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Does Getting Shot By An Airsoft Gun Hurt?

Does Getting Shot By An Airsoft Gun Hurt?

Airsoft is a popular recreational sport where players use replica firearms that shoot plastic pellets called BBs. Individuals curious about playing the sport of airsoft or purchasing an airsoft gun often wonder if getting shot by airsoft guns actually hurts. So we’ll provide some information to answer the question of whether or not getting shot by an airsoft gun hurts, what factors will play a role in getting hurt by an airsoft gun, how to use an airsoft gun safely, and what some typical symptoms of getting hit by an airsoft gun are.

Factors Influencing Pain When Shot By An Airsoft Gun

The sensation of getting shot by an airsoft gun can be described as a sharp sting, similar to the snap of a rubber band against the skin. However, the level of pain varies widely depending on several factors:

  1. Distance: The closer you are to the airsoft gun when you are shot the more likely you are to feel pain when hit. The BB will be traveling at a faster velocity the closer it is to the airsoft gun.So shots from point-blank range are generally more uncomfortable than shots from a distance.
  2. Location: Pain will vary on where you are hit on your body. Getting hit in an area with exposed skin, fewer muscles, or more nerve endings can be more painful. While hits to bony areas might be felt more acutely.
  3. Individual Pain Threshold: Your individual pain threshold will also determine whether or not a shot from an airsoft gun is painful. A person with a higher pain threshold will think a hit from an airsoft gun is less painful than a person with a lower pain threshold.
  4. Protective Gear: Wearing the appropriate protective gear, such as face masks, goggles, and clothing, can significantly reduce the perceived pain. The use of thick clothing or padded gear can mitigate or even eliminate the sensation felt from the impact of airsoft BBs.

Pain From Airsoft Guns vs Paintball Guns and Pellet Guns

When comparing airsoft guns to similar devices, such as pellet guns or paintball guns, airsoft guns generally produce less force upon impact. Pellet guns use metal pellets and compressed air, making them more powerful and potentially more painful. Paintball guns shoot larger and softer projectiles, resulting in a different sensation that some may or may not find more tolerable.

Airsoft Gun Safety Measures

Safety should always be a priority when using airsoft guns. Airsoft Players should adhere to the rules and guidelines set by organized events and venues. Proper safety gear, including eye protection, face masks, and appropriate clothing, should be worn at all times to minimize the risk of injury. As a rule of thumb you should follow the same rules that are used when handling a real firearm. Doing so will help you avoid any major injuries.

Typical Symptoms of Getting Shot By An Airsoft Gun

Getting shot by an airsoft gun can result in various symptoms, ranging from mild discomfort to minor physical effects. The severity of symptoms depends on factors such as the distance of the shot, the location on the body where you're hit, the type of protective gear you're wearing, and your individual pain tolerance. Here are some common symptoms you might experience:

  1. Sharp Sting or Pain: The immediate sensation when hit by an airsoft BB is often described as a sharp sting or pain. This sensation can vary in intensity depending on factors like the power of the gun, the proximity of the shot, and the thickness of your clothing.
  2. Redness and Bruising: After being hit, you might notice a small area of redness where the airsoft BB made contact. In some cases, particularly if the shot was from a close range or in a sensitive area, some minor bruising could develop over the next few hours.
  3. Wheals or Welts: Some people might experience small raised bumps on the skin, known as wheals or welts, from where they were shot by the airsoft gun. These can be a result of the impact and the body's response to it.
  4. Temporary Discomfort: The discomfort caused by an airsoft BB typically fades relatively quickly. It might feel uncomfortable for a few minutes or even up to an hour, but the pain usually subsides without leaving any lasting effects.

It's important to note that the symptoms mentioned above are generally mild and short-lived. Airsoft BBs are designed to minimize the risk of serious injury, and responsible gameplay with proper safety gear significantly reduces the potential for harm. If you experience any severe or lasting symptoms, it's advisable to seek medical attention, although such instances are quite rare in the context of airsoft.


In conclusion, the question of whether airsoft guns hurt is not a straightforward one. While being shot by an airsoft BB can cause discomfort, the pain is generally moderate and short-lived. The level of pain depends on factors like distance, location, protective gear, and individual pain tolerance. When practiced responsibly and with proper safety measures in place, airsoft is a thrilling recreational activity that offers an exciting balance between simulation and fun.

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