in a new country free of oppression and injustice. Having vowed to protect his convictions and ideals, he resolved to never allow injustice to take hold in his new homeland. Having witnessed the evil of the Empire, Panda sought to put an end to their nefarious plans by enlisting in the ranks of the Rebellion. The Empire soon found the man they Knew as Panda was not to be trifled with, showing that pandas are capable of violence, capable of spilling Imperial blood.

Commander "BLACKBIRD"

One of the world’s most elite Covert Operatives, the man, the myth, and the beard known only as “The Blackbird”, has been the unseen force behind many of the greatest military victories you’ve probably never heard of. After a deep-cover operation to discover a mole in the rebel army failed, and Bob The Axe Man was captured, The Blackbird was forced to show his true colors. Having successfully infiltrated the Imperial Army, Blackbird sabotaged Imperial Assets at Delta 14, and has now come out of the shadows to command Rebel Forces in the former state of Texas as one of Bob’s top regional Commanders.

Commander "TK"



Imperial Field Marshal Dan
West Coast Imperial Ground Commander

Growing up in an Imperial Family, Daniel was no stranger to the Military. Heavily influenced by his older brother, who was killed in a surprise attack by Rebel forces, Daniel lied about his age and enlisted with the Imperial Elite Guard at the age of 16, two years after his brother’s death. Starting at the rank of private, he worked his way up though the ranks, and was finally promoted to Imperial Field Marshal after being wounded from a ladder incident and continuing to fight during the battle of Ironclad. Daniel is cold, calculating and ruthless when it comes to fighting rebels. 

General Vincent “Kim”
Commanding Officer of the vaunted 1st Imperial Elite Guard Division

Some call him Mr. Kim, others know him as the "Great Leader". Unbeknownst to the greater citizenry, Tim, Bob, and Vincent share a secret connection whose bonds still hold to this day… the Dark Delta.

Imperial Field Marshal Ed “The Meerkat”
East Coast Imperial Ground Commander

Not a great deal is known about Field Marshal Meerkat's prior service, however what is known that after fighting extensive conflicts in Africa, his enemies gave him the name Meerkat. Never was a surprise attack successful, he always had eyes looking out for potential trouble.  He has currently allied with the Imperial Forces although his true reasons are unknown, but dark rumors are spreading.

Imperial Battalion Commander O’Brien
aka “Bantha” BilL

“Bantha” Bill, Commander of the Empire’s Heavy Shock troops known as Bantha Battalion, enlisted in the Imperial Elite Guard at the age of 18 and worked his way through the ranks. He was promoted during the disaster at Antioch to the rank of Imperial Battalion Commander, after standing his ground and destroying enemy vehicles whilst others fled. He fights with his heavy troopers on the front line and is prepared for anything the rebels can throw at him.

Battalion Commander "FROJOE"

As a young southern boy, he was trained as a hunter and taught the ways of his Native American ancestors. During a hunting expedition near his home in what used to be Northern Texas, the young man came across the trail of a small, rag-tag group of soldiers. After tracking them to a nearby settlement, he witnessed them slaughter and pillage, committing atrocities in the name of “Freedom” and “The Rebellion” that will haunt him for as long as he walks the Earth. The elimination of that squad of rebels by the lone hunter gave birth to the most brutal and silent warrior that the Empire has known amongst its ranks.

FIELD Commander "ZACH"






Some describe him as a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Little is known about this bearded figure except that he deals in arms, information and highly trained marksmen whose loyalty lies with those that can afford their services. Tracking him down is nearly impossible, yet he seems to appear when least expected at a time when his services are most needed. He shows no true loyalty to either faction.


The Broker’s Bodyguard is made up of handpicked soldiers from both the Imperial Elite Guard and the Rebellion. These are first rate marksmen whose only true loyalty lies with the highest bidder. They are not to be overlooked, nor are they to be trusted.


These are areas which have been not been occupied by either side for a variety of reasons. In some areas, local self-defense forces have been able to prevent incursions from both sides; in others, the terrain has been deemed either too difficult to resupply friendly troops in its area of operation or not strategically important enough to mount a full-scale assault at this time.