JG JG0516T Tactical AK47 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by S. JORDAN Date Added: Saturday 05 November, 2011
For: JG JG0516T Tactical AK47 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
For all of you who fear the possibilities of me not being a verified buyer I would like to inform you I bought this weapon from a local retailer.

I am doing a PERFORMANCE REVIEW ONLY. Everything not performance related will be listed in pros/cons

I or a close friend of mine has used this gun every weekend at outdoors airsoft match. We've come to know this gun quite well and are prepared to write a review. To begin,. I chrono'ed this at 423 avg w/ .20g BB's. That's prefect for the outdoor fields our team plays at. On top of that this gun seems to have ridiculously good accuracy. I thought it would be awful, but it's shooing just as well as my KWA M4. Honestly, that kind of pissed me of since I paid so much more for the other. However, the accuracy isn't consistent all the time. Occasionally you'll get some very inaccurate shots here and there. Its not often though and hasn't affected game play. Shooting is for the most part consistent, but recently there have been problems with the selector switch not changing the firing mode on the gun. Thankfully safety still works, but its sometimes stuck on semi. Keep in mind this occurred after about 5 months of usage, and is an easy fix. The motor seems to be somewhat quick for what is expected to be an OK rifle. It shoots a bit faster than my friends Echo1 G36C.I haven't had a chance to find out the actual BB's per Second, but it's about average. The magazine that came with it feeds quite well actually and fits snugly into the rifle unlike many AK mags. As for jamming, I've only had it jam once out of the many many matches I've been to (Once or twice a week for almost six months now). Overall I'd say it's actually a good gun. It may not have all the best parts (and the stock is utter shit) but it shoots hard, it's (usually) reliable, and ,for some hell of a reason, it's very accurate. Don't forget to take good care of your weapon and your weapon will take care of you. Lube is a must (one drop in chamber at least before and after games).

Mostly reliable
Shoots quite hard.
Hop up may not be name brand but it works
Gun is robust, sturdy
sights are eye friendly and effective
battery size lets you fight for many hours
Rails are everywhere
AK parts are readily available and therefore cheaper hen say an AUG part

I would write more about what it came with but it was so long ago i can't quite remember everything it came with. I still have the mag though and it works great.

Stock on the gun is nice but it doesn't fit without some aide. Took me a bit of work. If you want I'm sure you could buy a stock for pretty cheap too
Selector switch is finally breaking down. I can fix it but the problem is recurring now. (got to open it up)_-- Keep in mind this is after a LOT OF HEAVY USAGE
Heavy. After a hours of running and flanking you find yourself running a bit slower then you should
Rail covers are very cheap (and useless thankfully)

Overall I'd give this gun a four out of five. Besides the stock I really haven't had an issue with it until after a lot of usage. And every gun will start to wear down at that point anyways. I never liked JG.. at all.. but his gun will always be an exception. It's not the best, but it's definitely good. I'd say great but I had to put on a different stock. And considering the price. HA! I could make it the best with the money I saved!
by C. NICHOLSON verified buyer Date Added: Friday 17 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG0516T Tactical AK47 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
although I knew I was buying a cheap Chinese gun that would get the most bang for its buck, I was upset to find many minor problems with it. The first problem I discovered was right after I got it out of the box and attempted to attach the stock. The screw holes did not line up so I had to drill a little bit at the side of the attachment plates in order to get the screw in. The second problem I discovered was that the barrel and everything attached to it, jiggled slightly from the receiver. This was an obvious problem because depending on how and where you held the fore grip, it was not pointing in the same direction every time. But, I just wrapped some safety wire through the gap and now it does not move at all. If it was not for the tools at my disposal, I definitely would have returned this gun. They weren't hard problems to fix, but something like your barrel moving separate from your receiver is completely unacceptable for a firearm.

-high FPS (greater penetration/range)
-rails (for infinite customization options)
-almost entirely metal (sturdy/strong/does not creek)
-realistic weight and feel
-powerful/effective gun for only $195 (good bang for its buck)

-jiggling barrel and screw holes that did not line up (these were problems with my gun, not all of them)
-high FPS (will draw blood at point blank range)
-very heavy

This is an affordable Chinese gun, so don't be surprised if you find minor factory problems with it.
by S. HENDERSON verified buyer Date Added: Monday 26 October, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG JG0516T Tactical AK47 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is an odd yet amazing ak47. to start it off... the rail system is very helpful when it comes to mounting forgrips and sights. I bought the leapers red/green dot scope and a vertical grip for this gun. it adds to the look in a positive way. The red tip is very large and quite annoying. but lets get down to the gun! THIS THING SHOOTS HARD. MINE WAS 460 FPS.. let me say that it stings like a ..... The gun is very odd though. the stock is the worst part of it. very tight for the battery, and it is a tight fit on the gun, took me an hour to attach it. I LOVE this gun. worth the $170 dollars. amazing gun except the stock. great rps, fps, and accuracy. clip is nice too... over all 8 out of 10 .... if your looking for a cheap good gun buy this.

great fps! mine was 460
accuracy is good
stock battery is decent. i reccemend 3300 mah
looks pretty nice.
great rail system
nice mag
value of this gun is UNBEATABLE

seems like stock and grip dont go with this model.
stock was very hard and tight to put on gun.
battery compartent is smalllllll for a large battery. It takes me 10 min to pull out.
overall not too many
by M. NANCE verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 30 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG JG0516T Tactical AK47 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is great. It comes with a Nicad 8.4 volt battery which isnt great but it gets the job done. I get around 15 rounds per second with it but with a 9.6 volt you'll easily get 19-20 rounds per second. When you get this gun GI sends you a slip of paper which tells the exact fps of your gun my gun has 433 fps which is really good for a gun with this kind of rof. I love this gun because its so customizable right now i have a flashlight and a red dot scope on my gun. All in all its a great gun.

433 fps sounds pretty good to me
15 rounds per second also good
Mostly metal external peices only a couple plastic peices
Real accurate on semi automatic which is nice for sneak attacks and stuff
Nice spread on fully automatic not to big of a spread just right so you can take out a group of people
Mag comes with a key for easy winding which is nice
The gun is also very realistic because its heavy not to heavy though but this guns not for weaklings

Only one thing wrong with this gun
The stock is plastic too but most real guns have plastic stocks so not a big deal but plastic mags uh uh
Not to many cons so that means its a good gun
by A. LARSON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 16 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: JG JG0516T Tactical AK47 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I recently got this AEG and have used it in several skirmishes. I like the gun, but not the weight. When I first got it, the FPS was over 400 which relegated me to sniper for a bit. The FPS did drop off after the initial break in period. I've shot about 1000 rounds out of it without any jams or other issues.

It was shipped to me without screws to attach the stock. Quite annoying to miss this. (You can use short sheet metal screws if this happens to you).

As other reviews indicate, the stock is pretty cheap compared to the rest of the gun.

Also metal is cheap 'pot metal'. Any harder metal (almost anything) will leave scratches and grooves on the rail system. My advice - pick your accessories and change them as little as possible to minimize this.

I would buy the gun again. And I'd HAPPILY buy it if they addressed these issues

FPS - over 430 out of the box, this eventually dropped off to 400
very straight shooting - probably the most accurate gun I own
rail system on an
no jams, minimal maintenance

Shipped without screws for attaching stock
Quite heavy
Cheap metal
loose selector switch
battery compartment is very tight for a standard large 8.4
by A. NEWELL Date Added: Tuesday 02 June, 2009
For: JG JG0516T Tactical AK47 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Cosmetically, this gun is Jeckyll and Hyde. The receiver, top cover and CNC-machined front RIS are as nice as you will find on any gun for any price. The rubber handgrip is kind of chintzy, but not too bad - it just doesn't belong on this gun, I don't think.

The stock is straight off a JG AK Beta Spetznaz. Plastic, with rubberized coating. It is a GLARING weakness - a better quality AK74 stock would have been a much better choice.

The selector level doesn't just loosen over time - it starts loose, and it is more difficult to tighten and a more persistent problem than I've ever seen on any other AK.

That all being said, slap a tac scope and an M203 on this baby and it looks pretty sweet. A new, longer stock to balance it out, and it's a pretty piece of hardware.

Metal parts look and feel great
Quality construction, fit and finish (except for stock)
Plenty of room for a full-length M203

Stock is wrong for this gun and ruins the feel, both in function and quality
Loose selector lever
FPS out of the box are highter than they should be to play in most games
by J. NATHAN Date Added: Wednesday 28 January, 2009
For: JG JG0516T Tactical AK47 RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for about 3 months and is amazingly powerful at 420fps with .23 chronoed the gun and has a good rate of fire for something this strong and has great accuracy at medium to long range. the guns front wobbles slightly and the sights are terrible at close range and the selector switch gets loose easily but other than that, its a sick gun for those who want to be unique and still kick @s and there are a lot of things you can add to it and you're definitely gonna need a 9.6 volt and battery pouch to get the gun to perform at its peak but it's SO WORTH IT!!!!!

high fps(440 constant with .2s)
great long distance accuracy
unique and not to expensive
can add lots of stuff like scopes, dots, bipods and fore grips, etc.
good rate of fire(700~750 max rpm with stock battery)
godly performance with 9.6 volts and up

horrible accuracy around 10' or less
plastic bushings
loose selector switch that needs tightening very often(not that big of a deal)
very heavy 12 pounds minimum
small battery compartment
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