Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
[03797 / M56A]
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by K. LUTTRELL Date Added: Wednesday 10 March, 2010
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
when i first bought this gun, i thought it was amazing. i love shotguns, and while airsofting i would dominate using this gun against my friends' AEGs. It was an awesome gun up until about 4 months after i bought it
Eventually, instead of loading 3 bbs at a time, the gun started loading 6 bbs into the chamber ever time i pumped it. the resulting shot would be extremely inaccurate and would barely go 50 feet before hitting the ground. I tried everything i could to fix this problem but with no luck. after a while i finally emailed airsoftgi to ask what the problem was and how i could fix it. the guy who responded just happned to have this gun as well and said the same thing happened to him and it wasnt something u could fix

When it worked:
- very accurate
- high fps for a shotgun
- durable
- fun

After it broke:
- nothing

wears out after a while and startes shooting anywhere between 4-7 bbs at once instead of 3. cant fix it
by E. CALLISON verified buyer Date Added: Friday 12 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
okay so i got this gun like a week ago, and i love it! i had a utg M87 that sucked compared to this. the triple shot action really does work great, when you fire you get a tight triangle of bbs and it is very accurate. also, since its 3 barrels, it has 3 diff cylinders i think (im not sure) but it shoots really hard, whoever gets hit will know.

you can also choose how many bbs you want to shoot in multiples of 3, just half rack the pump, and shoot a cluster of 3, 6, 9, 0r even 12 bbs if you want for a real nice spread

this is a great cqb shotgun, be sure to get extra shells, i bought extra shells, a velcro patch shell holder, and the OE tech shotgun scabbard

airsoftgi is the best place to buy airsoft everything, i would never buy anything from another website unless airsoftgi didnt carry the item
there is no rail on this one like on the retractable stock version

shoots hard as hell
triple shot action is perfect
shells look cool
iron sights
reloads easily
locking pump
adjustable sling mount

no rail, but you dont really need it
only comes with one shell
racking the pump will give you a good workout because it has a strong spring, or maybe multiple springs, i dont know yet because i havent disassembled it
by W. SMITH Date Added: Sunday 24 January, 2010
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This weapon is great. The best model in Double Eagle M3 series. It is a 3 shot spread gun and is great for CQB. I am an avied airsoft player and my team does exercises when we do breach and clear small buildings that we made out of some old wood on our playing field. My primary weapon is an Echo 1 M16 also a great weapon. I cant use this weapon because it is too long. So when i get into CQC i pull out this shotgun. It has gotten plenty of kills and i have had it for two years. It was my first airsoft gun that wasent from walmart. it shoots about 350 and has an accurate range of about 70 feet. All you need for CQC. Great Weapon.

Shoots 350
Medium Distance
Feels good when you hold it
Good pump action
Great side arm and CQB weapon
Obberates very realistic
3 shot spread

Plastic but good plastic
by N. HOXWORTH verified buyer Date Added: Tuesday 09 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is great for the price tag. sure its mostly platic, but its surprisingly durable and has no body flex to it. It doesnt have tremendous range, but its groupings are torso sized up to id say 70 to 80 feet. well beyond the neccessity of cqb. Makes a great secondary weapon for woodland also, but wouldnt use it as primary in woodland. All in all, you cant go wrong with this one for $50. Great buy

Good grips
decent range (its a shotty, not askin for much)
realistic shells are fun
3 burst is a killer up close
sling is decent and hold this well
light weight (pro or con)
extra shells are cheap

mostly plastic
light weight (pro or con)
range (not needed if using its intended roll)
thats it, and i was bein picky
by T. NUZUM verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 11 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have owned this gun for a little more than a year now, and it is the only airsoft gun I do own. Although this gun is almost all plastic, it is extremely durable. On my way to my first game with it, I had it strapped to my back as I was riding my motorcycle. The extra strap came unwrapped and got caught in my tire; the strap broke but the gun was fine (somehow I caught it before it hit the road while riding my motorcycle doing 60). The first game I got owned as I was facing only two other guys and they had AEG's. After I got used to the fact that I could shoot this gun accurately at ~100ft (I use .20 high grades) I tore up my friends. After more than 50 engagements, I have only broken the slide lock (the pump does not lock after I have already cocked the gun). I consistently score as many or more kills than my friends with their $200+ AEG's. The thing to remember is to play towards the gun; don't charge an AEG head on, move quietly, stay low, and get close enough to get a good shot. This 3bb gun is especially useful in hitpoint games because I still only have to hit my enemy once. So, if you want to go charging straight up the middle of a firefight and not get out a lot, then get an AEG, but if you are content with sneaking around and scaring the living daylights out of someone, then get this gun.

-If used correctly, it tears up the field
-Makes a very good primary weapon

-Cheap sling (oh well)
by P. NORMAN Date Added: Wednesday 03 February, 2010
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
AWSOME gun! got it about a couple weeks ago. its been very durable and powerful. i play at an indoor CQB place, it was extremely effective as a secondary and even as a primary weapon. you must keep track of ammunition remaining however.

-all three are accurate and close together
-good grip
-CQB effective
-stock --- fits in shoulder well, durable, despite being plastic
-comes with a speed loader
-sling ---most dislike this, but it works well for flipping around from my side or back if kept nice and short.
-hasn't jammed once, very good for a multi-shot spring

-ammunition ---you have to keep track. you dont want to have a bead on the enemy and fire only for sound to go off and alert them, but not shoot.
-sling -- yes, its good, but it's one downside is it makes it difficult to switch arms (a near necessity for CQB), but simply not wearing it is always an option. you can also keep this as primary, very effective.
by R. ELIASON Date Added: Monday 07 December, 2009
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
a great gun for its cheap price (i went and paid $70 at a store for this), and comes with a speed loader, one shell, and an okay sling. the pump action gives a feel of power like no other (that i've seen), and just the sound of the pump has made peopl surrender to me (lol). i would say the fps is around 280~300 (a bit lower than advertised), but the three bb's make up for the lacking power. SLAM FIRE IS NOT RECCOMENDED DUE TO IT BEING HARD ON THE SPRING, BUT YOU CAN DO IT. my best shot is about 100 feet (keep in mind it is a cqc weapon). at 50 feet, i get ~ 1 foot spread with .2's, but the bb's seem to like to spread in a vertical pattern. the externals are all plastic (the plastic hasn't broken yet, but its a bit flimsy feeling), excluding the trigger and sling points (metal), with a nice rubber finish on the pump and the pistol grip. the sights are painted white, which is amazing for quick aim. finally, the magazine give you ten shots onkly, so GET MORE SHELLS!!! this will serve you well for any close quarters situation you can get into.

Realistic pump action and evil sound :)
realistic shells
quick aim sights
rubber finish where it counts
slam fire. (don't go too crazy with it)
sling points are adjustable ( for lefty and righty)

plastic (but still sturdy)
realistic shells (low ammo capacity, sorry hi cap noobs)
slightly lower fps (hard to notice)
by H. MCILRATH verified buyer Date Added: Monday 23 November, 2009
verified buyer
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this gun is ok. it shoots fine and all but i hate the plastic. it seems so cheap when i hold it.
i don't know what peaple are talking about when they say the pump is really hard to pump, im 14 and im not really strong, and it's super easy.

fun to shoot
spring loader (although it's cheap)
cool shell (looks almost just like my real 12 gauge)
comes with 1200 bb"s, if you order from g.i. (their cheap also)

plastic, feels cheap
cheap sling
by C. ROARK Date Added: Tuesday 20 October, 2009
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this shotgun is larger than it looks. it has incredible range even with a velocity of only 320fps.
his shotgun has a great spread. it doessnt spread dramaticly, but u can hit a 6 inch pie tin with all of the 3 bullets from 50 feet. ive had this gun for 5 months. i got it from airsoftmegastore (sry airsoftgi)

doesnt jam hasnt once
good feeding of shells
perfect for cqb

very hard to cock (u get used to it after a week or so)
sling is gay
by B. MILLER Date Added: Monday 12 October, 2009
For: Double Eagle M3 Full Stock Multi-Shot Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I was quite impressed when i got this. This gun actually came better packaged than any AEG i have gotten before and i had a bit of a time getting it out of the packaging because it was so tight in there. Came as you would expect, gun, cheap sling (dont use), cheap bbs (dont use), unjamming rod, and a nice little surprise: a speedloader that you can use! The rubberized grips and butt plate are a very nice touch that make holding and using the gun just that much more comfortable. The shells are a very nice idea and well made. Very handy and feel better than shotguns that use magazines. Because it uses shells, reloading is simplified as well, not to mention that you dont get 1 or 2 BBs left over like you would with a magazine. My initial tests were .2g bbs and i was getting 1-3 feet spreads, i took the gun to my local CQB field for its combat test and bought .25g bbs there, and i have to say .25s are AMAZING with this gun. You get good range and a tight grouping, i got one guy from about 40 ft away and it looked like he had a triforce on his arm. Breaching and clearing is VERY VERY fun with this gun as well and i was more than happy to be on point. I couldnt be happier with this gun. As far as cocking goes, you need to get used to it. At first i had a little trouble with cocking but after the springs settle in and you get used to pumping it, you will have no trouble cocking in game. The same goes for swapping shells, a bit of a pain at first but becomes second nature. The sights are good standard peg and slot sights. Very easy to line up and its an added bonus that they are whited out, making them even easier to line up for great accuracy. The weight is another plus, because its so light, you can maneuver around corners and around a CQB environment without hassle. This is about the size of an AK 47, and i tried to maneuver with the AK 47 like i do with this and its a no-go, because the AK 47 is a good deal heavier, I cant move it around as easy or as fast as i can with this. This is an AMAZING CQB gun and i would recommend it to all my friends. Its cheap and it does its job VERY well.

A. Mattson, its a good thing this shoots low, you can use it for CQB and if it shot harder you wouldnt be able to cock it as it uses 3 springs, it has a hard pump with weaker springs, think of it with harder ones.

Rubberized grips
Whited out sights
Great CQB gun
Shoots spot on for CQB
Shells are cheap but well built

Shell release is rigid, hurts when done a lot w/o gloves.
Need more shells
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