Tokyo Marui SR-16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by D. LILLIS Date Added: Thursday 07 May, 2009
For: Tokyo Marui SR-16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this is my third TM product
i owned/own
TM G36c
TM P90
Echo1 Tactical AK (YUCK)
And this TM SR16

4.5 out of 5, but ill round it up to 5...look at cons.

-Made by TM
-Flip-Up Sight
-comes with great RIS
-grip is nice
-able to hold a 8.4v 3500 mah Large Battery
-Has great ROF with said battery

-Slight wobble, although still very sturdy
-The forward assist button on mine would not stay in. it would constantly fall out. It disappeared at my first game with it..
by T. LEE Date Added: Saturday 22 March, 2008
For: Tokyo Marui SR-16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
i had this gun for about a year now and i use it a lot, it has saved my life countless times and is still shooting like brand new out of the box

i upgraded mine a little though
-G&P Bushmaster Metel body upgrade- $150
-Condor Taclight- $80
-Systma Hop up and bucking
-Classic Army carrying handle
-G&P SS-80 silencer
-and i traded the top reciever and barrel assembly with my friend's G&P GR-16 CQB

the fps average is 287 but mine since i traded with my friend for a shorter CQB barrel is only 276 fps now

the pros =]
-good build very sturdy
-great internals
-highly upgradeably
-large stock so it holds a large battery for extra power upgrades
-RIS is great for grenade launchers and flashlights and lasers plus more
-rear sight is very good very easy to acquire ur target
-accuracy is awesome shot a man size target 200 ft away with a 1.5 feet grouping
-and come on its a toyko marui =]

the cons =[
-the body is plastic (but i upgradeed it to metal)
-barrel wobble- the wobble is only slight but it gives the gun a cheap feeling. the only way to get rid of this is to get a single piece barrel thats it. all tokyo marui m4s have a 3 piece metal barrel and thats why it wobbles. Geting a metal body will not help but if u know a friend who is willing to trade with u the top reciever and barrel assembly of his G&P GR-16 CQB then ur in luck cuz it completely elminates the wobble.

Metal parts
-complete barrel assembly

Plastic parts
-top and bottom reciever

by J. CURATALO Date Added: Tuesday 11 March, 2008
For: Tokyo Marui SR-16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I just bouhgt this gun from RedolfAirsoft with a few Systema upgrades on the internals, and lket me tell you, out of the 3 years of airsoft, I have never had a gun this nice.
ive owned a CA G3, SRC M16A2, and many more low end guns, an this is great(no dam duh its TM)

Solid peice(I have noticed any barrel wobble)
RIS System wich is great for custimization in the future
Comes with the foregrip handle
Full stock for future internal upgrades
EVen though it has a full stock it is still nice and compact for CQB
Perrrffecccttt flip up sight(Doesnt take much rail space up so u can just take ur reddot off in game and you have a sight)
Very accurate so far
Ive only had it for 2 days so I dont really know, so far nothing with the internals or outer body

If you get this gun id recommend 3-5 Midcaps and 1 highcap. Im getting the 8 MAGG mag set from airsoft GI(Magazines Midcap section[GREAT DEAL])
Id recommend it
Its Tokyo Marui so theres a small chance of it giving out in game and just getting you pissed off(COUGH COUGH CLASIC ARMY)
by T. LEE Date Added: Saturday 13 October, 2007
For: Tokyo Marui SR-16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
well ima just list the pros and cons like the fall out boy song
-the barrel is wobbley (starts from the front of the magazine well) but this can be fixed if u get a hurricane metal body like im gonna get
-a bit heavy but thats ok wit me
-sorta hard to put the battery in but once u know how its easy (good thing about the tight fit is that the battery doenst rattle in there)
..........well thats it
-Almost never jams(and thats usually the magazines fault)
-DEAD ACCURATE(yea this gun can shoot a quarter from 30 feet away)
-battery is a large one soo u can have a lot of power upgrades
-has 5 RIS (one is the scope rail)
-good sight picture and easy to acquire target
-even though it doesnt have a retractable stock it is a awesome weapon for CQB
-the trade marks looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

well thats it. As u can see this gun is a great one and i would recommend it for beginners and experts
by B. NASH Date Added: Sunday 31 December, 2006
For: Tokyo Marui SR-16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Since I disagree with a few of the previous reviews, I have decided to write a review of my own to straighten a few things out. However instead of dealing with these issues directly, I will write a normal review and let you figure it out.

First I will start with the con's, mainly because there are VERY few of them, and they are minor. The first thing is barrel wobble. As with all AR-15 variants, the Tokyo Marui SR-16 has it's share of barrel wobble. However it is slightly worse on this model and the M4 R.I.S. than on the M4A1 and M16 models. This is due to a full metal R.I.S. foregrip that weighs substantially more than the plastic grips of the other two models. This is easily fixed, however, by removing the R.I.S. and tightening the collar. This small problem could also be prevented a little by moving the vertical hand grip toward the receiver of the gun to allow for a tighter center of gravity on the gun and so you are not putting as much stress on the gun's forward assembly.

The second problem is that this gun is extremely front heavy (even with a large battery in the stock) due to the full metal front assembly and the plastic body. Also, if you think that a full metal body will eliminate barrel wobble, then you are wrong. The front assembly and the parts that connect the outer barrel and grips to the receiver are already metal, and the same parts are used in the metal body as in the stock body (different brand obviously, Tokyo Marui does not make full metal bodies).

Now for the pro's.

Although the body is plastic, it is made of extremely high quality ABS plastic and is so snug to the gearbox that it feels solid all the way through! This gun is rock solid from stock to flash hider. The finish on the plastic is very good, and looks like the real thing from all but a few feet away. There are virtually no seams visible, and it has full licensed trademarks from Knights Armament, Inc. Although most imported guns have their trademarks removed, the SR-16's trademarks are covered in black electrical tape and are easily removed (I don't know if this is the case with all Tokyo Marui SR-16's, but it was the case with mine).

The performance is basically the same as any other stock Tokyo Marui, and is very reliable even in poor conditions. I have chronographed my gun at 254 fps with Excel .25g bb's. I have not clocked the rate of fire yet, but I estimate it to be about 800 rounds per minute on a full charge with an 8.4v battery. Also, I am not sure the reason why Tokyo Marui chose to manufacture their AEG's at an average FPS, but I do know that it is not due to the .98J law in effect in Japan. .98J(or 1J) equals approximately 330 feet per second with .2g bb's. If you have any questions concerning these conversions or concerning this law, feel free to email me at [email protected], and i will be happy to answer any of your questions.

The sights that come with this gun are very simple but very effective. One of the things that makes the SR-16 unique from other AR-15 models is the flip up rear sight. It is a closed peep sight that is adjustable only for windage. However, the front ironsight pin is adjustable for elevation. This sight is suprisingly effective and helps create a much lower overall profile on the gun.

Of course the add-on potential of this gun is extremely high due to its 5 rails (4 on the foregrip and 1 flat-top rail on the receiver). As soon as I can get the money together, I am buying a Guarder ACOG replica aimpoint, custom G27 pistol grip style hand grip, a cheek pad, and a silencer along with a longer, tighter barrel to create a combination CQB/Woodland rifle. The barrel can be easily removed and swapped out for the shorter stock barrel for those extremely tight close quarters firefights.


This gun is one of the best all-around guns that you can buy. It being a Tokyo Marui guarantee's that it will outlive almost any other AEG on the market, and you can rely on it to perform consistently in any condition. You can mod this gun into anything your heart desires. From the sniper/designated marksman look, to the CQB tactical look, you can get basically any setup to suit your style.
by C. DVVDFBDFB Date Added: Wednesday 20 December, 2006
For: Tokyo Marui SR-16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
This gun is by far the best by tokyo marui it already comes with an ris so u could mount anything. I have one of these but thaks to the interchangeable parts of this gun I got a madbull xm203 grenade launcher and a g&p r5oo flashlight so bright for night games and I got a tan le stock and grip and also a black tip.My sr15 looks awesome I also put a red dot so as u can see this gun is so versartile for any type of tactical situation.This is way better than classic army I upgrade mine to about 400 fps yeahhhhhhhhhhh cuz its also upgradeable dont get a classic army go with marui made in japan not hong kong ckina.
by S. BALOGH Date Added: Wednesday 22 November, 2006
For: Tokyo Marui SR-16 Carbine AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I have had this gun for about 6 months. There are mainly 2 problems that i have found with this gun.

1.) Since the barrel is a 2 piece barrel, after a while it starts to get loose, and wabbles. But that can be fixed by unscrewing the RIS, and tightening some screws.

2.) The body is made of plastic, and the ring wholes that hold it together have broken (since the plastic on those rings is so thin) for me, and the fact that the body is made of plastic, that also helps with the barrel being wabbly. But if you buy the $180 metal frame, it will fix all of these problems, and make the gun rock solid.

Now for the good things that i have found about this gun:

It is very nice that the gun has a rail on it, so you dont have to worry about buying scope mounts.

There is a very nice full stock that can fit and 8.4V 3600mah battery. But if you want a 9.6V 3600mah battery, you will need to do some hollowing of the stock (like i did).

The weight is very balanced on the gun (with the battery in).

There is an RIS, that includes a handle, which is very useful.

It is quite accurate, picking off birds is no problem to me. :-D

The power is 280 FPS, which isnt bad. The reason for the low FPS, is that in Japan there is a law that a gun cant have a muzzle velocity over .98 Joule; and a full metal gun is also illegal in Japan. Which is the reason why Classic Army has some what of an advantage, with their full metal guns, and high FPS.

Overall, this gun is quite reliable, and a pleasure to own.
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