Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
[03812 / AE-5868-MAG-E]
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by S. KEIZER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 04 November, 2013
verified buyer
For: Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
Product Information:
This mag is definitely a Chinese produced product. The amount of plastic in it is slightly obsessive. It worked well for probably about 3-4 months of before problems started to ensue. It slowly fell apart in the following months. The battery also had a different type of connector, im not sure but it sure was not a taminya so I was forced to use the wall charger that came with it. It worked great for the 4 months but after that it went downhill fast. I would recommend spending more and getting more use out of a magazine.

Worked reliably and nearly flawlessly for 4 months or so
neat looking straps on the mag makes it look like you stacked mags
cool looking bullets! 5.56 baby
Plenty of ammo
Lets you shoot a lot more people faster than ever

Fell of a cliff in terms of operating correctly after those 4 months
Pieces of plastic started to break off inside the mag and jam the gears. I pulled out a lot of plastic before it stopped for good.
Wiring was junk. the soldering job was junk
Battery is proprietary and very hard to fit into the gun
by J. PEGGINS verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 17 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
Product Information:
Mag works great, but it should be noted that the sound activation doesn't always work. If your gearbox is quieter, you run a polarstar, or your mag isn't right up next to your gearbox (e.g. p90 box mag users), then you'll probably have to use on/off to wind this mag.

Otherwise though, no problems, and the extra rounds are great.

-Auto-winding is great compared to having to re-wind if the spring unreels
-1000 Rounds in a more realistic container (as opposed to the fat high caps with normal mag tops and wider bottoms)
-Fake bullets are a nice touch.

-Fake bullets can make it easier to mistake your airsoft gun for real steel, so be extra careful and keep it stowed if not on the field.
-Microphone may not trigger winding depending on usage (read above)
by D. JACKSON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 11 May, 2013
verified buyer
For: Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
Product Information:
First and foremost, I must say that this magazine has performed much better than I have anticipated for the price. I'm not sure if they changed around the design or what since the other reviews, but I have no idea what they mean by "Holding down the winding button", or how some reviews say you need to remove the fake bullets to load the other clip...

This magazine has a switch on the bottom that is "Off" when it is in the center. When it is switched to the right, the magazine continuously loads itself, even if it's full. (I suppose this is for heavy automatic fire, or for reloading when you choose so yourself) Switching it to the left seems to load the magazine only when it needs to be wound (Most of the time before it ever shoots a blank).

It loads from the top like any standard high capacity magazine, and the door snaps shut very securely. (I love it)

In case it wasn't obvious, there's a wheel at the bottom of the magazine for manual winding, so if your battery dies on you, or if you just forget to charge it, you still have a stylish, very high capacity mag. I charged it for 30 minutes when I first got it, and I was able to take it out and shoot it dry with no sign of the battery dying.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase, and I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an electric high cap mag.

- I've never had a misfire as long as I've had enough BB's loaded. (More than a few left)

- Winds itself rather well. After you flip the switch you can forget all about winding.

- The fake bullets look rather nice. (They feel fake as hell, but they look fantastic)

- The BB Loading door secures very well.

- A bit noisy. No big deal at all, but if you want to sneak around, I suggest turning this puppy off, and winding it yourself.
by N. EAGLE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 05 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
Product Information:
First off, id like to say..... This mag looks Bad A** on the gun.
The bullets are very realistic. They look real. If you look real close you can see some tiny imperfections. But hardly noticeable.

Now for performance.
It performs well in my JG m4 s-system. Put it on semi and you can fire until your empty. Put it on auto and will notice it will shoot about 5-10 bbs and then start dry-firing.... This is because while shooting the gun on auto mode, you have to hold the winding button down for the mag. I didn't know this at first. So switching the gun to auto and holding the winding button down on the mag, will let you fire as many times as you want with hardly any mis-feeds.

Mine came fine, working right after I charged the battery. I did not have any bad wire connection problems like others have said.

In general, this mag is well worth the money if your looking for a ULTRA high capacity magazine..... with super kick a** looks.

-Looks awesome!!!
- Feeds well
- 1,000 rounds.... lasts a lot longer than you would think.
- Fires perfect on semi.
- Good for the cost

I got a black flash hider for my gun.... and everything looks real. And with this magazine. This thing looks crazy-real. You gotta be careful, my neighbors thought it was real. Luckily they are cool.

None really.... just the fact that you have to hold the winding button down while firing in AUTO mode to keep the bbs feeding. (which is how it was made to work, so its not really a con... just kinda wish that you didn't have too. The only way to solve this, would be to get a sound control mag.... which is like double / almost triple the cost of this mag)
by C. KEYSER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 24 October, 2008
verified buyer
For: Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
Product Information:
Ok I'm giving this 3/5 stars because when I got this mag it was in non working condition.

What I had to do:
1. Take it apart. The wiring in the side with the fake bullets was HORRIBLE.
2. I had to rewire the whole thing because the wire in there were out of the casings.
3. Buy a new power button.

After some rewiring, soldering and a little TLC I got the mag working.

Now the mag works wonderfully and allows my girlfriend to fire madly at anything that moves.

- Cool looking when in mag well.
- Nice feature of pushing a button to wind up hands free.
- Feeds great.
- Looks realistic, mag that is inserted into the gun is metal, but other side is plastic.

- Worse wiring I have ever seen in my life.
- Electronic internals are very poor.
- The button was nothing but a copper tapplet on the bottom of the button to make the electrical connection, it was broke when received.
- Taking apart the electrical side of the mag is a pin, you have to seperate the two plastic pieces with a knife and be careful not to break anything, then it will come apart.
- Fake bullet sliding door is a pain, very hard to pull back.
by N. BENTON verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 05 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
Product Information:
just got the mag a week or so ago. like it, because it holds a ridiculous amount. only thing is that i didnt know that you have to push the fake bullets back to load the second clip. the normal clip only holds half of the BBs. everything is great, it just doesnt seem to feed well. ( i am also using a systema magnum, so i do have a high rate of fire, but i still shouldn't be haveing to press the winding button so often...)

holds a lot of BBs
battery lasts a long time
saves a ton of time from hand winding normal mags

doesnt seem to feed to well, when i put it on auto fire, i have to hold the winding button down to keep BBs feeding into the gun, otherwise it will start to missfire a lot. (help anyone?????)
second mag is made from a different material and is painted a slightly different color, pretty noticeable from up close
by C. ANDREWS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 31 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
Product Information:
This dual magazine is AWESOME! When mine arrived, there was a broken wire inside. Being a tinkerer, I didn't get PO'd, I took it apart an made a simple repair. J. Martin's comment about a screw-head broken off isn't quite right. The flathead screw in the center is actually a long screw holding the halves together. Where the screw appears broken off on the front it is really a threaded insert. I am thinking about putting a short screw there on the available threads just so it doesn't LOOK like a broken screw.

I have used mine for a couple of weeks now on a JG M4 Enhanced S-System, and it works great! When I first used it I had a few misfires, but I sprayed a little silicone lube down the feed-tube and it works fine with no misfires.

I think the dummy bullets look good enough.

Very high ammo capacity.
Looks very impressive.
Feeds well (use a little silicone).
Easy to use and insert into the receiver (on my gun at least).
Battery charge lasts a LONG time.

Received with a broken wire (no biggie to me)
by J. MARTIN verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 29 July, 2008
verified buyer
For: Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
Product Information:
Not really a quality review as I have only owned this for an hour, but since it is new:
This does not fit well in my echo1 HK416.
I pushed it up and got it to feed - actually I got it to fit in I'll bet. I'm glad I tried it again. The screws in the front and back are two Phillips on the bottom, flat head on the top back and missing on the front top (looks to have broke off) The screws all have rust. The bullets look good (maybe the other guy is looking at the primers?)

The mag that fits in the gun looks exactly like my echo mags so I just tried it again and it snapped in perfectly. I opened up the spare side (plastic by the way) and put some BBs in it. This time it did well. I thought I noticed a misfire but I'm not sure. It did dry fire near the end because the bottom inside is flat and I had the gun leaned away from the feeding hole. tilt and a push of the button and I was back in business. Something to think about when it is low. I had also held the button down and fired 900 straight the first time. I put in a 9.6 battery and got it to misfire 4 or 5 times unloading a full mag

It winds up really fast and the button to wind it is very conveniently located in the front middle of the spare mag. There is also a manual winder on the bottom but you can tell you are spinning the motor too.

So it winds fast
holds 1000 or so, Either way I'm not counting
Does feed well (not sure what I did the first time)
Fake bullets do look nice (if you are into that)

Plastic construction on the 'spare' side
rusty screws (not that appearance is important to me or I would dock it)
when you pull the bullet back to open the well on that side the plastic looks like it is about to come apart but it is supposed to I think.
by E. BRIMBERRY Date Added: Thursday 24 July, 2008
For: Battle Axe M4/M16 1000 rd. AEG High Capacity Electric Box Magazine (Black)
Product Information:
This mag is nice but the only problem is the bullets look very fake up close. About ten feet away it looks very real. If a cop saw you with your barrel blackened He would probley tazer you or whip out his glock and scream an ironic line.

Metal, real, nice feed.

Fake up close
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