D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[05578 / BI-5581M]
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by N. MUSABAY verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 09 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
omg do not buy, worse gun, i bought it,, came in mail, then it didnt shoot. the front sights were bend, the gun is shooting, but no bb's come out. horrible. only thing good is the looks, the battery compartment is big and makes you mad when it rattles, came with a mini battery when i thought it was a big battery. horrible, never buy from here, airsoft gi wont even let me return the day i get it because the bbs i used were voiding my warranty, the only thing in the warranty that says is opening it up. worst place, worst gun, dont even buy this

metal, cheap

wobble magazzinwe
doesnt shoot
wont return
big battery compartment
loud noise when shoots
bend front sights
flashhider is soo big
by H. RITCHIE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 10 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
So i got the gun in yesterday. Right out of the box, it looked really cool, and as soon as I picked it up, I realized how heavy it was. This means a lot of metal parts. Just about all of the gun is metal, except for the stock and hand grips, which are strong abs plastic. I got the battery, and it fit in the stock with ease. Plenty of room left for a larger type battery. I filled the magazine with bbs and headed outside for a little target practice. With in 20 rounds, the gun jammed. I took it inside and used the unjamming rod to clean the barrel, and it seemed to do the trick. I've fired about 400 rounds so far, and it is really good. I mainly used the semi automatic function as I found it to be more accurate than full auto. This gun shoots really hard at about over 400 fps. I bought a Leapers 1x 34 red dot sight and it makes the gun look really cool and accurate. Overall, this is a pretty sturdy gun, with some minor flaws. I would recommend lubing your gun up a little bit just so the gears work well. Also, I noticed that the magazine, which is also metal, didn't fit too well into the slot. you kind of have to work it a lot to get it to stay in place. Again, this gun is very sturdy, and you will have it for a long time if you maintain it well. D-boys has made a great improvement, but they still need to work out some of the kinks. Definitely a good buy, but a little expensive for a middle-level airsofter.

Heavy weight
great fps (400 +)
lots of metal parts
Accurate on semi
great feel with grips
nice metal rail system for mounting optics. Recommended Leapers red dot sight

Jammed right out of the box
Magazine doesn't fit well and wobbles a lot
VERY lout. I mean my L96 sniper is quieter but if you like it loud than this is the gun for you.
Really inaccurate on full auto
have to wind the magazine often
by M. JOHNSON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 17 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing! It is cheap, shoots hard, is accurate and full metal. Best gun you could buy for it's price.

Shoots fast
full metal
great rof
good mag
nice accuracy

Peq box sucks
confusing sling
ugly big orange tip
by J. WICKLINE verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 18 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i'd like to re-do my last review. this gun is versitale with the rails and is full metal but is made cheaply after two day uses it has many loose parts including the mag release and ris. the mag doesn't fit tightly none do in this gun i've tried em all. it doesn't take upgrades well i tried a tight bore and bbs were all over the place. stock is nice for large battery and nice rof. it shoots extremely hard but thats useless because it doesn't have good accuracy at long range it is very good at mid range though and for support. but if you want an m16 bust the extra few bucks on a ca or g&g they're much nicer even a non full metal echo 1 would be better built in my opinon. overall its good at mid and close range and you can customize it to look cool but for me as a team sniper it doesn't have the range like an m14 or sr25 and its loud. so if you're lookin for a dmr this isn't your gun.

Shoots hard
good rof
good mid to close range
easy to customize
large battery compartment
good sturdy sling
full metal

safety doesn't work
inaccurate at long range
cheap constuction for a full metal
wobbly mags
semi sometimes shoots 2 or 3 rounds
bad for upgrades
hop up cover doesn't stay shut
peq box sux
not worth the money to me but like i said its not my type of gun
by C. JENSEN Date Added: Wednesday 07 October, 2009
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i got this gun new from the boneyard. the only issue was a hop up turned/bent slightly so that the mag wouldn't lock in. it failed gi's quality control test according to a slip of paper inside the box. the internals were untouched and it had never been dissassembled. it was obvious from the pristine body, and every screw, bolt, etc was still solid black.
here's the deal: this is a good gun for somebody that knows how to work on a gearbox. the body is great, except for the craptastic stock. it's very solid and has a nice weight to it. the problem is that the internals are a time bomb if you don't do some serious work. the angle of engagement of the piston was so bad that the few hundred rounds i shot through it almost took off the first four teeth and i had to replace immediately(you won't have to if you do some work). the shim job was also terrible, really terrible. i swear there was over 1/8" play on at least one gear.
it also needs to be greased a lot. i've never seen this little grease in a gearbox. that contributes greatly to the noisy, whiny, screaming sound of it. the piston head needs some grease; doing that gave me a near perfect air seal. also, by shimming you will increase rof a lot which will in turn compress the spring a little too fast leaving you with a twangy sound at the end of each shot in semi.
i would recommend replacing the spring right away. i recommend an irregular pitch spring to save your piston. in fact, a new piston wouldn't be a bad idea(though not necessary if you shim, work on aoe, and shave off most of the second tooth).

solid upper and lower reciever.
good upgrading platform
can be good stock with some love
nice weight to it
(mostly) full metal
working bolt release is definitely cool
that motor is definitely high-torque
pretty good rof with good shimming
3 point sling it comes with is actually pretty nice

internals need immediate surgery
shimming, good lord that is some horrible shimming
stock feels easily broken
kinda difficult takedown
not for noobs with no gearbox experience
this will break quickly stock
gearbox also will need a small ammount of filing to eliminate rubbing
by A. GALANIS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 08 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is a beauty and an extremely good gun for its price. I bought a sniper scope with it to enhance the sight of distance and it works extremely well. Although it may seem a little loud, it will scare anyone once you rain fire. In addition, the rof is very high and ive reached around 430fps with this gun. I highly recomend it to any airsoft players looking for an extremely top quality gun for a cheap price to have a high ranking in the field.

Durable (mostly metal)
cheap for such a good gun
nice rof
average fps of 420
really good fully auto overall

may be heavy for others
by S. TURNER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 23 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
chris- this a really good gun for the price, i just got it in today but it doesnt shoot as far as i was hoping it would. don't get me wrong it shoots really far, and the hop up is really easy to get right. i suggest this gun to anyone looking for an m16 or m4.

mostly full metal.
easy to mess with hop up.
parts are easy to change in and out.
shoots amazing. (405 fps around 100-130 ft accurate)

the only problems i had with this gun were
the peq box was hard to get on, i dont know why.
the mag had to be forced in a couple of times.
by J. WICKLINE verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 13 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
For a long time I've looked for a gun that was an M16 but had rails pre-installed, and i finally found it. When I first recieved the gun I did what anyone would do, shoot it. so i put some .25s in the mag and fired up. My out of the box first impressions were average pretty much like i expected the only thing that really caught my attention was how hard it shot. It put out about 380fps with the .25s. But during my battles I do everything from Sniping(my favorite) to putting down cover fire, so I needed better than average so i put in a 9.6v 4200mah battery which totally fit, and boosted the rof bigtime. So i had the power and rof now i just needed range, so for our first time we put in a tight bore and after doing it wrong all hell broke loose. We accidentally pulled out the back pin which didn't even need pulled, and we ended up having to drive it back in with a hammer. After that a plastic washer off a gear jammed the whole thing up. After that was fixed we discovered the hop up no longer worked(major downer for a sniper). So I had to order a new Echo 1 Metal M4/16 hop up from gi. So i got the new hop up and after doing something wrong and trying to fix it this one quit too. Turns out theres a little nub that is the part that gives bbs backspin, now its about a cm long and its rubber. But luckily I found it and got the barrel in the right way by taking the hop up apart first. By the way, to get to the hop up and barrel all you have to do is remove the front pin closest to the barrel. Now that story time is over this is the gun now: Dboy full metal M16A4 RIS, 6" inch long Gemtech Blackside Barrel extension, Guarder styled cross hairs red dot scope, bipod, foregrip, 9.6v 4200mah battery, new hop up, and a JBU 6.03 precision inner barrel M16+ 550mm. Now i love the gun it has very good range and looks freakin awesome. It can hit a torso size target from 30-50+ yards. Overall its an average gun out of the box but with the RIS system its a great platform gun for a support weapon, sniper, or whatever your purpose is.

P.S. this gun is on my myspace profile picture and many people have asked me if its real or airsoft.

-looks and feels awesome
-RIS is handy for platform for anything
-battery compartment is freakin huge
-average battery comes with it(8.4v 1500mah)
-all plastic parts are durable and nice ABS, except the PEQ box
-Mag is an average 300 rounds( i suggest a G&G 450rds if you're into high caps)
-full metal except for pistol grip, stock, and flash hider
-heavy duty sling
-shoots hard 380fps with .25s
-average rof, i highly reccomend a 9.6v
-easy disassembly
-14mm counter clockwise threads

-plastic flash hider( its ok cause i have a big silencer)
-the RIS can be alil wobly
-Hop up is kinda cheap
-PEQ box sucks
-safety doesn't always work (but who needs it?)
-my dust cover has a hard time staying shut
-that sling is too complicated for me to figure out
by C. STARKEY verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 09 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is utterly amazing. Great looks considering the full metal reciever and ris. Heavy but the grip can help with that. i got this three days ago and have gone through about 5000 rounds. great gun.

430 fps outof the box.
accurate at about 160 feet
full metal except pistol grip, stock, and flash hider
threaded barrel but you need and allen key to take off flash hider.
300 rd high cap
nice 3 point sling with it
descent rpm
easy to mount scopes
easy battery space in stock.
functioning charging handle and bolt catch

mag wobbles a litte
battery wobbles a lot in the stock but isnt to bad
semi sometimes shoots full auto which can be very annoying
heavy for some but im 14 and can handle it well
very long- about 3 ft 4 in- but thats about the length of a real one
plastic flash hider
hard to field strip but can be done rather easy at home
hop up can be a bit strange
other than those the gun isgreat
by J. WERNER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 15 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: D Boy M16A4 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Buy this gun

Full Metal, besides the pistol grip, stock, and flash hider
Comes with 300 round metal mag, vertical grip, peq box, a heavy duty sling, and a 8.4 volt battery
Good weight
Very Balanced
Big battery compartement, very easy to take in and out
Easy to zero in sights
430 FPS
Highly recomend this gun

Plastic flash hider
Battery wobbles around in stock, because the compartment is so big, which isnt a big deal.
Iron sights take a while to get used to
Not really anything wrong with this gun at all
Could be long for some it is about 3ft 5in long
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