Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by C. INGWERSON verified buyer Date Added: Monday 06 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
well i recieved this gun with my airsoft gi g4 dmr last christmas season. i was out of green gas for a while but i borrowed my friends can. upon trying it out it shot ok it drops in power so fast but it still worked out ok the gun is built almost entirely of plastic. the clip, release and some critical internals were metal. the fake suppressor that came with it makes the gun look cool and helps accuracy however there is so much orange paint on the gun it is obese the amount of orange was painted on. this gun is ok for letting other people use and if the break it its not alot of money wasted. its cool to mess around with i guess. however i cant break the suppressor open to add in foam :(

free fake suppesor
metal 30ish round mag (to lazy to count)
fat i mean this thing is HUGE

extra mags for this are like 39 bucks so i mean does the gun only cost 3 bucks then
cant get inside the suppresor to make it work
gas hog
plastic feed clamps they are gonna break eventually
by M. PRICE verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 07 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Decent gun, great for the price.

Good Price

Not very accurite
Run low on green gas in the first 3-5 shots
wont fit my OE tech crossdraw vest's holster
Silencer makes it hard to cary
by T. SNIFFIN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 06 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a great pistol! it shoots about 350fps and it gets pretty good range, about 60-90ft and it uses green gas. It comes with a sick barrel extension that adds 5-10ft range to the total range. there are only 2 things i dont like about it. The barrel extension breaks easily but this isnt to much of a problem because you can just fix it with super glue and your good to go until you fall on it again. the other thing i dnt like about it is the mag is bulky and kinda hard to load.

barrel extension
good range
good fps
not a green gas guzzler
mag can hold alot of rounds

silencer breaks easily
no hop up
not blowback
mag sometimes gets stuck sorta wen putting it in but just take it out and put it back in
with silencer it doesnt fit in most holsters

Overall its the best gun you can get for this price i would recamend this to anyone
by S. LIANG verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 02 December, 2009
verified buyer
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Well I just got this gun today and I think it's great. The gun is A LOT bigger than what it appears in the picture. It's definately a great sidearm or for someone who is new to airsoft since it's only $40. The gun is mostly plastic, except the trigger, safety, the barrel tip and the hammer which is all metal. I'd recommend this gun to anyone interested.

-Nice looking gun
-Very powerful, for a $40 gun
-Large clip capacity
-Comes with a silencer (don't know how well it works yet)
-Light in weight

-The BB kind of got jammed a few times (most likely because it was low on gas)
-It's a little too big meaning it probably won't fit most holsters. I had to squeeze the gun into my holster at first but it fits now.
-If you pull the slide back, the hammer gets stuck. I fixed it by turning the safety off and back on and pulled the trigger and it released.
by J. GONZALES Date Added: Sunday 15 November, 2009
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this pistol over the summer, and it's a great side arm. it works great with green gas, and it's pretty accurate. i ended up buying and extra mag, and it started leaking after a month of use. this gun doesn't fit into many holsters, so when i took it to a woodland game, the magazone release got caught on something, and i lost the mag. i made a silencer that accualy makes the gun quieter, but i think i takes away the fps

strong for a plastic pistol
comes with a silencer
works with green gas
moving parts

doesn't fit into many holsters
mags don't fit into crossdraw vests
could be better
by D. BEYERS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 25 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I opened the box and was suprised to see that it was like the size of a desert eagle. I only have had this for 2 days, but so far it is working great. Maybe the other people had all those shooting problems because they weren't using propane. I got a propane adapter, and this gun is working fine. The silencer actually does change the sound. Without it is like a pop sound, and with the supressor it makes more of a bubbly boop sound. To adjust the hop up, put on the back safety, pull out the front safety, take the top slide off, and there you can see it. This gun has a decent range and accuracy(90 feet with a 4 foot spread at most). I found that the barrel extention didn't make it more powerful, or inaccuarete like the other reviews said, but a bit more accurate and sounds cooler.

works great with propane
sounds cool
mag holds a lot
long range
one charge of propane lasted me like 3 mags, but im still figuring out how long to charge it
supressor works and makes it more accurate
airsoft gi had good service, got here fast and tested this at 350 fps, I don't know how accurate that test was, but it looks about right

bottom rail is too thick to attatch the laser I bought for it.
Only metal is the mag and like 2 internal parts
weird trigger pull
mag keeps misfeeding, just take it out, push the little slide that pushes the bbs up, and put back in
kinda hard to get to the hop up, if you try to, be very careful that you know how to put it back. there is a good review on youtube by shortyusa or something
by B. CANNON Date Added: Friday 03 April, 2009
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Alright, I've had this pistol close to 5 months now, and its performance hasn't really decreased. I personally haven't chrono'd this pistol, however I believe every bit of the talks I hear of it being close t0 360 (Like I see in an earlier review) The size of this pistol is obviously scaled after a Mk.23 Socom (Most people might know from Metal Gear Solid) and is a rather large pistol, however its comfortable. The slide and the frame are both high grade plastic, however the internals don't seem to be as sturdy. The slide also does move so you can manually set a BB into the chamber. Contrary to a previous review, I've actually found this pistol to have great range and accuracy, with both .20g (Used crossman from Walmart....only out of a desperate act of quickly needing Ammo) and then used G&G Precision .25g. Obviously the precision .25g's had better accuracy, but either one was alright to use. Without the Silencer, the gun had a very distinct Pop when fired, that the Silencer (With a barrel inside it too by the way, which does help out a little, however if mis-threaded onto the pistol, can cause the BB to stray) can help to quiet down, infact sometimes I can only hear the clicking of the pistol's internals and a very small sound of the gas's release. The magazines are metal, however the top that holds the BB into place is plastic, and actually broke on mine after about 3 fights (2 months I owned at this point) I had a spare, but even that looks like It will wear soon. I've heard this can use Marui Mk.23 mags, which if this is the case, it'd definitely be worth it, however I'm not 100% sure on this. If your just a beginner, this pistol isn't too bad to start with.

-Silencer muffles the distinct Popping sound of gas release, and the inner barrel helps with range and accuracy
-Sturdy Body

-Too much orange, definitely can be a dead give-away.
-Magazine plastic breaks easily
-Internals seem rather cheap
-Be careful of hand placement, if you shoot with a hand on the bottom of the grip for support, the gun will not catch the gas release and will not fire.
by B. SOLACE Date Added: Thursday 25 December, 2008
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
ok ive owned this gun for nearly 2 years, and i have to ay all of the people i have airsofted with are just blown away.one of my friends ispart of a really wellfunded team, and all of thier pistols with the exception of a KWA M9 PTP didnt shoot as wel as this one did. i use propane in mine and its earned the nickname "Propain"

high fps
crazy accurate,
28 rds
ambidextrous clip release
its a MK23
silencer has an actual barrel xtension
better than alot of other pistols
gas saver!!!! id recomend sarting with abot 4 seconds of gasm and after u empty every mag put another 2 in, just to keeep it performing at is top

short list
smetimes doesnt feed properlly (simplytake mag out, clear chamber, replace clip)
can be a bit hard to load in the field
by Z. VOIGTS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 28 January, 2009
verified buyer
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
lol alrighty i originally wrote a pretty long review for this gun, but airsoftgi logged me out for some reason while i was writing it so i couldnt submit it =[ but oh well haha. all i have to say is...

Dont get this gun!

looks pretty sweet
i actually got a working "silencer"
BIG... intimidating (size could be seen as a con)
fps was around 360 (chrono)

too much orange
not accurate at all
range was horrible with .20s
very inconsistent with .25s
BIG (the size is not practical at all)
mag jammed all the time
trigger jammed all the time
safety is junk
feels really cheap..

over all i would not recommend this gun to anyone. if you really really want an mk23, save up and get the TM version. if you are a fan of the USP design and you are on a budget but you want good performance, get the UHC USP nbb or the Y&P M9 nbb. thats about it! =]
by K. MOY verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 07 October, 2008
verified buyer
For: Y&P KP23 Gas Pistol Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have to say for $42 you get a pretty good pistol. Itís pretty much all plastic and the gun it self is really light. The mag on the other hand is heavy. I am not a huge fan of the mag, because itís really shinny and heavy. I do like that it gives the gun more weight, but when you hit the mag release it comes out really fast. The range is pretty good, shoots I say 50 to 75 feet before it starts to drop. I would not use it as a main weapon, but it does the job for a backup. It does have a long trigger pull witch is a bit of a pain, but you can live with it. Now the silencer is a funny thing. It does give it more fps, but it also makes it shoot to the left. The sheet that airsoftgi gave me said it shoots 390 fps with there chrono. I thought that was pretty good for a pistol for such a low price.

390 fps
heavy mag

Heavy mag
long trigger pull
silencer makes it curve left

I don't think its the best pistol in the world, but for the price its great.
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