G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[04726 / EGR-16P-CAR-BBB-NCM]
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by J. BLAND Date Added: Saturday 13 February, 2010
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is beautiful! It looks great, feels nice and is durable. The receiver is made of a very strong plastic that even feels like metal when it's cold out. For the most part the whole gun is high grade plastic except for a few essential parts that are metal. The clip has a nice capacity and doesn't double feed. (It does have a slight wobble when loaded into the gun). As for firing it is very accurate (tight bore barrel), but has somewhat a low FPS. So far the only problem I've had with this gun is the D-Ring. It might just be me, but I just can barely open it to access the battery. (It sucks because if i want to switch batteries in a long game it's hard as hell.) Other than that this gun is a must have. Oh and if your one of those people that loves to custom-up your gun, this gun has endless possibilities.

-Custom abilities
-nice blow-back
-sturdy stock
-Tight-bore barrel (Mine came with one)
-selector switch
-Beast of a gun...

-D-Ring is hard to use, once again might just be me
-magazine wobble
-FPS (not really a con)
-Mine came with chipped flash hider (That's what you get when ordering from airsplat)
by J. MILLER Date Added: Wednesday 10 February, 2010
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Ok i have an interesting start with the gun. first of all it came in with a broken handgrip. i bought it from airsplat, so it could have been them, or broken in the factory. the flashhider was also broken. so i sent it back for repairs and it came back with a new handgrip. the flashider was still chipped but i rele didnt care about that. then i try it out, no shot. motor wasnt even connected to the wires, so i had to connect them all. other than all the problems i had when i first got it, it works great. it shoots a nice distance, nice blowback, and shoots pretty accurate. there is one problem though. the front site and outer barrel are screwed in with an allen screw, but it wigglesw and when i took it off i found out theres no screw hole for the screws. so i dont understand what G&G are doing with that. otherwise i like the gun.

small and compact

motor not connected when comes
no screw holes for front site
broken when first came
some of these can be due to it coming from airsplat, or from the G&G factory. so if you buy it from GI it may not be broken when it comes.
by R. KIDD verified buyer Date Added: Monday 18 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
im back with another review on this gun, it's been i think a few months since i got it and its doing great. The only problems i had was the motor needed to be adjusted, but it was fixed no problem. I don't really like the fps, i use .25s and it shoots 260 on them, so im gonna get a M110 for it. I put a scope on the carrying handle and bought handguard rails for a ergonomic vertical. The battery space could be a little bigger but its an M4 variant. The orange tip though!!! I CANT TAKE IT OFF FOR MY BARREL EXTENSION!!! if you can tell me how i can i will apprieciate it. But overall, this gun is fantastic.

-strong plastic
-smooth blowback

-tip needs to come off
-fps is a little low
-blowback might become a problem if you want a whole new gearbox
-check the motor first when you buy this
by C. JENSEN Date Added: Saturday 14 November, 2009
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
so, i've had this rifle for awhile. about 9 months or so. it's seen about 20k rounds(roughly) and it's running great. the externals of this gun are great; they may not be metal but they won't be breaking any time soon. it feels much better than tm guns i've held. there is a ris rail under the hand guard but i think it looks stupid to mount a scope directly on it. i much prefer to mount a scope on the carry handle.
normally i could tell you a lot about the internals of a gun that i own. i just can't keep myself from opening them up usually. the thing is that this gun has had zero issues since i got it. i had to adjust motor height a little but that's it. and i'm a perfectionist about stuff like that. i just have to try to make it better.
the hop up is effective and has needed no modifications or upgrades. it does what it's supposed to do.
i am constantly hearing rumors about this gun having the exact same gearbox as the proline and coming with a stock tightbore. i can tell you at least one difference between the two: the proline has bearings, the cm has brass bushings. not a big deal but they are not identical. also, if that barrel is a tightbore then i must be blind or stupid. with that said, the stock accuracy is plenty acceptable when you clean the gunk out that invariably comes in stock barrels(usually).
the magazine is awesome. the best i've used so far. it just feeds and feeds and feeds. it does have a hard time keeping up with the rate of fire however, but that's been my experience with all high caps. if you want it to feed every full auto shot get mid-caps. my rof with a 9.6v 3500mah battery is 18.9 rps. that's damn fast. there is no need for faster than that. not quite a laser of bb's, but people hit the deck when you let a burst fly. speaking of batteries: battery space is an issue. that has nothing to do with this gun so much as all m4 variants. your options here are to get nun-chuck batteries, custom batteries, peq box, or wire it to the rear and buy a crane stock or a full stock.
i personally remedied this problem by making a hideous but perfectly serviceable peq box from a plastic box that i spray painted black. something like that will easily work until you buy a peq box.
i also hear people tell you to use an 8.4v battery. screw that, use a 9.6. it's a g&g. mine's been running one fine for awhile.
my gun is shooting about 330 fps with some deviation. i suspect a worn o-ring in my cylinder, but i will not open this gun up unless something breaks. i really wanna see how long it can last for.
to me this gun does exactly what an m4 is supposed to do. it's maneuverable, shoots accurately enough(mine's shooting about 140' accurately with a jbu tightbore, can go further with some arcing)
for normal skirmishes, and doesn't shoot so hard you can't use it everywhere. i don't know about you but i stopped worrying about fps awhile ago. i have a seperate gun for distance shooting.
this is a great gun and blows any other 170$ gun out of the water. if you are debating between this gun and an echo 1, dboys, or jg just know that this is a much higher value.

high rof
good accuracy
to me it's the perfect fps
great value
nice mag
blowback is cool, very cool
sounds good. nice and flat sound to it with no gearbox whine
this is the best airsoft value i've found. and i've spent way too much money on this hobby

limited battery space(use your imagination, you'll figure something out!)
some fps deviation after extended use. to be expected
i've been looking at the screen for 5 minutes trying to think of another one, i don't know.
by R. KIDD verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 01 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
OK, first off to say this gun is very nice, i am a airsofter (well no duh) and i have the G&G as a sniper this is my movable gun. I am currently trying to get this gun fixed because of the fuse and fire selctor switch. The switch has a piece of metal stuck between semi/full and currently trying to fix that and the fuse is just i need to replace the fuse. Anyway, when i first got it and i said "they chipped the flash hider!" when i found out that was supposed to be that way. This gun is very well built, the plastic is sturdy and dosn't seem like it will break. It is very accurate i cant describe distance but i can hit my target within 3 shots. The fps might be low but i dont care better for CQB since i use this gun when i move from using the M14. I am a noob at technical stuff and im trying to learn but yeah, trying to fix it.

-affordable and sturdy
-nice fps for CQB
-lightwieght, you can play speedsoft if there was something like that
-you can imagine great things with this guy

-flashider makes me cry at night
-fire selector switch needs to get fixed (just me)

pretty much it i recommend it for people on tight budgets and who are willing to make it look like god's peashooter
by T. JAFFE Date Added: Thursday 03 September, 2009
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
hi my name is scott im just using my parents email caz i r not 18

well most people dont realize that just because it plastic doesnt make it bade at all in fact i smashed the foregrip of this with everything i could find (including a shovel and a police baton) and yet nothing i did the same thing to one of my full metal p90s boom broken the blowback is awsome doesnt harm gun or gearbox at all and doesnt lower fps plus full trades dead accurate to around 150 ft. the r.o.f rules it was in the 1000s with my 8.4 for my g36c by echo1 which is another great gun then i popped in a small type 9.6 and it was in the 1200-1399 area this gun also chronoed in at the 330s which is max for my local cqb arena so thats great the stock is supposed to wobble just like on the real steel unfortunately the front sight is not removable but dat dusnt stop me i took off the carrying handle which also has trades which ive nvr seen before the recoil wasnt ment to be like the real steel it was meant for fun besides if your looking for recoil get a socom r700 (on this site its another great gun) or the agm m4 gbb rifle but otherwise i give this gun 5 stars perfect for anything

full trades
great rof
perfect fps
amazing plastic
amazing accurate could compete with my friends snipers when we play(with right hop up adjustments)
hop ups great

hard to find ris for this gun you would have to also buy a peq box
cant remove front sight
get a pack of mid caps this high caps annoying(maybe its just mine)
otherwise nothing this gun is a get good for newbs and veteran players
by D. MITCHELL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 02 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Well here we go, i just got this gun today with an intellect 1600 8.4v and i didnt even charge the battery and im already amazed! i mean the gun is astounding and ive had my fair share of rifles and this one blows them away for the price. this gun performs very well, its light, the gun definatly puts out. i almost mistake this gun for metal when i opened it. the upper and lower recievers are very very durable and will sustain its integrity for a long time. i recomend this gun for any one who wants a realistic gun! I would Recomend a Intellect 8.4v 1600 mah battery. P.S. my bolt cover was already installed on the gun so that must be something new.

Blow back system is amazing
Great Rate of Fire
Decent FPS
Carbon reinforced plastic is very Durable
Metal Bolt Assembly
Realistic Charging Handle
Very Light
Extremely Accurate

Not full Metal
A little Bit of Mag Wobble
Could have a little better FPS
No Battery or Charger Included
Thin Wiring
by D. CLOUD verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 17 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is great. I have played with it twice and it is very good. Semi auto is very accurate and on full auto you can hit targets with a 3 shot burst at around 125 feet. The blow back is also cool and it has a great rate of fire. My brother bought the non blowback version and it is also good.

- Good weight ( about 6 pounds)
- 335 fps, just fast enough to be hard to dodge
- Accurate on semi auto to 140 feet
- Rate of fire, I would guess about 700+ rpm with Intellect 8.4 volt
- Blowback

- If you want higher rate of fire, I would go with the non blowback version
- The non blowback one seems a little better
by M. KING verified buyer Date Added: Friday 05 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great rifle, espeialy for $170.00. I think G&G did a great job with building a well cunstructed rifle for an afordable price.

Blowback....enough said there
Accurace - I was hitting targets over 100 ft within 3 shots
ROF - It is amazingly fast
Details - The special forces emblem and writing came out verry clear

Plastic - but still not bad
Stock - I had allitle wobble, but not much
Flash hider - verry cheap plastic flash hider, easly breakable
by W. SANDERS Date Added: Sunday 17 May, 2009
For: G&G Combat Machine CM16 Carbine Blowback AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is by far the best gun i've ever owned! It blows ECHO 1 out of the water. it is such high quality for such a reasonable price and beats all marui clones on the market and maybe even marui!

not ABS, its a high quality nylon fiber
335 fps(asgi chronoed) is good for woodland and cqb
pinpoint accurate at under 80 ft
over 80ft ur still hitting bottle and cans easy
high quality metal mag
INSANE ROF w/ Intellect 8.4v 1600 mah
no wiggling or rattling(except LE stck)
laser engrave trades

crappy platic flash hider
little mag wobble(not noticable, easy fix)
standard LE stock wobble

overall: its an amazing gun and i highly reccomend the you buy it immediatly!!!!
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