KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by J. YNIGUEZ verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 20 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
overall great gun...has been shot over and over again no defects. this gun is loud so loud that after i shot it in my backyard once i was afraid that the old people that live around me would get startled.very crisp recoil and nice iron sights. ultra small barrel wobble. KWA customer service was very great since HQ is located in the US.

heavy(almost all metal)
loud shots and good recoil
ergonomics are very nice
take down is easy(video on youtube really helped)
good springs in the gun
ns2 system works

very small barrel wobble
paint was already coming off under guide rod(when shipped)
spring and guide rod was hard to put back at first but easy over time and practice(could assemble and disassemble in a minute and a half)
mag had some deformations on it(still works perfectly)
the cap on the bottom of the mag also comes easily( just super glue)
by J. PYE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 17 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I give this product a 9 out of 10 simply because no product is perfect. When they say exactly like the real Beretta M9, they mean it. Straight down to disassembly. The only difference i could find was the barrel design, which of course must be different. externally, the only way to differentiate is by the orange tip and the magazine does not drop free when released. This is good though as a dropped magazine could be a broken magazine. All external controls work the exact same.

Yes, the outer barrel is plastic, get over it. The gun is a charm. At 25 yards i can easily stay within a paper plate. 10 yards and you better have eye protection cause i'll hit them. When you fire your last round, the slide locks back as well, a feature i was pleasantly surprised by. Also, you'll notice in the review video the pistol seems to have made in taiwan printed on the side, thankfully, that is just a sticker.

The gun balances very well, true to the Beretta M9, and the magazine is weighted heavily so that it feels like a magazine fully loaded with bullets. There is a loaded magazine indicator/extractor claw on there like the real one does, but since there is nothing to extract, it is non functional and does not move. Don't try to move it either, i almost broke mine out of gentle curiosity.

My only dislike on the gun was it's rear sight. while it is true to M9 design, it is not proportioned correctly to the front sight. the "trough" of the rear sight, if you will, is too shallow and covers half of the front dot upon proper alignment. It is also much too wide, so centering the front sight is not as quick as it could be. This bugs me because I am an actual firearms competition shooter (IPSC) and like using my sights for realism. This is not really a problem though since you will usually sight down the barrel in an airsoft game and it is not accurate enough to really need sights. So in my opinion this would be considered a minor flaw.

The gun comes with a small bottle of oil to keep your gun lubricated, instructions, parts chart, one magazine, and a small bag of cheap BB's. there is no instructions for disassembly, so do not attempt without finding help first, unless you are already familiar with breaking down the real M9.

Overall this is an excellent and superior Airsoft pistol. Great as a backup in games, or for pistol matches, and one of the best training tools I have found or used for actual firearm shooting. There's a reason it's called PTP. It really is a Professional Training Pistol.

What i'm trying to say is, simply press Add to Cart. You won't be disappointed. But if you do buy it, i highly suggest getting one or two extra mags to go with it. The AI propane adapter kit is also an excellent choice.

Realism (any more real and it would shoot 9mm bullets)
Accuracy (the squirrels can attest to that)
Quality (I don't plan on dropping it, but if i do, i know it'll get back up running)
Weight (i guess this goes with realism. Get over it.)
Cool Factor (that's right)

Rear Sight (i hate to even list this because it is so minor)
Waiting for it to arrive and checking your doorstep every half hour.
by S. PAQUET Date Added: Monday 14 September, 2009
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Its a really great gun, the only thing i found wrong about it was that the bb's stuck in the clip a bit so everytime thaat happened i had to take the clip out and just wiggle it around, it could have just been the bb's i was using. also i might sound like an idiot but i could not find the hop up on it at all, its powerful enough, so if i could just dial in the accuracy it would be a great gun. if someone could inform me where the hop up isd that would be great.

really realistic looking

clip sticks a little
little inaccurate at first (but its probably an easy fix)
by B. HENDERSON verified buyer Date Added: Monday 15 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
VERY NICE GUN! i compaired it to my freinds HFC m9 and this thing BLEW IT AWAY! This gun is dead accurit (after you mess with the hop up for a while) and is SOLID... Its loud and never misfires. It cycles very fast too. The nylon outer barrel is not bad.. It is better than metal personally(many people complain that its not metal but... whats soo great about metal?) Also, to all the people who say its hard to dis-assemble and assemble... Have you ever taken apar a GBB befor? its really not that hard... I also manage to get 2 magazenes out of each 8 second fill- the ns2 system is effective. NO DRAWBACKS!!! GET IT!

Very Accurit
SOLID! Not 1 thing wobbles on this gun...
Fast cycle rate
Efficient Ns2 gas system
CRISP blowback
Takes strait propane easily

Nada, none, &#27809;&#26377;&#20219;&#20309;&#19996;-
&#35199;, ingen, aucun, kein, niente, ninguno!
by G. HARRISON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 06 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Amazing gun.
Apparently some people have said that this gun has sketchy internals. I BEG TO DIFFER.
The internals and externals on this gun are incredible. Also people said it was difficult to takedown, that is completely false! It is almost as easy as my g19. It has very strong recoil and fps.
Slide action is nice and crisp and the mags are icing on the cake. I own this and the kwa g19 and with the new NS2 system that is used on this gun (and most kwa models now) it out performs my g19 any day. When my dad competition shoots he chooses a beretta m9 and he says this feels exactly the same. Also he commented on how suprised he was with the external quality and familiarness. I dont really want to right an essay on this gun, even though I could keep saying great things about it, but as far as airsoft sidearms go this is the best choice I have ever made. Better than the KP8 (by a long run) and also better than any WE or Socom Gear.
You cant go wrong with a KWA.

Hella sturdy
Full metal
crisp action
I love trigger pulls on m9's
functional de-cocker
rail for whatever you want
simple takedown
NS2 system
Functions in cold weather
same external sizes as the real thing (good for getting grips or whatever)
comes with a lanyard loop
polymer barrel helps with kwa's already amazingly long-lasting products
mine was chronoed by GI at 330fps (fantastic for a pistol)
feels exactly the same as the real thing
same weight as the real thing
I'm gonna stop there but I dont have too.

The hammer on mine hits a little bit off-center but there is ZERO affect in performance.
by D. KAMERER Date Added: Monday 04 May, 2009
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got one and love it. It shoots fast and hard and is pretty accurate for a pistol. I got the combo and ran propane right away with no problem. The quality and sturdyness are fantastic and it really does sound (and kick) like a .22. The only advice I have is, be ready for a long day if you take it apart, i made the mistake and almost had a aneurisum trying to get it back together. The trigger also slipped when i shot it in double action a few times.

mag cap

complicated to put back together
Not convinced this internals are that great
by R. LEON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 25 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The gun itself is very heavy and the outside is built solid, no rattles or loose parts. Frame and slide are made of a metal alloy, and the magazine is also metal. This is all great, but the insides are very delicate and fragile. Mine broke the second day I had it. The outer cylinder and blowback mechanism are made of a cheap plastic and are prone to break with any BB misfeed or with random use.

I own an M93R ptp and hardly use it now, since I'm afraid of it breaking as well. The guns are nice from the outside, but KWA should work on upgrading the internals as well. I've shipped mine out to KWA for repair and awaiting any updates...

All metal. (except barrel, which is plastic)
Looks and feels real.
Shoots hard and fast.
Great for display.
Realistic field stripping.

Outer cylinder is made of cheap plastic.
Barrel is plastic.
Gas runs out of magazines before BB's. (NS2 system is ineffective)
KWA is out of stock on all parts that are prone to break/malfunction.
by J. SANTANA Date Added: Thursday 23 April, 2009
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Opened the package and i siad "Wow." This is the real thing people. You're not looking at a cheap chinese replica, you're looking at a beast of a gasser. The thing really hurts out to 60 feet, can still feel it after that far. I can hit the target almost dead center every time out to 60 feet, this is a great gun. When i first pulled it out, the mags seemed to be leaking, some later tests proved they weren't. You are going to hear something that sounds like a gas leak coming out of the mags the first few times you fill them up, nothing to worry about. I gues they just need to be "broken in".

normal mags hold tons of gas -- you can get 4 full loads of bbs out of the mag with 1 full tank of gas, contrary to what the gun's description says
nice feel
accurate to 60 feet
mags fit very firmly into the well (i've had gassers where the mags were wobbly)

barrel wiggles a little bit, i didn't want to experiment with anything too drastic to correct this, but i wouldn't trust the gun to be accurate past 100 feet
the baseplate of the mags get pretty loose
by A. OSOWSKI Date Added: Saturday 28 March, 2009
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Ok i just received this gun from gi, shipping was great. I live in MA and it took a little over a week from CA so it wasnt bad. The gun performs great, good power and accuracy and its full metal except for the outer barrel which is high impact polymer. The one problem i have had with the gun is that when i got it the BBs were curving so i checked out the barrel and it needed to be cleaned. When i went to clean it a rubber piece fell out of the barrel and i dont know what it is but i think it came from the hop up, i got it back in but whatever it was tore somehow. I was wondering if anyone knew what it was and if i could get that fixed.

Great fps
incredible accuracy for a pistol, i shot my friend from about 75-100 ft
hits hard, it left marks
full metal except the outer barrel
smooth slide action
high cycle rate, can fire fast
works with green gas or propane

a piece broke, but dont hold that against the gun it was entirely my fault
difficult to put back together for such a simple gun
Overall it is a great gun but be very careful when taking it apart because as i learned the hard way is that there are small, delicate parts inside the gun that can get broken. I just need to call gi to see what has to be done.

Please if you know what the piece that broke was leave a comment or email me at [email protected] It was a small cylidrical rubber piece located near the hop up inside the outer barrel that came out when i was cleaning the barrel.
by P. WILKINSON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 21 March, 2009
verified buyer
For: KWA M9 Tactical PTP Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Beautiful gun! This is my pride possesion. But I must be as critical as possible.
-It's the most incredible pistol ever, but it is expensive(as well as the gas and clip)and I see why cops train with it.
-More powerful than alot of AEGs.
-Don't buy and Echo 1 STAG Arms, get the best PISTOL for $10 more.
-Double stack hi-cap mag, AND IT CAN TAKE A FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(actua-
lly my brother dropped it TWICE ON CONCRETE?!)

Scares the day light out of pedestrians(loud and realistic lookin')
25rd clip
Nice rail
Cool thins you can do with hammer

Too powerful perhaps
SUCKS GAS, it's powerful like a Hummer, but expensive to maintain too
Outer barrel shoul really be metal

GREAT BUY BUT THE DISSASSEMBLY IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO PAINFULL (it took my foreever and I even balled for a bit thinking I just wasted $170)Pimp gun:D
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