JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by J. GLACE Date Added: Tuesday 15 April, 2014
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for almost a year, and have had almost no problem with it except the weight. This is not a very light gun(almost 8 pounds) and will take some getting used to. Bottom and side rails are plastic and bottom rail may break under pressure, but nothing some super glue can fix. The plastic tip is extremely hard to remove, I almost stripped my ccw threads. Gun is very easy to disassemble, and highly customizable with its long rail space.

good for field engagements
lots of rail space
easy to dissasemble

feeding issues with magazine
lower rail may break
by J. STUART Date Added: Saturday 09 November, 2013
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The AUG A3 is really an eye-candy item. It's in almost every first-person modern shooter to date. In the last 9 months, this AEG has performed flawlessly with no problems.

JG is a very reliable company. You can spend $100 on an AEG and it will last you a long time.

Complete change from everyone else you see on the field. (Everyone else carries M4's, M-14's, Ak's, etc.

Decent range/accuracy.

Cool factor 1-10 = 7.

I like realistic feel, plastic makes it feel cheap. (Even though it isn't.)

Mags are expensive.
by J. PHILLIPS Date Added: Thursday 31 October, 2013
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun a while back and just now got around to reviewing it. My overall impressions on the weapon are it is actually very solid. The lower receiver is plastic, possibly ABS I can't be certain, but it's very sturdy plastic. The upper receiver is made mainly out of metal, which does balance out the rifle a bit, although I feel the rear of the gun is a little heavier due to the all metal gearbox. The barrel length is that of an M16's barrel, but with the overall length of a MK. 18 CQB. There is no selector switch, instead there is what's called a "Two-Stage Trigger." Half pull is semi-automatic, full pull is fully-automatic. Field stripping is ridiculously easy. Press one button by the magazine and pull the upper receiver out and there you go. The disassemble button does have an annoying tendency to fall out, so just a word of caution. Another annoying thing is the battery space can only fit an 8.4v MINI battery or a 7.4 LiPo, which is very limiting on the ROF field. But apart from those, it's a very solid gun.

-Great accuracy.
-Solid build.
-Easy field strip
-Good rail space for accessories
-Lefty friendly
-Functional charging handle to access the hop up.
-Two-stage trigger

-Limited battery space
-Hi-Cap has some feeding issues
-Charging handle isn't always smooth and does wobble a bit
-Mag release can be somewhat difficult to manipulate
by J. LUGAR verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 12 December, 2012
verified buyer
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Great Gun.
Bought this 9 months ago as my first AEG, and have used it almost every single weekend since with no problems.
The gun is a little heavy, about 10 lbs, but it's perfectly balanced in the center.
The design does make it awkward to use a 1pt sling with the weight. (I used an adjustable strap type in the body between the grip and mag well).
It came with the orange tip glued on and a metal black one in the box.
I primarily use it for CQB, and haven't had alot of 'field' time with it. I had to downgrade the spring to make it field legal, which took some trial (due to the longer barrel perhaps), ended up with a 80 spring.

The first stage of the trigger is really just a couple of knobs in the trigger mech that click, making you let go (if you hold at stage one will fire auto). It's a bit stiff, but if you open and take 1 knob out its much smoother for rapid semi fire. (careful they are very small and will fly out when you disassemble the trigger mech.)

Comes built in with a Mosfet so I threw a new battery in it quick. With a 7.4 I get a good semi/full speed. But with a 11.1 the semi stage becomes a 4 (yes 4) round burst in less than a second.

I've given the gun a good amount of wear and it hasn't broken yet.

Mosfet included. (Lipo ready)
Bullpup design = longer barrel.
Tough construction.
Black Metal muzzle included (in box)
Shoots about 380-400fps out of the box.
Really great value for the price.

10lbs (con to some)
Semi stage of 2-stage trigger isn't a true semi stage.
Also stiff, making it hard for rapid semi fire.
Weight and design make 1pt sling difficult, but solution was simple.
BBs will end up in the lower receiver body, apparently common flaw with some AUG models.
(pop the 1 pin and shake em out)
by E. MCCONNELL verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 30 August, 2012
verified buyer
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun about two days ago, so I haven't tested it in the field just yet, but I'm absolutely confident it will perform extremely well.
Normally, I'm a bit wary of JG products, since I've had problems with their guns in the past straight out of the box, but so far, the AUG is impressing me.
The barrel shroud is made of solid metal, very sturdy. The entire trigger assembly and magwell are all made of a very sturdy plastic. I get the feeling that this gun can take a helluva beating (not that I'm going to test it).
It shoots very hard, too, with .2 bbs. Above 400, so you can definitely go up to .23 or .25 and still hit very hard, and have considerable range and accuracy.
I was hitting exactly what I wanted to hit from about 45 meters, which is about all you can ask for in an assault rifle.

The two stage trigger is a huge plus, it allows you to change how you're fighting in a moment, no switches involved.

The only problem I've had with this gun is that the charging handle broke within a few hours. A screw came loose on it, and the spring came out. I fixed it, but if you're going to buy this gun, I recommend making sure that all the screws are tight on the charging handle before using it.

Extremely sturdy
Lots of rail space
Two stage trigger
no magazine wobble
no feeding issues
shoots extremely hard
easy to take apart for maintenance and upgrades

charging handle is a bit flimsy
not a lot of battery space for large batteries
no iron sights included, so you'll have to have your own sights.
by I. POWELL verified buyer Date Added: Friday 02 September, 2011
verified buyer
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Firstly I really like this gun! I like it's looks - it's very unique.
I like the bullpup design (there is a 509mm barrel in there!).
I like that it's heavy, some might hate it, but I like the realism of it.
I love how easy it is to pull apart (just one sliding pin and the gun breaks in half for cleaning etc. You could easily check your hop up unit out while in the field (and I have) since you need no tools at all.
I like the 2 stage trigger, with a short pull for semi and a full pull for auto - it just makes sense.

That being said, I have had some issues with it.
- It doesn't seem to be that accurate - I put a tightbore and a new hop up unit, but I want more. Maybe I ask too much. Groupings are about 1 foot at 100ft shooting distance. I used to have a springer MP5 which was grouping 4" at the same distance... Though that was an oddity among the guns we all played with.
- The 2 stage trigger is not well designed. There are lots of forum posts on various trigger issues with this gun, but the fix for me was to pull the trigger apart and round the little '2 stage nubs' more so that it doesn't catch as much. This fix made the trigger MUCH better than stock, with a nice smooth transition from semi to full auto.
- The spring in this thing is beefy (explains the high fps) however the spring guide is cheap plastic and mine broke off and jammed the gun. I replaced it and it's fine now.
- Although this has a Mosfet installed stock, I put a 9.6v battery on it and it blew the fuse. I understood that it could handle this voltage, but maybe not..
- Some have said that it has a decent ROF, I disagree. Maybe it's just because it is loud, but it seems rather slow. I've considered downgrading the spring to get a faster rate since it shoots plenty hard. Either that or upgrade the motor etc.

Overall, I love it. I'm happy with the purchase and would recommend it!

Quick to pull apart
Plenty of rails for addons
Looks cool
2 stage trigger.

Some quality issues;
- 2 stage trigger is cool, but it got harder and 'crunchier' as time went on until i could not move it to full auto. I took it apart and rounded the little nubs over and now it's sweet! Much better than stock.
- Heavy. For some it's a plus (like me) but others might find this annoying.
- stock iron sights are rubbish
- slow ROF
- Loud (especially considering the mechbox sits next to your face when firing.)
by J. ANDREWS Date Added: Sunday 19 December, 2010
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Amazing. got this gun in june and it still works amazingly. Nice rof, accuracy, and not too heavy. i bought a grip later because it was kinda front heavy, so thats a good idea. Buy a scope or something too, because the iron sight are awful and they dont even fit on the gun. thankfully i had an l96 so i slapped the scope on that and it works great. the one thing i might want to try is a grenade launcher on it. that would look cool. Cant wait for xmas tho cause im getting a holo sight!!!!!!!

Rail space
mag size is pretty large
fps is around 440. painful
trigger is cool, light pull for semi, all the way for full auto

iron sights are awful
battery compartment is small
needs a scope
otherwise i couldnt ask for more. buy it. now. GO
by J. GARNER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 13 December, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I was so excited for my AUG to finally arrive today. I pulled it out and was surprised at how gorgeous it looked haha. I had to charge the battery it came with so I had to use a battery that didn't fit, but I got to fire this thing. The two-stage trigger is freakin epic. It works exactly as it is intended to. When trying to fire semi automatically on full auto with other guns the gears inside don't get reset if you do a half pull. When doing a half pull with this they go through a full cycle and actually fire semiautomatically. When pulled all the way full auto is great however there is annoying twang noise when you pull it to full auto. Like a spring or something. Probably the spring for the trigger. Contrary to what people say, it is not heavy at all. I'm sorry, but if you can't hold an 8 lb gun, go to the gym. It really isn't heavy at all. The safety is annoying because you can push it really far to each side allowing it to go farther than intended to and you have to play with it to get it back in the right spot. As well, my outer barrel rotates a bit when I twist it but that isn't a big deal. Also, a warning, on the right side of the gun. By the rail that is shorter than the others is wear gas comes out on the real AUG. There is a cap on it that isn't secure. Make sure you don't lose that, cuz it is kinda cool. Last thing, the butt plate is weird. Its rubber, when you get it, you will see. Its not a big deal. As well, battery compartment is small. Oh, the sling mounts are VERY sturdy. EXTREMELY ACCURATE OMGGGG

Looks Epic

Bullpup design (magazine is behind the trigger allowing for a shorter gun but longer barrel = better accuracy)

The amount of rail space

The two-stage trigger

Orange tip (really isn't that big or that orange. I don't mind it, it looks kinda cool.)
Rubber butt plate is odd (can't explain, not a big deal lol)
Twang noise when going to full auto
The top rail edge is sharp, I hit it with my chin and it hurt lol.
by D. BILLMAN Date Added: Sunday 21 March, 2010
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is great. I just went to an Operation this weekend and it chronoed at 458 fps, which is awesome. I was the support gunner in my squad and took out a ton of people. And the look is amazing. As i was chronoing it a player came over and complimented the new look of the AUG A3. And he was amazed at the fps. Even the guy chronoing it was amazed. Overall great gun.

Full metal
Good balance
No rattling or unsecure parts
Awesome fbs
Nice look

Orange tip. I covered it with black electrical tape.
by L. BENNETT verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 25 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: JG JG0450A AU3G AUG A3 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this is an amazing gun. i got it about 6 months ago and it has held up wonderfully, no jams or breaking anywhere. the only down sides of this gun are that it is a little heavy (8.8 lbs out of the box) and has a horrible iron sights. the weight can be solved by getting a sling (i took mine off my violin case) and a forgrip. the plastic iron sights flip up and down and are basically pistol iron sights. i used these on my cyma mk5 for close quarters, which is perfect for that gun, so now i don't break my nice red dot. also, if you get a 3-9 times magnification scope, it's a good idea to get a riser mount. when i got my ncstar rubber armour scope the front reticle went bellow the mount, making the front mount on the scope not come in contact with the rail. red dots usually don't have this problem, but a sniper scope is what works best with this beast.

-ammazing fps, i used .28's but that brought the fps down to 360 so now i'm using .25's to keep it at 400
-bullpup, it makes so much sense, the hop up is right next to your shoulder and the barrel is huge while the gun is not too long
-2 stage trigger, no need to switch from semi to full when going close to the enemy
-plasic where it should be
-expandable, tons of rails
-nice mag, no problems so far
-looks incredible

-little heavy
-stock dosn't adjust so those youngins can't use the scope (little brother)
-2 stage trigger makes a twangy sound when pulled to full auto (hard to hear in battle)
-hard to get a precision barrel in, just googlle it, the screws on the top rail need to come out before regular aug steps for replacing a barrel come in
-big orange tip, 1/4 inch is the law in most states
-battery compartment, customization is needed in order to get a bigger battery
-if you look at it too long you go blind, lmao
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