A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by J. LUBARSKY Date Added: Sunday 25 June, 2017
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Now i got this gun for the sole perpose of turning it into a replica of a ar rifle from metal gear solid V i later realized how similar it already was. this gun was beautifully built with some beautiful design work done to it. i loved this thing since i got it. the handgaurd the stock the upper reciever and even the grip . nothing but the lower reciever is the same as a normal m4. the LR300 is one of my favorite looking guns on the market and is even better looking when i added a supressor which i used to hide a longer inner barrel.

amazing design with amazing internals,
you will stand out on the airsoft field for your different choice in ar rifles

for a cqb sized gun it shoots 400 out of the box. but i went had the fields tech downgrade it and went in the 2nd game of the day
by Q. DAVIS Date Added: Tuesday 12 August, 2014
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The A&K full metal G300 AEG is a great gun it is a really great gun. With a 9.6v it is a beast it is good for field play it is to powerful for CQB. But the battery holder it is kinda weird like I had to look up how to open it but I have to wrap the battery around the barrel and sometimes I need to repositions it so the battery compartment can fit snug. The sling mounts are weird I can't put a sling on it because there are 4 ok the front 2 on each side of the battery compartment and 1 one the left side where the stock meets the body so for y'all right handed shooters it's going to suck if you want a sling on your gun. But the iron sights are kinda weird but y'all can manage but the back iron sight was placed to far upward on the limited rail space you have. The stupid thing it the the front iron sight hex screw are stripped and the hex screw for the flash hider is stripped also and the gun came like that I didn't strip the screws so I can't put a scope on my gun because I can't take the front iron off and I can't take the orange flash hider off to put and like a mock suppressor on it.

It is pretty powerful so when I shoot someone they will call their hits
- the full metal feel it awesome
-the trigger response is amazing

- the front iron sights hex screws came stripped
- the orange flash hider hex screw came stripped
- places where you place your sling mounts are weird
- the stock I different
by L. GREGERSON Date Added: Sunday 22 December, 2013
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Got this from santas sack mystery box. Upon opening wasnt very impressed with packaging. Literally a thin cardboard top that slid over a Styrofoam box, then again to save on cost I can see this. Came with rod, screwdriver, 450 rnd hicap, and 2 qd mounts. I havnt seen many guns come with sling mounts (especially at this price point). While it lacks a few minor features compared with other products around the price range I still think this is high quality for its price point and being full metal. The 8.4v is good enough for this but would of liked to see the front guard be a little bigger bc its hard to get the battery to fit. Also dont like how the guard slides off the front. I would of rathered a 2 piece system or something. Onto performance ive ran 2 hi caps and 2 elite force mid caps through this so far. With hop up adjusted all the way it has better range and accuracy then my CA scar L. This gun also weighs significantly less than my scar which is polymer not full metal like this g300. The stocm is very stury and nice. In its folded form the butt end works nice as a grip when wrapping around that and the magwell. Sights could have been better but theyll be upgraded later anyway. Very nice gun for its price point.

Very good distance and accuracy out of the box
Pretty light for a metal gun (pot metal vs steel and aluminum)
Comes with battery and few features not seen on similar priced guns.
Snappy and crisp selector switch (much better thsn my scar)
Solid folding stock
Comes with QD mounts
Comfy grip

Front guards design
Minimal battery space
Fairly slow rof
Stock sights arent that great
Packaging (saves overall cost so could be a pro)
by I. WELLER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 30 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have had this gun since July and i have played three or four games with it. I am very pleased with the performance. First let me say that i don't play cqb, i play strictly in fields. Why did you buy this? you may ask, well i have wanted an s system gun, but as Tim says "everyone and there mother has an m4". With this gun you get the performance of an m4 with a handy dandy fold able stock and nice fore-grip. The pistol grip is undoubtedly the most comfortable grip i have ever felt on an m4. Now for performance, when i recieved this gun in the mail the airsoftgi chrono was about 370 i think and that might be correct, but don't let this turn you off from purchasing it. It can easily reach out 200 ft even the short version. This gun leaves welts at 50 and less ft which is a nice intimidating factor. The ROF is very nice with the 9.6 v that came with it, make sure you fully charge it out of the box. Overall i love this gun and it is very affordable. I would recommend it for novice and experienced players who have the money, but you could always spend some extra cash and get the G&G but that is up to you. Thanks Air soft Gi for all the service and the quality.

Nice ROF
Nice Fps
Nice Looks
Fold-able stock
Sights are nice
All Metal/Solid Feel
Comfortable Grips

Motor gets pretty hot, so don't have long bursts of full auto
No rails :( but you can get one for the bottom
scratches easily
mag it comes with didn't work very well for me.
by A. HACKETT Date Added: Wednesday 28 April, 2010
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Hello, I am very new to this whole airsoft buying offline deal but I do have to just say that this gun is amazing. I do admit though that it is an OKAY gun out of the box but I upgraded mine with a 120 spring, new cylinder housing, JBU tight bore, and a JG High Torque motor. My gun shoots around 430-440 and the accuracy is amazing. I highly recommend this gun to any beginners out there before they continue to raise the price on this gun. Also, please look up reviews on You Tube because there are some models that are defective and some that are really good but the bad reviews that you read, make sure that the person knows what they are doing because when I read a bad review on this gun, it sounded like the person handling it didn't even know what he was doing so I don't know. He might have gotten a defective gun but he could have cut it more slack. All in all, it is a very good gun and beginners like me should definitely buy one.

I recommend buying the long barrel type just because of the way it looks because trust me, the gun is way better looking with the long outer barrel than the short one.

Full metal construction (except for but plate, pistol grip, and hand guard)
450 High capacity magazine
380 FPS right out of the box
Comes with battery
Low in price
Exotic (not many people have this gun)
Gear box is fully upgradeable (version 2)
Metal flash hider (sometimes it is black and sometime it is orange)
Folding stock (I recommend keeping it out just for looks and it doesn't really get in the way)

Not much storage for battery space (no ned for a new battery anyway)
Battery housing is in the hand guard and is hard to take off for the first time
No manual
paint scratches (who really care because it is going to scratch on the field)
Stock folds to the left and can get in the way in the folded position (depending on how you hold it, I always hold it by the mag well)
plastic flash hider is a little difficult to take off (take the set screw out if the flash hider first hen twist s clock wise to take it off due to the counter clock wise threads)
by P. GAMMON Date Added: Monday 07 September, 2009
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for maybe 1 month now and overall this is a great gun..mine fired a little to hot but adjusting the hop-up does the trick..i was very impressed with my gun...the hanguard doesn't feel secure but it won't come off,i use high grade spartan imports .2g bbs and they work great...

very durable full metal body
looks awesome
nice ROF
accurate once broken in

magazine wobbles(makes noise)
fires hot
mine came with a 8.4v but still ok ROF so really not a con but some think it is
by C. MCCONNELL verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 09 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I received this gun from ASGI in 7 days from order and i live in GA.
I like this rifle but it does have its problems. 1st the mag mine came with does not feed well. After lubing the mag it was better,but still misfeeds sometimes.2nd the hop up is horrible and the bucking sucks too. The hop up prob i had was the spring loaded arm would not adjust high enough to remove all hop. I had to have it filed down by my local AEG gun tech...only 5 bucks=win. I replaced the bucking with a blue madbull and now it shoots great. before work was done, BB would go about 50 feet. After work done,can hit target 150 with ease.Slight wobble in hand guard, But if you put the sling mount in the hole closest to the barrel it helps if you like to tinker wit your guns this one is not so bad

all metal
metal flash hider
9.6 battery
looks freaking sweet
QD swivel sling mounts
fast shipping

Hop up sucks
bucking sucks
Very loud
Mag sucks
by M. STOKES verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 08 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I am Denice Stokes' son
I just got this gun today and after shooting about 100 rounds it started making a terrible noise like a cordless drill. So i called airsoft gi and talked to a guy and he said it was the bbs we were using. but the bbs we use are crosman .2 and we use them in all our other guns and it has had no effect on them (echo 1's and jg's). I just don't understand after so few rounds it could break like this unless this gun is that poorly made. this gun is NOT recommended

All metal just fore grip and pistol grip are plastic
comes with metal flash hider
comes with 9.6 mini
385 fps
swivel sling mounts a lot of them
comes with swivel mounts
Makes for a beautiful paperweight

Louder than any other gun i have ever heard
cannot get the flash hider off to put the metal one on
inconsistent accuracy could possibly get better after it is broken in
Paint finish is nice looking but scratches very easily
when stock is folded it doesn't lock into place
battery compartment is weird and when the battery is in the fore grip wobbles and doesnt seem secure
by D. BEYERS verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 07 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Overall, this gun is a great buy. When I first received this gun, I was NOT impressed. The hop up did not work well, the rate of fire was terrible, and the battery compartment was slightly confusing. However, after putting 5000 bb's through the G300 and after playing 8 games with it, I am very happy about my purchase. The rate of fire is excellent, the hop up is working fine, and the battery compartment works great...it just took some getting used to. I took off the folding stock and replaced with a regular M4 LE stock because the folding stock had some slight wobble to it. Also, I took off the original iron sight and replaced it with a carrying handle. All in All, a great gun. I plan on making a review of this gun and putting it on youtube...message me there if you have questions.

Accurate to 160-175 feet
Mag feeds great after I fixed it (read cons)
Rate of fire is excellent considering the size of the spring in the gun
Comes with a 9.6 volt battery
Ergonomic grips
Full metal body
Came with a metal flashider

Magazine came broken (easy to fix)
Folding stock wobbled, and the pin holding my hinge together broke, but I made a new one. I replaced this stock with a good old fashioned buffertube and M4 LE stock.
Make sure to tighten all allen screws before use
Came with a plastic flashider on (just take pliers and work it off)
The hop up is variable. To fix the hop up, simply do a few bursts of full auto and the hop up returns to how you had it set up.
Battery compartment took some getting used to
by H. HE verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 02 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: A&K GR300 Short M4 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This rifle is overall, great. One problem though is that it shoots WAY too hot. I would prefer if it shot around 30-50 FPS lower, so that it would be in the 350-370 range, as now .2 BBs in short, do not work. Another problem is that the paint on the receiver scratches easily, not easy enough so that you can see the silver of the metal used, but so there will be a little off mark on the paint. The handguard is very comfortable, and it fits G36 rails if you desire a vertical foregrip. The stock DOES wobble, but not much. Same goes with the magazine, which by the way feeds flawlessly.

Also, unless you plan to solely use this rifle for CQB, I would buy the long barrel. The long barrel is much sexier and you can put a longer internal barrel as well.

-Full Metal Body
-Comfortable grip
-Good iron sights
-Folding stock
-CHEAP LR-300!
-Decent accuracy

-Grip is a little loose unless you put a screw/sling mount in.
-Magazine wobbles a tiny bit, but enough to make sound
-Stock wobbles a tiny bit
-Easily scratched
-Short barrel not as cool as long
-Fires WAY too hot
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