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Tokyo Marui E90 TR AEG Airsoft SMG (Black)

[01486 / AEG046-TM]
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Gearbox type: Type 6
Magazine capacity: 68 rounds High Cap: 300 rounds
Lenght: 875mm
Muzzle velocity: 280fps
Accuracy: 120 feet
Battery pack size: small battery
Package includes: Manual, Standard Magazine, Loader, Cleaning Rod, 200 pcs 0.25BBs

Country of Origin:

Description: the TR version replaces the integrated red-dot scope with an RIS sight rail, and provides two additional side rails for the installation of accessories. The color of the body is a slightly lighter grey to differentiate the TR version with the standard version. The RIS rail thus allows users to install a scope of their choice. Comes with original metal flash-hider. Magazine has convincingly real looking rounds within.

Manufacturer: Tokyo Marui
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J. SEIGFRIED | 2009-10-12
Product Information:
I bought this about a year ago and I LOVE IT!!!! I have used it in many a skirmish and several ops Including the recently passed Operation BULLDOG 4! the gun is very solid with no wobble whatsoever. the ambidextrous controls are awesome. I am a south paw and now I don't have to get used to doing things differently. It also helps when you have to switch shoulders. the TR version is very versatile in what you can put on it. I have a red/green dot reflex scope, tactical light, and an m60 style flash hider (which makes this gun look extra sexy). It is kind of hard to find mag/dump pouches for this as the mags are a foot long. But the pockets of my BDUs did just fine for holding them and I found a large enough dump pouch for my empties. the range of this gun is very surprising. With .25g bbs I was out ranging most of the m4s I was running next to. The only real problems I have found are that the distance from the red dot to the barrel is a little farther than other guns. so when you go up to a window or murder hole it you need to make sure your shooting out the window instead of shooting the cinder blocks. also the barrel is very short, a tight bore or a slightly longer barrel would sdo alot for this gun as far as accuracy. the last problem is that the battery storage is kind of a problem, very cramped. there are some solutions including an extended but attachment, custom battery, or a LI-PO battery. the battery problem is more of an inconvenience than a problem. I have had no mechanical problems with this gun whatsoever. and the sound it makes is pretty sweet. This gun I will admit is not for everyone. It is small and probably would not feel right to a larger guy. the high caps are nearly worthless. I have had 3 and all of them stripped out (yes it was TM brand) so I stick to the 63 round mid cap mags.

fun to shoot

long mags
no ready to drop in upgrade mechbox
the distance between the red dot and the barrel can be problematic when shooting through a window
small battery compartment
may be too small to larger individuals
M. KOHL | 2009-12-23
Product Information:
quite simply the best airsoft gun I have ever owned/seen/or shot. when it all comes fown to it most AEG's perform about the same. So in an endless sea of possibilitys size often becomes an important feature when choosing a gun. the small size of the P90 means that you will always have that extra bit of mobility that the guy with the full stock m4 or g3 just can't match. coupled with a 1500 round box mag this thing is unstoppable on the field. Don;'t even bother with the standard mags just go strait for the box mag. in tight quarters or even just peaking around cover having such a short bullpup style weapon really can make the differance when compaired to a full long gun or M4 sized peice. Since barrel length on an AEG means next to nothing your only real priority should be mobility. And the P90 has that in spades. mine is upgraded with sp110 spring shooting 400fps with a 9.6v battery, extended butt stock, echo 1 1500 round box mag with m16vn highcap mag, ball bearings, red dot site, and tight bore barrel. It is the only AEG I will ever need. and that is comforting

compact goodness grants unparralelled mobility while still keeping your eyes down the sites at all times!
raised rail offers exelent placment of site picture even with a mask on.

stock mags don't work well and always jam up
you need a longer butt stock peice to fit a larger than stock battery
M. KOHL | 2011-06-10
Product Information:
2 1/2 year update: My P90 is still rock solid after two and a half years. I have gotten a lot of use out of it and it has proven time and time again to be a top performer. With the box mag and m16 VN high cap coupled with a 5000mah lipo sitting up front in the box mags battery cradle the gun can almost be classed as a support weapon. I have played with many guns over the last few years and the compact design of the P90 has the least drawbacks compaired to MP5's with their long mags or larger guns that can be hard to pop around corners with. There are a couple shortcomings of the gun but the pro's far outweigh the cons. the only con my gun has in its current form is that the sight mounting is higher than i would prefer so you have to make sure the barrel is above the cover your shooting from.

for people interested in this gun I have a few pointers. Fistly the silencer that comes with the gun can reduce your accuracy and cause some fliers. I have found this to be the case with other silencers as well so it may not be this particular unit. the battery compartment is indeed small. I ran a 9.6 with the hurricane stock but my final choice was to wire a 5000mah lipo to the battery cradle of the echo 1 box mag which supplies a full day of play in one battery. The box mag upgrade is essential! I would not own this gun without it period. The standard and hicap mags jam a lot and are not worth the trouble. I chose to get a VN style highcap for my box mag as it is shorter that standard highcaps and gets in the way less.

all in all I still think its the best gun you can buy for cqb or woodland alike and the minor gripes i have are miniscule compaired to the whooping you can lay down with this compact beast. I can't think of any other gun i would rather have. sure I eyeball other guns that look cool but in the end I can't see how anything could match it for my down and dirty in your face play style.

current upgrade include.
tight bore barrel from pdi
torque up gears.
sp120 spring (shoots 398 with .25 bb's)
echo 1 box mag
rewired to front battery cradle with 5000mah 2s lipo
Ball bearing
ball bearing spring guide
window style reflex site
hurricane butt stock

Future plans: currently downrating the power due to PCS to Japan. going to install some sound deadening in the now empty battery compartment to quiet the gun down for better stealth. also have one of those scs spacers on the way.

Hopup is one of the best on the market.
compact mobility for the down and dirty skirmisher.
no decernable loss in range or grouping compaired to much larger and more cumbersome guns.
no low hanging magazine means you can keep a lower profile in cover
no other gun gives you this much firepower in such a small package!

box mag is a requirement due to poor stock mag design
optic mounts are high on the gun ( make sure your above your cover )
battery comaprtment is small and requires modification/butt stock to fit larger battery.
tappet plate weak compaired to the rest of the gearbox if upgrading past 400fps ( mine broke after continued use at 430 fps )

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