Echo 1 RED STAR Wolverine Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
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by E. GAINTSEVA Date Added: Wednesday 16 October, 2013
For: Echo 1 RED STAR Wolverine Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This ak is really cool and authentic to the real thing. i thought that this gun would have a little higher fire rate but it still gets the job done. it really compensates by having awesome range. i got a headshot from 200 feet away. also notice that the side folding stock isn't for cqb its for ease of transportation and for exiting / entering vehicles. the body is really well made and the gun fits a huge stick type battery!

The gun is completely authentic selector and size, its full metal, the mag fit is tight, selector is very clicky and sticks well, the real wood is really nice, sights are completely stable, and the

This gun does have some problems though. none of the rail kits i've got have fit. Most of the weapon is cheapish metal and the grip isn't comfortable. also with the grip none of the aftermarket grips fit if you want to change it out. i don't really mind though.

If you're Looking for a authentic guns then this is your best choice. but don't get your hopes up if you want to externally upgrade then its best to find something else. you may as well get the contractor ak.
Overall best gun because i like a good authentic ak but it misses a rail.
by J. WHITE verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 09 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 RED STAR Wolverine Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This was my second AEG purchase. I really liked the look of the real wood on this gun and found most reviews to be favorable. I decided to order it and was very impressed by the looks of the weapon. The wood has a nice dark finish to it and the metal feels great in the hands. The Wolverine logo with the Cyrillic 'R' looks pretty silly to me, but it's a minor detail. Minor details are what gave me issues with this gun though. After having only brought it out to shoot twice and using the collapsible stock action maybe 50 times the latch that catches the stock broke clean off. I'm past the 30 day Echo 1 Warranty unfortunately. I also found it strange that no metal flash hider was included, only the plastic one. Anyway the other issue I have is that sometimes after firing on full auto the next BB will just roll out of my barrel. It doesn't always happen, but it totally occurred when I was showing it off to my friends and it got a big laugh.

That said, the gun shoots straight, fast, and smooth. I could've done myself a favor and bought something that wasn't full metal/real wood for less and been just as happy with it.

Solid ROF
(mostly) Full metal
Beautiful looking real wood
Folding stock worked great for a while

Stock latch snapped off after little use
UGLY hi-cap magazine
Full auto weird BB rolling out of barrel issue
by M. MCBETH Date Added: Wednesday 28 December, 2011
For: Echo 1 RED STAR Wolverine Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I LOVE this gun!!! OK, I am a complete noob, but am in the military and have been a gun fan my whole life. My son wanted an M-4 AEG for xmas and I figured I might as well join in. Honestly I chose the metal/wood AK because I figured when as a toy it broke, it'd still look cool on the garage wall...Was I wrong! This thing is incredibly well built, solid like any good Russian hardware should be. The weight is perfect, feels solid, wood is great and the folding stock is sturdy with zero wobble either open/closed. The accuracy is incredible; easily 2" group at 40yds. And TOTALLY son is weeping over his pathetic little M-4! Muahahahahahaaaa.... ;)

SOLID construction
folding stock sturdy
Great fps/rof
feeds flawlessly
Did I mention...AWESOMENESS?!

screws for fire selector and take-down lever were not loc-tited and came loose, but easily fixed.
Brown plastic mag included looks terrible, but functions fine.
no instructions/manual included
by R. AVILES verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 22 March, 2011
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 RED STAR Wolverine Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
You will love this gun!! When I opened the box I knew that this gun was the BOSS!! Haha

This is very solid / sturdy. The wood and metal give and awesome heftiness (I am not tall or big but I can carry it easily).

FPS IS AMAZING (mine is 420 fps) I shot my friend with it and he is scared to death probably because it made him bleed (he had a mark for 2 months or so) :P

Really accurate but you may have to get used to the AK47 sights if you are not already. Took me 1 game to get used to them so it not bad. They are, after all, what the real AK47 sights look like.

The magazine release is great! It is right next to the magazine and when pressing the magazine release you naturally pull out the mag at the same time. So, instead of two motions, you will release and remove the mag in one quick movement.


Something you will not notice till you fire this monster is the blowback system. The electric blowback system is an amazing touch to this gun. Not only is it great to look at and listen to the sound it makes, it also tends to intimidate your opponents.

Grip is good and internals are nice! Includes big unjamming rod and extra metal tip.


THE BATTERY COMPARTMENT IS NOT FUN!!! You will have to fiddle with it for a long time until you find the perfect way it fits. If it is not placed properly you might pinch the wire or the wire will get in the way of the blowback system (the battery goes behind the wooden stock)

Orange tip is really big and weird. It's the most obvious down side (mine came a little sideways and you notice it when you stare at the gun at a certain angle *THATS PROBABLY JUST MINE*). BUT if you wish to, simply unscrew the orange, sturdy, plastic tip and replace it with the sexy metal flash hider included that can be done.

Get new mag!!! I donít know if this is just mine, but the mag jams on me all the time!!! It also gets scratched up if you have a lot of trouble putting it in. I luckily purchased two more magazines that I use for games and they work great. HEADS-UP! When your gun seems jammed, it may be that you over wound the mag. To solve this quickly, take out the mag, let the BBs that were in the gunís chamber fall out (this is usually 2 BBs), and then put the mag back in. SIMPLE FIX!

The gun will scratch in 2 main places. The selector switch scratches the body of the gun when it is moved to switch modes. The folding stock itself will not get scratched, but there is a little hook in which the stock will click into when folded and will eventually lose its paint. THIS IS NOT A BIG DEAL!! ITS BARELY NOTICEABLE AND I PERSONALLY THIN IT MAKES THE GUN LOOK COOL!

DONíT shoot 3 mags full auto with out a break! :P I was testing the gun and was going full auto onto a target. I used up three mags or so and the gun over heated. I let it cool for the rest of the day and t was fine. Never tried that again. This will obviously happen with most guns anyways.

THIS IS NOT A CON!! IT IS A HEADS-UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The AK47 magazines are somewhat difficult to put in the gun IF you have not practiced. What I recommend is to practice finding the perfect spot in which the mag will glide into the gun. If the mag does not enter the gun then YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!! It takes about 3 minutes to practice. After you practice it will come naturally in a game.

Solid gun (metal and wood is great)
Mag Release is well placed
Electric Blowback


Battery compartment
Orange tip (ugly but can be unscrewed)
Mag jams (buy new ones)
The selector switch and lock for the folding stock will scratch (I think it makes the gun look coolÖso this is not really a negative)
Can over heat (LIKE ANY OTHER GUN)
by J. HENDRICKS verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 18 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 RED STAR Wolverine Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
I received this gun from ASGI on Friday and I opened it up and my first thought after picking it up was how the hell are they able to sell this gun for only $240!? This gun is absolutely awesome. It is full metal (Steel I believe), And the real wood handguard is really nice. The whole gun is sturdy but the stock does wobble a teeny tiny bit but after seeing how nice the gun is you really can't complain. The battery it comes with is alright, it is an 8.4v NIMH stick type battery so at least it is not NICD. The ak is pretty powerful coming in at 425 fps with a .20 gram bb but the gun will settle in between 400 and 410 fps and will then be perfect for field play. This gun is absolutely beautiful and it is only $240. I like this gun better than my G&G M16A3 that I dropped about $200 into. Thank you Echo 1 for this fine gun and thank you ASGI for the great price and amazing shipping during the holiday rush (4 days).

Full metal and real wood for only $240!
Nice power
Nice weight, I'd say around 7 pounds.

None yet except for very small things mentioned in the review before mine (Which I recommend you read his review as well)
by C. COTCHER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 10 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 RED STAR Wolverine Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
This gun is very impressive. The box it comes is very well made and not just average cardboard. When I picked up the gun, it had a nice weight to it. This is clearly not some cheap plastic. The wood handguard is very nice, doesn't wobble, and looks and feels amazing on this gun. The folding stock feels comfortable on the shoulder and the release button to fold the stock is very stiff. It won't accidentally fold on you any time soon. The battery compartment cover was easy to open but harder to get back on. The battery goes in a tube that extends through the top of the handguard. It is made for a stick battery. The battery that comes with it is very bad and I don't reccomend using it. I do think you should get a couple 8.4v sticks because a 9.6v might not fit it here. The orange flash hider is kinda pale like in the picture. They do include a nice metal one that's black. The magazine is a plastic 600 round high cap. It does look very similar to a DBoys AK 74 high cap mag. I have yet to compare them. There are a couple VERY VERY MINOR things that I found. The battery compartment cover moves slightly around in place and the front sight wobbles a tiny bit side to side. The folding stock also wobbles but that is to be expected. These should not stop you from buying this gun at all though. Overall a wonderful gun! Echo 1 is taking a step in the right direction with the Red Star Wolverine and I do not regret my purchase at all.

Steel Body
REAL WOOD Handguard
Nice folding stock, feels comfortable
Metal Flash Hider
Iron Sights are decent, easy to use
High Cap Magazine
Operations look and sound nice
Can be used for field AND cqb

Slight wobble in the battery compartment cover and front sight
HUGE orage flash hider
Paint chips easy on the battery compartment release button and release lever that the stock attaches to when it's folded
Electric blowback might cause some extra battery drain so have a couple other batteries on hand, at least 1400mAh
by E. GRIESBACK Date Added: Monday 04 October, 2010
For: Echo 1 RED STAR Wolverine Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
Packakged in a very professional looking box, along with an obnoxiously huge orange tip. It also comes with a nice metal AK74 style flash hider. Magazine included with the gun is EXTREMELY fake-feeling but it feeds well. Metal has a slightly textured feel to it and looks great. Real wood handguard is awesome, very dark finish and it looks great. Stock is very solid, no wobble in mine. BTW, the stock actually locks to the side, it doesn't just fold to the side. Blowback action is crisp and sounds wonderful. Pistol grip feels good, but it could have been made of metal. The only gripe I have is that the top cover wobbles a little bit and the paint on the top cover button and stock-folding lock button chips very easily, but other than that a great gun.

Nice power
Full metal, most of it textured steel
Real wood looks nice and is comfortable to hold (no homo)
Stock is surprisingly solid
Blowback works great
Battery goes in easy

Mag that comes with it is MEGA CHEAP but i dont use hi-caps anyway
Little bit of wobble on the top cover
Paint chips easily in 2 places
by C. PIERSON verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 03 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 RED STAR Wolverine Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Wood)
Product Information:
The gun is built VERY well! I shot it with a 11 volt (I think it was anyway) and it shot 40yrds with EASE and accurate.

The Folding stock is awesome cause I can do assault, and Cqb.
The mag that comes with it is great and holds 900 bb's if I'm correct
If you are looking to get an AK type get this gun it won't dissapoint

Good FPS
the mags are good
REAL wood
Folding stock
Comes with black flash hider so you can use that instead on the orange one.

Iron sights are o.k.
One part is a little loose and that's the upper reciever part where the battery goes.
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