CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by D. EMEIS Date Added: Tuesday 06 July, 2010
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
A great gun! If you want a WWII gun, get it. If you want a Thompson, get it. If you want a great airsoft gun, get it. I got this gun, and the wood looks real. The body of the gun is very strong. The mag that comes with it is good, get the King Arms set of 5 m1a1 midcaps for it. This gun also has serious range. There are 2 snipers in my squad, and I can outrange them with .25s. I highly recomend .25s with this gun.

Good looking wood
Comes with OK battery
Great range
Lower rate of fire (I don't like to use alot of BBs)
Mostly metal
Good gearbox
Heavy! I like it to feel like a gun, not a toy

Cheap orange tip
by H. O`BRIAN Date Added: Thursday 17 June, 2010
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
There isn't a lot of bad I have to say about this gun. When I bought mine, it came with a 40 round low cap magazine, then I bought a full metal 400 round magazine. Since it appears that the 40 round magazine is no longer the default, there isn't anything major that should stop you from buying this.

Good feel
Hurts like crap
Rate of fire (650 RPM) is good for new players, you won't waste your ammo
Looks nice
Full metal for a good price
Excellent accuracy for an SMG
Worked with no problems for 2 years (then I sold it)

Wood is actually plastic
No way to attach any optics, and the iron sights aren't too great
ROF is a little skimpy in tight situations
Paint eventually comes off on the fire selectors

The good outweighs the bad. Period. Get one.
by J. LARSON Date Added: Friday 04 June, 2010
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
tjis gun is very very good and is awesome. Don't drop it in water it messes up the internals. This gun kicks ass and is very manuverable. I recommend this gun to any begginers to middle class but you have to be experienced with sub machine guns. When you get this gun you get a good feel for it and you will know what i mean if you have used on before. This gun feels like the real thing also airsoft gi has an awesome price for this gun. This gun will satsify all your thompson needs. This gun really feels like the real thing. Perfect weight realism and heftiness. BUY THIS GUN!!!!!

good fps
good clip capacity
awesome iron sight
awesome price
durable sling mounts but suggest buying a good sling
look down sight with mask on
easy acess fire selecter

clip release
by T. WINTER Date Added: Sunday 14 February, 2010
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is a great gun.its is truly amazing but its has its fair share of pros and cons but the pros out weigh the cons. its is extremly accurate to the real thompson and could be mistaken for one unless up close and you put ur face on it. for beginners and ww2 fans this guns is worth the money execpt for a couple of problems that it has.

High fps (higher fps then it states on the descrption, its about 420fps with .12g bbs and 340 to 360 with .2g bbs)
Great accuracy
Effective hop up
very durable body (bottom reciever is plastic and grips and stock and the mag it comes with)
fast R.o.f
Adjustable rear sights
easy dissassemble
good gear box and trigger assembly
easy and simple mag relaease and selcetor switches
orange tip IS removable
two stock compartments for big and larger battery (hint:remove foam in stock for big compartment)

The charger it comes with is very bad it will destroy thebattery in less them 10 full rechargings
plastic lower reciever
small mag cap
it is a chinse copyed airsoftgun copyed from a japense one therefor it is hard to find parts for it because it has to be shipped overseas

HINTS: Keep it greased well and use the right .20g bbs and batteies and charger and this gun will serve you well!!!!!!!!!!!!
by K. JANS Date Added: Sunday 14 February, 2010
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Wow is all I can say about the Thompson this gun OWNS!! I have been so impressed by this gun I have owned it for about 3yrs now and it still shoots wow i've put close to a 100,000rds through it and beat my way past tree's jumped in mud puddles!! The first year that I got it I was the #`1 player in my club (I stilll am) but now I have moved on and use a A&K sr-25 URX but I just bought another one of these baby's to use again because it owns so much!!

-380fps to 400fps
-punches through brush branches to get those buggers hideing in the woods
-really sturdy!
-lots of battery space 4 up grades

-no rails
-mag can get used up fast so buy an extra
-kinda akward to use the sights at times

over all it has been my FAVORITE GUN EVER!!!
by R. CARLSON Date Added: Monday 15 February, 2010
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
If you want a WWII gun, buy this! Great feel and performance to it. If you have a history of breaking guns, I'd say go buy a Marui, but as long as your not an idiot, this thing will last you a LONG time, I've had mine going on two years.

Its a Thompson
Not too common
Pretty realistic weight (Could be a pro or a con)
Mostly Metal
Fire selector easy to maneuver
Licensed by Auto Ordnance
Adjustable sights with two apertures

Not real wood (Doesn't bother me at all)
Magazine release is a little stiff (That may just be me)
Plastic Magazine
by J. DONLEY Date Added: Friday 04 December, 2009
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
i bought this gun a year and a half ago and its great, the best gun iv bought. its realy well made, still no wobble, i bought a 9.6 v for it and its crazy. i have had great accuracy with it and have had 80 yd shots with it, best hop up EVER!!! all in all great gun, though its a little powerfull for c.q.b., bad expirience.

1-1 sacle and weight, solid, great r.o.f. w 9.6 and it looks real, i sanded the stocks and restained them and it liiks realy good now, a used red mahogany and its beautiful.

realy conspicuaus orange tip, has given me away lots, battery in staoc rattles around alot
by M. SAHIMI Date Added: Tuesday 13 October, 2009
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
First off, I want to say that ďS. EISĒ really doesnít know what heís talking about. Chances are, he was really unlucky and got a rare lemon with a really easy problem to fix, such as bad compression or a bad hopup bucking.

This gun is a great deal and an excellent performer for a STOCK gun (of course, upgrades will make it better). The range and accuracy are both very good, and the hopup unit is very well built. Itís got a nice FPS, around 365, which is nice and high but not too high.

When I opened the gearbox up, it well shimmed and greased out of the factory.

Iíve had no problems with it stock, going through 40k rounds in a few months with a 9.6v battery. I just upgraded it last week with these:
Madbull 300mm tight bore barrel.
Systema hopup nub.
Element white h-nub.
G&P M120 high speed motor.
9.6v 1000mah mini battery.
Deans connectors.
M1928 vertical foregrip.

The body has an easy takedown, and the version 6 gearbox is probably the easiest gearbox to work on.

This gun is an excellent choice, and anything BUT a wall-hanger.
Iím willing to say itís even better than the Tokyo Marui, when comparing cost vs. performance.

Almost full-metal.
Fake wood isnít too bad looking.
Good FPS.
Great range/accuracy for a STOCK weapon.
Excellent hopup unit.
Decent ROF when paired with a 9.6v battery.
Orange tip can be taken off and put back on.
Gearbox is easy to work on.
Strong gears.
Body has easy take-down.

Plastic lower receiver.
Weak stock battery (get a 9.6v mini).
Canít fit a large 8.4v battery.
Plastic bushings.
Might be heavy for some players.
Comes with a really weak spring.
Only comes with a lo-cap magazine.
Thompsonís historical design means not too many options for external upgrades.
by S. EIS Date Added: Friday 18 September, 2009
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is mainly a display gun it is not very impressive it shoots around 280- 320 fps, range is horrible but i will say it has a decent hop-up. I do like that CYMA has gone the extra mile to make this an almost full metal gun besides the "wood". over all this is a DISPLAY GUN.

almost full metal
good n' heavy
decent hop-up

Low fps
shots are not consistent
small type battery sucks
its unfortunately a display gun
by C. TOOLEY Date Added: Wednesday 02 September, 2009
For: CYMA Thompson M1A1 SMG AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a good solid gun, I bought it in January so i've had it for about eight before selling it to a friend. it has never broke except once something happened with the trigger but i took it to an airsoft store and they fixed it for free. it shotts well but not always consistent

shoots hard and far
a unique looking gun
just great for beginners to moderate players

extremely cheap wood
full auto tends to get very inaccurate
shooting accuracy not always consistent (recomend using .25)
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