G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by G. FRAZIER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 27 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
G&G M14 EBR My first M1 EBR and it is great. If you want an M14 EBR I'd recommend this gun. Or pick up the Classic Army M14 EBR that's coming out soon and it's a little over half the price.

This gun is excellent. The range is outstanding, shoots at a great rate and nearly everything in the description

The lower end of the gun that attaches the pistol grip and stock becomes wobbly at a certain point. Airsoft Gi and others say to tighten up the screw under the pistol grip. That is NOT where you tighten it up. if you take the receiver out of the gun you will see two screws at the top and you screw them tighter and your issue is solve. As you know the weight is an issue for some personally I don't care. The cord is too long for batteries and that's about it. Over all I love my gun
by D. LAWTON Date Added: Thursday 30 January, 2014
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a amazing gun, lets just start there. This gun is a boss. Its got range and its accurate. It is a tank you dont need to open it up for anything as long as you treat it right, like dont run a extremely powerful lipo in it. Its a sweet gun Mine went about six months before the motor cage broke and I had to order a new one.

Long Range
Good Build Quality
decent sized magazines

Does not have standard threadings for a silencer and by that I mean its got a different pitch than the rest its weird and the only way to get a suppressor on there is to force it on, but I hear G&G has a adapter out now so whatever. Apparently that motor cage tends to break after a couple of months in a lot of guys guns and it is very difficult to get ahold of a new one, easiest to contact G&G straight up and ask for one.
by R. CALDWELL verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 22 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Where do you start? This gun is crazy awesome. I wish ASGI had a picture showing it with anything but an EOTECH-style sight, because it's really not doing it justice.

The gun itself comes with a plastic orange flash hider, one metal hi-cap magazine, a cleaning rod, and some G&G ephemera. It also came default with the stripper clip rail, so you can mount a scope with scope rings on there if that's your thing. I personally got a side-mount rail for it (also by G&G, if you hate money), which works great.

There are two sling mounts, the front of which is adjustable. This thing works great with a three-point sling. If you're looking at buying this gun, hopefully you've done your research, and you know about the weight. It's manageable -- and in my opinion, a plus -- but you should really have a sling for it.

Extremely realistic, and very cool to hold. The pistol and handgrip are both very comfortable, and so was the stock, which kind of surprised me. The action on the charging lever, while not quite as hairy-chested as the real thing, is still quite satisfying, and it locks back via use of the locking lever on the opposite side.

The inclusion of the stripper clip mount rail is a nice touch.

The magazine is a little difficult to insert correctly until you get used to it. You have to really make sure you have positive lock (i.e, pull on the damn thing to make sure it's not going to just fall out because you haven't done it correctly). It also wobbles slightly in the magwell, but that's an easy fix with some electrical tape on the side, or something similar.

The lever for the cheek rest was wobbly, and I think other people have been having the same issue. I fixed mine by removing the two screws that hold the rubber butt pad on, which reveals the lever mechanism. It's basically a socket wrench-style ring that fits around the tightening nut, but it's not snug, so it has wiggle room. I put a thin O-ring around the nut and on top of the lever, which took out absolutely all play in the lever once I re-attached the butt pad.

The flash hider, which is very unique to the M14's aesthetic, is also orange and made of plastic on this gun. Orange is fine, but the plastic allowed the thing to absolutely shatter in shipping. I've ordered a metal one to replace it, which is what I had planned anyway, but it's irritating that I HAVE to do it as opposed to WANTING to do it. The threads are also 16mm clockwise, but they make adapters for that if you're that guy who just has to put a suppressor on everything. Others who have complained about the castle nut holding the flash hider on are unaware that a tool exists (check anywhere that sells real steel supplies) specifically to remove it.

Although the "Cons" section is much larger than the pros, I'd like to mention that it's simply me being specific about the issues. This gun totally kicks ass and the "problems" are all very, very slight. If you're in the market for an EBR, you can't really go wrong here!
by G. BAKER Date Added: Thursday 29 August, 2013
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Went to the field arena where I live and dominated the ranged game. This thing has supreme accuracy, if you can see em, you can hit them with this thing. Some of the players said it a little heavy, but this is my review lol its not bad at all. The length makes running a little akward. And with .20 I was chrono in at 328 fps, and I replaced the bucking, still the same. FPS doesnt matter as much as range and accuracy does and this thing has it. K/D was 27/8 from that one game.

Solid build
Super accurate
Looks cool and original
Gets mad compliments

Potentially too heavy
Cannot find a not orange flash hider
Cheek riser lever can wobble (easy fix though)
by C. LANG Date Added: Wednesday 13 February, 2013
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
So, here we have the G&G M14 EBR, this thing is hands down the best performing stock AEG I've ever used. It is accurate, hitting an 5 inch target 9/10 times at 100 feet, thats a stock 6.045 mm barrel ( measured it) it chronos as advertised at a round o' bout 370 fps with a .20 gram bb. The aluminium is extremely well machined and has a nice matte black finish. The pistol grip/ motor compartment was a litte loose upon arrival, but I didnt get mine from GI. Pretty weighty, i use it for a long range assault/ dmr role. The hop up lifts .20 s straight up completely adjusted down, with .25s it shoots completely straight. Range: accurate to 210 feet. Sling points are solid. This gun is extremely quiet, thumbs up to G&Gs expert gear schimmming.

ALSO, a review or two below me said the barrel is off center, this is not the case. In fact, it is the telescoping stock that is off center, it is slightly to the right of the main chassis. This is done to make the iron sights easier to aim down for a right handed shooter. This handgaurd can fit a 9.6 volt small type, which lasts all da and gives an ROF of about 725 rpm, you will need an allen key.

So, i can only think of a couple cons,
1. mag wobbles a little
2. screws loose upon arrival ( not a real issue, just a minor inconvienience)

nice weight to it
exceptionally accurate
good mag cap (450)
bolt sounds good
easy hop adjustment ( aug type)
stock adjustable to many different positions
easy take down
lots of rail space

LASTLY, I know this gun is out of stock at GI, and it probably wont be back, but if you are considering buying one somewhere else (evike doesnt have them either) i would highly recommend it. I dont think GI will mind me saying this as they respect the game and they will understand your out sourcing to find this weapon, as it is a good one.

mag wobbles
loose screws ( easy one time tightening
by K. MALTENIEKS Date Added: Friday 07 June, 2013
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is my 1st EBR. I 1st wanted the WE Gas blowback, the only thing that stoped me from getting one was availability. So I was disapointed at first. After going to my local store to get this, they should it to me in store before purchasing & no I wasnt able to shoot it, but holding it was enough.

It is a step down from the WE but out of the box mine Chronoed at 393FPS out of the box. Which isnt bad at all.

1st thing that a majority people do is remove the flash hider. What people don't tell you is this ORANGE out of box flash hider is not screwed on yet it goes over the Nut in the center as it's fitted over. I actually used a razor knife to remove it. Once after remove the annoying orange flash hider I was left with the question on how to get this off and I had to wind up using a C-Clamp and clamping the gun down to my bench add some penetrating oil to it and use a MONKEY wrench to get the threaded washer off and this is a 16 mm CW thread BTW. *Removing the flash hider is not suggestewd as it can be mistaken for a real gun and is suggested to use a Orange Muzzle sock for obvious reasons*

So after picking up the wrong flash hider sense this is a 66mm CW thread. I bought from AirsoftGi a adapter. The Danger Werx 16mm+ to 14mm- Threaded Adapter. I highly suggest you buy it.


after that, no issues. Everything else is what you can expect out of this gun. If you looking for a higher FPS do the normal adjustments.

Shoots great out of box
FPS: 393 stock
Solid build
I enjoy the weight as I am a big guy 6"6" 240+

16 mm barrel thread makes it hard to get a suppressor or flash hider replacement.
Flash hider hard to remove
by A. MALONEY Date Added: Friday 30 July, 2010
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is very nice, finish on it is amazing, and it fires very far with a very nice rate of fire. With an 11.1 lipo the gun actually cycles twice on semi so it shoots two rounds out sometimes, but a quick full auto burst fixes that. The screws used on the inside of the gun, like the ones on the stock and handgrip are very cheap, they seem to be aluminum and want to strip... so when your tightening your stock, be careful. The stock actually tightens from inside, so you have to remove the top rail piece, and unscrew the aluminum black, then gently pull the gearbox and barrel assembly out. The barrel(or rail) tends to point to the side a slight ammount, the barrel is not centered in the end of rail, but its caused by the small block thats supposed to center the barrel, the holes are far off to one side. I sent my first back and the second one had the same thing so they are just made like that.
If G&G would have used stronger screws and made the barrel centered, it would have been a 5 star no problem, its only a 4 because it needed work to be able to field it. Most of the screws are small allen head ones, which tend to strip even when they are higher quality, so it may be a good idea to replace them with phillips head screws.

shoots amazing
looks good
Light compared to other ebrs
well built, except for screws used for stock and handgrip are junk.
Large battery connector even tho a large 8.4 wont fit, has alot of extra wire and a fuse holder, can get in way of charging handle

Parts need tightened before use
VERY cheap screws holding the stock and handgrip on
barrel is slightly off to one side
double fires on semi if you use an 11.1 lipo
Packaging is poor, its just folded cardboard which allows the gun to slide around, my charging handle has paint chipped off
front handguard is hard to put on, holes for screws dont match perfectly and you need to put them on in a certain order.. for me its front right screw back left screw and then just fill in.
by C. FURJANIC verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 17 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
first off i want to say that this is the most bada$$ weapon i have ever owned, and also the longest... (need a new gun bag). the build quality is amazing, however you would expect that from G&G, and i love the weight of it, not heavy but not to light either.
secondly i am the most unlucky airsoft shopper in the world... for some reason when ever i buy a new gun there are always loose parts... maybe its not just me? but when i pulled my gun out i thought wow what an amazing gun, and then i held it up and the pistol grip and stock were all wobbly... so i had to go in with an Allen wrench and tighten the stock up first i had to remove the pistol grip then pull out the large screw underneath that and pull out the stock then i had to tighten the cheek rest by doing 2 things, first there is a screw which uses an allen key near the back but visible i had to tighten one of those, then i had to pull of the but stock and tighten the nut that the lever swings on so that you can adjust the height of the cheek rest. after about an hour my gun is wobble free now :) still a great gun, the pistol grip will come later once i break into the gearbox cause i think the screw comes from that side, if not ill have to remove the motor which will be more work... oh well still a great gun

weight (Not to light, not to heavy)
mag clicks in nicely and is a tight fit
adjustable stock
rail system
great quality metal and ABS plastic (for the pistol grip and hand guard)

mine came with loose parts, but easy fix as long as you have the time and know what you are doing
to many different sizes of allen keys needed... but thats just me probably

Only 4 stars because i had to go in and tighten up the stock and will eventually tighten the pistol grip up
but otherwise its an amazing gun and i cant wait to chrono it at my next event
by D. CHERNG verified buyer Date Added: Friday 16 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I probably bought this gun when it first came out. I anticipated this gun since i heard the rumors that G&G was gonna make one. G&G probably makes the best G&G on the market in terms of both internals and externals. Although the FPS isn't super high, it still has plenty of range. If you want a good sniper platform this is it. The M14 gives you the option of select fire which means you can be a long range support gunner with full automatic fire. The ROF with a 9.6V is great put throw a 11.1V on it and it'll be a buzzsaw. It is lighter than the traditional M14 but its not as balanced as it is front heavy.

-great range
-great externals
-great accuracy
-great ROF

-tad front heavy
by D. CHERNG verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 31 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: G&G M14 EBR/HBA Long Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Just got mine in today. At first glance, its a very nice gun with excellent finish. This is the first EBR i ever had so i can't readily compare it to the other ones out there such as the CA one or the KART one. I can say though that G&G makes the best M14 you can buy so far. This gun shoots a little harder than my standard M14 at 360 FPS. some say that's too low for a marksman gun but its long barrel makes up for it with great range. Even without the hop up the gun shoots really really far. Also it is fairly light weight although it has the tendency to be front heavy. This can fit a 11.1 V lipoly if so desired there's plenty of space.

Lighter than the Standard M14
Long range
Realistic finish.

Front heavy
low FPS (a con for some)
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