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Hunger games

2+ players
free for all

game style


free for all

play style 1

weapons center of field

start point edge of field

play style 2

weapons hidden in field

start point center of field

victory qualifications

last man standing


hunger games is a free for all elimination type game. in this game mode all participants must relinquish their weapons. once the round begins, all players are free to move and grab any weapons they find to use against the other players. each round ends once all but one player is left standing. alliences can be made in this game type but ultimately will have to be broken to declare a winner.

set up options:
1) leave the weapons in the center, the cornucopia, of the field. elect one player to scatter the weapons around the cornucopia, placing the most desirable weapons in the center. all players must stand on the outskirts of the field, an equal distance apart from the center.

2) leave the weapons scattered and hidden around the field. elect one player to scatter the weapons or have each person place one weapon. all players must stand in the center of the field at the start of the game.

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