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BB Wars | Operation: Rubicon | CHOOSE YOUR SIDE | Sponsored by Elite Force, Classic Army, APEX


BB Wars | Operation: Rubicon

  • This will be a Texas event
  • This will be a One Day event
  • Limited Slots Available - First Come, First Serve
  • Your INVOICE will count as your TICKET, please print it out and bring it to the event
  • READ the D14 Field Safety Rules Below
  • Fill out D14 Airsoft's electronic waiver which you can find in a link below
  • Ticket(s) will not be refunded the day after the event starts, regardless if said person(s) couldn't make the event
  • Lunch will not be provided
  • Raffle time TBD

Cost: $35 Preregister | $40 Walk-on

What is BB Wars Operation: Rubicon?
This is the next installment in the BB Wars event series, pitting the forces of the rebellion against the mighty Empire and it's superior weapos of war. In these games, the actions your squad completes during gameplay help influence the future scenarios you will play throughout the event and into subsequent events during the year

Game Description:
After crushing another rebel uprising, the Empire finds the Delta-14 frontier in the closest thing to peace it has seen in years. The military might of the Overlord program forced any kind of resistance out of the immediate vicinity, In the absence of a comparable military force, the Empire has encountered a new emergent threat. The Delta Legionaries have slowly been gathering the remnants of the old rebel forces and retired Imperial officers looking for a payout. As they increased their guerilla military to a size capable of defending their interests, the Legionnaires began trafficking in dangerous substances. Everything from military arms to a debilitating substance known as "dust" have been peddled across the galaxy, and the Empire must shut them down before control can be ripped from the grasp of the Emperor. These Legionnaires have taken the symbols of the rebellion, twisted them, and used them for their own gain. Will you stand and fight for order in the name of the Emperor, or will you push for freedom, no matter the cost or means?

What's New?

This game will allow for a brand new style of storyline, where the once feared empire takes on the role of a law enforcement style force intent on crushing a rebel faction known for illicit goods. This scenario will utilize the same progressive modifications based on previous scenario's successes and failures for each team. Want to give your team the advantage? completely key objectives for bonuses in the next game. Want to hurt your enemies? Those same advantages can spell disadvantages for your opponents.

D14 Airsoft
3201 Cowling Rd Sanger, Texas

Event Date:
May 19, 2019

Rebel Legionnaires - Civilian clothing (no black), No Camoflauge or solid black allowed. Gear color does not matter, headgear must not be camoflauge. Bonus points for clever rebel costumes.

Rebel Praetorian Guard - Solid Blue. This can include denim, blue t-shirts, and other blue markings. Tactical Gear color does not matter, bonus points for epic costumes. Embrace your inner smuggler.

Imperial Elite Guard - Camoflauge Patterns of any type, but preferably green-based or multicam. No Solid Black. Gear color does not matter, Headgear must match colors. Represent your faction well, for the glory of the empire!

Imperial Knight Reaction Force - Solid Black ONLY. This unit is an elite squad with special tasking during the event. Bring your best costume game if you play this faction. Prepare for maximum combat effectiveness, your squad will be tasked with very heavy gunfighting in game.

Event Schedule*:
Registration will open at 8am. Please arrive early, and have your waiver completed ahead of time. Games will commence when majority of players are through registration. A hard break for lunch will be given after scenario 2. Raffle time TBD.

*PLEASE NOTE Schedule is subject to change without notice

D14 Field Waiver:

Airsoft GI Universal Game Rules

Magazines Allowed - Any type of magazine is allowed with any gun (example: High Caps, Box Mags, Mid caps, Standard Caps, etc.) Adding box mags, high caps, etc. does not reclassify your gun as a support weapon for purposes of FPS limits.

Melee kills - These are allowed and encourage, however, melee weapons must be made out of foam or soft rubber. They can have plastic cores but be covered with foam for safety purposes (Example: Plastic ninja sword covered with foam or homemade foam sword)

Hard Respawn - This is a respawn location that is not mobile. Players may come back and tap this location to immediately re enter the game.

Mobile Respawn - This is a flag that can be moved around the battlefield by the controlling team so that friendly players may respawn. Once the flag is under fire, players may no longer respawn there and the flag must be moved out of the line of fire in order to be used for respawn. These flags may be captured by the enemy team.

D14 Airsoft Field Rules

Age restrictions and requirements:

  • Players under the age of 18 must have a guardian sign a waiver prior to each game. If multiple players arrive with a guardian, that guardian may sign responsibility for all players. No players under 12 years old allowed.
    FPS limits:

  • SMG - 350 FPS max, no minimum engagement distance. Gun must have a folding or wire stock, or no stock and be under 19 inches with the stock folded. No full auto under 20'.

  • Pistols/shotguns - 350 FPS max, no minimum engagement distance.

  • Rifles- 400 FPS max, 20ft minimum engagement distance.

  • Support Weapons - 450 FPS max, 50ft minimum engagement distance, not for intra-building play. Must be based on belt or drum fed weapons. Simply adding a box mag to a M4, AK, MP5, etc does not classify as a support weapon. Examples of support weapons: M249, M60, M240, MG36, PKM, RPK, MG42, etc.

  • DMR - 450 FPS Full Auto outside. Mid Caps or Low Caps only. 50ft minimum engagement distance, not for intra-building play. Magnified scope and bi-pod are required, DMR class replicas must visually fit the classification so it is not confused with standard Rifle class replicas.

  • Sniper - 550 FPS max, 100ft minimum engagement distance, not for intra- building play. Magnified scope and bi-pod are required, Sniper class replicas must visually fit the classification so it is not confused with standard Rifle class replicas.

    FPS Limits (HPA and Gas)
    All FPS will be checked with .28g BBs supplied by D14 Airsoft.

    SMG - 300 FPS max, Zero MED. Gun must have a folding or wire stock, or no stock and be under 19 inches with the stock folded. No full auto under 20'. SMGs will not be allowed to have box mags. BB weight is not to exceed .28g

    Rifles - 330 FPS max, 20ft MED

    Support Weapons - 380 FPS max, 50ft MED, not for intra-building play

    DMR - 380 FPS max, Full Auto outside. Mid Caps or Low Caps only. 50ft MED

    Sniper - 450 FPS max, 100ft MED

    Grenade rules:

  • Allowed grenade types - Sound/simulated flash grenade ("Thunder Bee" type), BB grenade ("Tornado" type)

  • NO pyrotechnics or flame of any type. No cold smoke unless authorized by head admin on the day of the event

  • Kill zone (all grenades) - 20ft radius, equivalent to a small room

  • BFGs allowed with admin test and approval.

    ***Grenade can not be thrown over the wall of a building. They may only be thrown underhanded through a window or doorway.***

    General Ammunition/Magazine restrictions:

  • Biodegradable BB's are required out of respect to the land owner

  • .20 gram minimum BB weight

  • Glass, steel, plastic or other exotic BB's are strictly prohibited

  • Low or mid-cap mags are recommended. Hi-cap magazines are discouraged, but allowed. In order to get the most out of play at D14 we recommend mid cap mags for realism.


  • FULL seal goggles/full seal glasses to be worn by all players at all times when on the field.

  • Full face masks are REQUIRED for any player under the age of 18 and strongly suggested for other players.

  • Knee pads, Elbow pads and full finger gloves are strongly recommended but not required.

  • Handheld or weapon mounted flashlights are strongly recommended but not required.

  • Glow sticks recommended and dead rags are required.


    General conduct and game play:

  • Semi-auto fire only inside of all buildings.

  • Fully automatic fire is permitted outdoors or from inside a building ONLY if the player's barrel is OUTSIDE of the structure.

  • A player may fire full auto into a building but only if the player and weapon are completely outside of the structure.

  • No "parlay" or "bang" rules. If either are offered to the player he is not required to accept.

  • Knife kills are permitted with a dull rubber or plastic knife.

  • All body hits count, including friendly fire.

  • Hits on a player's weapon do not count.

  • Blind fire is prohibited.

  • Magazines will remain out of all weapons while in staging or briefing areas.

  • Unless directly authorized by a member of the staff all ladders or roofs are off limits.

  • Doors, rooms, and ladders marked with "DNE" (Do Not Enter) or "DNC" (Do Not Climb) are not in play and entering or using such areas is strictly prohibited.

  • All vehicles are to be kept within the marked Safe Lanes and Parking lots AT ALL TIMES.

  • Alcohol is not permitted on this property.

  • Only members of Law Enforcement, Military or CHL holders are permitted to bring real firearms onto the property. ALL REAL FIREARMS ARE TO REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES.

  • Any and all issues with players or the facility should be directed to a staff member.

    If at anytime we feel a player does not have the capacity or inclination to play safely and responsibly, that player will be escorted off the premises. These rules will be enforced for your safety.

Manufacturer: Airsoft GI
Color: Imperial Elite Guard
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