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Why being an Airsoft Machine-Gunner is fun

Airsoft guns, much like the real firearms they replicate, come in a variety of different categories such as rifles, SMGs, shotguns, snipers, and more. The Light Machine Gun category however is a class that often gets ignored or forgotten in favor of the more traditional and convenient rifle. Yet despite its heavy weight and large size, running as an Airsoft Squad Gunner or “Support” class can be the most fun experience you could have playing the game!

The Role of the Support Class

While skirmishes can vary in rules and themes, the core component of eliminating enemy players remains the same, and how you can achieve this goal is up to the individual and limited only by the field rules and ones’ creativity. In scenarios where field rules work to the benefit of every weapon class, LMGs can be one of the most useful tools in a teams’ arsenal. Many traditional LMG platforms were designed to be used in full auto: the M249 lacking a semi function altogether. Due to this, LMGs are often times the only weapons platform allowed to go full-auto or some degree of controlled bursts. This allows for Support Gunners to lay down suppressive fire in an area to provide cover for their teammates, or discourage large groups of enemies from advancing on key positions. This is an incredibly effective means for maintaining control of the field and enemy advances as no one wants to charge heard-first into a constant stream of fire.

The cons of the Support Class

LMGs, while a mainstay in airsoft, have always played second fiddle to rifles and SMGs, due in large part to their weight and size. Many LMGs and MMGs are notoriously heavy, especially platforms such as the M249, M240, PKM, PKP, M60, all weighing in over 10 sometimes close to 20 pounds. This combined with their bulkier design are deterrents for many, meaning the amount of Support Gunners on the field will usually be quite limited compared to the run-of-the-mill rifleman. What’s more, several of the LMG and MMG platforms utilize a unique internal design, meaning the aftermarket scene won’t be as bountiful compared to popular platforms such as the AR.

Why you should run a Machine Gun

Despite all the negative aspects of running an airsoft machine gun, there are still plenty of reasons why everyone should try running one. As a support gunner, you are one of the few players to have the privilege of running your airsoft gun in full auto, giving you a tactical edge over your semi-auto opponents. This exclusive “perk” can be quite the confidence booster and lead to an overwhelming feeling of power and invulnerability: a recipe for intense adrenaline-fueled gameplay.

How to be a great Support Gunner

To properly utilize an Airsoft Machine gun’s true performance, confidence and aggression are required. Confidence is needed as Support Gunners, like their more common rifleman comrades, need to move up the field and gain more ground for their team. Cowardice and reluctance to move up and dominate will ultimately lead to failure. Quick and aggressive tactics are highly encouraged for Support Gunners. A highly mobile machine gunner with confidence can be a enemy teams’ worst nightmare as they will refuse to give the enemy an inch of space to move on the field and shut down any attempts of a flanking maneuver or counter attack.

In order to be a more effective support gunner, many will recommend a bit of training in addition to time practicing on the field. Regular weight lifting and cardio will strengthen the user and grant him higher endurance, all attributes that will come in handy when running the heaviest of machine guns for longer durations of time.

While there are many platforms of airsoft guns that exist, the Support role has always been one of the most fun and we recommend all try it for themselves to keep things fresh and interesting. The same could be said about all other platforms outside the traditional rifleman, and all will give a unique experience and perspective on the field. However, being a Support Gunner has got to be one of the most cathartic experiences you can have when playing the game

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