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Imperial Commander:
Imperial General
Vincent Kim

Rebel Commander:
Bob “The Axe Man”

Game Description:

Having made impressive gains against Imperial forces during the recent nationwide offensive, Rebel troops settle into their recently seized territory to take stock of their situation. Imperial High command, not content to be on the defensive, prepares an unexpected counterattack designed to take them into the heart of Rebel-controlled territory in Southern California.

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BB Wars | Episode 3 | Counterattack

  • This is a Southern California Event
  • Walk-on Tickets Can Be Purchased on the Day of the Event for $50
  • The Winning Side Captures One Strategic Resource for Use in the Final BB Wars Battle.
  • Lunch Will Not Be Provided
  • Raffle At the End of the Day

Walk On Player Disclaimer
To ensure fairness and balanced play, Walk On players will be assigned a team. We will attempt to be as accommodating as possible, butplease bring both Green Based Camo as well as Tan Based / Civilian clothing. To ensure you get to play on the team you wan, please purchase your tickets early.

What is BB Wars?
This is a one day operation that is part of our year-long campaign of events which will help decide the fate of the final battle of this year’s BB Wars campaign. By participating, your actions on the field will help dictate the over arching storyline, as well as the GITV videos we produce following each battle, and even the setup of the final engagement at the end of this year.

Cost: $45 Online Registration | $45 In-Store Registration | $50 Same-Day Registration at the Field.


Code Red Airsoft Park
681 E Ellis Ave Perris, CA

Event Date:
Sunday, October 4, 2015

Event Schedule:

9:00 Gates Open

9:00-10:30 Check In and Chrono

10:30-1045 Rules Briefing

1045-1145 Game 1

12:00-1:00 Game 2

1:00-2:00 Lunch

2:15-3:15 Game 3

3:30-4:15 Game 4

4:30-5:00 Raffle

5:00-5:30 Autographs / Photographs

Airsoft GI Universal Game Rules 

Magazines Allowed - Any type of magazine is allowed with any gun (example: High Caps, Box Mags, Mid caps, Standard Caps, etc.) 

Medic Rules - These allow you to be bandaged once before heading back to respawn (Bandage must be carried by the wounded player). Players may wait in place for a medic for a maximum of 5 minutes. 

Melee Kills - These are allowed and encourage, however, melee weapons must be made out of foam or soft rubber. They can have plastic cores but be covered with foam for safety purposes (Example: Plastic ninja sword covered with foam or homemade foam sword). 

Hard Respawn – This is a respawn location that is not mobile. Players may come back and tap this location to immediately re enter the game.


Rebel Troopers – Civilian clothing and/or Tan-based Camo (Example: 3-color desert, 6-color desert, AU A-TACS, Desert Digital, AOR1, Solid Tan, Desert DPM, Desert Tiger Stripe, Kryptek Highlander, Gray/Gray Based Camo etc.)

Imperial Elite Guard – Green-based Camo (Example: OD Green, Woodland, Multicam, FG A-TACS, Woodland Digital, AOR2, Woodland DPM, ABU, ACU, Project Honor, Kryptek Mandrake, Black/Black Based Camo etc.)

There are NO restrictions or requirements for gear color (I.E. Woodland Camouflage with Tan Plate carrier is still on the Imperial side.)

Field Map

Game Tickets
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