Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
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by L. ANDERSON verified buyer Date Added: Friday 15 February, 2013
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Very great gun and shoots smooth like. However I had some issues with some minor and a couple major things. I put them in the pros and cons list for you.

- Looks cool
- Noveski Flash Hider
- Daniel Defense Rail System
- Good G&G Magazine
- blow-back system
- high quality polymer (just watch the drop tests)

- floppy flip up front sight
- protruding inner barrel that extends orange flash hider (why they threw in the noveski)
- very difficult to switch stock sling mount
- packaging is a little flimsy
- my gun came with a very very tight and messed hop up system which causes bbs to stop dead in mid-air about 60ft out of the barrel
by D. O`HAIRE Date Added: Wednesday 12 June, 2013
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I don't know why your still looking at this gun. Mover your cursor to the add to cart button, get some flashmags, a nun chuck battery, a charger, and check out. This gun is a beast. It is the terror of my airsoft field. it is deadly accurate. I can shoot a silver dollar from 100ft away (with my AIM Sports Dual Illuminated Panorama Red Dot Scope - (Special Ops)) I believe the barrel diameter is 6.03 and the inner barrel is about 350mm long. This is my first real airsoft gun and it is absolutely spectacular. The internals are great. I only have two complants. One is the blowback system. I would rather not have it because it makes it harder to get in and out of your gearbox, and also some parts are specialized like the cylinder, gearbox shell, and reciever (there may be more but I'm not sure) so you can't get a metal receiver. So although the blowback is cool, I'd rather not have it although this is not a huge deal. My second complaint is FPS. I play at a field where the limit is 415 fps. This gun shoots 360 stock with a m110 so I'm at a little bit of a disadvantage. This can be easily be solved by replacing the m110 spring with an m120 or m130 spring (m130 might be a little too hot). Also I'm going to convert this to a dmr but it is a pretty good stock gun. To end on a good note, the rail system is awesome. It is over $100 separately. It looks so cool. Also the Noveske Flash Hider looks awesome. All in all, I love this gun and you should buy now.

High quality parts
Full metal gearbox
polymer body (pro is that it's lighter)
6.03mm inner barrel diameter
Daniel Defense rail
Noveske flash hider
looks sick
blowback (can also be con)
FPS (just depends on your field so can be con)

blowback (can be pro)
Polymer body (can be pro)
FPS (just depends on your field so can be pro)

All in all, the cons are just a glass is half empty or glass is half full thing.
by L. WELSH verified buyer Date Added: Friday 04 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This is amazing. Not only the overall feel and look, but the operation, too. I'm in San Diego, so there aren't many places locally other than CQB. This gun is perfect for that (and for field, as well! If you trick it out, you'd have a rockin' DMR!). It caps at 360 FPS, has an M4 magwell so you can get as many M4 accessories for that part as you want, and the flash hider is really loud (though it doesn't have an orange tip. I painted mine orange, and you should do the same!). It comes with a 450 rd high cap, takes a nunchuck bat through the stock, and has REEEAALLY long rails. Not a con, 'cause now you can actually fit your M203 somewhere! Get this gun now.

1. Feels great
2. Good for CQB and Field games
3. 360 FPS
4. M4 magwell/base
5. Comes with Noveske flash hider (doesn't have an orange tip)
(If you aren't one to paint stuff, it also comes with a standard muzzle)
6. Otherwise expensive high-cap
7. Nunchuck battery goes in the stock, so no annoying wires sticking out of the rails
8. Long rails for accessories
9. BASICALLY: This gun is custom, so it is made of all of the parts of really good guns, combined into one, with a little bit of love from GI smacked on it.

1. Outer barrel sticks out of standard muzzle. (NOT the flash hider.)
2. Not very good for cutting corners
3. The standard rear iron sight has a pinpoint reticle, which in my opinion, SUCKS. I can barely aim with it. (I advise getting the NCStar Cantilever Green and Red Dot Sight, using that with only the front iron sight up. Perfect for aiming, perfect for fake EMPs.)
4. THIS MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN TO YOU. ON ME, IT DOES NOT. Lots of people say that you need to unscrew the rails to put something on the bottom rail. I have a lower-end vertical grip (cmon, it was on sale, I couldn't resist) and it fits without taking off the upper rails. just saying.
by S. BUHLIG verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 27 January, 2013
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
absolutely amazing gun, rock solid, free float rail looks incredible, feels great up against the shoulder, very intimidating gun. inner barrel extends past the outer barrel but its covered up by the flash hider, easy fix just extend the outer barrel or buy a new inner barrel. The semi auto on the gun sometimes wont work just switch to auto and back ( may just be my gun). Uninterrupted rail system on the gun is amazing you can mount your sight wherever you want to. The pneumatic blow back function on the gun is very cool, could be a con to some for dirt getting into the gun, its easy to disable the blow back feature. Overall amazing gun, dont wait to buy it youll regret it!

Free float rail
Very solid gun
Flash suppressor looks amazing with the gun
Comfortable feel up to shoulder
Pneumatic blow back is very cool
Uninterrupted rail system

Crane stock but plate hard to get off
Inner barrel extends past outer barrel
Semi auto sometimes wont work

by I. WALLENTINE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 01 November, 2012
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I LOVE THIS FRIKIN GUN!!!!!! ive had it for 3 and 1/2 months now and ive noticed its godly greatness. it shoots super strait once u toy with it. with tracer bbs at dark it looks like a green line coming from the barrel. the noveske doesnt really amplify the sound but its scary looking. its extremely lightweight and maneuverable. sort of good iron sights its just the rear one is a pain to flip down but you get used to it. it looks way sexy with the daniel defense on it. it has a nice 6.03 inner barrel made by your only asgi. i believe around 300mm long. the gun just sounds amazing!!! when you just hold the trigger on auto it really will make you smile :)i can go ooooonnnnn but i dont want to keep typing

light weight
daniel defense
6.03mm barrel
nice grip
good stock
ok sights
easy to field strip
free float ris ll
and many more

Needs a "warm up" (first 30 bbs shoot ft but then it shoots straight, i think its just mine though)
pain to get battery in and out but you can break it in
plastic body (not really a con but it would be nice to have it metal)
fake bolt carrier looks sort of cheesy
bolt release doesnt work (but whats the point)
i just came up with every little thing i could think of so don't worry about this gun BUY IT THIS INSTANT YOU WONT REGRET A SINGLE PENNY!!!!!
by M. HAINES verified buyer Date Added: Monday 12 December, 2011
verified buyer
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I just got mine a few days ago. I wanna give a special shout out to Clint for building my gun. Thanks man and great work! Tell em you need a raise!!
Now on to the Gun.
The gun comes fully assembled with the exception of the Noveske flash hider, but it screws on easily enough. However the barrel is too long for the Noveske to adequetly amplify the sound. Granted this beast is super accurate so its kind of a trade off. Also be forewarned, if you decide to trade out your Noveske for a different muzzle, you need to be aware that the inner barrel does protrude about an inch past the stock birdcage muzzle.
ROF with a 9.6 battery is nothing to get overly excited about, but it's a realistic ROF when compared to a real M4. I deliberately chose a smaller battery to extend the life of my internals so this is a fair compromise to me.
The weight and feel of this rifle is fantastic. If anyone has handled a Bushmaster Car15 then you will know what i'm talking about. The polymer body is SOLID and the Daniel Defense rail makes this weapon a little hefty.
The included flip up sights are a little on the cheap side, but fully functional and I really like the ability to flip between long range and close qaurters on the peep sight. I ordered a HOLO sight so I probably wont be using the flip up sights much.
As with all Crane stocks, the space is limited, so be carefull when choosing the size of your battery. The Tenergy 9.6 16mah fit rather nicely, and leave just a little room for you to carefully posistion your wiring.
My range was a little shorter than 275 feet with long flat trajectory and started to drop around 280 300, but I use .25g bbs. My FPS was also a little lower due to heavier rounds, but I clocked it between 385-393 fps.
Accuracy is dead on with appropiate adj of the hop up.
All in all this is a superb weapon for all players, and the value to price ratio just cant be beat. I ordered this airsoft gun, ten mid cap mags, 3000 highgrade biodegradable bbs, the battery and smart charger for $322.00. Not bad at all!!
Click add to cart! You will not regret it!

Decent Fps. 385-393fps.
Weight and build quality are excellent.
Sights are inexpensive but fully functional.
Excellent range.
Accuracy is dead on with appropiate adjustment.

Inner Barrel is longer than outer barrel, becarefull of which muzzle break you choose to put on. FYI the Noveske amplifier does extend past the inner barrel.
Battery space is limited if you choose to upgrade.
by T. SCHNIERS Date Added: Thursday 04 November, 2010
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
just recieved this gun two days ago. this gun is solid on the outside with its unique body and the combination of the 9.5 in daniel defense rail which has no wobble at all. the noveske is a nice addition for looks but it doesnt function the way its ment to. the noveske is a sound amplifier and GI techs but in a standard length 363mm 6.03 tightbore barrel in which makes it a field lengthed gun and gives you much more accuracy. however the noveske only covers up the protruding barrel. it doesnt make it very loud. which is fine with me, i just put on a SAW flashider and i looks great. the rate of fire with a 9.6v 1600mah battery only about 20% charged is very nice. somewhere in the range of 14 to 18 bps. the accuracy is amazing. i can reach out and hit a tree trunk from about 160-170ft away. over all i am very impressed. once i get my eo tech and utg flashlight and a forgrip this gun will look delicious :) one more thing is the crane stock. quite frankley it sucks. i was trying to break it in yesterday by taking it off and on and my fingers are still sore today. but it will get easier to take off

daniel defense rail
having a crane stock (not the design)
light fiber weaved nylon body (super durable)
great rate of fire with 9.6v
added 363mm 6.03 tightbore barrel
superb accuracy
smooth internals
all g4's are mag friendly excluding p-mags
included $35 noveske flashider

shoots a little hot (cronoed at 405 with .20g by GI)
crane stock design just isnt good at all
that is it! the cons are no big deal. switch out to an m100 spring or something and just get used to the crane stock because this gun is top of the line. great job GI. if youre on a budget, get this. comes with a tightbore pre-installed and GI's custom internals and a G&G body you can trust. get it!
by J. DONG Date Added: Friday 15 October, 2010
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Review on the G4-A2 BLAZING HOG...
Love the look on this gun, would be my #1 pick out of all the G4s
This gun has all the cool features you would expect out of an airsoft gun and maintains a realistic feel while still performing like a champion.
Some of the unique features on this gun you won't see on most other G4's:
Noveske KX3 Amplifier Flash Hider
Daniel Defense Rail System

G&G Combat Machine Base Gun
G&G Crane Stock w/ Battery Storage
comes w/ a G&G 450rd High Capacity Magazine
Pneumatic Blowback System
Functional Charging Handle / Forward Assist
FAST Rate of Fire

no battery or charger
red dot, flashlight + vertical grip not included
by B. MULDOON Date Added: Tuesday 28 September, 2010
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is so cool. it looks really awesome, and it feels great too. I can shoot really far with this gun, and the BBs shoot super hard. My first game, I was playing with my older brother, and his friends. They always used to beat me, because they have like KWAs and stuff. My first game with this gun, I killed them all. One of them even got scared, and tried to run away, but I shot him.

This is awesome. THANKS, AIRSOFT GI!

This gun is strong, light, fast, and accurate. It's totally awesome

I wish it had a metal body.
by A. RODRIGUEZ Date Added: Wednesday 21 July, 2010
For: Airsoft GI G4-A2 Blazing Hog w/ Daniel Defense SOPMOD RIS Blowback Version AEG Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun is pure monstrosity. It is so loud that it is intimidating to my friends. I am a 15 year old kid holding a rifle that seems like it can blow somebody's head off. The FPS isnt too high but it does the job for me. All the kids around the block are SCARED anytime we play.



FPS is a bit low
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