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Things to Know before Airsofting

Things to know BEFORE Airsofting for the first time

Airsoft is one of the most evolving hobbies one can partake in, as the hobby is ever changing and new ways of playing and participating emerge constantly. In its purest form, Airsoft is a game in which players are equipped with 1:1 replicas of real firearms and are pitted against each other, usually on an official airsoft field or on private property. The main difference between Airsoft guns and their real-life counterparts is their ammunition and intent; airsoft guns are non-lethal and shoot 6mm plastic BBs that can slightly sting at its worst. While a simple concept to grasp for veteran players of the hobby, it can seem daunting to begin engaging in this expansive hobby. Thankfully, we at Airsoft GI have complied a list of things everyone hoping to start their airsoft career needs to know beforehand


Airsoft guns are unfortunately not free. Your allotted budget will ultimately decide what type and how much equipment is feasible and accessible to you.

Under $100

While there are some exceptions to this, Airsoft guns in this price range typically are not recommended for skirmish play and are usually relegated to backyard plinking or target shooting. Many are actually used as props in the background of productions. Some examples include:


This is typically the budget we advise most beginners have in order to have a wider selection of well built and reliable options. Many of these options will be comprised of a nylon polymer construction, making them lightweight and more affordable compared to the full metal options. Bear in mind; metal does not equate to better performance. In fact many polymer based airsoft guns can and have outperformed several full-metal airsoft guns. Some even include a starter battery and charger to get you playing as soon as possible. Examples include:

$250 & Above

With this increased budget, a player will have access to the more premium selections, many of which will include a full metal construction, higher quality internals, and more added features such as programmable electronics, or official licensing and trademarks to truly replicate the real deal. A few examples include;

How to prepare

Once you’ve chosen which Airsoft Gun you wish to primary, it’s imperative you prepare properly for the upcoming game. Failure to prepare properly will ultimately result in equipment failure, lack of necessities, and a band time overall.

Batteries are charged

Most Airsoft Guns are going to be electric powered as they are the most recommended system for beginners and casual players. However they require the use of an external power supply to operate. As previously stated, some models will come included with a battery and charger, however most will not. After sourcing both a battery of your choice and the appropriate charger, you will need to fully charge the battery and plug the connectors into the> Airsoft Gun to operate the AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) properly and effectively

Magazines are loaded and wound

The magazines hold the BB’s needed to shoot, so if they are not loaded beforehand, you’ll be shooting nothing but air, quite an effective form of ammunition in our experience. To avoid this, be sure to load your magazine(s) before the game starts. If the magazine in possession is a high-capacity, be sure to wind the spinning wheel at the bottom to ensure the BB’s are being pushed into the hop-up chamber of your airsoft gun so as to feed properly. If the magazine is instead a mid-capacity magazine there will be no winding wheel of door to open and pour your BB’s into. You will need a special device called a speed loader to properly load your magazines, a device we at Airsoft GI thankfully sell.

Face Protection

Face/eye protection is one of, if not thee most, crucial piece of equipment you’ll need for airsofting. Without it, players can be subject to injury that could result in loss of an eye. Some field vary with this rule, some requiring a full-face mask with hard ear protection for all players, while others may only require a full seal eye protection with no other requirements. The eye protection you choose however must be anzi rated and full seal to meet the vast majority of field rules


Clothes are another important factor to keep in mind when preparing for the coming airsoft games. A common misconception being players must be fully decked out in tactical gear and BDUs in order to play. Most fields solely require face protection and typically do not have a uniform requirement so you are free to dress as you please. It is highly recommended players dress comfortably and in clothes they do not mind getting dirty. Your environment should also affect this decision as you do not want to wear bulky and highly insolating articles of clothing when playing in hotter weather.

What else to expect

While you might have the equipment all sorted out and prepared, it’s important to remember a few things. Perhaps one of the most crucial things to remember are the rules of the field/event. Regardless whether the game is played on a public field or on someone’s property for a private session, there are rules set in place to ensure everyone’s safety. At many public arenas there will usually be a quick safety brief going over what’s required to play and the rules for the day. Some fields even have a briefing room with a video playing on loop going over the rules. Be sure to pay attention and not use the time to chitchat with your friends as you will most likely miss something important.

The next pieces of info to remember pertain to your performance on the field. You will die, quite a bit. This is to be expected especially from first time players, and that’s ok. There aren’t too many natural born John Wicks on this earth and no one expects you be. Best to accept the reality and look for ways to improve your performance if you want to be a bit more competitive.

One trick to avoid getting killed as often is knowing when to move. We’ve seen it too often for us to count: a player will stand out in the open and immediately get blasted from all directions. Use your environment, take cover as much as possible, and shoot only when you feel confident your shots will land.

Lastly, have fun. Airsofting is a great and fun activity to do solo or with friends. Don’t take it too seriously and just roll with it, you’d be surprised how many new great experiences you will have and how many new friends you will make over the course of your airsoft career. Speaking from personal experience, this would be the important thing to know before playing your first game of airsoft.

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