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2024 Airsoft Guns Buyers Guide

2024 Airsoft Buyers Guide

Welcom to Airsoft GI

Welcome to the wonderful world of airsoft! With the plethora of different airsoft guns, tactical gear, and other various accessories; finding the perfect airsoft gear for you may be confusing and troublesome. All of us at Airsoft GI are airsoft players with decades of knowledge and experience that we use to help you!

We have made this buyers guide with our personal recommendations that are perfect for everyone who has been playing airsoft for years to anyone just starting out. We believe these products are the best available and have hand picked items that will fit your budget!

To make sure you understand some of the terminology and the most used terms in airsoft, we highly recommend that you check out our Airsoft 101!

Table of Contents

Airsoft Guns

Electric Airsoft Guns (AEGs)

Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns

Bolt Actions Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Essentials

Airsoft BBs

Green Gas

Airsoft Batteries

Airsoft Chargers

Airsoft Accessories

Airsoft Magazines

Vertical / Angled Foregrip and Hand Stops

Magnified Scope / Red Dot Optics

Airsoft Tracer Units

Tactical Gear

Airsoft Full Face Protection / Goggles

Plate Carriers

Chest Rigs

Best Airsoft Mystery Box

Top 10 Best Electric Airsoft Guns (AEGs)

Electric Airsoft Guns or more commonly as "AEGs" are a must have for any airsofter that wants to play against other players. We highly recommend that everyone starts with an AEG for their first airsoft gun!

G&G Combat Machine M16

1. G&G Combat Machine M16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle (Black)

The G&G CM16 Combat Machine uses a very robust polymer receiver set, keeping the durability while keeping the airsoft gun light weight. The G&G CM16 has a standard Version 2 Gearbox with a traditional Dial Hop Up Unit.

We recommend the G&G CM16 Combat Machine because of its known and proven reliability. With no proprietary parts, you will be able to repair the G&G CM16 is an airsoft gun that you can hit the ground running! The G&G Combat Machine Line has been around for over a decade and the fact that it still around speaks volumes.

Lancer Tactical LT15B-G2 Gen 2 M4

2. Lancer Tactical LT15B-G2 Gen 2 M4 SD Carbine AEG Airsoft Rifle

The Lancer Tactical LT15B Gen 2 Series gives a solid polymer receiver with a modernized internal build. The LT15B Gen 2 includes a Quick Change Spring System, Rotary Hop Up Unit, and a 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel. You also get a Battery, Charger, and BBs out of the box! Giving you everything you need to start shooting!

We recommend the Lancer Tactical LT15B Gen 2 because of the amazing value you get! It is a great option for anyone getting started in airsoft. With a standard Version 2 Gearbox, internal features that you normally get in a more expensive airsoft gun, and all of the other extra goodies included. Lancer Tactical has raised the bar for all entry level airsoft guns!

Arcturus NY02CB M4

3. Arcturus NY02CB 12" M4 AEG Airsoft Rifle

The Arcturus NY02CB features a polymer receiver set with a full metal rail system! Internally Arcturus includes a Rotary Hop Up Unit, 6.02mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel, Quick Change Spring System, and a Micro Switch Trigger.

We recommend the Arcturus NY02CB because they give great performance out of the box! Arcturus gives you a solid internal and external build with accuracy to rival the best! Make sure you pick up extra magazines, but you will want to keep shooting!

Classic Army ECS PXG9

4. Classic Army ECS PXG 9 AEG Airsoft SMG

The Classic Army PXG9 Skirmish ECS boasts a nylon fiber reinforced polymer receiver with the BAS PDW Stock for plenty of battery space. Internally you get the ECS Gearbox that allows you to program your fire modes. You also get the 25k Classic Army Motor, 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel, and the Rotary Hop Up Unit.

The Classic Army PXG9 is the perfect airsoft gun to run in CQB environments! With an amazing internal build that gives great trigger response and rate of fire, with a light weight platform. You get full rifle performance in a compact package!

Lancer Tactical Gen3 M4 LT-32BA

5. Lancer Tactical Gen3 M4 LT-32BA AEG Airsoft Rifle (Black)

The Lancer Tactical LT-32 Gen 3 includes a Quick Change Spring System, Full Metal Rack Piston, 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel, Rotary Hop Up Unit, High Speed Motor, and the Zion Arms Nebula MOSFET. Combining all of this in their light weight and durable polymer receiver.

We recommend the Lancer Tactical LT-32 Gen 3 because it takes everything great about the Gen 2 line and cranks it up to 11! With the new High Speed Motor and the Zion Arms Nebula MOSFET, you get performance that you would normally see in high end airsoft guns or custom built airsoft guns!

E&L Airsoft Essential AK-105

6. E&L Airsoft New Essential AK-105 AEG Rifle (Black)

The E&L AK-105 provides a steel receiver set with reinforced polymer furniture. You get the tradition AK Leaf Style Sights with the AK Optics Rail Adapter. This solid external build is paired with a reinforced Version 3 Gearbox with a Quick Change Spring System.

We recommend the E&L Essential AK-105 because you get an extremely solid external build that is 1:1 scale with the real AK-105. It is very hard to find an airsoft gun with the durability that E&L offers.

Zion Arms R&D Precision PW9

7. Zion Arms R&D Precision PW9 9mm Airsoft AEG Pistol Caliber Carbine

The Zion Arms PW9 features a full metal construction that is 1:1 scale replica of the real PW9 from R&D Precision. Internally you get a 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel, Rotary Hop Up Unit, Quick Change Spring System, Full Metal Rack Piston, and the Zion Arms Nebula MOSFET! You also get the 11.1v LiPo Battery, Charger, and LiPo Sack.

We recommend the Zion Arms PD9 because the package you get! You are getting the stylish and ergonomic external build, an internal build that competes with the best of them, and the included battery and charger. If you were looking for an airsoft gun to dominate CQB, the PW9 is the perfect choice!

KWA Ronin T6 AEG

8. KWA Ronin T6 AEG Airsoft Rifle (Black)

The KWA Ronin T6 features the solid full metal receiver set, 6 inch M-LOK Rail, PDW Stock, and PTS furniture. Internally you are getting the updated 2.5+ Gearbox. You are able to adjust your FPS on the fly with the Variable FPS System in the 2.5+ Gearbox. You also get KWA tried and true performance and reliability.

We recommend the KWA Ronin T6 because of the amazing performance and reliability. KWA has been around for a very long time and have had the reputation of providing great performance and durability out of the box. This holds true today and you will be able to will be able to compete indoors and outdoors with the Ronin T6!

Arcturus AK-12 PE AEG

9. Arcturus AK-12 PE AEG Airsoft Rifle W/ Perun Mosfet

The Arcturus AK-12 PE includes the solid external build of metal and reinforced polymer. Internally you get 13:1 High Speed Gear Set, High Torque Neodymium Motor with Steel Pinion Gear, Full Metal Rack Piston, and the Perun Programmable MOSFET!

We recommend the Arcturus AK-12 PE because you are getting custom built performance out of the box! The internals have been rebuilt to have all the bells and whistles! You can expect amazing trigger response, high rate of fire, and a rock solid external build.

BCM Licensed MCMR 11.5 M4

10. BCM Licensed MCMR 11.5" M4 AEG Airsoft Gun

The BCM MCMR M4 gives you a full build from VFC. You get a beautiful external build with officially licensed trade marks with the full BCM parts kit. Internally you get the Avalon Version 2 Gearbox. This features an Inline MOSFET, Quick Change Spring System, and High Torque Motor. You also get the Rotary Hop Up Unit for fine tuning your range.

We highly recommend the BCM MCMR because of its beautiful and solid construction, while still providing amazing performance. With the Avalon Gearbox, you will have no problem maintaining this airsoft gun. We like the BCM MCMR so much, we used it as the base gun for one of our Premium Typhoon Customs!

Top 10 Best Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns

Gas Blowback Airsoft Guns are the best way to add more fun and realism to your airsoft expereince. Also known as "GBBs", Gas Blowback Pistols and Rifles can give you a more realsitic expereince on and off the airsoft field.

JG Golden Eagle IMF 3305 1911A1

1. JG Golden Eagle IMF 3305 1911A1 GBB Airsoft Pistol (Black)

The JG Golden Eagle IMF 3305 1911A1 GBB Airsoft Pistol has a full blowback operating system that mimics the real 1911 Pistol. This pistol has a full metal construction with 100% Tokyo Marui compatibility.

The JG Golden Eagle IMF 3305 1911A1 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is an extreme value! Retailing for under $100 with a full metal construction and full blowback operation. This gas blowback pistol is a must get!

Army Armament R612M C2 HI-Capa

2. Army Armament R612M C2 HI-Capa 4.3 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol w/ Optic Mount

The Army Armament R612M C2 has a stylish full metal construction. This airsoft pistol also has a hand stippled pistol grip to get a solid grip in hand. You also get suppressor height iron sights and a optics plate for any red dot optics that use the docter or RMR mounting footprint.

Army Armament offers a lot of features you would normally find on a custom built airsoft pistol. With great performance out of the box, stylish looks, and more functionality than most airsoft pistols. The R612M C2 is a great addition as a sidearm or a primary for indoor players.

Elite Force GLOCK 17 Gen 3

3. Elite Force GLOCK 17 Gen 3 Gas Blow Back Airsoft Pistol (Black)

The Elite Force Glock 17 Gen 3 has a full metal slide with a reinforced polymer frame. With a solid construction, you can use both the green gas and CO2 magazines with all of the Elite Force Glocks. You also get 1:1 functionality to the real Glock 17 gen 3.

Though the Elite Force Glock 17 has only been on the market for a few years, they have proven their reliability and performance. So much so that Cisco uses one as his go to sidearm! The official license is the cherry on top!

KLI 1911 Hi-Capa Baba Yaga

4. KLI 1911 Hicapa Baba Yaga Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

The KLI Baba Yaga has a durable full metal construction. The Baba Yaga also offers a picatinny rail for accessories, aggressive slide serrations, flared magazine well, stippled pistol grip, fiber optic iron sights, and a reinforced blowback system.

The KLI Baba Yaga is hands down the hardest kicking gas blowback airsoft pistol on the market. With the CO2 Magazines, you get an amazing shooting experience with great performance out of the box! All of the included features makes the Baba Yaga ready to hit the field!

Lancer Tactical Stryk Hi-Capa

5. Lancer Tactical Stryk Hi-Capa 5.3 Blowback Airsoft Pistol w/ Optic Mount

The Lancer Tactical Stryk Hi-Capa has a CNC aluminum slide that has been ported for a faster cycle rate. You also get a metal frame with picatinny rail, a hand stippled pistol grip, flared magazine well, and a fiber optic front sight with an adjustable rear sight.

The Lancer Tactical Stryk Hi-Capa offers both style and performance out of the box! With a buttery smooth slide and stippled grip for a firm had grip, you can get on sight even faster with the fiber optic front sight. This model offers an optics plate so you can get even more function from this airsoft pistol!

JAG Arms Scattergun HDS

6. JAG Arms Scattergun HDS Gas Airsoft Shotgun (Tan)

The JAG Arms Scattergun HDS has a full metal construction with polymer stock and hand pump, you get a balance of durability and weight reduction. The Scattergun HDS is powered by green gas and has a removable tank that can store a large amount of gas. You can choose to run this shotgun on 3 or 6 round burst, allowing you to maximize the spread of each shot.

The JAG Arms Scattergun HDS is a must have for everyone! There is unrivaled joy when you get your shot with a shotgun and follow up shots are so much easier.


7. KWA KMP9 NS2 GBB Airsoft SMG (Gray)

The KWA KMP9 Gas Blowback SMG features a reinforced polymer receiver. Internally you get the tried and true KWA NS2 System which maximizes performance and gas efficiency!

The KWA KMP9 SMG Series is a must have for every airsofters collection! With a whopping rate of fire of 20 BBs per second and how loud this airsoft SMG shoots. You will send fear into everyone on the opposite team!

G&G Armament SMC-9

8. G&G Armament SMC-9 Gas Blowback Pistol Caliber Carbine (Black)

The G&G SMC-9 boasts a light weight polymer receiver with a metal M-LOK Handguard. You also get metal reinforced parts to keep the durability. G&G’s Hop Up Unit Design offers a large adjustment range to maximize the amazing range and accuracy. Using G&G’s Whirl Valve System, the SMC-9 has unparalleled gas efficiency.

The G&G SMC-9 is the perfect blend of performance and fun! You get all of the fun from a gas blowback rifle and the range and accuracy of an AEG! The SMC-9 is a must have for any airsofter!


9. KWA LM4 PTR M4 Carbine GBBR Airsoft Rifle (Black)

The KWA LM4 includes a full metal build with the NS2 Gas System. Out of the box you get a standard M4 Variant that can accept real firearms external parts to give you the most realistic feeling airsoft gun. With the hard kicking gas blowback system and great performance, the LM4 offers you the most realistic feel that stays competitive with other airsoft guns.

The KWA LM4 was made to maximize performance and realistic functionality. With such high performance, the LM4 is used by many different LEO and Military Agencies for simulation training. The LM4 is exactly what you want to keep up with other airsofters, while adding fun and realism.

Elite Force H&K 416 A4 GBBR

10. Elite Force H&K 416 A4 Carbine Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle (Black)

The Elite Force HK416 A4 GBBR features a full metal receiver set that has been officially licensed. You also get the mock gas piston system with the metal quad picatinny rail for the iconic look of the HK416. Internally you get a solid build from KWA using the LM4 System, but you are also getting some of the design improvements from the KWA LM4D System.

The Elite Force HK416 A4 Gas Blowback Rifle gives you the performance and reliability of the KWA LM4, with the iconic and modern looks of the HK416. This airsoft rifle gives you everything you need with realism, performance, and fun!

Top 10 Best Bolt Action Airsoft Guns

Bolt actions, or more commonly referred to as snipers, are both fun and satisfying to use. They require a bit more patience to master but are well worth the effort. Below is a list of some of our favorite sniper rifles.

Double Bell VSR-10

1. Double Bell VSR-10 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

The Double Bell VSR-10 is an excellent “clone” of the original Tokyo Marui VSR-10 design but has built upon it and is surprisingly affordable. The amount of aftermarket replacement and upgrade components available is unmatched compared to other bolt action platforms.

We at Airsoft GI highly recommend this bolt action rifle for both beginners and players looking for a platform to upgrade.

JG M70 Bolt Action Spring Sniper

2. JG GH376B M70 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Airsoft RIfle

Another super affordable and reliable sniper rifle would be the JG M70 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. This rifle is incredibly lightweight, making it a breeze to carry for longer periods of time. It too can be fitted with upgrade components and accessories.

Due to the affordable price and potential of the rifle, it earns a solid recommendation from Airsoft GI.

Well L96 Bolt Action Sniper

3. Well L96 Bolt Action Sniper Airsoft Rifle

If you’re a fan of FPS games like us, then this rifle should be familiar. The L96 platform is super iconic in the world of FPS and film, and Well has done a great job replicating the rifle.

For fans of games like Counter Strike or Call Of Duty, we most certainly recommend this Bolst Action Sniper Rifle

Wellfire M40A5

4. Wellfire M40A5 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle W/ Scope

This is an absolute steal, especially for a beginner. This rifle already shoots a much higher FPS out of the box and comes included with both a magnified scope and a bipod; everything you need to start playing like a true sniper!

With its affordable price tag, out of the box performance, and included accessories, how could we at Airsoft GI not recommend this deal?

Lancer Tactical M24

5. Lancer Tactical M24 Bolt Action Spring Powered Sniper Rifle W/ Scope & Bipod

What we have here is another package deal that couldn’t be ignored. The M24 from Lancer is very upgradable, taking several of the same VSR-10 components. It too comes included with both a magnified scope and a bipod.

If a player were in the market for a super upgradable platform but also came with some extra goodies right out of the box, this would be our recommendation.

Amoeba Striker AS-01 Gen 2

6. Amoeba Striker AS-01 Gen 2 Bolt Action Sniper RIfle

A breakaway from the traditional sniper rifle profile, the Amoeba Striker is a seriously cool bolt action. The most distinct feature of this rifle is its ability to take VSR-10 hop-up buckings and inner barrels while working with AEG springs!

With its unique shape, lightweight design, multiple color options, and ease of finding parts, this is a definite recommendation from the experts at Airsoft GI.

Action Army T11

7. Action Army T11 Spring Sniper

The Action Army T11 is definitely one of the more unique bolt actions we carry. The coolest feature of this rifle, we feel, is its pre-upgraded internals. Even at 430 FPS, the range and accuracy of the rifle is near unmatched! It even functions with VSR-10 magazines, a very convenient feature.

We at Airsoft GI love recommending this rifle to players looking for a “pre-upgraded” sniper that’s ready to be played competitively with.

Nemesis Arms Vanquish

8. Nemesis Arms Vanquish Spring Sniper Rifle W/ Hardcase

The perfect assassin gun for every sneaky airsofter. The Nemesis Arms is a full metal bolt action that can be easily and quickly disassembled and stored into its included hard case. And at 500 FPS out of the box, you know your target will feel the impact.

Whether you’re a collector or obscure platforms, or larping as a secret assassin performing a hit, this Bolt Action sniper is the recommended tool for the job!

Modify M24 USR150

9. Modify M24 USR150 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Very few sniper rifles come close to the level of quality and performance that is the Modify M24. This bolt action is completely upgraded and has the range, accuracy, and consistency to prove it. Available in three different colors, this rifle is also aesthetically beautiful and looks good with any loadout

If you’re in the market for the best performance sniper, we recommend rolling with the Modify M24 any day.

ASG Steyr Scout

10. ASG Steyr Scout Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Another nostalgic rifle from the good ol’ days of Counter Strike, ASG perfectly emulated the Scout Sniper Rifle. This lightweight champ houses some top-of the line internal upgrades and sports an integrated body right in its body.

This rifle is recommended for collectors of unique weapon platforms and players looking for higher performing rifles ready to go out the box.

Airsoft Essentials

This section will highlight the next mandatory items you’ll need to start playing.

Airsoft Essentials

Best Airsoft BBs

BBs are the ammunition of Airsoft. Below is a list of some of the best quality BBs you can use with your airsoft guns.

Lancer Tactical Standard 0.20G BBs

1. Lancer Tactical Standard 0.20G BBs 5000 Rounds (White)

0.20G BBs are the minimum weight requirement for Airsoft guns. The Lancer Tactical BBs are polished to perfection, with no seam to hurt your performance.

We at Airsoft GI recommend these BBs as they are incredibly affordable and of the highest quality.

Lancer Tactical Standard 0.25G BBs

2. Lancer Tactical Standard 0.25G BBs 4000 Rounds (White)

These BB’s are a step heavier than 0.25 and differ in terms of performance. With heavier BB’s they are generally more accurate, having a better effective range at the sacrifice of maximum range. These are also extremely high quality and have no damaging seams.

These BBs are highly recommended, especially for Outdoor players looking for quality BBs while still at an affordable price!

Elite Force Premium Biodegradable

3. Elite Force Premium Biodegradable 0.25G 5000 CT. BBs (White)

Biodegradable BBs are the same 6mm BBs you would ordinarily use, however they decompose over-time in a non-toxic environmentally friendly way.

Many airsoft events require the use of Bio BBs only, which is why the experts at Airsoft GI recommend these BBs from Elite Force.

Lancer Tactical Bio-Tracer

4. Lancer Tactical Bio-Tracer 0.25G BBs 4000 Rounds (White)

Tracer BBs are chemically treated to work in conjunction with Tracer Units, being luminescent when they’re shot from the airsoft gun and appearing as though a laser had been shot.

Indoor players and outdoor players skirmishing at night love using tracer units to help confirm their BB trajectory and because it looks super cool, which is why we recommend using tracer BBs such as these high quality 0.25g BBs from Jag Arms.

Best Airsoft Green Gas

Green gas is the most common propellant used primarily for Gas Blowback pistols and rifles. Many brands put out their line of gas, but below is the Gas we recommend for all your Gas blowback needs.

Puff Dino Green Gas

1. Puff Dino 600ML Green Gas Classic With Oil

Puff Dino is regarded as onf the highest quality gas manufacturers on the market and make several variants. At 600ML this can should have plenty of gas needed for several hours of play.

This 600ML can is the best for all-around use with most Gas Blowback models as it uses high quality silicone oil in its mixture to help lubricate the seals in the magazine or tank. That and it’s incredibly affordable for the amount provided.

Puff Dino Power Up Gas

2. Puff Dino Power Up 560ML Green Gas With Oil

One of Puff Dino’s green gas variants, this can caters towards players seeking more power from their GBB airsoft guns. Despite having the ability to bump up your airsoft gun’s FPS, this canister still retains good quality silicone oil in its mix for lubrication purposes.

If you’re looking to increase the power of your shots from a gas blowback airsoft gun, this is definitely the number one recommendation we at Airsoft GI cam make.

Best Airsoft Battery

Batteries are what give an electric airsoft gun, or AEG, it’s power to active the geartrain and fire a BB. There are several different types of batteries on the market, but this is will highlight the one’s we strongly recommend.

Lancer Tactical 7.4v Stick Lipo Battery

1. Lancer Tactical 7.4v 1000MAH 20C Stick Lipo Battery

Lipo batteries are of a much higher quality compared to batteries of old. Its compact size and shape lend itself well to a variety of platforms and its MAH is high enough for several hours of play.

Alongside it’s affordable price, this battery is ideal for most beginners as the voltage is low enough to not put any stress on an AEGs gearbox, a plus for many who don’t upgrade their gearboxes. A definite recommendation from us.

Lancer Tactical 11.1V Lipo Stick Battery

2. Lancer Tactical 11.1V 1000MAH 20C Lipo Stick Battery

Much like its 7.4v counterpart above, this lipo battery is small and compact enough to fit into most battery compartments. However, this battery is of a much higher voltage, typically the highest possible for airsoft guns and will provide a much faster rate of fire and “snappier” trigger response at the cost of higher stress for the gearbox.

We at Airsoft GI recommend this battery for players wanting that higher performance from their AEGs but also recommend upgrading their gearboxes if they’re not already pre-built for the higher stress.

Echo 1 7.4V Lipo Stick Battery

3. Echo 1 7.4V 1100MAH 25C Lipo Stick Battery

Echo 1 is another brand that makes good quality lipos. This stick battery is significantly thinner but also much longer. This shape is actually ideal for AK AEGs that house batteries under the dust cover.

Seeing as the AK is one of the most popular weapon platforms in airsoft, second only to the AR, this battery comes highly recommended by the experts at Airsoft GI.

Echo 1 Lipo 7.4V Bi-Panel Lipo

4. Echo 1 Lipo 7.4V 1450MAH 25C Bi-Panel Lipo

This uniquely shaped Lipo battery has several benefits due to the design. Many battery compartments are located in the stock of the rifle, most of these stocks having a split compartment, so having a battery whose cells are split into different stacks makes storing it a bit easier, especially when you would like to run a higher MAH battery for longer gameplay.

As experienced Airsofters with several years under our belts, we can highly recommend these batteries for anyone looking for longer lasting lifespan and operate with a rifle that has its battery compartment in the stock.

Lancer Tactical 11.1V Stick Lipo Battery

5. Lancer Tactical 11.1V 1300MAH 25C Stick Lipo Battery

Much like the Echo 1 from earlier on this list, this stick battery is significantly thinner but also much longer. This shape is actually ideal for AK AEGs that house batteries under the dust cover.

Seeing as the AK is one of the most popular weapon platforms in airsoft, second only to the AR, this battery comes highly recommended by the experts at Airsoft GI, especially if you want your AK to have a faster rate of fire and more responsive trigger.

VB Power High Performance 11.1V Lipo Battery

6. VB Power High Performance 11.1V 1300MAH 20C Lipo Brick Battery

Some airsoft guns feature a battery compartment towards the front of the rifle, and in the event the provided space isn’t enough for a slightly larger and higher voltage battery, many elect to run a fake/dummy PEQ box. These units are typically hollow and can house a battery of the desired voltage and size.

All of us at Airsoft GI have definitely encountered this situation on more than one occasion, which is why we definitely recommend this battery, especially if you want your “front-wired” AEG to run higher voltage Lipos.

Lancer Tactical 7.4V Lipo Flat Battery

7. Lancer Tactical 7.4V 300MAH 3S 25C Lipo Flat Battery

As mentioned above, some front wired AEG’s do not provide enough space for a higher performance lipo, so these batteries were designed to fit within a dummy PEQ or similar external storage unit.

All of us at Airsoft GI have definitely encountered this situation on more than one occasion, which is why we definitely recommend this battery, especially if you want your “front-wired” AEG to run higher quality Lipos.

Lancer Tactical 11.1V Lipo Battery

8. Lancer Tactical 11.1V 600MAH 20C Lipo Battery w/ Deans

In the instance when your battery compartment is incredibly small, smaller sized batteries such as these are ideal. Even at 600MAH, we’ve personally been able to get several hours of play. And with more and more guns being wire to deans connectors, this is upgrade already installed for you.

If you were in the market for a PDW (personal defense weapon) or a smaller SMG style weapon, we cannot recommend this battery highly enough.

Best Airsoft Charger

Lipo chargers are equally as important as their battery counterparts as they give the battery its energy needed for use.

Tenergy Lipo Battery Balance Charger

1. Tenergy 1-4 Cell Lipo Battery Balance Charger

Lipo balance chargers such as this are a necessity for any airsofter. They individually charge each cell and are designed NOT to overcharge even when batteries are left plugged in for longer durations of time.

If you plan on running lipo batteries at all, this is a definite recommendation from the experts at Airsoft GI. Easy to use, reliable, and affordable!

Lancer Tactical 2-3 Cell Lipo Charger

2. Lancer Tactical 2-3 Cell Lipo Charger

Alternatively, we also recommend the Lancer Tactical Lipo Charger. This charger will allow you to power up any 2 cell or 3 cell lipo batteries without having to worry about charging incorrectly. Just like the Tenergy Lipo Charger, all you have to do is plug your battery in and let your batteries charge.

Airsoft Accessories

This section will highlight items that will enhance your airsofting experience through various means.

Airsoft Accessories

Best Airsoft Magazines

Good quality mid-capacity magazines are the ideal magazine for most players. Here we will list off our favorite magazines specifically for AEGs.

PTS EPM Magazine

1. PTS EPM 150RD AEG Mid Capacity Magazine

PTS is a brand that excels in making aftermarket components and accessories so don’t be surprised if you see them more than once. Their line of M4 mags are superb. Everything from their super durable polymer shell to the high-tension spring used to ensure proper feeding are just of the highest caliber.

These magazines earn a solid recommendation from Airsoft GI as they fit into nearly every standard AR style AEG rifle, feed flawlessly, and look really cool!

Lancer Tactical High Speed Magazine

2. Lancer Tactical High Speed 130RD Magazine

The Lancer Tactical High Speed magazine is a fantastic magazine for any M4 user. These magazines are incredibly lightweight, fairly durable under stress, and feed excellently even with higher rate of fire builds. Not to mention, they come in a variety of colors such as black, tan, red, blue, purple, and even green!

We at Airsoft GI definitely recommend these magazines especially if you have a faster rate of fire build or if you’re on a budget.

Arcturus AK12 DMAG Magazine

3. Arcturus AK12 DMAG 30/130RD AEG Mid Capacity Magazine

Arcturus magazines are of an incredibly high quality and offer some unique features not found in other mags. The polymer shell is super resistant to impact, and it fits onto most major AEG AKs, however its true trump card is its ability to turn either into a 30RD mag or 130RD magazine and the flip of a switch!

For someone looking for good quality mags that can also simulate a real magazine capacity, we definitely recommend the Arcturus DMAG.

Echo 1 Dogs of War AK47 Magazine

4. Echo 1 Dogs of War AK47 130RD AEG Mid Capacity Magazine

The Dogs of war magazine is one of our favorite mags we recommend to players. They’re made of metal so they’re built extra tough, and they fit onto most AKs.

With 130RDs, able to fit onto most major AK AEGs, and its super affordable price, there’s no way we wouldn’t recommend this magazine!

Best Vertical/Angled Foregrips and Hand Stops

Foregrips not only help add stability when shouldering your rifle, but extra comfort as well.

PTS EPF2 Vertical Foregrip

1. PTS EPF2 Vertical Foregrip w/Storage

The Vertical grip is one of the most simple but practical designs in history. So much so that it’s a design still in service with Militaries the world over. This PTS grip is made from top-quality polymer, features more texturing where needed for a solid grip, and can house some extra small items in its shaft.

If you’re in the market for a solid picatinny vertical grip that’s both comfy and simple, we recommend you give this guy a try.

Lancer Tactical Vertical Foregrip

2. Lancer Tactical Nylon Polymer Vertical Foregrip

This design is an exact replica used by various military branches globally and for good reason. Simple, easy to install, and offering a bit more comfort when shouldering.

This vertical grip comes highly recommend for those in the market for a study grip to add to their rifle’s picatinny rail without breaking the bank.

PTS Fortis Shift Short Angle Grip

3. PTS Fortis Shift Short Angle Grip M-LOK (Black)

M-LOK rails are the current most popular rail system due to their more modern design and comfortable feel. These PTS fortis shifts are made from durable aluminum construction, and can be easily attached and locked in place to any MLOK section.

Due to its durability, comfort and ergonomic design, this grip comes highly recommend by the professionals at Airsoft GI.

VISM KPM Short Vertical Grip

4. VISM KPM Short Vertical Grip for Keymod, M-LOK, And Picatinny Mount (Black)

The VISM KPM is a great grip regardless of what rail in use as it can all three. Its shape will also satisfy almost any shooter as it can be wielded in various ways.

For anyone looking for a grip that can fill almost every role/style and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, Airsoft GI recommends the KPM from VISM.

Speed Airsoft Keymod Curve Foregrip

5. Speed Airsoft Keymod Curve Foregrip (Black)

Keymod is another popular rail system favored by many. The SPEED Airsoft curve foregrip is a great minimalist option. Once it locks into place, you can take it easy knowing it will not be going anywhere.

We at Airsoft GI recommend this grip for players looking for high-speed low-profile style builds.

VISM Keymod Handstop

6. VISM Keymod Handstop (Black)

The VISM Keymod Handstop is one of the most comfortable foregrips for the Keymod rail system. It’s small compact design allows it be mounted onto several styles or legnths of rails and still be effective.

At its affordable price and with its simple but effective design, we recommend this grip highly.

Best Magnified Scope/Red Dot Optics

Optics not only give a rifle a very tactical aesthetic, but also certain advantages to the user.

Lancer Tactical 4 Reticule Reflex Sight

1. Lancer Tactical 4 Reticule Reflex Sight

This small reflex sight from Lancer is not only affordable, but a solid choice for many players. It offers an “open” style screen which allows faster target acquisition while maintaining a solid peripheral view. It also can change its reticule to four different options such as a simple dot to a crosshair.

At this price and excellent quality, we especially recommend this optic for newer players looking to accessorize or even CQB oriented builds as its best suited for short range combat.

VISM Micro Red And Blue Dot

2. VISM Micro Red And Blue Dot

The VISM Red and Blue dot sight is styled after the very popular T1 style optics and is a definite step up from the stock irons sights. With its raised design, players using larger goggles or full face masks can actually use this optic. It also offers blue as an alternative reticule color.

This style optic can be used in almost any environment, so we at GI definitely recommend this to almost any style of airsoft gun.

Lancer Tactical 3-9X42 Red & Green Illuminated Scope W/ Red Dot

3. Lancer Tactical 3-9X42 Red & Green Illuminated Scope W/ Red Dot

The optic choice that combines the best of everything; this optic offers some serious magnification for longer range play, while the mini red dot up top works great for closer range combat. What’s more, the optic is illumined and can switch between red and green.

We at Airsoft GI recommend this optic to players who can satisfy all needs on a field, be it a marksman, point man, or standard rifleman. And to top it off; it looks super cool!

Best Airsoft Tracer Units

Tracer Units work with Tracer BBs to create an illuminated beam of BBs that can be seen even in lower light fields.

Acetech Lights S Tracer Unit With Adapter

1. Acetech Lights S Tracer Unit With Adapter

Acetech makes some of the best tracer units on the market, including this Lighter S. As a smaller tracer unit, it can be mounted onto a variety of different sized airsoft guns from pistols to full length rifles. This tracer is also rechargeable via micro USB, meaning finding replacement cables will be incredibly easy.

For shooters looking to illuminate their shots with a unit that is much lower profile, we at Airsoft GI definitely recommend this unit.

Classic Army Light Silencer Mock Suppressor Tracer Unit

2. Classic Army Light Silencer Mock Suppressor Tracer Unit

This Classic Army Tacer unit is meant to mimic the appearance of a suppressor, adding a tactical appearance to the airsoft gun it finds itself attached to. Instead of being rechargeable, it relies on four AAA batteries, giving the unit a longer duration of use.

For tactical enthusiasts and players looking for larger tracer units that will emulate a suppressor, this unit comes highly recommended by Airsoft GI.

Acetech Bifrost Tracer Unit With Multi-Color RGB Flame Effect

3. Acetech Bifrost Tracer Unit With Multi-Color RGB Flame Effect

This Tracer is like no other! Not only is this a spitfire style tracer which allows for a simulated muzzle flash whenever a BB passes through, but it displays the pseudo flame effect in a RGM spectrum! And with its small size, it can be attached to a variety of airsoft replicas.

Due to the unique effects this unit provides, and its compact design, this is a definite recommendation from the experts at Airsoft GI.

Tactical Gear

Tactical gear is essentially the apparel and non gun related accessories.

Tactical Gear

Best Airsoft Full Face Protection / Goggles

As the name suggests, these items are intended for protecting the users face and eyes from incoming BBs. Below we’ll go over our favorite pieces of kit any player might need.

DYE Precision Goggle I4 Thermal

1. DYE Precision Goggle I4 Thermal

DYE is one of the most popular mask brands in both paintball and airsoft, and for good reason. Their masks are of the highest quality, incredibly stylish, and will absolutely not fog!

This feature alone makes the DYE mask worth every penny. A for-sure recommendation ffom us at Airsoft GI.

Lancer Tactical Aero Protective Black Airsoft Goggles

2. Lancer Tactical Aero Protective Black Airsoft Goggles

An alternative to full-face mask would be some good-quality goggles such as these Aero’s from Lancer. This style will cut down on some of the protection to the lower face but offer a significantly better chest rest and aiming experience.

We definitely recommend this option for players who prioritize utilizing their optics properly while still protecting their eyes. We also recommend pairing this style of protection with the following.

G-Force Tactical Elite Face And Ear Protective Mask

3. G-Force Tactical Elite Face And Ear Protective Mask

Mesh masks such as these are an incredibly affordable option that will most certainly get the job in regards to protecting your teeth and lower face.

We at Airsoft Gi highly recommend this G-Force mask as it not only protects the mouth and teeth, it also sports protective mesh around the ear, and is still incredibly flexible and doesn’t hinder a proper cheek rest.

Best Plate Carriers

Plate carriers are designed to hold “plates” of protective materials to prevent BB penetration. In airsoft they are the most popular line of gear as they can be configured to the user’s likings and look super cool!

Lancer Tactical Polyester QR Lightweight Tactical Vest

1. Lancer Tactical Polyester QR Lightweight Tactical Vest

In terms of affordability, this LT plate carrier cannot be beat. It’s an incredibly minimalist design, meaning this won’t weigh its wearer down with unnecessary weight. It’s mole webbing allows for several different pouches for either magazines or anything else a player might need.

For players in need of a plate carrier that won’t hurt their wallets and still offer all the necessities, this is a definite recommendation.

Condor Outdoor Gunner Lightweight Plate Carrier

2. Condor Outdoor Gunner Lightweight Plate Carrier

Condor Outdoor has been on the market for years and are known for providing affordable, yet durable tactical gear. The Gunner Lightweight Plate Carrier has an adjustable cummerbund, adjustable shoulder straps, and a plethora of MOLLE real estate to mount and carry everything you need! You even get wire/hose routing sections to keep any hydration and radio wires stored out of the way!

The Condor Outdoor Gunner Lightweight Plate Carrier is perfect for anyone that wants to get a plate carrier without breaking the bank. With tons of adjustability, plenty of MOLLE space, and available in a variety of colors/patterns: the Gunner Lightweight Plate Carrier allows you to carry everything you need without hindering your mobility!

Best Chest Rigs

Chest rigs are a popular alternative to the plate carrier. They too come in a variety of styles and can serve several purposes on the field.

Lancer Tactical Adaptive Multi-Purpose Slim Chest Rig

1. Lancer Tactical Adaptive Multi-Purpose Slim Chest Rig

This Chest Rig from Lancer was meant to be light, focusing soley on carrying your magazines; six to be exact! It also features quick connect buckles and a back Velcro panel so you could connect this rig to a plate carrier using a similar system.

Fully adjustable, incredibly convenient, and super affordable. These are all perfectly sound reason for such high recommendations from Airsoft GI.

Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set

2. Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set

The Condor Modular Chest Set is a piece of kit that has and continues to serve use within the US military. Its design is almost as customizable as a plate carrier, already has built-in pouches for M4 magazines, and still feels incredibly light and comfortable on the users body.

We at Airsoft GI highly recommend this rig due to its amazing reliability, rugged design, and Excellent level of quality from Condor.

Best Airsoft Mystery Box

The Mystery Boxes are awesome opportunities for winning some amazing prizes for a super affordable price! Regardless of which Mystery Box is ordered, it is guaranteed you will receive a prize worth the same retail cost as the price of the box. Below is our absolute favorite Mystery Box!

YouTube Unboxing Mystery Box

1. YouTube Unboxing Mystery Box

This is one of our most popular Mystery Boxes and for good reason. This box is not limited only to airsoft guns. With the purchase of this box, tactical gear, accessories, or even a whole loadout are potential prizes! Not to mention, we sometimes answer requests customers make when placing the order!

The potential of having your wish granted makes this box worth the price alone, but having its list of potential prizes be almost limitless makes it highly recommended.

Bigger Wins Youtube Unboxing Mystery Box

2. Bigger Wins Youtube Unboxing Mystery Box

This is by far the most popular and most demanded Mystery Box on our site. This Mystery Box is essentially the same as the previously mentioned YouTube Unboxing Mystery Box with a few added bonuses. This box also features an additional “Early Bird” Raffle system in which order qualify the shopper for raffles for additional prizes such as high-end guns or even customs!

The box comes highly recommended for its still more-than-reasonable price, limitless potential of prizes, and the double earnings from the Early Bird Raffles.

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