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Imperial Commander:
Imperial Field Marshal Dan

Rebel Commander:
Bob “The Axe Man”

Game Description:

Having secured Antioch as a base of operations almost two years prior, Imperial forces have been conducting secret experiments with Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons for use against Rebel forces while the war rages on elsewhere. Rebel High Command has received intelligence regarding their activities and a possible breakthrough by Imperial scientists in developing a new super weapon with which to halt Rebel advances across the country.

Rebel High Command has tasked all available forces in the region with infiltrating and raiding this facility in the hopes of destroying or degrading their research. This assault will be conducted deep behind enemy lines and must be successful if Rebel forces hope to continue their advance into Imperial territory.

Gamepod Combat Zone Field Waiver:

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  • Event Schedule
  • Rules
  • Uniforms

BB Wars | Episode 2 | Shadows of Fate

  • This will be a Northern California event
  • Limited Slots Available – First Come, First Serve
  • This will be a Two Day event | Tickets must be purchased for Each Day you plan on attending
  • No Players under 13 years old allowed
  • Walk-on Players are allowed if tickets do not sell out, but will pay an extra $5 for same-day Registration
  • Your INVOICE will count as your TICKET, please print it out and bring it to the event
  • READ the Gamepod Field Safety Rules Below
  • Fill out the Gamepod Field Waiver and bring it to the Event | Additional Waivers will be available at the field
  • Lunch will not be provided
  • Raffle at the end of the day

What is BB Wars Episode 2: Shadows of Fate?
This will be a two day operation that is part of a year-long campaign of events which will help decide the fate of the final battle of this year’s BB Wars campaign. By participating, your actions on the field will help dictate the over arching storyline, as well as the GITV videos we produce following each battle, and even the setup of the final engagement at the end of this year.

$45 per day Online Registration | $50 per day Walk-on Registration at the field

Gamepod Combat Zone
1400 West 4th Street Unit 2
Antioch, CA 94509

Event Date:
June 27-28 2015

Event Schedule for Day 1 AND Day 2:

8-9:30 – Registration and Rules Briefing

9:30-10 – Commanders brief their troops and begin deployment

10-11:00 – Game 1

11-11:15 – Reload and Rearm

11:15-12:15 – Game 2

12:15-1:30 – Lunch 

1:30-2:30 – Game 3

2:30-2:45 – Reload and Rearm

2:45-3:45 – Game 4

3:45-5:30 – Raffle, Photos, and Autographs

Airsoft GI Universal Game Rules

Magazines Allowed - Any type of magazine is allowed with any gun (example: High Caps, Box Mags, Mid caps, Standard Caps, etc.) Adding box mags, high caps, etc. does not reclassify your gun as a support weapon for purposes of FPS limits, please see the D14 field rules below.

Medic rules - These allow you to be bandaged once before heading back to respawn (Bandage must be carried by the wounded player). Players may wait in place for a medic for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Melee kills - These are allowed and encourage, however, melee weapons must be made out of foam or soft rubber. They can have plastic cores but be covered with foam for safety purposes (Example: Plastic ninja sword covered with foam or homemade foam sword)

Hard Respawn – This is a respawn location that is not mobile. Players may come back and tap this location to immediately re enter the game.

Mobile Respawn – This is a flag that can be moved around the battlefield by the controlling team so that friendly players may respawn. Once the flag is under fire, players may no longer respawn there and the flag must be moved out of the line of fire in order to be used for respawn. These flags may be captured by the enemy team.

Event-Specific Rules

Gamepod Buggies – These vehicles may only be killed by C4 (available from Gamepod staff) and Rockets. 1 Rocket hit or 1 C4 hit counts as a vehicle kill along with all occupants. Vehicle respawn times vary per event.

Gamepod Combat Zone Field Safety Rules:

Rebel Troopers – Civilian clothing and/or Tan-based Camo (Example: 3-color desert, 6-color desert, AU A-TACS, Desert Digital, AOR1, Solid Tan, Desert DPM, Desert Tiger Stripe, etc.) Any other camo that is neither green nor tan-based will be on the Rebel side (Example: NWU, Gray, Black, LE A-TACS, Urban, etc.)

Imperial Elite Guard – Green-based Camo (Example: OD Green, Woodland, Multicam, FG A-TACS, Woodland Digital, AOR2, Woodland DPM, ABU, ACU, Project Honor, etc.)

Field Map

Game Tickets
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