Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[05123 / JP-28MB / ECHO AEG ER25K (JP-28)]
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by C. MCKELVY Date Added: Tuesday 14 July, 2009
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great gun. It is a little overprised but thats just how full metal AEG are. This is a good gun that shouldn't be under estimated.

Good Looking
Full Metal
Hi Cap Mag
Good FPS
Great Accuracy
Has a Mosfet Chip that type of gun is usually a lot more pricey
Retractible stock

Gun comes a little wabbly
Have to force mag into gun
Bad hop up
by T. ST GEORGE Date Added: Sunday 05 July, 2009
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is one pretty gun, at least when you see it in the box. When I removed mine from the box, I noticed that the upper receiver had a TON of wobble, and to fix it or disassemble the gun, you need a hex wrench that is nearly a foot long. Then I tried to put the silencer on, and when I got it on correctly, the silencer had a ton of wobble also. After charging the battery, I inserted it in the sturdy crane stock with no problem at all. But then I loaded up the provided hi-cap and put it into the mag well until it clicked, but when I lifted the gun to my shoulder the mag simply fell out. It is an extremely loose fit so I recommend buying higher quality ones. It was shooting fine and I had a couple good skirmishes with it but after the 2nd one, the BBs started swerving widely to the side after about 15 feet, which I believe is something with the hop-up rubber (I can't get inside it until I have a VERY long hex wrench). I also noticed after a while that the paint scrapes off easily. Judging by the other reviews, I believe I have received a defect, but neglected to realize this for about 4 months.
I hope nobody gets a defect like I did

Sturdy Stock
Shoots hard and fast
Free decent fore-grip that I always use
Sort of accurate

Crappy mag
Wobbly upper receiver
Internals are not easily accessible without an absurdly long wrench
Paint scrapes off
QD silencer doesn't fit no matter what i try
by B. BAGGETT Date Added: Thursday 18 June, 2009
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The Echo1 ER-25k is great! I've only used it in a few battles and it worked great, the stock is a little wobbly but it's tollerable. Like everyone else I had a problem with the orange tip and barrel extention and eventualy got it on the gun with the adapter and it didn't work. There was no inner barrel extention so the bbs would just go all over in the extention with a posibility of comeing out. I ended up putting and keeping the flash hidder provided on the barrell. The the range is good the accuracy is good about 430 fps out of the box and a great ROF, I recomend getting extra mags or keep it in semi because once you fire it in full auto you won't want to stop.

Great solid feal.
Great specs(fps,rof..ect)
Has a sexy yet at the same time feirce look.
Comes with a good 9.6v battery.

A liitle over priced if a scope came with it then it would be just right.
Stock is wobly and dificult to tighten and gets worse the longer you don't fix it.
FOR ME the barrell extention didn't do anything what so ever except make it look nicer.
by J. HOSTICK Date Added: Saturday 13 June, 2009
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I haven't fielded this AEG yet, but am mostly satisfied so far. The finish is decent if a little prone to scratching. The weight is good if a little front heavy due to the suppressor. Rate of fire is good and the FPS is in line with that claimed by the mfg. The stock wobbles slightly, but less than most Crane stocks I've used. Stock wobble is as good as or better than the stock on my Classic Army PMC X.

Accuracy out of the box is average for the stock inner barrel length and diameter. I have a 590mm TB inner barrel on order that should improve accuracy.

My main complaint so far is that the selector lever doesn't cleanly click into semi mode. Hopefully this won't be a problem in the field.

The orange plastic flash hider is secured with a hex screw and a small pin (not two hex screws as reported on the net). I used a Dremel to cut the flash hider (a hobby saw or other small saw would work) and peeled it off with a pair of pliers. The adapter and suppressor installed easily.

Rate of fire
Ease of battery install
Just plain looks mean

Semi/Auto selector lever doesn't have a clear detent for Semi
Weak trades
Mag requires too much effort to insert properly
6.08 stock barrel inner diameter
by Y. ROZES verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 06 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have been playing Airsoft for 4 years now and this is my 5th gun. I bought this to fulfill my need to be a sniper and a field player. This gun arrived with shooting 430 fps out of the box. It wieghs around 8 pounds with the silencer and a scope. Though this is a very good gun i have had some problems. The first thing is the flash hider. The stock flash hider, ( the orange one ) is almost impossible to get off. After twisting and twisting, my rails stripped their threads and they became very loose. After cementing the rails back to the gun i moved back to the flash hider and used a hack saw to cut it off. after finally getting this thing off the silencer did not fit! SOOO i had to take apart the spring loaded silencer and put it back together while at the same time attaching it to the gun. After i got the silencer on the gun looked amazing, and with the cement it was stronger then ever. It is also very accurate, but also very INCONSISTENT. Has i high rate of fire and over all i will be using this gun alot in the future.

Looks great

hard to put together
by T. LOVERING verified buyer Date Added: Monday 25 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
OK, I've had my ER-25K for a couple of weeks and feel like I've spent enough time to write a decent review of it.

First impressions of the rifle are good. Heavy, with a nice finish. Only very slight wobble in the stock from the cheek rest. The mock suppressor is a nice addition, but getting it on there is a real headache. You need to remove the orange flash hider and replace it with an adaptor (supplied). The orange tip is held on with two nub screws, one of which is impossibly small. I couldn't find a hex wrench anywhere that was small enough to get in there. I ended up muscleing it off and stripping some thread - though fortunately not enough to prevent the adaptor from screwing back on. After a little bit of wrestling with the spring loaded suppressor, it was on. I does look good, but the process of getting it on revealed that the finish on this rifle scratches very easily. Any metal-on-metal contact leaves a mark.

The magazine is plenty large, if you like hi-caps, but it doesn't always seat itself properly the first time. As others have noted, it works best if you slam it home. I plan to get some of the Classic Army SR25 mid-cap mags, which I am told are compatible.

The gun seems very powerful. I haven't chrono'd it, but a slip that came in the box said that it was tested at 400+. I couldn't read the exact number, thanks to the handwriting, but I know it started with a 4. ROF is good, and the Mosfet is a nice addition allowing for a tight double-tap when firing on semi.

Perhaps my biggest disappointment with this rifle is its accuracy. It is just about capable of a 12" group at 45', which is worse than I was expecting for a DMR replica. My stock Dboys SCAR shoots tighter than that. I've disassembled the hopup and barrel assembly, and could find no obvious defects as another reviewer experienced.

All in all, I think this is a solid rifle with good potential, but it is going to take some work to get it to perform. I expected more out of the box, given the hype that Echo 1 created around it.

Look and feel.
Solid construction.
Upgradeability, I guess.

Scratch magnet.
by S. ADAMS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 14 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Got mine yesterday. (Came in 8 days.) So when I first open the box this thing looks amazing. Picked the gun up first and it feels very sturdy, there is only a little wobble in the cheek rest, not enough to really complain about though. Then i noticed someone forgot to put in the barrel extension and the falsh hider for the barrel extension, that was a little dissapointing. (Airsoft G. I. says they will ship a new one though and it will be here in the next five days. :)) I pulled back the charging handle and nothing happened, apparently the charging handle doesn't really do anything. To get to the hop up you must first pinch a little square stub and pull the bolt cover down. Then you hold the charging handle back which pulls the little slide back about a half an inch. (Still not far enough back to reveal the hop up dial.) You must manually pull back the slide the rest of the way to change the hop up. The gun has these to little velvet type pads on both sides of the cheek rest which are kind of nice. Took it outside to try it out and the rate of fire is awesome. This comes preupgraded with MOSFET which lets you shoot insanely fast on semi-auto. Took about 1 minute to sight it in and adjust hop up.

Very Ergonomic Pistol Grip
Excellent ROF and FPS
Sniper adjustable sights
Beautiful design
Good starting NiCd battery (charge time 5 hours.)

Charging handle doesn't do anything to bolt cover, only the inner hop up shield/slide.
There is no place for any sling

*Cannot wait to use it on the field.*
by G. HORNER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 04 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Well, where do i start. Ill start from the end of the gun, the stock, to the tip, barrel. Well the stock itself is a little wobbly, actually very wobbly. The battery which goes into the stock takes awhile to get in and very tricky if you dont want to snap or short the wires. The pistol grip though has a very nice feel to it. The rear sight takes a while to get used to but the accuracy from it brings results. To get the mag in you must slam it in. Due to the poor mag well. Shoots hard and fast i must say though. The free floating RIS is very durable. not going to break this gun unless u slam it up against a concrete wall. The hop up also sucks!

Shoots hard
Shoots fast

Charging bolts sucks
Hop up is bad
Mag well not to good (must slam mag in)
some parts are poorly made.
by A. MCCONNELL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 29 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Ok, so I got this gun in the mail earlier today, and my first thought was of how big it was. This truly is a sturdy gun, and you can tell that Echo 1 put a lot of work into it. BUT Mine was pretty bad out of the box.

For starters, when I took it out to shoot it, my BB's went EVERYWHERE. I couldn't hit a trash can from 25 feet. I thought it might have been a hop up problem, but i turned off the hop up and it kept firing everywhere. A friend and I took it apart, and low and behold, a hole had been drilled into the INNER BARREL. This hole left a notch on the inside that ruined every shot.

Luckily, I ordered a precision barrel at the same time i ordered the gun, so it was easy to change out.

When i did change it out, the gun shot amazingly.

The only other problems I had with it were:
1. The charging handle didn't work for more than about 30 seconds, so the door to the hop up wont stay closed (not a huge deal)
2. The stock, as comfortable as it is, is kind of wobbly and feels slightly cheap.
3. There's nowhere to put a sling

The rest of the gun however feels amazing, and looks beautiful with the silencer on. Make sure that you take off BOTH PINS from the orange tip should you decide to take it off. I forgot one and it stripped my threading. again, not a big deal as the silencer slides on, and doesn't screw on.

This gun came with a 9.6 1500MaH battery, and it is a MINI - NOT A LARGE connector. I almost made the mistake of ordering a large battery with this. Also the battery is nunchuck style. You will definitely want to buy another battery if you plan on doing much playing.

This gun also came with a 400 rd clip with fits in the gun so well that you can pick the whole rig up with it.

Great feel
Looks amazing
Shoots very well (around 420-430 fps)
Heavy - its a good heavy
Very versitile, as big as it is you can always pull the silencer off and push in the stock to make a shorter gun
Cheap for what it is, I would expect this gun to cost a lot more that $300

Cheap feeling stock
Charging handle broke quickly
Barrel was crap and broken (buy a precision barrell)
No place for a sling (and you'll wish there was one)

Overall though, I would say that if you are considering a long range sniper/assault weapon, this thing really is a great gun, it's solid, shoots well, and is just scary..
by M. BERUBE Date Added: Friday 24 April, 2009
For: Echo 1 ER-25K Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is an amazing gun for the money it is an afficent sniper but also an awsome asult wepon with the full auto action. The full metal body is solid I mean you can not break the gun unless you smash it on the ground. The barrel extension is great it makes a differents weither you are going to hit the guy or not . The battery is very good on the gun but if you are going for a long airsoft game GET A SECOND BATTERY.the trigger and trigger gard have a very nice feel to them and they DO NOT WOBLE.The stock is great also does not wobble.great gun BUY IT you will not regret it .

very sturdy
accuarate to 100-120 feet with silencer
fast shouting
hi fps tops at 420 fps
nice looking
good battery

my friends hate me because i always win.SO USE AT URE OWN RISK ! ! ! ! !
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