Masamune Extreme Precision 6.01mm AEG Inner Barrel for MK96 (510mm)
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by D. MARKEY verified buyer Date Added: Friday 15 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: Masamune Extreme Precision 6.01mm AEG Inner Barrel for MK96 (510mm)
Product Information:
This barrel is amazing, but required some modification to the orange plastic front barrel tip to use in my UTG MK96. Turned out that my stock barrel was put in upside down from the factory making my hopup useless...Great!

I suggest when installing this kit do these three things:

Take out all of the rubber barrel spacers, there should be 4. This was by far the most time consuming and pain in the ass process, took me about 25 minutes to get them all out. Inginuity is key here, I used about 25 drinking straws to push them all out, just put them into the orange tip until they start to stack and push out.

Use a drill with a drill bit the size of the outside diameter of new barrel as you need to increase the hole in the orange tip of the outer barrel to the outside diameter of the inner barrel (cause this barrel will stick out past the tip only by about 3-4mm, but this barrel is longer then stock so it requires modification.

Lastly, evenly space the rubber spacers on the new barrel once you've installed the hopup unit, and place electrical tape to a little under the diameter of the spacer on either side of the spacer to get it to hold in place. Make sure you leave about 1 inch free at the end of the barrel (orange tip side) because it will be sliding into your newly cut hole and thats just the size you will need.


Despite other comments and reviews, (coming from a tech)This barrel DOES have a perfect fit into the UTG MK96 stock hopup unit and because of that it will work with upgraded hopup units available

Flawless fit into stock hopup unit
Barrel hopup cutouts perfectly match stock barrels making the fit perfect
6.01 inner diameter, how can you beat that?!
CHEAP!!! Best upgrade for the price

The ONLY con to this barrel is having to modify the orange tip, but on that note doing so made the barrel more sturdy as its not being held by the orange tip tightly.
by T. KARCH Date Added: Monday 04 October, 2010
For: Masamune Extreme Precision 6.01mm AEG Inner Barrel for MK96 (510mm)
Product Information:
When I bought this 6.01 inner barrel I was excited to finally see that my UTG MK96 would have its last upgrade. Once I started installing the inner barrel I came across some problems with the stock hop-up. I noticed that the divot for the bucking in the hop-up was upside-down in comparison to the hole that allows the bucking to be adjusted to reach the BB. After deciding to just put the bucking in upside-down, I found that the other grooves in the barrel aren't in the right spot for the hop-up. The metal rings that are in the stock hop-up that clip onto the stock barrel to keep the hop-up from sliding around are in completely wrong spots. After toying around with how I'm going to get the hop-up in aside from the bucking, I just decided to stick the hop-up in without the metal ring. Now my hop-up isn't even secured properly onto the barrel. To keep the barrel from bending, and sliding I had created my own home-made spacers. By wrapping Permacel (electrical) tape multiple times around a section of the barrel 6 times helped both quite the barrel from firing, but also helps prevent the inner barrel from shifting out of the hop-up somewhat.
Now that I have the hop up on the inner barrel, and the spacers made, I found that the inner barrel is also too long! Now that the inner barrel is a tad bit long, I couldn't fit the metal screw cap on the tip of the barrel because the hole is too small, so I had to shave out the hole. Now the inner barrel sticks out a couple centimeters (cm).
I was going to resolve this buy purchasing the Guarder Maruzen Type 96 Threaded Adaptor. I was excited to buy this so I could also put on a silencer and add that stealthy look to my gun, but as I asked when they would get the threaded adapter in stock, the General Store Manager (Frank Chu) said it would be 2-3 weeks. It has now been 2 months past, and there hasn't been any change. I am still wondering if it will ever be in stock.
Performance wise, I think that the 6.01 really helps the shooting performance of your gun! I was able to reach further distances with my new upgrade, and It would shoot straighter for about 30 feet longer. There still is a little bit of inaccuracy with the BB curving away from the target with .25g BB's. I think that I may want .30g BB's. Otherwise, I think that the 6.01 dramatically increases the performance of this gun!
I don't use it with the UTG upgrade kit! I have found that when I include the upgrade kit, the BB fly's way more unpredictable, and curves way to much. Therefor it is somewhat useless having.

•Further distance
•Higher Accuracy
•Shoots further without curving

◘The stock hop-up doesn't fit well
•The bucking has to be installed upside-down
•The stock hop-up isn't secured right do to the incorrect divots
◘The barrel is a little long
•Makes you renovate the screw cap
by S. MATHEW verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 31 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: Masamune Extreme Precision 6.01mm AEG Inner Barrel for MK96 (510mm)
Product Information:
First I recieved the item with no lid so the barrek was hanging out a little. Then, I got a better look of it and noticed that that the tip of the barrel was bent. So it made it not shoot straight. It came with no instuctions and I was really displeased with support I got. I hope this doesn't happen again. By the way it's a pain in the $%# to put the barrel spacers back in. You might want to buy the Polar Spacers made for this gun, if you chose to buy this piece of crap. I reccomend buy the new G700 instead, beacause the parts are already built in and you save money in the whole process.

Improves Accuracy

A bit to long
Mine came bent with no lid
No instructions
Need to buy barrel spacers or make new ones
by T. BICKFORD verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 01 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: Masamune Extreme Precision 6.01mm AEG Inner Barrel for MK96 (510mm)
Product Information:
Just put this in and tried it out. The first thing i noticed was that the Masamune was a little longer than the stock UTG barrel. This at first didnt allow my flash hider on the end of the gun, so i dremeled it out a little and now it fits, but sticks out about 1/4". Not too bad. next i went and test fired it, with some hop up adjustments, i was able to hit some trees at around 200 feet or so fairly easily, so that means that I'm now able to hit people at around that distance with reletive ease... considering the stock barrel starts to drop at this range, this is a great deal. it also gave me about 50 more feet of total range, even with heavier bbs, which is a very good thing. I now shoot KSC .3g BBs instead of the Madbull .25g's.

~works very well
~nice coated finish
~fits perfectly into stock hop up chamber

~sticks out a LITTLE bit, but no big deal
~takes about 10 minutes to install (who cares though?)

Over all helped a lot with my L96, and i now consider it a sniper, instead of a long range bolt action rifle :P
by H. JANG Date Added: Wednesday 12 May, 2010
For: Masamune Extreme Precision 6.01mm AEG Inner Barrel for MK96 (510mm)
Product Information:
Like the person below me said, for $43 you can't really go wrong with these barrels. With this barrel, bad quality .30 gram bb's, and the barrel spacer mod, my MK96 went from throwing 10 inch groupings at 50 feet to less than 2 inch groupings. This means that with good quality bb's and a good bench rest you could potentially have less than 4 inch groupings at 100 feet with this barrel. It improved my FPS by about 20-25 and the range as well. I am very satisfied. It has a thick, hard nickel plating to it (not steel but better than aluminum). Oh and also, contrary to what ASGI put in the title, the barrel is NOT 510mm long, it is 500mm long, just barely enough to fit in your UTG MK96. It fit perfectly in mine.

-Increases accuracy
-Increases FPS
-Increases range
-Stronger than aluminum
-Smoother than brass
-Came in a really hard, durable plastic tube
-Good crowning
-Easy to install
-Cheap for a 6.01mm tightbore
-Fits the stock hop up, no $70 PDI chamber needed

-Bad machining on hop up window, be prepared to have a nail file
-Not as accurate as some of the higher quality 6.01's out there but for the price you seriously can't beat it, you really can't

If you are on a TIGHT TIGHT budget I highly recommend this barrel, even temporarily.
by J. PONTICELLI verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 25 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: Masamune Extreme Precision 6.01mm AEG Inner Barrel for MK96 (510mm)
Product Information:
For The Price This Was Pretty Good. I Rad A Few Problems . No Instructions, Spacers Need Tape To Go Back In, And One Piece Was Broken.

Boosts Accuracy.

No Intructions.
A Little Pricey For A Barrel
by R. LEW verified buyer Date Added: Friday 04 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: Masamune Extreme Precision 6.01mm AEG Inner Barrel for MK96 (510mm)
Product Information:
This 6.01 barrel is the exact same length and fit as the stock UTG MK96 barrel. After comparing this barrel with others, I had some doubts with the stated 510mm length while other barrels stated a 499mm or 490mm length. This one works very well for what you pay for. The material is heavy steel with tapered edges and chrome polished finish. The price is right for the "economical sniper". Also, the ASGI youtube videos swayed me to get a 6.01 instead of a 6.03 barrel. LOL

Heavy steel material with tapered edges and chrome polished finish,
Same length as stock UTG MK96 barrel,
Uses same hopup as the stock UTG MK96, unless you plan to upgrade the hopup.
Paired with the UTG MK96 Upgrade Kit, this thing PWNS!!!

None, unless you plan to upgrade the hopup to use AEG hopup rubbers. The stock UTG hopup does not allow this. The groove and the hopup nub are on the same side. The UTG hopup rubber is also shorter.

Also, the stock UTG barrel spacers are crap. I taped my barrel to keep them from sliding around.
by V. PANG verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 27 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: Masamune Extreme Precision 6.01mm AEG Inner Barrel for MK96 (510mm)
Product Information:
for $43, this thing is a steal. it boosted my UTG MK96's consistency to a 1x1 inch area at 150 ft. im hitting the bottom of soda cans from over 150 ft too! (i think its also partly to do with having 600 fps too though..) it confused me at first to take off the hop up from the stock barrel, but heres how I did it (not my fault if you tear the hop-up rubber though). after you get the inner barrel and hop-up assembly out, take small pliers and twist the brass ring at the front of the hop-up counter clockwise. that should come right off and you should be able to just pull the hop-up chamber off. just reverse the process to put it on, its pretty self explanatory.

*note* get the stock barrel spacers out of the outer barrel and put them onto this barrel (after you get the hop-up assembly on) and space them out evenly. you will need to put electrical tape onto the barrel between the spacers before you slide it back in. this is to keep the spacers from sliding all to one side, becoming uneven, or coming off if you take the barrel/hop-up assembly out again for any reason.

consistant and accurate
easy to instal in the UTG MK96

maintenance IS required for a 6.01 to avoid jams. hasnt jammed on me yet though
cant rate 6 stars...
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