Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
[05903 / M56DL]
$60.00 $51.00
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by T. CASTRO verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 14 August, 2014
verified buyer
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Probably the best $50 I ever spent in my airsoft career. You don't need an AEG to be a real killer out on the field. This thing has surprising range and a relatively tight spread. Incredibly light, yet durable at an affordable price.

-Incredibly light. I often run with it in one hand.
-Amazing value, was $50 when I bought it.
-Durable despite what you may think.
-Comes with a shell, sling, cleaning rod, and speed loader.
-Combine it with a shell rack on the gun, and reloading takes 4 seconds.
***Something I noticed: This is the only model that has a top rail/sight on it. The full stock/short barrel, full stock/long barrel, and retractable stock/short barrel don't have it.

-Hard to pump at first. I let some of my smaller female friends use it, and they had trouble with it on the field.
-Orange tip got shot off easily.
-Can't mount a tube rail without modding. What I got was an NC Star 12 gauge tube rail and sawed it in half, placed it around the bottom tube, and screwed it tight. Put a laser on it and it works amazingly.
-Sling is cheap but effective.
by R. LUI verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 12 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Great shotgun overall. Cqb is great with this shotgun. Any target in a line with your sights no less than 75 ft. will be hit. Great service by G.I. Definitely gonna order more guns!

-storage for 2 shells on gun
-shell holders for 12 gauge shotguns could be bought at Big 5 or Sport chalet
-rubberized stock and grip

-hard to pump
-less accurate
-upgrades are impossible
by M. TELLINGER Date Added: Thursday 30 January, 2014
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this shotgun because I wanted to go out to a field and mess around for fun. I definitely made the right choice. It is a great gun and very fun to use. It is definitely worth the price and would be one of my main recommendations to anyone that wants a shotgun.

-Solid construction. Metal, rubber, and plastic. (The plastic is very tough)
-Very light and easy to run with.
-Shoots multiple bbs so you don't need to be a sniper.
-Great price.
-Rail for optics.
-Easy to load and unload.

-A little long.
-Outer barrel is much longer than inner barrels.
-Stock wobbles. (Easy fix, but I decided to take it off)
by J. RICHMOND verified buyer Date Added: Friday 31 January, 2014
verified buyer
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This was a really cheap gun and I haven't had any problems with it at all so far and it's almost been 2 months. The stock is very easy to handle with the adjustable height and length. The mechanism when you first get the gun may me a bit stiff, or hard to open/use.

Very well when it comes to clearing large buildings
Exceedingly comfortable with adjustable stock and the 50 degree rotation
A leightweight yet very sturdy design
Very fast reload time

Very inaccurate after about 15-20 feet (which isn't very far)
The barrel may be high quality but its a bit too long
The spare shell holder either let's the shell fall out or get's stuck in there
by E. MARTSON Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is sweet! It made of metal so that’s a great thing right there. It has a great weight and it shoots hard! This gun is devastating in a close action war! And the best thing is you don’t even have to zero in on someone because it shoots 3 bb’s at once!

• Gun is composed of metal and plastic.
• Light weight so you can run around without getting fatigued.
• Rubberized grips.
• Shoots 3 bb’s at once!
• Very durable so it can take those un-avoidable drops!

• Stock is wobbly.
• This is a long shotgun so it’s hard to quickly flip around a corner and engage a target.
• Takes a lot of time to reload.
• Cocking action can be a little hard to do.
by M. ALLEN Date Added: Sunday 12 January, 2014
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This has to be the best airsoft shotgun I've ever had.I bought it because my previous one had broke and i said "hey why not look at some other shottys."I bought it for $80 at the time and it was worth every last penny!i would recommend any one to buy this gun :D

1) its light (pro or con)
2) its accurate up to around 20 ft
3) fps level is good
5)very cheap
6)retractable stock
7)the barrel is metal
8)the stock will twist so you can see the sight better

1)my stock was a little loose which mess with the grip(easy fix)
2)my pump was a little tough but its all good now
3)its light (pro or con)
4) could be one more RIS
5)there could be a little more fps
(all of that is okay because of the price)
by D. HAGEN Date Added: Friday 27 December, 2013
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is the second airsoft shotgun I have ever owned, and man is it fun. This gun is a tri-shot shotgun with 3 separate barrels with the entire construction consisting of mostly plastic with some metal parts, but DO NOT let that discourage you from buying this gun, I love it. The shell hold 30 bbs giving you 10 shots per fill. The plastic is I'm guessing a cheaper but very well put together and made plastic, the construction of it is awesome, and the feel of it just holding it and looking down the sights is kick butt (yes I said kick butt). The shell is put in under the bottom of the gun where you would load the shells with the real deal but is different but I feel smart. The shell is put in using a lever on the right side of the gun which actually opens the bottom where you load the shell, and I feel that's perfect for me but could be difficult if you don't have a gameplan for style of reloading this weapon FAST. This is a pump action gun, so when you pump the shotgun you gotta have some muscle to do this effectively, but it gets easier the more you shoot it and get it down. The grip and the pimp are rubberized though which adds some grip to it and I think feels great if you don't use gloves 24/7. The back hand grip has an extra compartment for holding another shell but refrain from using it if you don't use gloves with a good grip or none at all, if you don't push it in quite as far as you could it could possibly fall out but when it's locked I'm like it should it is very hard to get out at times. The sights, I love the sights but I have yet to find a reason to adjust them because out of the box mine were adjusted for maximum distance, but when I shot at my target I still had to aim up to hit it (this was probably close to 45-50 feet away). The FPS I wish is better but what do you expect for a tri-shot right? If the internal barrels were longer inside I think it would be more accurate and have a longer distance. The spread is good for clearing a room but shooting someone an individual at a distance could prove possibly difficult at times. The stock is great I love it it had I believe 3-4 adjustments and even allows you to take it off entirely but would leave the buffer tube sticking out and look dumb. Trust me, you'll like the stock. The only gripes I have about this gun is the stock as a matter of fact and the lack of distance, even for a CQB gun. I don't use this for CQB but I make it work sometimes for field/CQB play. The stock actually twists to the right alot for locking it in place on the first and closest adjustment, which I will add is meant to do that because it is spring loaded and had a groove you lock the stock into place with which would require you to twist the gun which they meant to have, but I wish the stock turned to the right and not the left BECAUSE I, like I believe most people are, am right handed, and shouldering the gun and trying to utilize this aspect of the gun with shooting is just dumb, having the gun either twisting to the right or even both ways would make it so much easier for times you need to shoot around any corner and even possibly make reloading easier. Some people say "the stock had INCREDIBLE wobble to the left", this is false, it's meant to do that if they inspected and fondled (hehe) their gun more and realized why the gun twists adding the fact it's spring loaded so their shouldn't be any worry about you "accidentally" twisting the gun all of a sudden and missing a shot. The other gripe about the stock is the paint comes off alot when you adjust the stock, but I personally feel it adds "character" to the gun a little bit! I painted over it so you can't hardly notice it but either way the paint will have scratches on it no matter what but feel free to paint over it once in a while because it does help fix the problem a bit. Last thing, the inner barrels I wish we're longer to utilize the barrel length overall for more accuracy. Also, you'll definitely need more shells and possibly another speed loader, the one it comes with works fine and holds I think either 90-120 (it says on the loader itself and has measurements like I know the CYMA speed loader does) you just might want one or 2 when it comes to long games and/or if you like to shoot alot rather than conserve ammo. If your wondering about the orange tip, it's very easy but kind of a nuisance WHEN it's off for one reason, there are 2 pins that are punched through the orange piece and into the barrel itself which leaves two holes on the end of the barrel, but all you have to do once you remove the orange piece is paint the pins black a little and but them back into the 2 holes. the orange piece itself is very easy to get off though. It also has glue (not much at all) and a groove holding the piece on, you only need a screwdriver, something to hit it with, and a hair dryer. All I did was heat the orange tip up with the hair dryer on high for 2 minutes, punched out the pins with the screwdriver, and I preyed the orange tip off with my fingers it was very easy, just remove any glue on the gun and paint any sliver/gray spots on the end and like I said put the pins back in the holes (or even save them with the orange piece just I'm case you don't want to lose ANYTHING) and your good to go, I did this and it just look badass. CQB players I recommend possibly the shorter version of this if you are playing indoors but stick to this kind if its outdoor CQB. The FPS is perfectly legal probably anywhere for either version though. Get this version or the shorter version based on your preferences. I also wouldn't try using the BB's or the sling it comes with but definitely need the speed loader. I prefer using a .20 gram BB for maximum distance with this gun. This to me is the coolest tri-shot spring powered airsoft shotgun on the market that I have ever seen, and to top off my experience, my girlfriend got me this for Christmas, and I bought her a gas pistol, so we laughed but man was I pumped to have this gun (that was punny)

- Great construction (mostly plastic though, still well built.
- Great sights for a shotgun visually
- Awesome stock build (my opinion)
- Very cheap for quality
- Bang for your $$ (ONLY $50!!!)
- Speed loader, shell, and sling in package
- Great color
- Rubberized feel to grip and pump
- Just badass

- Distance (different preferences on that)
- Need more shells for playing time
- Don't know if hop up is set or somehow adjustable???
- Light weight (again different preferences on that)
- FPS I wish was a LITTLE higher somewhere around 330-350ish area
- Fairly short inner barrels for overall barrel length
by J. ELLEDGE verified buyer Date Added: Monday 02 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
It's a fair gun. Very light, so you can tell it's fake, but that also makes it more maneuverable. When it first came, it was nearly impossible to cock, but now it's relatively easy. I don't know if thats breaking it in or me just getting used to it, but I'm happy either way. There are a few downsides to the gun, however. First, the shells jam often. Typically a solid hit against a table or other solid object solves that though. Next, the stock retracts all the time. When cocking it, you have to pull quite hard. Due to the poorly designed locking mechanism, the stock retracts when cocked quite often. The solution to this would be; when cocking the gun, make sure to distribute the force into your trigger hand, rather than your shoulder. This keeps the excess force off the stock and keeps it extended.

Pretty good range for a shotgun
Decent price
Three shots per trigger pull
Decent FPS

Almost all plastic construction
Stock slips
Very hard to cock
Shells jam
Too light
by A. PERRY Date Added: Friday 15 November, 2013
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This was one of my first airsoft guns, and let me just say that after all of these years, it's probably still my favorite. I've played both CQB and field with this thing, and it excels at both, is used properly. Obviously, you're going to need to change your play-style a little bit if you decide to use this as a primary - that's just the nature of the beast. Stealth, speed, and the ability to make hasty ambushes are the necessities when using this in a general field application. In CQB, I prefer it over my AEGs...mostly because it's so light and quick. It's takes a fraction of a second for an AEGs gearbox to wind up when pulling the trigger, no matter how fast your battery and motor are. This, however, will fire RIGHT when you pull the trigger.

So I'm building this thing up a lot, and you're thinking "how in the world is this better than an AEG?". The reasoning is because this thing is FIFTY BUCKS. It's simple, basic, light, and functional. And if it breaks on you (mine lasted over two years), it's only fifty for a new one.

If you're new to airsoft and are intimidated by all of the AEGs out there, or you don't know if you want to get serious in the sport, or maybe just wanted a different style of play, I highly recommend picking one of these up.

The Multi-Shot Shotguns also make great secondaries. I have been playing airsoft for eight years, and after tussling with many holsters and handguns, I always end up back to one of these. No gas, no cleaning, and if it breaks, gets stolen, or gets lost, you're only out fifty bucks.

In conclusion, I think this is the best bang-for-your-buck airsoft gun, ever. After KWA's, WE's, G&G's, and Ares, nothing can come close to the value of a Multi-Shot.

-Relatively accurate. I have never had trouble getting kills with this thing.
-Shells are pretty cheap, and the feeling of slamming into the reload chamber never gets old.
-The four main points of contact (Pump, Grip, Buttstock, and Cheekrest) are all rubberized soft touch, so you never get fatigued.
-The shell-holder in the grip is a well thought out, cool feature.
-Very reliable
-Anyone can use this thing. It's basic and simple, while still being very effective.

-The top rail is kinda cheap, what can you expect? I wouldn't mount anything to expensive on here.
-Sling mount gets loose. It never broke, but it got wobbly sometimes.
-Stock gets wobbly, but you just have to tighten it. After 2 and something years, it stayed solid as a rock, and never broke.
by L. LAMB Date Added: Thursday 17 October, 2013
For: Double Eagle M3 Long Barrel/Retractable Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun will make a great starter gun for anybody wanting to get into airsoft. My friend bought this gun as his first and he is more than pleased with it. And for only $50 you would be crazy not to buy it.

The pros of this gun are:
- Looks like the infamous M1014
- The stock is retractable
- It is pretty powerful
- It is a tri shot which means it shoots 3 bb's at a time

The cons of this gun are:
- The stock is wobbly
- Depending on if you play CQB the long barrel may be a compromise
- Can be hard to pump but you will get used to it
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