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Imperial Commander:
To Be Announced

Rebel Commander:
Bob "The Axe Man"

Zombie Forces

Game Description:

Recently, Rebel troops severely damaged a secret Imperial Research facility in Antioch, destabilizing the underlying bedrock of the structure itself, forcing Imperial troops to begin an immediate evacuation. Several experiments escaped containment in the ensuing chaos and began infecting unwary elite guard. Soon the entire facility was crawling with creatures intent on devouring anyone in their way. The local Imperial commander sent out a desperate plea for reinforcements just before his base was overrun. 

Imperial High command is fast tracking several crack infantry units to the area and has begun inviting local civilian militias in to help contain the growing problem. Reports indicate remaining Imperial troops on the ground have even been spotted fighting side by side with Rebel troops in their desperation to quickly contain this fast-spreading outbreak. Both sides worry that without further containment this disease could spread throughout the west coast and, possibly, the entire country.

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BB Wars | Battlefront | Zombies

  • This is a Southern California Event
  • Walk-on Tickets Can Be Purchased on the Day of the Event for $50
  • The Winning Side Captures One Strategic Resource for Use in the Final BB Wars Battle.
  • Lunch Will Not Be Provided
  • Raffle At the End of the Day

Walk On Player Disclaimer
To ensure fairness and balanced play, Walk On players will be assigned a team. We will attempt to be as accommodating as possible, butplease bring both Green Based Camo as well as Tan Based / Civilian clothing. To ensure you get to play on the team you wan, please purchase your tickets early.

What is BB Wars?
This is a one day operation that is part of our year-long campaign of events which will help decide the fate of the final battle of this year’s BB Wars campaign. By participating, your actions on the field will help dictate the over arching storyline, as well as the GITV videos we produce following each battle, and even the setup of the final engagement at the end of this year.

Cost: $40 Online Registration | $40 In-Store Registration | $45 Same-Day Registration at the Field.

Gamepod Combat Zone
1400 W. 4th St. Unit 2
Antioch, CA

Event Date:
Saturday, October 24, 2015

Event Schedule:

8:30-9:30 – Check In & Chronograph

9:30-10:00 – Safety & Rules Briefing

10:00-11:30 – Scenario 1

11:30-1:00 – Scenario 2

1:00-2:00 – Lunch

2:00-3:30 – Scenario 3

3:30-4:00 – Mega Game

4:00-4:30 – Raffle

4:30-5:00 – Autographs & Photos

Game Scenarios: 

Downed Plane
Players begin the scenario in a plane that has just landed at a civilian airport in a small town. They must make it to the safe house at the opposite end of the complex and, once there, begin barricading the building in order to survive as long as they can. 

Setting up the safe house will include blocking doors and windows with furniture, setting up lanes of fire, and restocking ammunition from the safe house’s armory as if their very lives depend upon it. 

Secure the Safe House
This scenario begins where right ‘Downed Plane’ left off. The survivors start off in the safe house that they ended at in the first scenario. This game is all about upgrading your safe house for the long haul by securing supplies from nearby buildings in order to survive as long as possible and ultimately contact the outside world. 

Supplies include food, water, communications equipment, found weapons, items with which to bar the windows and furniture to bar the doors with. Ammunition and gas will already be stockpiled at the safe house’s armory for in-game use. 

Escape in the Truck
With dwindling supplies and a growing population of undead, the remaining survivors decide that their only option is to escape the facility. Survivors must find the car keys, two containers of gasoline, fill up the car with gas and use it to escape the facility through one of the loading docks with as many survivors as possible. 

Mega Game
The mega game will mark the end of the day after all teams have had the chance to go through each zombie scenario both as survivors and as zombies. If zombie scenarios run exceedingly long, the mega game will be cancelled to ensure all participants get maximum time to play as survivors. 

Survivor Rules: 

Semi-Automatic fire ONLY. 

Fresh ammo, green gas, and speed loaders will be available at the designated safe house and can be used once you fight your way there. They cannot be moved outside of the safe house under any circumstances. 

Survivors have limited ammo (No gas, BB’s, or speed loaders may be carried onto the field) and must choose one of the following 4 weapon setups: 

Assault Rifle/SMG – 1 High Capacity Magazine or 3 Mid-capacity Magazines 

Gas Blow Back Rifle/SMG – 5 Magazines 

Shotgun – 10 Shells 

Pistols Only – Allowed 2 pistols with 3 magazines a piece 

Every Player is allowed one sidearm with 3 magazines a piece (unless you are using pistols only, then you can have 2 pistols total with 3 magazines per pistol) 

Every Player is allowed to carry a melee weapon which must be made out of foam. Melee weapons take 2 hits to kill a zombie. 

Shotguns kills zombies in two shots, no matter how many hits the zombie has left and no matter what type of shotgun it is. It can be single shot, tri-shot, or 6-shot and it will still take two shots from a shotgun to kill a zombie. 

Grenades do not affect zombies. Thunder B’s or other airsoft grenades can still be used as improvised alarms if desired. 

Survivors must wear a glowstick/chemlight on their person which should be visible at all times until infected. 

Once infected, survivors must immediately hide their glowstick/chemlight and lay on the ground for 30 seconds. Once 30 seconds has elapsed, they may spawn as a zombie from where they were initially infected. When they are killed again, they must respawn at a designated zombie spawn pit. 

Survivors will not be informed how many hits can take out each zombie. 

Survivors are infected when a zombie places two hands on their person. Gun grabs are not allowed and do not count for purposes of infecting survivors. 

Survivor costumes are not only allowed, they are ENCOURAGED. 

Zombie Rules: 

To infect a survivor, zombies must get 2 hands on a survivor. Gun grabs do not count, and tackling is not allowed. Brownie points for players that make zombies noises while playing. (Brownie points are not real) 

Zombies are allowed to run. At all times. 

Zombies must go down after they are hit a certain number of times in any location on their body. The number of hits each zombie can take will be given out by game staff on the field so that survivors are unaware of how many shots it will take to stop a zombie. 

Zombies may go down after one or multiple shots but MUST go down after the maximum shots they are allowed to take, as dictated by Gamepod staff. This rule is for zombies that want to reward survivors who happen to get a clear headshot on them. 

Zombies may not respawn in place (except survivors who have just been infected) and MUST respawn at designated zombie spawn points. 

2 hits with a melee weapon will kill any zombie. Melee weapons cannot be thrown and must be made out of foam in order to be used. 

2 hits from a shotgun will kill any zombie, whether or not the shotgun is single shot, tri-shot, or 6-shot. 

Zombie costumes are not only allowed, they are ENCOURAGED. 

Zombies are not allowed to use melee weapons, only hands. 



Wear what you want (within reason), there are no uniform restrictions for this event and survivor costumes are encouraged!

Field Map

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