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Condor Outdoor Phantom Soft Shell Jacket (Tan/S)

[K01F00][07187 / 606-003-S]
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The Condor Outdoor Phantom Soft Shell Jacket is very similar to the earlier Condor Outdoor Soft Shell with a few distinct changes. The Phantom is a lightweight, weather resistant jacket that is versatile for all types of weather. The outer layer is made of polyester with many pores in it that are smaller than a raindrop but bigger than a molecule of water vapor. This means that it keeps water out while still remaining breathable to allow moisture from the body to escape. The Condor Outdoor Phantom features six pockets. There are two shoulder pockets, each have a 4x4" Velcro panel for patches. The Phantom also has two large chest pockets that can hold magazines, phones, or even a small sidearm. Finally there are two pockets on the inside of the jacket near the bottom. There are zippers under the arms for ventilation and offer a greater range of movement when unzipped. This softshell keeps you cool while still offering a low profile and sleek look, it's a great addition to any load out or for daily wear.

Manufacturer: Condor Outdoor
Color: Tan
Size: Small

Please Note:
Balaclava, Goggles, and Gloves are NOT included.

Manufacturer: Condor Outdoor
Color: Tan
Size: S
Material: Polyester/Fleece
Package Includes: One (1) Phantom Soft Shell Jacket

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verified buyer For: Condor Outdoor Phantom Soft Shell Jacket ( Tan / M )
N. OPGENORTH | 2013-05-21
Product Information:
This is a GREAT Jacket! Looks like no one was willing to take the plunge but I did and I sure am glad I did! Its a top notch Jacket even compared to some of the better brands I have worn that are used commonly by US Special Operations Forces for comfort and safety. The water resistance + allowing you to not sweat like crazy is a very real feature of this product. I found myself wearing this jacket in my cold basement because it was comfortable but not too warm. I wear it outside of airsoft allot now too, in pouring rain I don't fret at all! In airsoft obviously getting heated up and sweating is inevitable...BUT the technology in this helps that, not only does it breath well but it has a zipper under each armpit, with that zipper undone it feels very much more comfortable in the heat as the arms do not breath like the main body of the coat does. There is a plethora of secret compartments in this jacket! Its just a fun jacket to be honest! I purchased the tan version in medium and it fits me perfect and in the field it helps hide my profile very fact one opononent told me "I couldn't even see you at all what were you hiding behind?" I then replied with "I wasn't hiding behind anything other than the leaves and swigs around me!" I was 30 feet away from him...I was shocked but pretty happy that I blended in so well! His other team mates slowly popped out and said similar things, Its a good thing they hadnt seen me or I would have been shot at from in front, on my right flank which was an incline where they had a machine gunner and a sniper, all while just laying on the ground! So overall the jacket is great for multiple uses, when I hit the purchase button I immediately wanted to put aside the jacket and possibly have it returned or whatever but when I got it I realized it was so much better than I ever thought! Over all the jacket is a different experience than a regular old BDU/ACU top but different is not bad in this case and its flat finish makes it adaptable to a variety of uses both civilian and other.

-Works well in a variety of weather situations. Best suited for the operator that is playing in a cold to warm day. If it rains the jacket will protect you against that with ease in addition to more rough things like rocks, twigs, etc. its very strong material
-Flat Tan finish is very sharp looking...does not glare on the sun..may sound petty but I spot guys very easily by looking for glare and I can say this jacket couldnt glare if you wanted it too. Also since it doesnt have a camo pattern on it you can where it with MARPAT, MULTICAM, ATACS, Khaki's, etc. In fact it also works pretty well with woodland marpat and some other woodland stuff but that all starts to depend on individual area.
-Velcro placement: The velcro on the shoulders is perfect, just like the ACU uniform specs but without the pocket thing and a small bit less room compared to ACU's.....In addition to motivational patches, unit patches I always want to wear my countries flag...I feel its every Americans right to wear the flag on their shoulder and we should exercize out right to do it in style! Problem is the proper US flags take up all the space and leave little for patches unless your just adding some tab patches like the Infidel tab, etc. or scroll patches like the 75th Ranger Regimental scroll...Oh well I suppose one could thread the flags in just above the velcro if they have that ability it would IMO look better.
-Lots of pockets both inside and outside the jacket! The inside has all these hidden pockets! Probably enough to drive the TSA crazy so I would stick to the regular pockets unless you want to get lost inside your own coat!
-The underarm zipper helps the sleeves breath even more which is a godsend. The Sleeves themeselves are top notch, they dont breath like the main body of the jacket but Im guessing this has to do with extra elbow/arm protection on the outside. The cuffs at the end of the sleeve are some of the greatest I've ever use! They are velcro instead of buttons and adjusting them is comfortable and it makes it feel as if it was fit just for you and not too small or to oversized, the straps to secure the adjustment are very durable rubber coated with a sandpaper like texture presuably for adjusting with gloves or sweaty hands. Very nice indeed.

-Velcro is lacking in the sheer amount department, allows placement of unit patches but does not allow for adding qualification tabs + US Flags that would make it good for Military guys with very loose uniform regs or veterans and airsofters who like to put their pride on their shoulders (rightfully so!).
-The jacket breaths well but the sleeves are usually the parts that breath the least...its sorta weird..they do provide extra protection though so that might be it. The underarm zipper helps with this issue very well though.
-No place to put rank insignia nicely....might seam stupid but the jacket prefers to be zipped all the way up vs with the collar popped down and their isnt an area of velcro to add a rank big deal for me really as I put my rank else where and don't often need to wear it at all.
verified buyer For: Condor Outdoor Phantom Soft Shell Jacket ( Tan / L )
Z. RAYMOND | 2013-07-13
Product Information:
This jacket is really outstanding! I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll start on the material/durability. First off, Condor has done an amazing job on making this a comfortable jacket. t's lined with fleece and if that gets too warm for you, you can open the zippers under the arms. I took the jacket on a rainy day while riding a motorcycle, and the rain just beaded off no problem. I'v even done a test by pouring a glass of water on the back and let it sit for a while. It didn't go through at all! I would say that this jacket is waterproof. There are D-Rings inside of most of the pockets for keys or things like that. On the lower front pockets, there are holes for an iPod jack, if you want to run your headphones through. There are so many other features on this jacket that I could list, but don't have time for.

Virtually waterproof,
Smells good,
Sufficient patch real-estate,
Great zipper system,
Awesome amount of pockets,
Can be opened up for venting,
Can be sealed up for insulation,

Floppy inside pockets (But can be ignored),
Nothing else,
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