A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by C. TIMM verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 26 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
so, i ordered this gun on the 23rd of august, and due to some highly unfortunate circumstances, havent gotten to play around with it till yesterday, and let me say, i have never been this impressed with a gun like this ever. ever. its really all its sold to be, and its easy as hell to fix and clean up (depending on whether or not you can find a 660mm barrel cleaner). quick notes, the screw to fix the motor head height is on the back of the gearbox complex, right underneath that monster of a piston (literally, the thing is a good 5 1/2 inches long). get a large type battery though, cause it drains a small type in about 15 minutes. barrel wobble is easily fixed, just tighten down the screws on the sides, kinda near the flip up iron sight. im seriously impressed with this gun, as are my friends (who all play with g&g).

MASSIVE mag size (6.57 minutes to empty on slowest rof setting)
realistic feel
sweet iron sights
mosfet chip!
cool bipod
easy to move around with despite size weight etc.
beautiful components

handle-horrible, wouldnt trust my 400 dollar gun with it
bipod is shakey
slight barrel wobble till we tightened it down

nothing else
by M. ADKINS verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 22 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Well, I'm going to review this gun to the best of my abilities. This is going ot be difficult for reasons I'll adress later. Let's start with the good things:

The externals of this thing are incredible. I have never held a more solid airsoft gun, period. The level of detail is amazing, and it's built like a tank. Right in front of the rear sight, the words "US Machine Gun, Cal 7.62" are painted. It woudl be better if they were etched, but I can't complain. The bi-pod is a little cheap feeling, but overall it's sturdy. The pins holding the legs on fell out of mine, but I just put them back in and put some electricians tape over the holes, and that fixed it right up. The box mag is cool, and funtions perfectly. I have never had one misfeed or jam. I like the selective rof and the auto-winging box mag that winds when you pull the trigger. From a strictly asthetic standpoint, this is the best gun I've ever had the chance to use.

Now, on to the bad things. The first thing I noticed about this gun was the fact that the range was HORRIBLE. I mean, like 75 feet, and even then it was terribly inaccurate. For some reason, the hop up nub did not engage the bb unless it was turned all the way up, and then it made very little difference. The next thing was that the rof was awful with the rof selector mosfet hooked up and turned all the way up. So, I removed it and used the bypass connector they include with the gun, and that improved it a little bit.

In my first skirmish with it, it quit firing. Just like that, quit firing. No broken parts, no blown fuse, perfect wiring, but no movement in the gearbox. So, after dicking around with AirsoftGI for two weeks about it and getting no help whatsoever from customer service, I opened it up myself, put everything back together, and it fired. Well, that lasted about 200 rounds before it stopped firing again. I repeated that process half a dozen times, and finally got fed up with it because as far as I could tell, all the parts were fine. So, I had someone work on it. He managed to fix the problem with it not firing, but the range was still terrible, even with a new bucking and nub. Finally, I gave up and sold it for $225. Including the battery, I spent $450 on this thing, plus the $30 it cost me to get it worked on. So in total, I spent $480. So I ended up losing $255 for nothing.

However, I would not let this keep you from buying this gun. I'm sure I just got a lemon. I just really wish AirsoftGI would have been a little more help to me, because I lost $255 because of a faulty gun they sold me. They really dropped the ball here.

Good quality body
Awesome box mag
Good ROF with no rof selector mosfet and a 9.6v

This thing was completely ****ed up when I got it, so I can't even say much about how it performed. All I know is the one I got was garbage.
by K. BEEKER verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 23 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Ok, so I'm going to try this again...... 3hrs of typing a very in depth breakdown of the whole gun; individual parts, gearbox breakdown, takedown, performance, etc. and it doesn't show up weeks later........you guys need to write a reason for what you allow through as a review. People submit stupid questions and worthless reviews that contain false information and do nothing to inform a potential buyer about the gun.

So I'll try this one:

OMG tis gun iz supper awesum!!!!!! it haz sooooo mutch pwer an iz vary scery!!!!! BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!!! I shat my frend lik 50 tims and he wuz cuvrd in welts and screemeng i shot hes i and it got bludy an it wuz cool!!!!!!!!!!!!


Itz xpenseve but wurth it!!
by L. BURK Date Added: Tuesday 20 April, 2010
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
great gun, decent fps. the bipod is adjustable and the rear sight is flip up, although on mine the front sight was tilted to the left so it was kindof akward. but this is no problem cuz the rear sight is adjustable in all directions. this gun is heavy so a sling is a must.i must say this is one sexy intimidating gun, i warn u when it arrives in ur mail u will want 2 carry it with u around ur house everywhere u go.

everything about it it a pro

the only con i can think of is u cant attatch any scope or anything like that
by K. BEEKER verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 16 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Here's a full breakdown on which parts are potmetal, steel, and plastic.

*You should note that I have almost completely disassembled the gun, part by part save for where the front end connects to the receiver. Everything else has been disassembled and reassembled by me.

-Lower receiver
-Receiver cover
-Outer barrel
-Front sight
-Rear sight
-Sight mount
-Front receiver
-Part where carrying handle attaches to gun (I wouldn't trust a 20lb $450 gun with this)
-Gas tube
-Hop Up unit (It's metal, good.)
-Gearbox Shell

-Carrying handle (Don't use this)
-Sling loops
-Body pins
-Mount for the box mag (Very good)
-Charging handle
-Should rest-piece

-Front Grip
-Hand Grip
-Safety Selector
-Carrying handle has a rubber grip
-Cheekrest on receiver cover

I don't know what it shot stock (No chrono, but it's a MINIMUM of 350fps. The stock bucking is cheap rubber and should be replaced. I replaced mine with a Systema Bucking along with a Madbull 590mm TBB (The stock barrel would probably have been fine, but I went all out for a $450 gun) and got amazing results.
At 200 feet I can hit close to a man sized target (I've measured the distance) on TSD .28g BB's. Since it's a support gun accuracy should not be your number one concern, but being able to match an opponent's range is very helpful.

-On a Tenergy small type 9.6v battery (Small type Tamiya) I am getting maybe 12 rps.
I like it, and although I've contemplated getting a new motor (Short type) as I've HEARD the stock is close to maxed on it's spring, I do not wish to burn through ammo faster than I am.

-The mag is an electric auto-winding box mag. It hold roughly 3500 rounds and attaches to the gun via resting in a stiff pouch which velcro straps onto the side mounted "box magazine mount".
It, unlike other box mags, uses the battery for the gun, not a pair of AA's that require the mag to be taken apart to replace. If the battery dies, slide it out of the pouch and slide a new on into place or, if you're using small types which multiple ones will fit, simply switch the connectors.
So both the battery and the mag part rest inside the stiff, square pouch. Coming from the gun are two connectors. One connects the battery to the gun while the other connects the gun to the mag's internal motor.
The mechanism for the box mag is simply a high cap winding device with a motor attached so that it winds as you shoot.
Bringing me to the feed style selector for the box mag. If you remove the mag from the pouch you will see a switch with "auto, off, and contiuum".
Auto has the mag winding constantly, off turns the mag off, and continuum onyl feeds when the trigger is pulled. There is also an input for a remote 3.5mm plug that winds the mag on command.
I only use continuum as auto would quickly overwind the mag and since the mag is only functional when in the pouch and that, when in the pouch, the switch is inaccessible.
Also to note that the switch is right next to where you put the battery and is subject to being jostled out of position, causing the gun to either stop firing (Off) or constantly feed (Auto).
To fix this I partially dissassebled the mag and clipped the switch down a little so that I can still toggle it (Out of the pouch), but it is no longer in the way.
The BB's go from teh mag into the gun vial a spring tube like the ones for SAW's. I've used my gun a few times and have only had the spring pop loose of the nut on the end. This only required screwing the bolt back onto the end and had been the result of some intense movement. I also tested the full range of motion for the mag on the gun and found that the spring is never overstretched or compromised.

Onto the gearbox:
It's a SAW type gearbox and is reported to be very sturdy. Most every gearbox will not break (Save for v.2's) on the 400fps spring this gun MIGHT have (No chrono). As most fields allow no more than 400fps for AEG's it is perfectly satisfactory.
Like the SAW gearbox it will take most all standard v.2/v.3 internal parts except for: The wiring system, the tappet plate (As far as I know, it's not a special one, but I don't know if there are matches for different guns), and the nozzle (Much longer than a normal AEG).
The gears are A&K steel and the bushings are Ball Bearing type (I don't know MM). The motor is a non-descript gray short type and the cylinder is a type 0. The piston is a standard AEG piston and took to a new G&P Explosive piston head fine. The spring guide is made of metal and attaches to the plug for the spring quick change feature, which I will get to in a moment.
All of the gears were shimmed with uneven brass washers. Replace these ASAP. They were concave when I took them out and are poorly sized. Also, the gearbox needs grease as there is only a dollop plopped next to the spur gear. Otherwise, there is no grease on any part of the gun, which is good as you won't need to clean out the old stuff.
*The spur gear when I recieved my gun wobbles as you turn it. I've put plenty of rounds through it and so far there have been no problems as the wobble is only slight and I have reshimmed to compensate. Perhaps a new spur gear would change this
The wiring is a SAW type switch, but this time A&K got it right with the conact of the switch to the trigger so you won't have to modify it to fit the gun. The gearbox connects the the gun via a three pronged plug that is secured to the gearbox so that when you remove it it comes out as a single unit.
The spring quick change feature is amazing. I wish they had this in all AEG gearboxes, but I'll settle. Normally, opening a gearbox requires holding the spring in place and safety glasses so that the spring doesn't pop other pieces out of place and sends them across the room. With the quick change feature you push the plug in, lift the tab on top of the gearbox, and the spring, spring guide, and plug all are able to be removed, keeping pressure off the gearbox as you open it up.
Unfortunately, while with the SAW's you are able to use the 'quick' part at a field where you find your gun under or overclassed, the M60E1 requires that the gearbox be removed from the reciever by six hex screws.
Although, once the screws are out the gearbox is removable painlessly as the three pronged plug is static to both the shell and the receiver. THERE ARE NO WIRES YOU HAVE TO TUCK AWAY. I've always had the problem with my AK's and MP5, but not with this one.

Performance and Usage:
I like it, but only after I tightened various screws (Not hard, just do it), changed the bucking out (Better accuracy), and reshimmed the gearbox. After those things it's great. I adjusted the hop up and have it tuned for 200 ft shots with the iron sights which can be a pain to use as they can limit your field of view, but are flip-upable. Although they are good for wanting to know right where your gun will be shooting.

As for the weight everyone complains about. It is a 20lb gun with a full mag, but it's not like lifting a 20lb weight (Which I tried to try and see what the gun might feel like). It feels lighter than that, but it is still difficult to keep shouldered for periods of time.
BUT, this is a different kind of heavy. most everyone can hold 20lds on their shoulder, but try shouldering a sledgehammer. The bipod is the bulk of the weight problem.
All you have to do is unscrew the flashhider adn take the bipod off. Once it's off you'll notice a huge difference. You might say you'll need the bipod as the gun will just be to heavy, but without the bipod you'll be able to should it like a regular assault rifle. I'm only 120lbs at 5'11" and I'm able to weild it just fine. If I can run around for an hour with it, so can you.
Plus, there's a steel flip up should rest on the butt of the gun that helps take the weight off your arms when shouldering it in either standing or prone with/without the bipod.
As for the mag being in the way, I've had no problem with it. You have to hold the gun away from your body a little, but not much and if you remove the bipod you will barely notice the mag being in the way at all. Even with the bipod, the problem in minute.

Lastly, the Adjustable rate MOSFET feature:
One word; Useless. Fortunately, A&K provides you with a byppass plug (A triple pin tamiya with a wire going across two pins, you could make one yourself if you lost it) that simply clips right onto where you'd normally connect the mosfet to the gun. This has the gun shoot at it's full ROF instead of a limited ROF.
Basically, it's a nice idea, but since the gun doesn't normally fire at 30rps you won't have much room for adjustment between dead battery sound and 12 rps. It's good if you installed a high ROF motor/gears in it and want to conserve ammo, but, after examining it and seeing as it is comprised of small components (And finding a guy on ASF whole had his get wet and malfunction), I wouldn't trust it on a high ROF. Not to mention you can only use a 9.6v max with it.
Alot of people have noted that the dial knob takes awhile to adjust the ROF. It can be unscrewed to reveal the actual dial on the MOSFET. If you adjust that you'll find that you don't need to turn it alot.
I did a test. The first time I turned the knob quickly. It took awhile before I noticed a difference in ROF. Then I turned it slowly and listend to the clicking. In less than a full turn I had adjusted the ROF all the way up and back down.

To sum it up, buy it. If you want a light machine gun that looks like a machine gun then this is for you. It's 1/4 the price of any other gun so you can actually hope to own it on a budget, and the quality it sturdy. I certainly hope that I do not experience any problem with it in the next few years and I don't expect to. It feels awesome to stand in front of your friends while weilding a gun this size.

-Aftermarket accuracy on stock spring with just a new barrel and bucking (Madbull/Systems) was great at 200 ft. shots.
-Plastic is reported to be Nylon Fiber which is strong
-Mag is run on the gun's battery, not a pair of AA's. The mag is down when the gun is down, not the other way around.
-Sturdy SAW gearbox
-Spring quick change feature is good for working on the gearbox and swapping out (Only if a workbench is available)
-Gearbox is easy to work on, almost fun
-Removing the gearbox does not require tucking wires as it comes out as a single unit.
-No lube means you don't need to clean it out
-Removing the bipod allows you to keep the gun shouldered better and is how I usually use it
-Adjustable ROF MOSFET is good for higher ROF setups

-Gearbox needed lubbed and reshimmed. Something that all new guns should have checked
-A large part of the gun is potmetal, but most airsoft guns are
-Stock accuracy was sub par, new bucking is recommended
-Adjustable ROF feature is virtually useless and may be adding to the cost(?)
-Switch for mag needed to be clipped down and is inaccessible while attached to the gun
-Spring quick change feature requires the gearbox to be removed from the gun
-Spur gear wobbles as it turns.
-The weight with the bipod requires you to lay down and use the bipod
-Removing the bipod makes it slightly more difficult to stay prone for long periods of time
-Mag requires the gun to be weilded differently
-MOSFET is delicate and can only handle up to a 9.6v
by J. STOREY Date Added: Tuesday 01 June, 2010
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I must say I am very disappointed with Airsoft G.I. when i ordered this gun.... Here is my story... With this gun Me and my friend Joe ordered a M1911, two M79 grenades, and a propane nozzle. The hole estimation of wieght for this order was 33lbs..... The day I was expecting an M60 on my friends front porch I find a very small box that i would say was about 6inX6in. I thought to myself, "A M60 couldnt possibly be in there." I read the side of the box and it said all the correct information....other then the fact it said the hole package was 33LBS! The package only wieghed about 4LBS. I oppened the box and to my supprise, I find no M60. I find a M1911, two grenades, a propane adapter, BUT NO M60!...... I want to see the dumb ass at Airsoft G.I. who checked off M60 (the biggest gun you can sholder fire) for that small box.... Being so furious at Airsoft G.I., we called them up and had to prove to them (buy sending them a couple of pictures of the box via Email) that they forgot to send a 30LBS gun. Thankfully they relized there mistakes and sent the gun to me...... One week latter we find a big box on my friends front porch and we shouted for joy.... When we took it out of the box and tryed to fire it, It seemed as if it didnt want to fire. We search high and low to see what the problem was.... I finally found the problem latter the next day that the fuse box wasnt conected right. I was so relived that it was working. But then by just jently setting it down, the freaken bipod snaped. How crapy is that? But anyways the first mach I had with it, It was raping the other team so great that i didnt want to let it go. But by the end of the game i was fireing and the rate of fire slow decreased and then it turned into this high piched mechanical noise that sounded like a saw blade was turning or a grater was running and it stoped fireing....l got this hellish glow to my face.... I screamed, "Dam you Airsoft G.I., Dam you!".... Why would I buy a $400 gun that falls apart and only works for one game. Im now getting it fixed and its prolly gonna cost me another $100 just for that. But when I get it back, who knows what else will go wrong with it.................................................. I think my case is spoken.


Airsoft G.I.
Sights (they are loose and can not be tighten)
Carrying Handle (loose and can not be tighten)
Compression Chamber
$400 worth of bullshit
by D. MARTIN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 10 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
ok so ive had this gun for about a month now and i love it! its very realistic and the weight is awesome. on the feild it performs great at around 380-400 FPS, whenever im on the feild everyone runs for cover because of the rate of fire and the amount of BB's that it can put down range. all in all a great gun for anyone looking for a big realistic MG.

good FPS
good rate of fire

by E. WEST verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 31 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun a little while ago just had have it. Its is rather expensive but totally worth it it is a great replica of the real M60 E1 VN style. I have used it once in a tiny war... and it is super heavy and im a big guy to, im going to go with around 24+ pounds but its got a sturdy bi pod which work great. Rate of fire is pretty awesome. I will hopefully experiment later and try a 10.8 V battery idk yet if anybody thinks that a bad idea then let me know please.
But overall this is a great gun for the price it is my favorite gun period in airsoft and real life so i suggest it to collectors. i cant complain about this gun that much there seem to be no major problems and the gearbox is way longer than my M249 SAW MG but yea just a side note.

Note: i think i might have broke the rate of fire knob... just dont twist it alot but it has the rate of fire bypass chip that can still work.

The gun itself
Nice ROF
Great construction
feeds nice
Full Metal (parts that should be)
Box mag auto feed upgrade from M249
Top of Box mag designed for almost any battery, its not a compartment.
High Mag Cap. (Approximately 4000)
Great Replica of real thing
Easy field strip/upgrade
Sturdy Bi Pod

Box mag hard to equip (practice)
Orange tip hard to switch out (use pliers)
Mosfet chip connection tricky to get to

Thats about it not alot of bad things
by F. RUSSO verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 13 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Ok this gun is insane. when it got here i started to charge the 9.6 volt battery and invited my friends over, as soon as it was done we took it outside for some tests.
the first test was a power test so we took an axe can 20ft out and started firing, the can broke in 5 seconds. next was the pain test, i stood about 10 feet from the gun and got shot in the chest. i felt like i had been punched and it left a bleeding welt. the accuracy test went good as well i was able to hit a water jug from 90 feet.
all in all this is an extremely bad-ass gun definitely worth the buy. also dont bother with the mosfet just put the over-ride in and watch as your enemys seek cover to hide from your hail of bullets.
also it may come with loose screws, just tighten them up and youll be good.

Awesome fire rate
Scary power
bad-ass look
huge magazine
very sturdy
easy to access hop up
sights are good

very heavy!
mosfet is kinda pointless
loose screws
by D. DUNCAN Date Added: Sunday 10 January, 2010
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This has to be the best Light MG I have hever used! My buddy had gotten it and we had taken it to and airsoft range...it grabbed everyones attention! There was a mixed reaction of fear and amazment...realy cool

looks great and feels great and I would have to say if you are going to play with it get a buddy with
a M4, M16, AK, or something like that to give you cover...not a weapon you run long distances with...you sorta will want to set it up and stay in one place to be effective

one more thing...the two other comments I have to agree with. the bipod jiggles and the pin is something to keep an eye on...the box mag is tricky to deal with but not bad, and if you look at the video, put the battery on the top like he does...it helps

keeps the enemies heads down, great for trenches, works fine, looks cool

people fear it, it also makes a different sound than most airsoft guns so people can tell when its you...it was funny

(expect a high chance that you get the nickname, heavy, M60, MG, Gunner, or just 60) and if you have to defend a small spot like a fox hole trench or bunker its perfect!

some parts were made poorly so lookout for small things that tend to jiggle

the chargeing handle on the side does not do anything but make it look good, it might break off (if this happens take the bolt off and the little rod that is on there put it back and tape it closed so dirt cant get in)

hard to carry if you are right handed (more of a pro for lefties) and it is heavy...realy heavy, we put it on a bathroom scale and it said 16.7 lb (also, READ THE INSTRUCTION BOOK)

it has some cables that can be tricky to hook up if you have no clue what you are doing!
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