A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[05953 / IU-M60-NB]
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by B. GEORGE Date Added: Monday 17 November, 2014
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun 2nd hand off someone in my local airsoft community back in 2011, and it's still by far one of my favorite AEG's to field. I've used it for the past 3 year on a regular basis, and I've never had it break down on me, which is extraordinary for a machine gun in my opinion.

-Range(the specs claim 380 fps, but mine usually chronos around 400-403 fps)

- accurate, especially for a machine gun.

-Reliable(besides needing a basic tune-up when I bought it, its worked like a peach since day 1).

-The box mag runs directly off the gun's battery and has no feeding issues.

-The carry handle is strong enough to hold the weight of the gun if you're on the move.

-Weight, this thing is pretty hefty, so if you're running a long OP, it can be tiring, wouldn't recommend it for kids or people with back problems.

-While the internals of this gun are solid, the cosmetics of this gun are fairly cheap(a lot of cheap pot metal: I dropped on the ground to lie prone, and the hinges on the bipod cracked in two, the lever on the charging handle popped off as well, none of these things affected the performance of the gun itself though)
by G. CHAC verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
My first support weapon. Boy was I surprised how heavy it was! This thing, although made of pot metal for some pieces, is very solid. It feels like the real thing. Be prepared to have sore biceps if you're going to lug it around all day. The ammo box on the left side of the gun makes it friendly to left handed/ambidextrous people, but because the gun is so front heavy, this weapon isn't for the weak or small.

Solid construction
Beautiful head turner
Box magazine is amazing - keeps on chugging!
Has some serious weight! Very realistic
Strong gearbox allows for quick-change spring and easy maintenance

Bipod is made of pot metal - I wouldn't trust it with too much abuse
There are some screws that have stripped on mine. Quality could be improved
The hop up leaves something to be desired, uses M249 hop
by A. SPEARS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 01 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is a beauty. I recently got this gun to fulfill my dream of being a squad automatic gunner, and it really works well! Every time I show up to a match, people tend to try and grab me to their team because I'm the power house. I used it in a simulated ambush event where the enemy had to funnel into a narrow pathway. I was set up at the far end, right in the middle and unleashed Hell on them!

If you want a SAW, and don't want to deal with those 8mm gears that the others use, get this gun!! Simply amazing!

-Very good FPS. (Mine chronoed in at 410FPS with .2g's)
-1:1 scale. Everything metal on a real M60 is metal on here. Only 'plastic' (It's a really durable plastic, not sure what kind though.) parts are the forward hand guard, the pistol grip, and the stock.
- I LOVE the adjustable ROF knob. I had it really low and everyone kinda laughed at first at the slowness, then ramped up to full and their faces were priceless!

-Only major con I experienced was the imitation charging handle on mine was for some reason getting stuck when I went to push it back to closed. Not a big worry if this happens, just file the metal on the body a bit and it'll slide fine.
- The weight is a tiny con. I knew it was going to be a heavy SOB, and it is, (I used to carry the M240 in the Marine Corps so it's not too bad for me.) but you will need to a decent amount of upper body strength to not only carry it, but effectively use it in the field.
by O. BERGGREN Date Added: Monday 18 November, 2013
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
First off; this gun is a über hunk of awesome. I have not purchased this gun, but I was lent one from a teammate. After picking it up, you can feel where the price tag goes. The mag is awesome as well, bereft of winding. Sighting is okay, but that is what an accessory is for. This is a gun that'll intimidate anyone.

Designed for the team player. Made of good quality material and very intimidating.

Large and a bit over-cumbersome. I would recommend it for suppression and not charging.
by C. BIANCHI Date Added: Saturday 08 December, 2012
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
hey guys i was thinking of buying this gun but i want to know something before i do.whats the highest battery that can be used for this m60 right out of the box?

looks good

whats the highest battery that can be used right out of the box?
by K. WELTY verified buyer Date Added: Monday 11 February, 2013
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Ok, First of all- this gun is a monster out of the box. Absolutely flawless. Its super solid, and has that durable feel. However it is heavy and some smaller people WILL NOT be able to carry it around. Im 6'6 and I have no problems. This is the finest airsoft gun ive ever used. Amazing magazine, the auto winding is the best thing about it. You NEVER have to stop and wind your mag. When you see all the masses winding their overused M4s, do me a favor- hold down that trigger and see the fear in their eyes as they fall to your Chuck Norris and rambo might. Hooah

Authentic Feel
Auto winding mag
Mag capacity
Makes M4 users wet themselfs
Makes everyone want one
its not a M4
seriously people... M4s are overused

i thrashed my bipod by diving with it and what not. Quick spot weld fixed that
weight- for you wussies out there
The 2 (SUPER STURDY) but still plastic pieces
by C. STROBING verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 03 September, 2011
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is a beast. There truly is nothing like it. The barrel is 590mm, the second longest barrel length that you can buy. I have had people not play because of the intimidation factor. Likewise, with this gun, expect everyone to be shooting at you. It's okay, though. You have 3500 rounds, power, and range over them, as well as close to 20 bbs per second stock. I put a Madbull 6.03 tightbore in it, and the range only got better. Soon, The gears and motor will be upgraded, to accomodate an M130 spring. The .25g bbs are definatley better to use, but if you're going stock, use .20s. They are cheaper, and the stock gun will push them out a little farther. Don't worry accuracy is still good. All metal, however i have had the piece that holds the mag hangar to the body break 4 times. The last time, i quit using glue and just bolted it on there. Problem solved. So, if that happens to you the first time, just get out the #6 machine screw and bolt, and re-thread the hole. The mag is extremely reliable. And you will out range all of those pesky snipers out there. If their rifles are stock of course. There are not enough good things to say about this gun. And by the way, don't complain about the weight. It weighs 19lbs, so don't get it if you wanna complain about how heavy it is. Some things go without saying. Ill post again after i upgrade the crap out of it.

Accuracy (for the most part)
Mag Capacity

Mag Rattle (all box mags)
That stupid little piece for the mag hangar.
Crappy m4 flash hider that comes with it. (don't worry, a huge metal m60 flash hider comes too)
Mini battery connector. Get the adapter and put a 3600 Mah 9.6v on it.
by S. PEHNS Date Added: Sunday 13 March, 2011
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I will get straight to the point here.

Very good gun and feel, however I had one problem.

The battery connector on the M60 is small, which is insane, after all this IS an M60! However, I found out after looking for a small to large battery adapter that the two connectors worked just fine when forced together and fastened with duct tape (I am speaking of a small to large connection here).

Besides this, everything is amazing with this gun.

- Amazing feel
- Imposing, people on opposite teams were suppressed by just me (with the M60) on multiple occasions just because it is so big
- Magazine holds ~4000 BBs no problem.
- Self winding magazine which is noise-less because of the firing sound itself
- Very good grouping at medium range after adjusting the hop-up.
- Easy access hop-up (explained in an English, colored manual)
- Handel is very good, sturdy and great for carrying.
- Bi-pod is very good and also extremely useful for mounting the gun
- Comes with authentic looking M60 flash hider (brightly colored orange)
- Shoulder rest folds up on the butt-stock making the gun very comfortable to wield when in prone for longer periods of time
- Very high to very low and everything in between ROF (rate of fire)
- Well working safety and fire modes, full-auto only :D

Speaking from a practical standpoint there is nothing really bad about this gun when playing. A little wobble on the ROF knob doesn't change the performance of the gun while playing. All you will care about while in a firefight is the weight (~20 lb), the length, and the pure amount of BBs you can pour down range accurately towards your opponents. The rest is up to you. Work out maybe, and always try to have a good squad mate at your 6, since you are very slow to turn this thing 180 degrees. This IS after all Airsoft, where teamwork is key to success.
by C. BOKESCH verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 05 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i have had this gun for bout 3-4 months and have played in blind fury 7 with it (FatRambo from Airsoftohio.com) + 4-5 other wars. i have had this gun re-greased, re-shimmed, and threw in a m115 spring in it. i have probably shot over 100k rds through it and everything still looks new (gears and motor are still perfect) right now shoots around 370-390 fps
the only problem i have had with this is the bi-pod mount is made of pot metal. the legs them selfs are good quality, but the mount will break if you are careless with the legs down. all i can say is ALWAYS put the legs up when not in use. Beside that issue this gun is a Vietnam guru's DREAM!

-full metal (good quality metal too)
-mag works amazingly (i love the design) and with practice is easy to remove and put back on
-i cant believe how easy it is to work on this thing. 4 screws and the GB lifts out.
-performance out of the box is actually not to shabby
-extremaly solid and durable (except bipod mount)
-best M60 if you were not considering a car over an airsoft M60.
- verry Authentic feeling
-will put a smile on your face when firing non stop. :D
-$400 is alot of money, but is worth every penny.
-THIS BABY! or an m4?........... thats what i thought.

-bipod mount is cheep metal and the locking points will shear off with little effort
-if you can, throw in a new bucking and barrel, but stock ones are still fine.
- doesnt come with Vietnam gear to be ridiculously BAD ASS!
by J. CAMERER Date Added: Tuesday 28 September, 2010
For: A&K M60 LMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I ordered this gun from a local airsoft shop where I live. I have to say I love it. Honestly their are only three things I can complain about. I was lugging this thing around for 20 minutes in a match, albeit I was dumb enough to take this into an indoor match, but it was like hell not being able to set this thing down and fire from the bipod. This is coming from a 6'2 265lb man, this thing really is heavy. The bipod is kind of rickety, and feels as though it might break. Also the autofeeder in the boxmag pumps the bb's through a spring, if you kink this spring it's game over, threading it into the gun is a nightmare, and it sometimes jams, leaving you to get shot as you disassemble the feeder tube (bb's are going to go everywhere) and both wires, and pull out the inner box from the green canvas. On the brightside when you're outdoors you have an unlimited supply of ammo, about 4000 rounds, and nothing will come near you. The only chance of you getting shot is being flanked or sniped

Good ROF
Good FPS
Never Ending Supply of Ammo
Autofeeder Boxmag
Mosfed System to adjust Rate of Fire
Metal Shoulder Mount in Butt of Gun

POS bipod
Heavier than Rosanne
Kinking Autofeeder springtube thing that is impossible to fix in a game. Takes around 3 minutes to get taken apart and put back together

The good far outweighs the bad, 5 stars my friends
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