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The Robinson Arms XCR by Echo 1 is first of a long line of hot new releases from Echo 1 for 2011.  This unique AEG is built loosely around the M4/M16 platform, which makes it very familiar to many users but also very original.  Some of the external improvements the XCR features are a one piece upper receiver with continuous top rail, side folding metal stock, angled fire selector, ambidextrous bolt release, and a railed front hand guard.  The entire external construction is made of high quality T6 series aluminum which gives the XCR a very solid build but also keeps the overall weight very low.  For added realism the XCR features engraved Robinson Arms logos on the left side of the magazine well.  Also on the left side of the gun, on the rear of the receiver, is a sling attachment point, perfect for a one point sling.  Extraordinary as the externals may be the XCR is just as impressive on the inside as it is out the outside.  Before getting into the internal gearbox parts and construction it's worth noting that the XCR was very cleverly constructed to be disassembled with very little tools.  A 5mm hexagon driver is all that is needed to remove the entire barrel assembly, by removing one bolt, the outer barrel, inner barrel, and hop up slide right out of the front of the receiver.  This is an extremely useful feature for thoroughly cleaning the inner barrel, it also makes upgrading to a tight bore barrel very simple.  Although it can be done by hand, a punch and hammer are very helpful for removing the front body pin which allows the one piece upper receiver to be removed from the lower.  From here there is a tab keeping the top part of the two piece gearbox onto the lower part, simply lift up on that tab, then lift forward and up on the top of the gearbox and it's free.  Inside this unique gearbox is an M4 type cylinder, polycarbonate piston with the second to last tooth removed for proper gear contact, ported metal piston head, standard torque steel gears with a preinstalled sector gear clip, and a medium length motor.  It should be evident at this point that the XCR was 'engineered' not just built.  Some of the greatest minds in airsoft put on their thinking caps to bring forth a very well designed and high quality AEG.  The XCR is made from the best materials to enhance strength and reduce weight.  It is engineered to be disassembled with very few tools and has standard features that are not found on many other guns.  The XCR is the most exciting airsoft gun release of 2011.


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