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kill confirmed 2v2 hunger games vip

kill confirmed

equal numbered teams
unlimited respawns

game style


force on force




starting point

edge of field

opposite edge of field

hit rules

hold position 30 sec. if teammate
collects "dogtag", head to respawn.


collect "dogtag" of opfor for point. collect
"dogtag" of team to prevent opfor point.

victory qualifications

collect the most "DOGTAGS" from the opfor

Kill confirmed is a points based style game. each member of a team has matching items on their person (flag, bandana, dogtag, patch, etc.) Once a member of a team is shot, they must hold position for thirty seconds before heading back to the respawn point. opfor then has the opportunity to collect their item as a "confirmed kill". team members are also allowed to collect the item to keep the opfor from getting the point. once the item is collected the out player may head back to the respawn point and pick up another item. once time limit runs out the team with the most confirmed kills is the winner.

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