Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
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by N. DENNING verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 03 November, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
I really like this chest rig, its effective, comfortable, & looks pretty good.
A bit on the larger side i think cause im not small but im pretty much at the tightest possible point on the straps.
Fits 2 M4 mags in each pocket pretty tight but not too tight that you hurt yourself, the vest, or the mags to get them out.
It fit my AK mag without a problem. But it doesnt stack Ak mags well at all.
Mp5 mags also work in this.
Looks sick with a admin pouch & afew accesories on the molle.
The back is great for adding more pouches or a molle attaching backpack.
By itself its all you would need for resuplying your gun with mags & at 60bucks its a great deal!
Oh & it comes with these dense foam replica plates 1 in the front 1 in tha back. It looks alot better with them in & seems to fit much better with them in.
If you dont have a pistol holster you can use the far right mag pouch because its a bungie pouch & ive tested to see if it will hold my USP45 & it did just as well as a dedicated pistol holster.

Hope this review helps on your decision. I waited about 8months to get this & im very happy with it now that i have it! Only regret waiting so long using my old UTG crossdraw vest (which is great a great for beginners!).

-Looks & feels like its more than durable enough for airsoft use.
-Great value!
-Protective..? replica bullet resistant plates
-Color matches all my tan-coyote gear very well.
-Not very heavy so if your like me & injoy running around thro most of the game but dont just want a belt & drop leg kit, this is for you.

-sits pretty low on me. The top of the rig is partialy covering my heart, not that it matters in airsoft, it just seems odd.
-not outstanding quality considering ive held a real USMC plate carrier but for $60 im very satisfied.
-oh almost forgot, you can see this in the pics too. abot half of the mag pouches are velcro & the other half are little bungies really strange to have it half half but its not horrible id just much rather have all velcro because my mags feel the most secure in those parts of the chest rig.
-not a ton of molle in the front, but again thats not a big negitive because its a tradeoff with it being lightweight.
-personal one, it looks pretty odd when you have nothing on the molle & have all the mag pouches full (all 12 mags). makes ur stomach look buldged out.
by K. GOLDEN verified buyer Date Added: Monday 20 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
Very nice rig. Nice dark tan color. Fits very nicely... It's made for bigger people I can tell, but it should fit anyone. It's got SOOOO many straps, so it's almost a guaranteed fit. The Mag pouches are nice, and consist of 3 retention cables, and 3 pull tab closures. The quality's very good, with the stitching and what-not. BUY IT

Price! it's only 60$!
BA looks!
total freedom of arms
Holds (they advertise 14, but I can only stuff 12 m4 midcaps) "14" m4 mags
Fits anyone!
It's pure efficiency, and nothing extra. It's all you'll need pretty much

They didn't really decide on a uniform way to keep the mags in their pouches... It was a bit confusing at first
Tons of straps!
Shoulder pads slide around a fair bit
by I. ANDERSON verified buyer Date Added: Monday 06 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
Its been hard to find a good rig for me. I'm 6'3" and I have to say that this fits suprisingly well. I could have bought a big heavy plate carrier, but thats not my style. I'm more of a low profile type. Sneaking around is how I play and so I bought this rig because it's not a friggin massive plate carrier. The quality on this thing is pretty good. The material is holding up good. The built in mag pouches save you a ton of money. Each pouch is double stacked and there are 6 pouches. That means you can hold 12 mags, for those of you who can't multiply. Be careful of these pouches as i think M4 mags are the only kind that will fit in the pouches, that means this is a no go for all you guys with AKs. But if you still need to carry more mags or a dump pouch, etc, there is still a decent amount of molle space for that extra something. The back also has molle webbing for hydration carriers and such. The bib which is the molle piece above the built in pouches, is foldable so you get an even more low profile look. The straps allow for ajustment to ever body size. The only problem occurs with the straps. The straps that tighten the shoulders hang down below the rig when tightened a good amount. That may not be a problem for most, but I hate having those things slap my butt everytime I run. But they can be cut and re-melted. Overall, this is a pretty awesome rig. Its low profile, its got built in mag pouches, but still has all that room for more. There are endless possibilties for this rig.

Good quality
built in M4 mag pouches
lots of molle space
adjustable to every body size
fold down bib for extra low profile look
relatively inexpensive
low profile
holds 12 M4 mags

built in M4 mag pouches (if you have a combloc style gun, this is a con)
The strap thing I talked about (can be fixed)
by K. BECKER verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 18 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
I love this vest! i received it like 3 days after i ordered it so it got to me really quick. when i opened the box, the first thing i noticed was the quality of the material. its made out of amazing material and its very comfortable. i doesn't make you feel all bulky. i have an average size, maybe slightly smaller, torso and after adjusting all the straps, it fit me perfectly. but i basically tighten them almost all the way, so it can get pretty big if you need it to. its got great padding in it. the pouches are nice, they can be adjusted with Velcro and velcro type inserts. so you can remove all the inserts and basically fit 2 M4 mags in each pouch. or you can leave the inserts in and hold 1 mag per pouch. so it works if you have alot of mags or not so many. Over all its an amazing vest. definitely worth what you pay for.

Great Mag Pouches
Solid vest.
Highly adjustable
Great Materials
Not Bulky

None that i can think of.
by R. ANACLETO verified buyer Date Added: Friday 22 January, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
awesome buy! no need to buy extra pouches! able to double stack 8 g3 mags with room to spare! great adjustment and fit. foam plates come with this pc for added stiffness and comfortability. lots of molle front and rear.

built in pouches enables lots of carrying capacity
lots of molle for more customization
very nice build quality
removable paracord/elastic straps and velcro mag straps for personal customization
comes with foam plates

very stiff fitment at first, needs to be broken in, (no biggy)
3 paracord pouches and 3 velcro? wierd combo, but can be tailored to your needs...had to refigure mine to work better
reconnecting the side buckles when fully loaded can sometimes be a chore...
by B. HARMON verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 08 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
This chest rig is extremely well made throughout. All seams are well sewn, and the materials used are top quality. One major plus for me is that it can be adjusted to fit a larger-than-average frame. I'm no small guy (4x BDU coat) and finding a good vest or chest rig that fits is very difficult. I was frankly amazed that this one fit without my having to extend the side straps at all! It is extremely comfortable to wear, with the minor exception that you have to be careful with the stiff nylon backing for the magazine retention straps on the left side as they can be a bit abrasive on bare arms. I have a hydration pack on mine and it balances very well, which is extremely important to me as I have a very bad back (arthritis).

All in all an excellent product, and one I can't recommend highly enough! Do yourself a favor and get one!

- Six magazine pouches built in, three with elastic retention straps, three with hook-and-loop closures.
- Amazingly adjustable for size, should be able to fit just about anyone.
- Good quality materials and construction.
- Very comfortable to wear, has good shoulder pads on wide straps to help support load.
- Plenty of MOLLE real estate for all the extra pouches you may want to carry.
- Includes soft foam, nylon covered inserts shaped like SAPI plates.

- Although it is highly adjustable for size it may not close down enough for smaller frames.
- Stiff nylon backing on some magazine retention straps can be a bit uncomfortable.
by H. FIELDS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 08 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
As a Marine I know how well gear has to hold up over time . Haveing said that, I wish I had, had one of these in Iraq ! Good solid construction, comfertable, fit's very well . Once I got it adjusted to me it didn't move around or shift at all . All the buckles on this thing are of a heavy duty grade so they won't pop or break easy at all . If you big or little this is your rig it is fully adjustable at the shoulders and at the waist ! For 60 buck's you won't find a better ''PLATE CARRIER'' . It can hold two fake or real SAPI plates should you feel the need for them =)
It can also hold up to 14 magozines . It also fit's difrent type's of mag's at that .
From AR, AK, M14, to G3 mag's and maybe any other assault rifle type of magozine you can think of . Not to mention there is a ton of molle space on this thing front and back ! The back is one solid sheet of molle webbing ! Though for M14 and G3 mag's I recomend magpull's for them becouse they ride low in the pouches .

Light weight
Low price
Fully adjustable
Low profile
High magozine count / up to 14 .
Multi type magozine capable / AR, M14, AK, G3, etc, etc .
Well built
Ton's of molle space
Military grade

As of right now............
by K. CHAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 27 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
Very good quality for its low price tag, and the front pouches are big enough to put other things( BB loader, water bottle, flashbangs..etc) in besides magazines.
The vest stilll fits me perfectly even I am only 5'6", and on the skinny side, so me and my friends spent almost 15 min to strap down the size.

Low cost but good quality.
Great for CQC senario because of its light weight.

Not too many colors to choose from :)
by C. BURKE verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 31 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
Build Quality: This plate carrier is made by Condor under the name OETech for As such, the build quality is excellent. I've long been a fan of Condor's tac gear as a budget alternative. My impressions of the vest's quality are very good. The 1000d Nylon is stitched very well, and all the MOLLE webbing is to spec. I have seen no tears or frays anywhere on the vest. The mag pouches are very large and can definitely hold 2 magazines each (for a total of 12) on a smaller framed person. I have a large frame (6'1", 200lbs) and I can comfortably carry 10 mags in the vest (2 in each of the four inner pouches, and 1 in each of the two outer pouches because of the way the vest wraps around the sides of your body). The closures for the mag pouches are all removeable for those of us that like faster access to your spare magazines. The straps are all very long and enable this vest to be very widely adjustable.

Utility: This vest is incredibly light weight and fits very well. I have total range of motion while wearing it, and the movements of my torso and shoulders are not restricted at all. There were complaints of this vest being front heavy when loaded with mags, but I haven't noticed that myself. Mine is properly adjusted and somewhat balanced with a MOLLE hydro pack on the back. The vest offers protection just as it would in a 'real-world' application and covers the chest and back appropriately. The vest comes with two SAPI style foam inserts. These are a stiff type of foam fully sewn into a nylon cover.

Overall I give this vest 5/5:

Comfortable *****
Quick On/Off *****
Mag Capacity *****
Protection *****
Adjustable *****
Comstumizeable *****
Unrestrictive *****

by B. ROBLE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 19 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: Condor Outdoor MPS Combat Chest Armor (Tan/Tactical Vest)
Product Information:
One of the best, if not the best, chest rigs I have ever used. Very, very sturdy material. It comes with two types of mag pouches (the quick elastic bands and the Velcro tops). But the nice thing is, this thing cost less than a lot of the rigs on this site, and you don't have to buy mag pouches for it. I will say, it is near impossible to fit three mags in the pouches.

Very tough material
There's like 6 mag pouches, built-in!!
Couple different types of mag pouch variations (i just took those off, for faster reloads)
Internal pockets for ballistic plates
Outside pocket on the front that can hold items (ex. phone, wallet, glasses, etc.)
Comes with a lot of the bells and whistles you would normally have to buy separately

Hangs low on chest when you fill it up with magazines
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