Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
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by J. WU Date Added: Tuesday 26 May, 2009
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
For all the idiots saying the gearbox destroys itself:

The stock piston sucks. It'll strip after 2000 rounds, guaranteed. Just replace it with an aftermarket SR-25 or L85 piston and you'll have yourself a great gun. I personally installed a G&P reinforced polycarbonate SR-25 piston.

Overall, an amazing gun if you're into the whole UK thing, and a great gun for everybody else.

-Full Metal (Magnesium, Steel, Zinc, ect.)
-Realistic Weight
-Blowback (pro or con)
-Takes M4/M16 Mags
-High ROF
-Quality internals
-Gearbox Release
-Realistic field stripping for an AEG
-Gearbox is easy to work on.
-It's British.

-Comes with NiCD battery
-Battery is not your standard mini or large battery; it uses 4/5c batteries, which means you need to either get an adapter or get your batteries custom made.
-Blowback rigged to piston, which makes it strip faster
-Hard to find SUSAT scopes
-Piston strips way too fast
-Hopup kind of sucks
-Frankengearbox (2-piece)
by J. TANKE Date Added: Tuesday 19 May, 2009
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I got this gun the end of December and so far i have enjoyed using it. I have played quite a few games with it so far and i'm not a real professional airsofter im pretty new to it. The only problem i have had so far is the gun will sometimes jam but i think it is because i have high cap mags. I'm going to try some mid caps to see if that helps. Regular m4 mags do fit in it you might have to shave off part of the plastic stopper piece that hold the bbs in the mag but other than that they fit fine. Also the semi does lock up after a few shots but i usually just leave it on full and can still shoot one shot at a time if i want. Recently i knocked out one of my brothers friends teeth from about 20 feet since he decided not to wear a full mask. The accuracy is good since the barrel is as long a m16 barrel but the design fits it into a body the size of an m4. Other than the few minor problems it has been a great gun.

Good Fps just under 400 (i think)
Good Range and accuracy
The blowback is cool but dont use it too much as it will ruin the gun.
Real Solid gun almost all tough metal( the sling broke and it fell about ten feet onto concrete and didn't have more than a minor sratch that rubbed off)
Good rate of fire (might want to upgrade the battery though)

Have to adjust mags a bit to get them to work (very minor)
Not the greatest stock battery but useable
semi locks up after a few shots
Jams sometimes but it is probably because of the high cap mags.

Overall good gun for a first gun or middle range gun.
by C. PYE Date Added: Sunday 17 May, 2009
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
This gun feels very solid, it is full metal all except the hand grip, cheek rest and front grip. This gun is really heavy due to the metal body so if you aren’t interested in lugging this around all day you should look elsewhere. If realism is what you're going for this is defiantly a good choice. That said I've found a couple of bugs in the gun. First of all the front sight came loose, there are two little screws that hold it in place on the barrel. I tightened one of them, the other was stripped. This temporarily fixed the issue. Not too soon afterwards it came loose again and it caused the entire front grip to come loose as this it the only point of contact. I found that a little application of gorilla glue fixed the problem and it hasn't had an issue in the year I've owned it. The glue isn't a big issue though as it is all inside the front grip so you don't have to worry about blemishing your finish. The other issue I found with the gun wasn't cosmetic. The semi-auto fire is very difficult to use, I've heard that the gear box pre primes the spring like the Tokyo Mauri PSG1, this makes the trigger response excellent but at the expense of actually being able to shoot more than 10 times before it locks up and you have to go to full auto to fix it. This problem though is much less of an issue when I upgraded the battery, I got a 8.4 1800mah battery that greatly improved the performance of the gun. NOTE: the new battery doesn't fit in the foregrip though, I am cheep and haven't purchased a battery pouch ($15 on here) and just ductaped it to the outside of the grip. Cosmetically it is not the greatest but I'll sacrifice looks for functionality. Another issue is the magazine compatibility, I personally have tested a JLS FN SCAR high cap mag in the gun, and it fits a little better than the one the L85 comes with (that one is a little tight). I have also tested a plastic M4 high cap mag from a tactical force M4 purchased at my local sports store, it is smaller than the other mags but it feeds and there is no wiggle. Over all this gun is very good, the disassembly is very easy, only one pin needed to be removed. NOTE: the blowback mechanism will lose its spring the first time you do this but don't worry as the blowback is bad for the life of your gun and you should disable it as soon as possible to preserve the gun. The ROF on the gun is much better with the new battery and the accuracy is better than an M4 in this FPS range as the barrel is as long as an M16 but the gun is an M4 length. If you are in the market for an L85 this is really the most economical one for the price and the performance. I also installed a 6.03 tightbore which helped the accuracy. Also the magazine has the quick wind function (for those who aren't familiar with this there is a hole in the side of the mag where you stick a hex adaptor and you can quickly wind the mag avoiding the wheel on the bottom, a great time saver)

Weight (heavy if you like that)
Solid gun, can take a beating
Accuracy is the best for a gun this size
Unique (unless you're in GB)
The gearbox is very quiet and sounds smooth
Cool blowback, not useful though

Had to fix the front sight
Mag compatibility (have ordered a star and MAG to see if they work)
Getting the battery out is harder than disassembling it, though not really too bad
Battery compartment is restrictive and there is really no other place to put one
by S. MORALES verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 18 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
this gun is horrable anything that can go wrong, has gone wrong with it! see

pro's and con's please

its an l85
full metal

won't shoot semi
full auto locks up
the internals are horrable ( and coverd in THICK sludge)
hard to put the battery in (handguard has to be dissasembled)
JG mags DO NOT WORK i dont care what anyone tells you they DON'T
the front sight just came lose and started slideing up and down the barrel
hand grip comes loose
when you take it appart the little spring in the blow back assembly will fly off to an unknown place.
the metal is cheap and bends easy
by A. THAI verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 29 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
this product is a waste 1 had it for 2 days and the gearbox destroy it self and they wont take it back so then i have to pay 80 dollar for the repair service and new gear for my gun.

all metal
very sturdy
blow back action

gear box destroy it self
weight ( roughly 9lb)
huge orange tip
magazine misfeed alot better off with a low cap mag
low fps (335 for mine)
not alot u can customize to it
by J. CASEY verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 22 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
I was very impressed with this gun. When I was searching for an L85 all the ones I found were around 300 dollars and I was not going to pay that, so I was excited when I stumbled across this gun. I promptly purchased it and was very pleased. The weight of the gun is very nice, as is the general feel. I was also suprised to find the high cap mag it comes with is metal as well. It's very comfortable to hold. I had a few issues with it at first such as getting the battery in. The first time I tried to get it in a spent about an hour trying to figure it out before finnaly getting it. After that was all I gave the gun a try. It fired nicely and everything checked out. Then I went to put the safety on to store it and it felt as if it went in to far. I then tried to turn it off and the safety was stuck and would not budge. At that point i field stripped the gun and fixed the pin that was blocking the safety. Than after half a day of trying to get it back together it finnaly was in one piece again. Overall this gun is a good buy, its very sturdy and shoots nicely. I reccomend this to fans of the L85.

Great price for an L85
Shoots hard
Nice weight

Safety gets stuck (could just be mine)
The sling is sub par
First time for battery compartment and field strip can be tricky.
by L. ABBOTT Date Added: Friday 06 March, 2009
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
i bought this gun about 8 months ago and it really has morked for me. i like it because it is unquie and no one on the field has one. This is a accurate gun with a decents fps, for beginers. the body is metal with a few abs plastic parts. The battery is not big engough for my taste and the door to get in to the battery area will not stay closed. The rate of fire is not that great. Plus parts are hard to find for this gun.

metal body
easy battery access
metal highcap mag

Battey door wont stay closed
The strap they gve you is crap
low R.O.T.
hard to find up grades or parts
by B. DRENCKHAHN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 26 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
fantastic gun! shoots straight, shoots, and shoots consistently.
looks damn good, shoot. . if u like brit military rifles. . .get this!

_weight: the all metal gives this beast the feel of the actual rifle
_versatility: when i got it, the sights where separate! bad u say. . .no, i can install a red dot now XD
_versatility: because this is a bullpup design, small enclosed environments "room clearing" is perfect!

_safety: the safety switch is hard to turn off. . i have to pop the mag, and hit the switch so i can even fire it.
by W. WARDEN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 07 October, 2008
verified buyer
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
WoW. This gun ROCKS. Were to begin...

Build Quality: Excelent, this gun is built mostly out of steel. It has a good realistic weight of 9lbs or so.It doesn't feel like you are going to break this thing. The few plastic parts include the forearm, the grip and the cheek rest. The plastic is ABS so it is good quality plastic. The butt pad is rubber which makes for a good grip against a tactical vest. The front sight and Carry handle are steel. They are very solid and the sights are pretty good. The carry handle attaches very secure with three screws it goes on and stays on. Even the charging handle is pretty sturdy. The dust cover is plastic and functions.

Mechanics: Good, the Mechanics of this gun are different then on an M4/M16. For instance the mag release, the bolt catch, and the selector switch are all in the rear of the grip. Now this is necessary on the real steel becuase of the bull pup design. The selector switch in the rear is kind of nice though it is not right by your thumb so there is no unnecessary fiddiling with it. You put it on sme or auto and you leave it. The bolt catch is sturdy but on the right hand side of the weapon instead of the left but no matter it is still easily opperated with the left hand from over the top. The mag release is where the mag release must be. Some advantages to this design is the magazine is in the back making the front of the gun very light. You can hold this gun all day with only one hand. This leaves your other hand free to wind the mag while your firing. (Yes it is possible and works). This also makes mag changes easy in the prone position. The safe/fire switch is above the trigger easy to reach and clicks into fire position very reasuringly. The sights opperate the same way as M4/M16 sights.

Battery: Blah. The battery that comes with is a nice gesture if you are a new player but for us vetrans we know that NiCd batteries are not the best. For those that don't know they are memory batteries and must be comepletely dead before recharging. Get a good NiMh 8.4v large type. This is all the battery you will need. While 1200mah is not high it is not too shabby for good skirmish. Do not, do not, do not use anything more than a 8.4v you simply don't need to. See performance. The battery is a little tough to get in (what battery isn't, easier than a G36 I think) so get some help or just extra hands if you need them.

Mags: Good. The mag that comes with is suprising for a china mag. It is a good quality hefty hicap steel mag. Holds 450 rounds and works great. The mag is a little tight in the well. (I like this so I can pull it out and put it in a dump pouch or pocket). The Mag brand 100rnd mids fit perfect and fall free with a shake.

Internals: Good internals for a china gun. The gearbox is something new a frankingearbox if you will. It is a two part gear box that makes for easy tinkering (but don't you don't need to, this gun is fine the way it is). The internals are also easy to get at if need be because this rifle has a single pin no tool realistic takedown.

Performance: Excelent for a close quarters weapon. The rate of fire is whicked fast, outstanding, omfg. The fps is a little low at 320 but that is why I bought this gun I need something I could use in close. My 400fps SCAR is really scary for the other guy when we come in close. But overall the long barrel and the high rate of fire more than make up for the low power. The long barrel makes medieum range a possibility and the high rate of fire is insane close up. You'll hit your target ten times before they even call hit. Short overall length gives you a nice fit in tight places.

Perks, Extra Junk: Well the biggest selling point for this gun is the Electric Blowback. Yeah it's that cool. Show this off at the field and everyone will want one. However the blowback requires extra moving parts that could eventually damage the gun. Don't worry and don't let this detur you. This function is easily disabled by locking the bolt back. Simple enough. With the blowback disabled and not screaming in your ear this gun is kind of quiet which is a good thing because the gearbox is right under your ear. The more impressive part of this gun even more so than the blowback is the spring release button in the mag well. That's right you can actually release the tension on the spring. Now that is cool. Has to do with technical jargon of how the gearbox works. And of course you could always get a SUSAT to complete the look

Overall I am more impressed then I thought I would be.

Good Weight
Low FPS = High ROF
Solid build
Easy take down
Decent internals
Long Barrel
Spring Release
All around good feel

Battery isn't that great, and you better just toss the sling.
by E. EDICA Date Added: Thursday 28 August, 2008
For: Army Full Metal L85-A1 Airsoft Gun
Product Information:
Very well made!!! and heavy. I bought one of these awhile back and used it for awhile to see if it would fit my style and it didnt So i traded it for a CA m15 but anyway while i had it this was a nice airsoft rifle. The blow back was cool and actually worked! The only thing i would recommend it to re-shim the gearbox and re-grease it. Mine was full of a thick white grease that made it function poorly in colder weather. Other than that Id get it.

Heavy very well made metal
accepts standard M4 mags (most)
The electric blowback (Is just cool)

Battery is so so id replace it
Gearbox needs re-shimming and greasing
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