CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
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by I. SABANSKY Date Added: Monday 04 October, 2010
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
The first impression of having in hands this airsoft Glilon (the Israeli army nickname for SAR version) is that it is for those keen of being as close to the reality as possible. The gun’s weight is about the same as of the real prototype, and not only that, it looks very real. That’s due to its whole metal body and colour.

What should be noted specially is the dioptrical site system which is identical to that of the real gun. And I’d say it’s probably the best site of all AEGs’. The front sight is adjustable up/down (in the package comes a tool for easy rotating it), left/right, the rear sight has two positions + two dots for night aiming (the front one is also equipped with night mark). That all allows for precise shooting adjustment of the gun. An experienced airsoft soldier will enjoy playing with the aiming devices of this gun.

And I tell you there is what to aim for! The gun is specified to shoot about 460 fps with 0.12 BBs, when using 0.2 g BBs I got the reading of 110 meters per second (360 fps). Although it could be more, or one could expect such a solid gun to be even stronger (again for fans of heavy combat and real-world-like skirmishing) .

This AEG Glilon comes with a chargeable (wheeled spring) round metal (!) magazine, some players prefer to carry amount of rounds equal to that of a real soldier in field (up to 200) but even for those not limiting themselves with ammunition per battle the 430 round magazine will be an adequate asset. When firing single shots the spring charge of the magazine allows quite a few BBs without recharging, while automatic shooting due to adequately high rate quickly depletes the current charge…

The real Galil (design of which is based on AK-47) as an advantage over its elder brother and all AKs has a fire selector switch duplicated right above the ‘pistol’ grip, which is very convenient and is a remarkable ergonomic improvement. May be one day a manufacturer of airsoft Galil will make an operational second selector, for now all known airsoft Galils have only fake ones.

Galils have no wooden parts, though for someone it may be a disadvantage? The hand grip is made of dark plastic same color as the metal parts.

In general it is a heavy, accurate and serious gun. The rifle feels very masculine (sorry ladies may be you stick to lighter MA4s with adjustable stock?). Its look is nice, easily recognizable among many others, and stylish (perhaps Israeli weapon engineers pay particular attention to appearance of their inventions?).

Not the best side of this gun (although it may pertain to all metal and not fully metal AEGs) is that their metal is not quite metal really… most of AEGs are manufactured using “powder” steel which results in parts being quite fragile. Unfortunately this Galil is not an exception. And the fact that the stock of it which got torn away at the very first run with the gun in hands (the holding thread in the back end of the body failed to hold the screw) shows how vulnerable “powder” metal is. One only has to hope that the mechanism and the gears are of better quality metal.

Although the first drop against the ground Galil passed perfectly, which is not accessible to some AEGs…

- Weight is about the same as the real world galil, very realistic view and feel
- metal gearbox - easy upgrade to M120 or even 130
- good sight including night sight
- full metal body
- 430 rounds magazine
- good hop up rather precise shooting

- the metal parts are not very strong - required reinforcement and minor repairs
- limited battery space, only 8.5 V nimh battery fits inside
- no attachment options
by P. NICKELL Date Added: Sunday 08 August, 2010
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
bought this gun about 4 or so konths ago and have been using it since, it is a great gun to me, really well constructed, nice quality metal, and unique, it isnt an m4 and isnt quite an ak, the gun fits me overall quite nicely and is much lighter compared to other guns, without being unrealistic, but am having a problem with getting the flash hider off with all the techniques i've seen before
as i said, overall a good gun

mid range fps(350-360 with .20's)
comfortable fore and pistol grip
folding stock if you wanted to make it CQB
high cap mags

flash hider is a real pain to get off
other than that, great gun
by D. BEVIS Date Added: Wednesday 04 August, 2010
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
So i bought this galil merely to be different from all other guns. DO NOT DO THAT VERY BAD IDEA. After two months of playing with it i ended up wanting rails to put a scope and such on. You cant get those. Not good build... bad customization options. Battery is a pain in the ass. Top peice broke off first day i got it. It is full metal but it just adds weight to your gun. And isnt good in my opinion i would not recommend this to anyone. My galil broke after 3 months of play. I was firing it. And all of a sudden stopped shooting. I figured battery was dead or it was a fuse pop. It wasn't it was this things crap motor. Shut down on me.

Decent fps...
Decent range..
Amazing hopup

Crap motor
Bad internals..
No rails
No customization
Not good fire rate.
Breaks easily
Not good build
Battery is a pain in the ass to get in and out
OVERALL TERRIBLE GUN. I suggest something from the Airsoft Gi G4 series
by A. ELLIOTT Date Added: Tuesday 22 June, 2010
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
OKAY...i have had this gun for three months now. It worked perfectly for the first 1-2 months. but now it has desinagrated in my hands...i used to love this gun but not anymore.

while it worked it had great accuracy
looks different then your everyday m4 or AK
night sights
full metal for the most part and the parts that aren't are built of a nice plastic ie :forgrip and pistol grip
all around sturdy gun (or so it seems)
realistic designs and imprints on the side

the guns stock fell off when i unfolded it reason at all just fell off.
the night sights broke off because i picked it up off of the ground i placed it on after a minute
the mag is a high cap but doesn't fit AK mags so you have to pay 28$ for another mag
the gas tube comes out and is not easy to put back in
the battery is impossible to get in and screws with the hop up because its so close to it
it has a CYMA reputation
the whole foregrip fell apart because for some reason the inner barrel came loose...i mean really??

You know this gun works fine while it works but when it does break everything just falls the hell apart
by L. SECKLER Date Added: Saturday 13 March, 2010
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
OH MY GOSH! this gun is absolutley GREAT! i cant even express how much this gun is worth the money... im not actually the one that has it. Two of my friends have it. But i got to use it in a game and it is BEAST! VERY VERY accurate. I have a huge collection of airsoft weapons and this is by far the most accurate one. GET IT! best gun on the market for the price.

Great look and Feel (Full Metal - Meaning EVERYTHING is metal. except the foregrip)
VERY accurate. (Straight spray pattern)
Scary to be against it
Realistic (on the side it says "Israeli Military Inc.")
Lots of Battery space

No attachments
The stock was loose when my friend 1st bought it (easily fixed with a screwdriver)
Mags are expensive
Very heavy (could be a pro)

Another Con is that you dont have it yet! Get it!!!!!! trust me
by A. FISHER Date Added: Wednesday 30 September, 2009
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing. I've used this for many skirmishes, and it works like a charm. I do recommend to get a bi-pod for this. Also you are able to customize this weapon using UTG quad rails for the real galil. it works, but it's impossible to place a stick battery under the dust cover. so you will need to get a PEQ box. Overall it has good fps, and good range. I highly recommend getting this even if you can't customize it.

FPS is just within the range of 360 so its good and not too hot for some fields
full metal
comes with high cap mag
night sights

the only bad thing is that the selector switch on the pistol grip is fake, but i like the AK style fire switch anyway.
by B. BEAMAN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 15 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
First off it comes in the box with a high cap mag, battery, charger, and cleaning rod. The orange tip is easily removed by a little prying with a screw driver. First thing I noticed out of the box was the weight. This thing really feels like a real gun, with the full metal body and stick battery in the middle of the top it is pretty well balanced. Second thing I noticed was that the selector switch on the left side is molded into the grip and isn't functional and just leaves you with the standard AK style selector that I don't much care for and is covered up when the stock is folded.

The whole gun feels very solid. The foregrip is very stable and when the stock is extended it has maybe a 1/16" wiggle and is very solid. Also the mag fits perfect with no movement at all and will go through around 30-40rds when fully wound up. When the stock is folded it wiggles a bit but won't get in the way. The charging handle moves and hides the hop-up adjustment.

The biggest question that I had when buying it was if the top had any way of attaching any kind of sight and the answer is no but I'm gonna see if I can get it threaded to mount a rail. Also it is supposed to be a 14mm CCW flash hider but is glued on so I'll have to find a way to break it loose. The battery fits in the top as I assume AK's do. It's pretty easy to get off but getting it back on is a little stiff.

The sights are nice and have a few different settings. One to be more accurate, one to acquire a target faster, and a low light/night setting that has two white dots on the rear and one on the front.

Lastly with it's metal gearbox and steel gears it fires with a decent ROF and has a nice loud pop to the sound compared to my CA MP5. It shoots 380FPS with a .2g bb out of the box and the trigger pull feels amazing. I need to get some .25's to see how accurate it is.

It is a very solid weapon it feels like the real thing. Everything fits tight and well together. It has a decent ROF and shoot 380FPS out of the box. The sights are nice and it has a 14mm CCW threaded barrel.

I have to take points off for not having a way to mount a sight, lack of customization, the flash suppressor being glued on and the selector on the left side being fake.
by K. CHAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 22 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
This is just a VER3/AK type mechbox, upgrade is not hard at all! I just bought a Ver3 AK FTK & the EG1000 motor; only cost me $100ish dollars.
Replace the inner barrel will be nice, also to have a new hop chamber, and I bought those too.
The iron sights are not bad at all.
To add another $150ish for the upgrade parts you can have this baby alive and kickin'!
I bet the King arms version is way much lower on the FPS & ROF. But you sure will pay more than double the price to have it drives decent.
To put a 9.6V stick battery, all have to do is remove the gas tube (slide toward yourself), plug in the battery with the wiring & slide the gas tube back in.

External is A class for the price, just need to spend a little more to upgrade the whole internal.
Very rare & classy gun to play on the field, hardly able to find this AEG anywhere else except ASGI or Ebay.
The cyma version is way more accurate than the King arms version( the front sight/ bipod adapting area), except for the white trademarks.

Magazines are expensive!! to get a 130rd Galil mag will cost about $35!!
Motor is A MUST to replace!!
by J. KUZIARA Date Added: Wednesday 20 May, 2009
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
a galil that is affordable, finally. this is full metal, I mean everything but the grips are ALL metal but it is epic fail with upgrades

decent fps 360-380
half the price of the king of arms

heavy, and I mean heavy Im a big guy, 6'2, 250lbs and this thing gets very annoying on how much strength you have to put into it just to lift it up to your shoulder to take aim.

sights suck in my opinion, theres one setting only...

no upgradeability, theres not enough room to fit a 9.6v battery in there without modification, and no place to put rails. I guess the only thing you could upgrade is the barrel.

stock ROF is slow
by K. CHAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 08 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA Full Metal Galil SAR AEG Airsoft Gun (Licensed Product)
Product Information:
Got mine fron ASGI today! was chrono at 383FPS, believe it has 6mm bushings because ROF is sort of slow. Cosmetic of the rifle is great! nylon handguard & grip, also the metal folding stock.
The white trademarks are the only downside compare to the real steel, the orange tip can be very easy to remove by a modeling cutter.
It has a very good AK feel on this girl. If you are an AK lover, you must love it!!
The overall weight is less than a full metal M4s! a very nice $200ish gun of its class; since I only play with G&P and VFC AEGS.
In conclusion, Very good looking AEG!!

Good quality even its an Inokatsu clone, which means Marui's AK mag can fit! Very good metal on the gun, and the top cover is made by steel.
Great potential to upgrade it to higher fps, since the aeg is basically an AK platform.
Very clean wiring.
It just look pure sexy!!

Instruction booklet has very little info.
Stock battery is kind of weak.
White trades.
Stock gun has weak motor & so so internal.
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