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How to Keep Airsoft Interesting

Of all the hobbies/sports one could get into, Airsoft has got to be among the coolest. A literal live-action adaptation or reenactment of our favorite video games, movies, tv shows, or anime! However, despite all the cool guns, gear, and experiences, airsoft can become boring or stale for certain players. Just like many hobbies, the majority of participants will be the most involved and active within the first two years, and either taper off or completely move on to another hobby. This, from our perspective, is in large part due to the lack of change or experimentation in the way Airsofters play and hopefully, with a few changes implemented, many will rekindle their love and excitement towards the hobby and stay invested for much longer.

Try different platforms

If you’re an airsofter, odds are you own some AR, M4, or M16 style of AEG. This is just the nature of the hobby as the AR platform is the most supported platform on the market. The aftermarket support the AR platform receives is something other platforms could only hope to achieve, and as a result of this and of how the AR has cemented itself in pop culture, Airsofters will always gravitate towards it. This can, however, lead to a growing feeling of stagnation. While the AR is the most popular platform, it is not the only platform that exists. Part of the fun of airsoft is the sheer variety of airsoft guns one can collect and play with. For many who live in states with stricter firearms laws, owning certain guns can be illegal, so owning a 1:1 replica of the real deal and getting a chance to play with said replica on a field is too tempting of an offer to ignore.

This is not a statement meant to revoke the status and thus the significance of the AR platform. As a beginner, it is highly advantageous to own a platform that can be customized and, if need be, easy to acquire replacement or upgrade components, so beginning one’s airsoft journey with an AR is a wise decision. To keep players invested in the game however, we recommend players experiment with the different platforms and get some serious range time with other styles of guns. AK style AEG airsoft guns are a great way to venture outside one’s comfort zone. While foreign, the AK should be no stranger to anyone as it also has a permanent spot in the pop culture spotlight as the premier “bad guy” gun. Best of all, many of the AK AEGs share several components with AR AEGs. The gearbox within an AR will typically be a V2 desing, while the AK utilizes a V3. Many parts available aftermarket will be labeled as V2/V3 compatible, meaning the AK, much like the AR, is an incredibly supported platform. Moreover, the recent emergence of more external components and accessories specifically tailor made for the platform, it’s become easier to justify the AK as a platform to anyone.

Switch to Gas Blowbacks

The Tokyo Marui AEG design has been the golden standard for years and will continue to exist in the airsoft scene for many years to come. However, the Gas Blowback Market has existed for some time as well and is currently making strides and innovations in hopes to replace the AEG. Gas Blowback Rifles have been used as a means of training for law enforcement and military personal for years and achieved great results, a quality most can appreciate, especially those looking to add more spice to their airsofting experience.

There exists many different GBB systems for Rifles; Tokyo Marui MWS, KWS LM4, WE-Tech Open Bolt, and more! Depending on the platform you choose, there exists a growing aftermarket scene as well to not only replace worn out parts, but upgrade them as well for enhanced performance.

Change the playstyle

One way to avoid the feeling of boredom on the field is to change the way you play airsoft. Many players grow accustomed to playing in a very particular manner. To keep things fresh, try doing the exact opposite on the field. For example, if you are the type of player who likes to play very methodically and tactically, perhaps switch up to a more aggressive and reckless approach. Throwing caution to the wind and adopting a “blaze of glory” mindset can prove to be quite exhilarating. Vice-versa, if a player is used to a more aggressive style of play, it would be strongly advised to attempt a more realistic and tactical approach to playing

Change the Environment

Sometimes, all one needs is a change of scenery. Simply trying out different fields will result in all new experiences. Playing in an unknown location with unfamiliar environments adds to the feeling of uncertainty, like you’re being watched from the shadows. Perhaps a player is only familiar in tight spaces and close quarters: in this case playing at fields with much wider spaces and room for movement would be an ideal change-up.

Go to events

Airsoft events are another great way to add more fun to your airsofting experience and can range in size and scale. Larger scale events with objectives and a command structure are highly recommended as they will usually require the use of extensive teamwork and truly give that immersive experience needed to get many out of their everyday ruts. All the above are fantastic ways to keep airsoft both interesting and exciting so feel free to tackle these in any order. No matter how stuck in the same old patterns or how burnt out from the hobby you might be, all the above are fantastic ways to keep airsoft both interesting and exciting. Rekindling that love and passion you once had for the hobby might be a lot easier than you realize

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