CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
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by A. FRYE Date Added: Wednesday 05 July, 2017
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
The cyma ak74u was my first actual airsoft aeg, I was told that CA was an entry brand and to not expect much, mine is still stock, I have owned it and played with it for 3 years and have not had any MAJOR issues. Don't let the imitation wood discourage you! It looks great and saves on weight!

Awesome paint (doesn't scratch too bad)
Easy to fix
Gears still look like new

Slower rate of fir then I'd like
Motor could use upgraded
Sling point rattle (all ak74u's have it)
by S. JOSEPH Date Added: Saturday 24 May, 2014
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for a while now, I love the folding stock and the selector switch. The wood on my gun on top looks a bit fake buts it's not. The gun has a good feel to it also and a nice weight.

- Midwieght
- Folding Stock
-Nice trigger feel
- Hi cap mag is actually good
- Good accuracy
- Nice look and small flash hider ( I live in canada and mine is metal and black)

--mag is wobbly
- mmag is plastic
by M. SHEARER verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 23 November, 2013
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
i currently own this and the all metal version with the wood stock. they are both my favorite weapons in my arsenal and i am glad i purchased both. my only complaint is the big orange tip but that can be easily covered with electrical tape.

decent fps
real metal
folding stock

big orange tip - not that big of deal though
by M. KENNEDY Date Added: Wednesday 06 November, 2013
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
AMAZING GUN! BUY TODAY! So this gun is literally FULL metal. Super heavy. VERY HIGH QUALITY. Shoot hard, fast, and never jams. It is Amazing ( as i said before ). Everyone listen up, It is very very very recommended.By me..........And I'm yeah.......Buy P.S. I'm not really awesome, I just want you guys to get this gun and be happy.

Full metal gearbox, full metal receiver, full metal barrel, full metal stock
Real wood grip
Super heavy ( could be a con )
It comes with a 600 round high cap mag in the box ( could be a con if you are a milsim player )
It's awesome

Almost nothing!
The magazine wobbles a tiny bit, but it still feeds perfectly, so not that big of a problem
The stock wobbles a tiny bit
The stock sometimes folds when you don't want it to
Decent sized orange tip, just a bit to big for me
by R. MARTINEZ verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 17 September, 2013
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
Great gun for the price! It shot a little hot for CQB about 374 so I just got a M100 spring and shoots about 324 just under the 330 FPS limit here in AZ. One thing I did notice is when I was gonna install the new spring most of the screws where pretty lose, so if you get this gun just go around and tighten them up no big deal. Gun shoots amazing, very nice weight and feel to it. The battery last a long time. No feeding issues. Superb gun for the price!

Great FPS out of the box
Comes with everything you need to get out and play
Its not a M4
Very compact perfect for CQB

Shoots pretty hot for CQB but great for outdoors not really a con
Screws where a bit loose so I had to tighten them up
by C. GRUBERG Date Added: Sunday 24 February, 2013
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
I have been using this gun now for 3 months on a competition team. No upgrades or any fancy additions. This weapon is an absolute work horse. I cant recommend anything more then this AK.

Metal Body
ROF (with 9.6 1600mAh)
Looks and feels great
SOLID build quality
Little to no mag wobble

A spring that was a part of the upper assembly came loose and popped out during a battery switch. A minor inconvenience because now my upper receiver is all floppy. But besides that AMAZING gun.
by P. ONOFRE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 14 June, 2013
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
Well, this is an amazing gun! I like how it is full metal, but the plastic hand guards subtract from the realism. I also like the somewhat fast rate of fire. I'm not sure what the actual FPS is, but mine chronod at about 366 fps. Overall, i'm very satisfied with the neat little gun!

Mostly Metal
realistic weight
What's cool is that instead of english, words and letters printed on the gun are in RUSSIAN!( On mine at least)

Plastic hand guards.
Real heavy ( buy a sling)
mag wobbles a bit.
sights are off
by D. CLARK Date Added: Friday 17 June, 2011
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
I bought the CM 35 about 6 months ago and it has been a good little gun so far. It has a decent out of the box range of around 80-90 feet. It fires a consistent 360fps and, while not inaccurate, is not as accurate as some other guns with a longer barrel. It is very attractive appearance wise, and it is pretty sturdy. The metal and wood add a little bit more realism to the package. It is compatible with a whole host of aftermarket parts from other makers besides CYMA so it is customizable.

The compactness of the CM 35 is very good. When the stock (which is rock solid!) is folded, the CM35 attains a lower profile than many sub-machineguns. This makes it a good back up for snipers, and a godsend for CQB and woodland scenarios with lots of undergrowth.

The battery compartment can easily house a longer stick battery than the 8.4 it comes with.

Sadly, there is a few problems, and they all are located around the battery hatch. The first is that the screw that connects the spring in the 'nub' that keeps the hatch closed, fell out about 2 days after purchase without me realizing it. (I now have to keep it closed with a cord). This is apparently a common occurrence according to message boards.

And the rear sights are off. And I mean cannot-hit-anything-with-them-OFF. They are skewed to the right which makes it miss to the right of targets by about 2ft at 60 feet. Sadly they cannot be readily fixed either, as they are welded onto the joint that connects the battery hatch to the rest of the frame. Luckily, as this is an airsoft gun, one can 'paint-ball aim' and just watch where the rounds go after firing in the general direction of the target. Adding optics, such as a red dot, would also fix this problem. Sadly this makes out-of-the-box sniping difficult. This error in sight build has been the case on every CM35 I have handled.

The rear sling mount also broke off after about 2 months.

Over all, the CM 35 is a pretty decent gun, especially for its low price tag. It is great for skirmishing and close quarters, and it has the muscle to slug it out with bigger and more expensive guns.
But it does have some problems.
I highly recommend this or the CM 28 for people new to airsoft, especially those who do not want to spend hundreds on more specialized and high tech fighting platforms. It is also great for the casual airsofter who wants a gun that won't fail and will keep on rockin.

Very affordable

Esthetically pleasing

Accurate out of the box (if aftermarket optics and not using stock sights)

After market compatibility

Spacious battery compartment

Compact for CQB and crawling through undergrowth

Tough exterior and internals with a negligible exception (The screw)


Rear sights are unusable.

Screw that holds spring pin in, is apparently prone to falling out.

Frail rear sling mount
by C. LOY verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 04 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
I have had this gun for a few months now and I really love it. I have never shot a round through it with the stock 8.4v stick battery i use a intellect 9.6v 1600mah battery. DO not use wall chargers you can ruin your battery buy a Smart charger. My friend has had his since they started making them and his only has had very few problems. BUY IT BEETCH

full metal all stamped steel besides the front sight and a couple other small things)

Great ROF with 9.6v intellect 1600mah

Mine was VERy accurate i could hit a man at 150ft with ease

I have tried 4 diffirent brand of hicaps they all feed almost flawlessly (cyma, Dboys, Classic army, Echo 1)

Consistent accuracy and fps

the back sling mount wobbles alot and makes a bell sound (duct tape that bitch)

the magazine that comes with it is crappy

Pistol grip kinda feels cheap

mine didn't come with real wood handguard i bought some aftermarket ones and had to mod them to fit

Front sight breaks easily (mine chipped off but I bought a scope mount so it doesn't matter)

No trades

Lots of phillips head screws on the bottom part

when you fold the stock if you have a sling on it the sling mount switches sides
by B. SMITH Date Added: Sunday 12 July, 2009
For: CYMA CM035 AKS74UN Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Imitation Wood)
Product Information:
This gun is a fantastic little performer. The metal does not feel cheap like some pot metal, and the whole gun is super solid in your hands. The wood is cut awkwardly, but fits well and looks nice. There is a TON of battery space. It can hold a 12V stick battery if you really want it to. It shoots straight and hard (Mine came shooting 385 fps). I run .25 grams BBs through it, and I get some great accuracy and range from such a compact gun. It outperforms most Echo1s as far as range and accuracy are concerned. The ROF is not very good from the stock battery, so I run a 9.6v Intellect Stick, which makes the ROF acceptable. The gun has lasted over 25,000 rounds so far (bone stock), and I have a feeling it will keep on going and going.

Great build quality
Tons of battery space
Real wood (On mine..)
Selector Switch is firm and clicks in place
Fantastic performance out of the box
Strong enough to shoot .25s well
Very reliable
Stock Hi-Cap mag feeds decently

Doesn't accept all mags (Had trouble with MAG brand midcaps)
Sights tend to be too far to the right on most. (Mine aren't too bad)
VERY slight stock wobble
Heavy (Buy a sling!)
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