KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by T. WOODWARD verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 10 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
After purchasing a Airsoft GI G4 for this website I decided to step up my arsenal and buy this gun. It has been the best Airsoft purchase of my life. This gun has never failed to preform and its durability is unparalleled by any gun on the market. All of the KWA's are built to out preform their competitors and I can tell you that from first hand experience that this gun is amazing! It has excellent accuracy (I replaced the stock barrel with a 6.01 JBU) and it can hit a target 1 foot in diameter every time at 50 yards and a target 3 feet in diameter at 150 yards. This gun is amazing, buy it!

-Incredible accuracy
-Incredible range
-Solid metal construction
-High quality plastic stock, hand-guard, and grip
-Extremely durable
-High quality sights

-Can be long for tight corners (CQB) but obviously it wasn't made for CQB
by T. BELL Date Added: Saturday 29 May, 2010
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Got this gun a couple days ago and couldn't wait to play a game with it. I am using a Tenergy 9.6v 4500mah battery large type. The large type fits perfect in the stock. The gun has absolute no wobble at all. No even a small wobble there is none. This thing is rock solid. Here is what happened in the game. The only thing I have to say is this gun killed all other guns that were on the field. IT IS AWESOME.

Rock Solid
No wobble
POWERFUL around ASGI chronoed mine at 426
RPS is amazing.
The STOCK- FOREGRIP-PISTOL GRIP are made of nylon injected fiber reinforced hard plastic. WILL NOT BREAK

It comes stock with a 6.05 barrel. Not that accurate for long distance. I got a 6 inch grouping at 30yds
by B. SANDERS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 05 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This was the second airsoft rifle I purchased after doing a lot of research. Very, very accurate. Lipo ready, thats nice to have the option with out upgrading. I used a 9.4v battery and the firing rate is more like the real thing. The lipo fires way faster, but does dominate the field. Depends on what you are looking for out of the gun. No problems out of the box and it even came with a cleaning rod. And man does it feal like the real thing and looks like it too.

Looks very nice, very real.
Made of good materials, very solid.
Firing distance is great
Fps is also great @ 350+

Didnt come with a manual so cleaning and breaking it down is going to be a learning curve for me.
by T. DEEGAN verified buyer Date Added: Friday 23 July, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
So I was looking for a gun that was going to last, shoot amazing, not break the bank, and just overall satisfy my craving for the realism of a M16, so I picked KWA and I will never regret that choice, they really are BUILT TO OUT PERFORM!

Shipping was fast and before I knew it I was holding The BEAST in my hands, my first impressions of this gun were that the thing literally looked like a real firearm and felt like one to and also I thought to myself, "Did some how I mess up my order with DPMS firearms and they just painted the birdcage orange and sent it straight to me." But then I gave myself a virtual mind slap and realized this thing IS a KWA after all, but it was more than I expected. Over all the externals on this gun are phenomenal and really make me proud, and the old nasty trades are gone and the new ones are really sweet, even the paint finish is amazing, the plastic parts also feel like the real thing and I am glad I got this instead of the other versions with RIS because I love the feel of the hand guard and of course it just makes you feel like you can go Rambo on anybody! NOTE: This gun can be fussy on mags but its not has bad as the older models.

The Internals also are amazing, but I am glad waited till the 2GX setup so the hop-up is better and the gearbox is more reinforced. Currently I am running a 9.6 volt 2000mah nun-chuck battery and G&G perfect grade 0.25 bb's with it and I love every second of it, I WOULD stick with a 9.6 instead of a 11.1 li-poly battery though because it eventually could kill the beast in time and we wouldn't want that to happen. The ROF for me with a 9.6 battery on this thing is still amazing with around 15bps and thatís good enough for me because I am holding a assault rifle not a mini-gun and who wants to spend SO much on bb's, not mee! The FPS is also amazing on this gun coming in around 407 FPS with 0.20 bb's, thatís insane and can EASILY shoot through the bottom of a pop can. This piece of awesomest even has a great trigger pull, nice selector switch click, amazing dust cover/charging handle metal sound, a fun non-functional bolt catch, and it even sounds great, (randomness) back to topic. The accuracy and distance on this gun is decent but not really what I want because I play field, I am not saying 150ft on a human target is bad but like we all say, I want more. But I can understand why KWA has only the 6.05 in it because with a tight bore in it they would have a bunch of retards sending the gun back saying that they were using Crossman bb's in it when all of a sudden it jammed so they preceded to use a harmless tree branch to try and unjam the barrel when it and the hop-up some how broke, smart ones. But I will say the accuracy isn't bad either cause I hit my friend at 120ft with it easily, (P.S. this is the friend who is Always trying to catch the bb's) but it made me proud when he couldn't even see them and he came out with a bunch of welts. He was trying to dodge the bb's on semi-auto but when full-auto came on a whole line of pain struck him and lets just say he wasn't doing much sitting the rest of the day. But to solve the accuracy and distance problem, again itís not that bad as I am making it sound, I am going to put a Prometheus 6.03 inner barrel and a Shredder H-nub in it to hopefully make me satisfied with this Beast! Sweeeeet!

Overall this gun is AMAZING and it will last me a very long time, this thing is just so awesome and I am like literally so impressed with the thing, I know it is pricy but trust me it is worth it-you get more than what you pay for. KWA is just an amazing brand that even goes through the hassle of making there guns look and even shoot like the real ones, I mean they even adjust the FPS to different models! Another thing to is that Tim should do a review on this BEASTLY gun, it is the shiz and it is awesome, I would not give this gun up for anything-even a llama.
Also: I own real firearms by the way and I know a lot about guns.

Amazing ROF
FPS is just Outstanding
Probably could deflect a Chuck Norris Round-House Kick
Solid as the real deal
Looks and feels like a M16
It will keep terrorists away
Nice trigger pull
Huge battery compartment
Nice Trade Marks
The paint Finish is real nice
Gnarly Iron sights
Itís a M16
Full stock is the BEST
Birdcage Flash hider is detachable (Not much Orange on it)
Stock has SOO much room
Amazing Internals (2GX Gear Box!)
It's a KWA, Duhhh

Can be heavy and awkward for some, get a KWA M4 than
BB hog, what do you expect though
Accuracy isn't amazing (again I'm used to the real deal firearms and a field guy)
Doesn't have a built in Microwave-maybe next year (I've heard rumors!)
You Don't have one, haha!
Isn't issued to every civilian!
Could be to much for some, it is a BEAST
Friends might not like you
by R. MORAN Date Added: Thursday 22 April, 2010
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is simply amazing KWA is simply amazing at wat they do. Their modo is Engineered to outperform. True DAT!!! Kwa totally demolishes any other company. My friend has a systema m4 and my kwa m16 shoots harder and faster than his and it is more solid than the systema.

I RECOMMEND KWA!!!! over any other brand in the world if you get a KWA you wont need anything else unless you want to get other stuff but if your gettin a side arm seriously either get KWA or if its to much look at the WE pistols

shoots like a beast with only a 9.6 v battery!!!

This company is a masterpiece ENGINEERED TO OUTPERFORM is their saying and they totaly meet that standard


KWA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
by R. BART verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 16 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Wow. I just received this gun yesterday and it is amazing. i also ordered the 5 mid cap king arms magazines and they work perfectly. i'm not a fan of the high cap that came with it, though. it doesn't feed well. maybe i got a bad one. I love this gun and it works great. great ROF with 9.6, and i also still have a lot of battery space. i use a 9.6 5000mah and it fits tight, but still fits. no need to sand or anything. the iron sights are pretty accurate too, i hit a soccer ball from 75 ft back to back no problem, and a basketball hoop POLE from about 80 feet 7/10 times. I LOVE the feel of this gun too.

Great ROF
LOTS of battery space
Orange tip doesn't show much
Feels amazing, i love the feel
Light trigger pull
Full Metal

Magazine that came doesn't feed that well
Stock is somewhat uncomfortable, not a big problem
Kind of heavy, but still easily maneuverable
Sometimes when i switch from auto to semi, it goes auto for 3 shots, then goes to semi. it's not a big problem though.
Integrated Front Sight

Overall :This gun is amazing and i have a feeling i will use it for a long time. great internals and outstanding externals. 5 stars definitely. i recommend this gun to anybody who wants accuracy and ROF at the same time.
by W. WIMMER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 05 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I just recieved this rifle for my 18th birthday. I play airsoft with about 8 other guys, 1 sniper, 6 submachine gunners, and a redneck with a couple of shotguns. Normally we play 4 on 4 but after the first game that's all gonna change. Probably at least 6 on 2. I bought a red/green dot sight for night play, and 8 mid cap magazines. I LOVE THIS RIFLE. It's identical to the actual M16A4 in use by the US Army in looks and in ergonomics with the exception of the nonfunctioning bolt catch, but that's no problem. Accuracy is acceptable for me because I like to stalk my targets. Selector switch works flawlessly. Feeds well. Very solidly built, if it weren't for the orange tip I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this and my real one. Gearbox sounds like the 4 horsemen of the apocolypse coming for you, very sweet. High rate of fire with a 9.6. Removable carry handle is great.

Well built
Upgrade potential, not that you need it for the internals
Sounds beautiful
Large battery compartment
Smooth selector switch
Hits very hard (425 with .2)
It's an M16

Slightly heavy, but if youi can't hack it hit the gym
accuracy and hop up could be a little better but BUY THIS GUN BEFORE YOUR OPFORCE DOES!
by T. STEW Date Added: Tuesday 12 January, 2010
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this gun local a year ago and one word. AMAZING shoots strong, accurate as hell, fast ROF, high ROF (better then my bros kwa m4 with 10.8V when its at 9.6V)

some good things are solid handle grip, high cap mag over 450 rounds, solid metal body stock is all plastic but stronger then ANY metal crane stock and lighter to can hold ANY battery I have seen so far from 9 SC celled crane stock batteries (HUGE) to normal 8 celled 9.6V even with its slandered internal barrel I can hit a can back to back from 100ft with .25 bbs (recommend .25-.28 ) its motor is strong but raspy and loud and its cylinder hits hard a nice ported systema head like the silent systema ported piston head would probably fix that.

Strong FPS around 415 (consistent)
High ROF (I pull the trigger at a 5 round burst easy maybe past 20rps)
Accurate (cans at a 100ft never stood a chance with .25 single or full auto)
Sturdy (gun is solid)
Hop up (good but a newer upgrade for $10 will make it MUCH better)
Motor (aside from ROF the motor is strong in place and good for single fire or full auto)

Motor whine (is loud and sounds unhealthy for the gun)
Cylinder crack (when the cylinder gos forward its a loud hit also unhealthy for the gun)
by C. DEVORE Date Added: Sunday 24 January, 2010
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is by far the best gun i have evr used. I purchased this, then had the team at gi put in better gears, and a lower fps spring. This gun is incredable. I can get out plenty of rounds with my 4200 mah 9.6. I took this to my local airsoft field, Jerico Pendleton, and destroyed the other team. Pew... headshot is what happened all day long. i took out 3 guys, 150 ft away or so with just a couple bursts. If you have the money, get this gun.

very accurate
shoots FAST
looks great,
feels great
supports li-po
battery is easy to put in and take out, even a 9.6
its just a good, solid gun

heavy with or without a 9.6
expensive but worth it.
by C. ROARK Date Added: Monday 15 February, 2010
For: KWA KM16 Battle Rifle 2GX AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
wow, u can tell KWA put a lot of effort making these models,
there is absolutley no wobble(exept mag wobble). the gun is very sturdy, and also light wiegt(well for me at least, im used to carrying around a 10 lb L85) flash hider is removable easly to add a siclencer.

FPS(chronoed adv. at 431fps)
very balanced
can use any m16/m4 mag
ALOT of battery space (i use a 9.6v 5000mah)
ROF!!!! 17 BPS ON A 9.6V!!!!
full metal
very intimidating

hopup was kinda loose so i had to screw it in tighter (thats what he said)
sometimes goes full on semi if the selector is not exactly on semi
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