Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
[05025 / SCG M1911 TAN]
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by P. CURL Date Added: Thursday 06 March, 2014
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I have the older version of this gun, the one with a complete wraparound grip and SocomGear badges. I have to say that it has been very durable and has worked well for me, but some parts have worn out after nearly four years understandably. The beavertail safety has stopped working almost entirely. If you pull the trigger hard enough, it will fire even if you aren't holding the grip. Not a big problem. Also, the threaded adapter that came with my gun fell off during a game due to it being loose and I lost it. Not a problem a dot of super glue can't fix. The black paint, unless they fixed it, chips rather easily. The badges will fall off, so be careful.

Looks awesome
Loud and heavy recoil
Comes with a free pistol lanyard

Some parts are fragile, but I'm not sure if this is still an issue. I had the first version of the gun. Just don't beat the crap out of it like I did.
by A. GOBER Date Added: Thursday 06 February, 2014
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I'm a new comer to airsoft and airsoft skirmishes. This is a gun I've looked at getting in the past. A good friend of mine has it and he says it'd be a great start with a side arm. He's let me handle it and I love it. It's great weight, has great accuracy (in my opinion), and is a perfect start to my airsoft career.

This gun has good accuracy, gas gives it almost a realistic feel, generally easy to use in and out of battles, and it has a decent mag cap.

Over all I couldn't say anything too bad about this sidearm. The trigger finger could be better, and it jammed only twice on me and my friend.
by M. IANNUZZI Date Added: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:

Has the co2 cord last a long time like the fell to it cord doesn't get in the way good range

A little heavy
by T. ROSS verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 07 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I got this 3 weeks ago and I want to do a review on it. First, I want to say that it is more accurate than some stock AEG's right out of the box. I had a CQB match with my friends and it was pistols only and I was the only one with a gas pistol, in the first gam,e, I took out the entire other team. The second match, one of my friends ran to my left so I just started shooting at him as fast as I could and he fell on the ground almost crying!!! That shows you how powerful it is and it was about 30 feet away!! In the end, he had about 5 spots where he was bleeding! Also if anyone in Lake Havasu City wants to do airsoft, post a comment on this gun.

Heavy(2.5 pounds)
Amazing tan color!!(great for desert)
Has rap-around rubber grips that are really comfortable.
Has nice white dot sights.
Great Range & accuracy.
(Don't forget to buy silicone oil with it though!!)

Mag. that comes with it. (other ones you buy separately are good)
Sometimes the slide sticks on the hammer.
That's it!!
Don't let those few things stop you from buying it though!
by P. BRENNEMAN Date Added: Friday 04 June, 2010
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
The M1911 as a tactical trainer;

I've had this gun for exactly 6 months and 10 days and I have to say I've put it through the ringer. You have to understand my needs that I had in using this gun. I use this gun 95% of the time of tactical training. The other 5% I actually have gas loaded in it.

I would have liked to use it live fire more but after buying two new magazines, the gas release valve would always stick or something about 4 or 5 shots into the mag, and would release all the gas. On the rare occasion that it didn't do that, the fps would drop off dramaticallly as the shots rang out. And after about 7 shots it was useless, could be a good thing, considering single stack .45 are tipically 7 to 8 round mags standard, but all the same this is a defect. I am not sure, but I think this problem may be my fault. I use propane and when I first got it I didn't know about mixing silicone. So for months I put strait propane through this gun. Now had I put properly mixed gas though this, maybe it would have functioned perfectly.

With that said, all I can really talk about is the structural quality of the product. Like I said, i use this gun mostly for tactical training. In combination with Magpul Dynamics, this has been a great stand in for a real-steel pistol. I have done no joke, probably at least 10,000 reloads and equal if not more slide racks. Each and every time dropping the hammer. I have dropped this thing on concrete and dirt alike. Every single edge on my gun has been worn down to the bare metal, and the magwell looks halarous. There is no paint left to speak of in and around the magwell. Safe to say, I've pushed this gun to its structural limit.

Finally after 6 months exactly, down to the day, this thing broke on me. I was running reload drills, practicing magpul dynamics real time and trying to keep up with Chris Costa (not easy). I slammed the mag in and racked it hard, the ambidextrous safety exploaded, both sides flew off and another pin somewhere snapped, at the same time the mag release snapped and flew out. Those shattered parts went everywhere. I have no idea where most of them are.

I have gotten to know this pistol pretty well, when it was working fine the magazine seemed to be problem prone, so I can say that that is something that I did not cause with out a doubt. The recoil of the gun is good, about what you may find on like a .22 pistol. The spring behind the slide is good, not great.

All in all good build quality, the cast iron is pretty cheap, and I'm honestly surprised the fame itself didnt break before the ambidextrous safety and the mag release. All in all more than sufficient for an average airsofter. But dont expect this thing to really stand up to any sort of really rough use.

-Full metal (although it is a cheap cast iron)
-Easy to disassemble

-The metal is really cheap, surprised that it didnt break sooner
-May just be because of my misuse of the gas but it had a lot of problems
by D. SCHMITZ verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 23 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I have been shooting the gun for about three months now and I can truly say this is a nice 1911, I have owned 4 real 1911"s and I can say they really did a nice job on these pistols, they are very realistic. The problem most people talk about is the magazine, yes there is a major problem with the plastic follower but just do what I did, go to your frendly gunsmith and have him make you a metal fallower and it solved all the problems. This gun is awesome.

1 Very realistic
2 Actually is very accurate if you know how to shoot.
3 Is awesome with a lazor mounted to it.
4 Very comfortable grip.

1 Yes the mag is week but can be fixed as I spoke about above.
Really nothing else, this is a keeper!
by A. LE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 11 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I just got this gun today off of ASGI, and it's pretty sick. The only down part is, that the mag that comes with it has a deep gas insertion. so you'll probably need a valve extender. other than that it's pretty good. the color is extremely nice and the grip feels awsome. Another downer was the wobble of the barrel. Mine was wiggling alot, and i've seen it on other desert tan meu's and it can get pretty loose. I would highly recommend this gun.

Weight ( very realistic)
Trade marks

Mag is probably going to break soon and it requires a valve extender,
Barrel wobble
by A. MATTHEWS verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 25 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
I ordered this product about a month ago...
It was shipped within a week, It was very nicely packaged thanks to ASGI and SOCOM Gear, and I was happy to see it had been chronoed at 335 fps.

I was very happy with the powerful blowback action and the realistic operation of this 1911 variant.
the look and heavyweight feel of the pistol were excellent as well as the level of detail observed in the gun's trades.

All in all, It shoots hard and straight for about 100+ feet and the blowback is subtantially loud for an airsoft gun.

Alot of work went into this replica to ensure it most closely resembles the real .45 ACP in look, feel, and operation... I might add that it is the best gun I've ever bought from ASGI

...Makes my friends KWA M17 (Glock) sound like a walmart springer
Thanks WE Tech....and Airsoft GI !

Hits hard
Unbelievably Accurate (Easily as accurate as my CA M4 with a tightbore!!)
Blowback is twice as hard as a KWA Glock
Grip is extremely comfortable
Realistic operation

Non at the moment
I can see the magazine being a problem later
Sometimes it is picky about which gas nozzle it will accept so I got a propane adaptor....
Problem Solved!!
by D. FORRET verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 09 August, 2009
verified buyer
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
This pistol is a very solid pistol. The markings and engravings are clear and well integrated, and the metal construction is very solid. The most noticeable aspect upon receiving this pistol is the sheer heft of it. The weight of the gun is nearly identical to the real steel counterpart.

Upon first firing the pistol, the recoil is very crisp but does tend to lose it's kick after a while, but that can be expected with most any blowback gas pistol you purchase. The overall performance of the gun leaves a bit to be desired. Groupings are a bit loose past 30 ft for a pistol of this price. I would recommend getting the madbull tight bore inner barrel that airsoft gi sells for these models of 1911's to improve the accuracy of the gun.

The mag that comes with this pistol is very touchy and fragile. The speed loading tab that pulls down to make reloading easier is very thin and made of cheap plastic. If you are not careful and allow the tab to slide up without guiding it, the tab will break and will make loading the mag very difficult.

There is one design mishap I have encountered while owning this gun. This pistol does come with a threaded adapter for mock suppressors. However, if you should screw the suppressor on too tightly, the outer barrel may disconnect from the metal piece to which the hop up is connected. if that should happen, the slide will jam upon firing because the outer barrel will catch the slide. The easiest way to fix this is to superglue the outer barrel back onto that metal piece.

Final Word: Overall, this pistol is very solid, Besides a slight design flaw in the mags and the outer barrel, this gun is definitely worth the purchase. Although accuracy leaves a bit to be desired, this pistol is a great buy. The trades, features, and upgrades definitely make up for the 140 asking price.

Great trades and features (lanyard, threaded adapter, mounting rail)
Solid full metal construction
Crisp blowback
Hard hitting

Accuracy leaves something to be desired
Mags can be easily broken if mishandled
Outer barrel can separate from gun if torqued (easy fix with superglue)
by A. JONES verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 01 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: Socom Gear M1911 Desert Warrior Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Tan)
Product Information:
This is a great product, full metal, has full trademarks(except the Professional, those of us who have the Springfield Operator .45ACP pistol, which this gun is an upgraded version of, know that it should say Operator, instead of Professional, but hey for 140$ they did a bang up job). This is not the best shooting gun, you will need to spend time with the hop up a lot in order to get the desired result, I expect that 75 feet is the maximum hit range of this gun, and you'll probably get about 12-20 MOA at that range(12-20 inch groupings), not the best. When you first get this gun, you will see this really nice a bright orange thread adaptor, DO NOT TAKE THIS OFF UNLESS YOU WANT TO RUIN THE THREADS, ASGI glue theirs on, sorry ASGI, I know it's the law, but you should let the user be liable, not you guys, but anyway, nice gun, and it feels CLOSE to the real thing, oh and one more thing, you can ad a PDI 6.01mm inner barrel to the gun, as I did, and it will fire wherever you aim, every time. Two other things, one, the bumper on this mag will start to come off, not completely, but to the point where the slide will not lock back after the last round is fired. Two, this mag can fit 15 bbs, but it is advised that you only use 14, because I have discovered in testing that the mag will misfeed sometimes if you use 15.Over all this a great gun for the price, but you should make an investment in propane, or Green Gas won't last you long, this thing sucks up gas like an M1 MBT, great gun

CLOSE to real weight
Nice feel
Nice build quality
Almost near perfect trademarks
The rail gives a nice place for a light lazer or a combo

Groups will suck if you don't upgrade, but shouldn't be a problem if you only use this gun indoors on a CQC field
Mag misfeeds
Mag bumper
But most of the mag problems can be avoided if you purchase the Wilson Combat mag, as the bumper is nice and sturdy
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