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Inside Lancer Tactical Gen 2: The Ultimate Guide with Airsoft GI

Inside Lancer Tactical Gen 2: The Ultimate Guide with Airsoft GI

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Proline

First A History Lesson:

Lancer Tactical’s Second Generation of rifles, the Gen 2, began as a project to take the same principles that Lancer Tactical started with in their first line of guns, this time improved to solve the issues that plagued that first generation of Lancer Tactical rifles. The goal was to create a price conscious gun for beginner players, budget conscious players, or those who simply didn’t want to over-invest in their hobby. Generation 2 took that principle, and then decided to tackle the question of:

“How do we make this product better, faster, stronger, and more capable than any other product in its price range?”

The Lancer Tactical Generation 2 rifles sought to change the status quo of what an entry level airsoft gun could be. Move over ABS plastic bodies and poor performance. Get out of the way non-existent quality assurance. Lancer Tactical has packed these new Gen 2 rifles full of unique features, making sure they don’t just look great, but perform admirably out of the box giving new players the best possible experience the first time they hit the field.

Couple all of these features with massive changes to the back-end of how Lancer Tactical checks and inspects these guns before shipping to retailers like Airsoft GI, and a brand new manufacturer to remove in the hint of any poor performance from the Gen 1 guns, and you can’t go wrong. Let’s dive into the changes, and see all the new ways Lancer Tactical is pushing the envelope of what a “standard airsoft gun” can be!

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Proline Gold

So What’s New?

Lancer Tactical’s second generation of guns involved a complete and total overhaul of every aspect of the original line. So much was changed, that even sticking with the original manufacturer of the first generation of guns, CYMA, wasn’t an option any more.

These new Second Generation guns are manufactured by a company called FJ. You may not have heard of them, but you’ve definitely seen their work. FJ manufactures guns for many of the most popular brands on the market including Colt, Elite Force and many others! This means there isn’t even an inkling of DNA of the original generation in the Gen 2 rifles, they are 100% brand new, built for the same purpose, but designed and manufactured to be better in every conceivable way.

This total redesign included a drastic change to appearance, sharpening up the look of the new rifles to match a modern aesthetic. This includes all manner of barrel length and hand guard combinations, new features like quick change springs and included tight bore barrels, as well as a beefy robust redesigned gearbox with rugged high performance parts. Lancer Tactical even took it a step further, and increased their line to cover three different spectrums of body construction with the polymer, hybrid, and full-metal pro-line rifles! This is the biggest departure from the Gen 1 rifles, giving the end user the ultimate decision over how they want their rifle built.

The polymer rifles represent everything the Gen 1 tried to be, now redesigned and rebuilt to not just achieve; but surpass the goals and expectations set by the first run. Lancer Tactical Polymer Gen 2 rifles are light weight and field ready guns, capable of taking on the higher end armaments of more experienced players. They are chock full of every single improvement that came as a part of the Gen2 redesign, and shoot like a dream.

The Pro-lines take that a step further, with included metal midcap mags, and most importantly metal exterior furniture including the rails and receivers. They even thought to include a “fast-trigger” module with a flat, blade style trigger for killer trigger response. This makes the Pro-Line a must for any one looking for a sturdy, upgraded rifle designed to be ready to score hits and offer the most realistic feel and construction you can get in an airsoft gun. These are perfect for the MILSIM enthusiast with true-to-real-life designs and external features.

The hybrid rifles occupy an often ignored middle ground for serious airsoft enthusiasts on a budget, and give you all of the features of the Pro-line rifle, but with a polymer receiver set to save weight and cut the price down to a more palatable option for budget-minded hobbyists. This is a great in between option for players who want to push the quality of construction, but either does not want or can’t afford the price increase that comes with metal bodies. It still comes equipped with a metal rail, and a high quality upgraded gearbox, but the consumer gets to save money and weight in less essential areas to maintain performance and keep prices low.

Overall, the Lancer Tactical Gen 2 line covers the needs of almost every airsofter. Whether you are a first time player on a shoestring budget, or the most experienced plastic slinger looking for your next long gun, Lancer Tactical has a model line that fits your needs, and tons of options within each of those lines to give you the aesthetic and ergonomic options to fit your personal play style. Each one of these guns is capable of incredible performance, regardless of the exterior choice, and can be modified on the fly for close range or field play with the simple swap of a spring using the integrated quick change system. Lancer Tactical has all the bases (and your six) covered with the incredible Generation 2 series of airsoft guns!

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Gray

What Makes Them Tick?

The second generation of the M4 platform from Lancer Tactical has proven to be a superb offering to all airsoft players! Coming off the heels of the Gen 1 rifles, Lancer Tactical has gone above and beyond to make a truly magnificent platform out of the box with their updated and upgraded Gen 2 line.

The V2 Gearbox, Refined

Out of the box, all of the Gen 2 models will share the same amazing internals that make their performance so mind blowing. Inside the all new gearbox, Lancer Tactical made a monumental improvement by choosing Fujian Qingliu as their OEM. Fujian Qingliu is an airsoft manufacturer that has been the OEM for many other big name airsoft companies you know and love. This was a huge improvement from their original Gen1 OEM of CYMA. The parts quality and quality control were increased dramatically!

The gearbox shell is full metal with an integrated quick-change spring system. This shell integrates with the lower receiver of the Gen 2 series to be a true quick-change spring system. This means that all you need to do is remove the buffer tube to access the spring guide and swap out your main spring. This is in stark contrast to other companies, where you must completely disassemble the rifle in order to remove the gearbox from the receiver to access your main spring. The spring guide uses nylon reinforced polymer for a smooth and reliable contact with any spring you choose.

The Gen 2 Gearbox also includes properly radiused corners where they cylinder head reside. This increases the durability of your gun by helping distribute the force of the piston slamming forward. Additionally, there are also window cuts in the gearbox to help route the wiring and access the anti-reversal latch. This convenience upgrade will allow you to stow away the wiring so it does not make contact with the motor while also giving you easy access to releasing spring tension in the event of a lock up dramatically increasing the long term life of your rifle.

It’s What’s On The Inside That Matters

Going into the compression set, we have an aluminum cylinder, O-ring cylinder head, nylon reinforced polymer air nozzle and ported piston head. This provides the rifle with near perfect compression and very consistent feet-per-second readings. The piston itself has a full metal rack of teeth with a nylon reinforced polymer body and the second to last tooth cut down to correct the angle of engagement for maximum durability.

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Internals

Inside the power train, FJ and Lancer Tactical have a installed a Steel 18:1 gear set that have been shimmed for proper alignment. Paired with Lancer Tactical’s standard motor, you get lightning-quick trigger response and insane rate of fire, even with a 9.6v battery. The low resistance wiring with the standard trigger assembly provide the trusted reliability and performance that we love, with the knowledge that you can run even the strongest 11.1v LiPO batteries with confidence.

The Hybrid Series takes the same reliable gearbox and goes a step further by including a Electronic Trigger Unit and MOSFET! This increases the performance of the Gen 2 rifles dramatically! The MOSFET will help regulate the electrical flow when firing to help prevent excessive amp-draw and protect all of the wiring and trigger contacts of the gun. The Electronic Trigger Unit (or ETU for short) increases the trigger response and rate of fire of Lancer Tactical rifles by maximizing the efficiency of the electrical systems inside the gun. Now that Lancer Tactical is on the third generation of their ETU and MOSFET, you will not have to worry about any problems from the previous models.

But Wait, There’s More!

We know what you’re thinking:

“There’s no way Lancer Tactical could possibly top that value!”

Guess Again.

Lancer Tactical ups the ante even more with their Pro-line Series!

They have changed out the steel gear set for a wire cut EDN Steel 18:1 Gear Set, increasing the life span of the gun even farther. This paired with the 8mm ball bearings helps decrease the friction inside your gearbox and allows for the gears to cycle as smooth as possible for maximum reliability. Along side the ETU and MOSFET, Lancer Tactical has included a very stylish Flat Trigger for a more comfortable trigger pull. Flat triggers allow the shooter to maintain a consistent position on the face of the trigger for rapid follow up shots without jerking the trigger and throwing your shots off target in unintended ways.

Lancer Tactical has also replaced the nylon reinforced polymer spring guide with a metal spring guide with a ball bearing base. This increased durability part makes sure the spring will not bind up when firing. The aluminum cylinder head has also been replaced with a steel cylinder head to help reduce the vibration of the gearbox. All of these features coalesce into something greater than the sum of it’s parts, making the Pro-line Series a rifle ready to seriously compete with other high end airsoft guns on the market.

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Proline Internals

Shoot Farther, Without Upgrades

The updates didn’t stop at the gearbox either! Every Lancer Tactical Gen 2 rifle includes a rotary style hop up unit paired with a 6.03mm brass tight bore inner barrel. This combination of stable hop adjustment and tight bore diameter give the Lancer Tactical Gen 2 series unparalleled range and accuracy out of the box. Load up on some high quality heavy weight BB’s and send them out to distances you’d never dream possible with a rifle in these price points.

Excellent Externals

Now of course, players may want a variety of external options to choose from between the Gen 2, Hybrid, and ProLine Series. Depending on your budget or preference, each series has a particular trend on the type of material that is utilized. There are also several diverse M4 AEG designs to choose from within each series to fulfill the player’s desires. If you like more color choices other than black or tan, then the gray tones may fit you nicely. However, if you want the AEG to have a bit more flair, Lancer Tactical has a multitude of airsoft guns with red, blue, purple, or even green components. Let’s take a look at what each series has to offer!

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Proline Needletail

The Future Is Polymer

The Generation 2 series starts off with a nylon reinforced frame and a nylon polymer rail system. This is perfect for keeping costs low while having beyond satisfactory external quality and maintaining superb internal performance. Each model is different, whether it is the color, sights, stock, or hand guard that has been changed. The Gen2 series will come equipped with an LE-style stock for front wired guns, or a Crane-style stock for rear wired rifles. Ultimately, the Gen 2 is excellent jumping off point for beginners or experienced players that would like a sturdy, lightweight AEG that performs as well as higher end rifles with an affordable price point.

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 EVO

The Intermediate Eye-Catcher

Now moving forward to the Hybrid Series, we can see how Lancer Tactical includes their high-quality nylon polymer receivers, but to step it up a notch, metal rail systems have been included on this middle series. The Hybrid series can be thought of as the mix between the G2 and ProLine offerings, with a price point to match. Lancer Tactical’s Gen2 offerings begin to grow in features or options here, with the addition of the PDW style collapsing stocks on some models, as well as their storage-conscious Alpha Stock, featuring great battery space and a spare magazine holder. The Lancer Tactical Hybrid Needletail rifle is an excellent example of this series, offering a shorter barrel, PDW style stock, and the upgraded internals found in the hybrid series of rifles.

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Proline

Full-Metal Firepower

Lastly, we have the pinnacle of Gen2 excellence, the Lancer Tactical ProLine Series. The ProLine models come equipped with full metal upper and lower receivers, in addition to the metal furniture. Each model comes with a metal rail system unless you opt out and decide to choose an airsoft gun with a traditional polymer clamshell style M4 hand guard. You can find airsoft gun designs in the previous series in this tier with full metal external builds to provide a rugged, rigid feeling in your hands. The PDW and Alpha Stock equipped offerings expand in the ProLine range as well, with even more options for any play style. Couple this extensive upgrade to the externals, with the stock options from both the Polymer and Hybrid lines, as well as the options for picatinny, keymod, or MLOK rails of all make, model and style, and you have a venerable smorgasbord of options at your disposal.

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Proline Battlehawk Tan

An Option For Every Budget

Lancer Tactical’s goal to re-imagine the beginner-friendly rifle has redefined what it means to be “entry level”. They took the makings of a wonderful starter gun in the polymer series, cranked the realism and reliability up to eleven with the ProLine, and even stopped to create a middle ground for players that didn’t need a rifle that robust along the way.

No matter your play style, budget, feature needs or aesthetic preference, there is an option for you inside of the Lancer Tactical Gen 2 series. Short, Long, Picatinny or Modular Rails; there is something for every player. Feel the power for yourself, and stop settling for subpar equipment. Snag your Lancer Tactical Gen 2 rifle today!

Lancer Tactical Gen 2 Proline Battlehawk Tan

Lancer Tactical Gen 2

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