The Airsoft GI technical staff has taken the best parts available on the market to create numerous unique designs that can only be seen here. From standard M4 variant airsoft guns to custom pistols, the Airsoft GI tech department creates custom guns for a fraction of the price than if you were to buy all the parts separately. The Airsoft GI tech department has also taken the time to assemble the custom guns with the utmost precision so that you don't have to. The Airsoft GI custom guns represent our company's commitment to bring the latest and most innovative parts to our valued customers.

The Airsoft GI G4 Lineup is well known for their durability externally and performance internally. It features the durable, yet like, polymer body with aftermarket rails and outer barrel installed for you. All G4's feature pneumatic blow back and upgraded G&G Combat Machine internals. The Airsoft GI Full Metal FMG4 is a new direction in the journey of the G4 AEGs. Airsoft GI has embarked on journey to create a full metal G4 line up with higher standards in mind. This new Full Metal FMG4 has an exquisite exterior, the metal parts are made of high quality aluminum for extreme durability.

The Airsoft GI Custom Gas Blow Back Rifles (GBBR) is designed for those that desire a little more realism from their airsoft gun. These gas blow back rifles are based off of manufacturers that produce one of the highest quality airsoft guns on the market. The recoil emitted after every shot is similar to the real gun counterpart. These custom gas blow back rifles require a little more maintenance but is ideal for those who desire a little more realistic function from their airsoft gun.

Airsoft GI custom guns have after market rails and outer barrels installed for you to help you save money. If you were to buy these rails and barrels separately to be installed you'd end up paying as much as 50% more than the cost of these customs, and that is not including the installation labor! So, if you want to save money, but want an awesome looking gun be sure to take a look.

The Perfect Tactical Training Rifles are a part of our lineup of airsoft guns to help people train for their real gun counterpart while maintaining the safety. The PTT's will allow you to practice weapon manipulation, reloading, and other drills in the safety of their own home and transpose what they practiced when operating their real firearm.

This is a New Line of Custom guns built by the Airsmith's at Airsoft GI. These custom guns are built to the personal specs and liking of each technician for a specific roll. The tech will go through a detailed breakdown of the gun they built, part they used.