JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
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by M. DIZON verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 18 July, 2015
verified buyer
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
I bough this airsoft gun for the first time because I like to inmitate the one on the anime called "Golgo13" but his M16's is A2 variant though. But it ok I like to add some accessorries and optics too. Plus there is positive and negative review but I dont care(no offense). I like what bought for myself.

-Alot of space for accessorries and optics(maybe crane stock too)
-Realistic weight
-It shoot hight FPS 400 avg with 0.20 g bbs
-Good build(I didnt look internally 'cause dont wanna mess up what inside)
-It can upgrade externally and internally(if you are good at upgrading internally but i would some on externally)

-Hard to put in and take out the battery without damaging the wiring on the battery itself
-outer barrel kinda wobble a bit(but I fix the problem without the use of special wrench just adjustable vise grip can do the job properly)
-some minor bbs jam while in semi auto but also fix by swtiching to full auto.
by A. R. Date Added: Tuesday 26 May, 2015
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
I bought this as my first airsoft rifle because of all the positive reviews and people saying that it was "such a good gun for beginners." However, I must caution against buying this gun.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this gun to anyone, especially beginners. This rifle has far too many technical problems and design flaws to make it a viable option on the field. If you are set on buying it, be sure you have plenty of spare parts :P

The Good:
-Good, sturdy plastic. The only part of this gun that's full metal is the inner barrel.
-Very high FPS (chronos in at 350-370 with .25's)
-TIght spread
-Good auto and semi firing; I've had little to no problems with misfires or jams
-Very nice iron sights. Classic M16, nothing special, but almost dead accurate.

-This gun is fairly hefty. This can be good for realism purposes, but not as practical in the field.
-Very long. I'd classify this more as a con (as shown below), but it's generally the biggest AR on my field.
-This gun is NOT a DMR. Sure, you can upgrade it and make it one, but I wouldn't recommend it. Not worth the money. It's still a very effective gun at range although it doesn't have sniper-like precision.

Major Issues:
-Horrible, terrible internal stock design. The biggest issue with this gun by far is the shoddy electrical connections between the gearbox and the battery. I had to open the gun on 4 separate conditions to re-tape the connections. As I played, the giant battery would shake around and knock the wiring loose. I finally cut the connectors (and with the help of a friend) soldered the damn things together.
-Very long bolt that runs the length of the stock wobbles. It's a constant pain and is really the only thing keeping the stock attached to the main body of the gun.
-This gun is HUGE. Don't even think that you're gonna be making quick maneuvers with this beast. Let your friends clear buildings and support them from behind. There's no way you can use this gun for CQB as that would require a gearbox downgrade for the FPS; besides, the thing's far to big for close quarters in general.

Minor, Issues:
-The sling mounts on my gun are very loose and make a clanking noise when running. Can be fixed with a little tape.
-Inner barrel curve. I have a constant right curve on my gun. I took it apart and re-aligned the gearbox. That seemed to fix most of the problem, but it still hooks ever so slightly to the right.
-Battery that comes with the gun is obviously terrible. Cheap, Chinese ni-cad. It lasted for a while but I would highly recommend investing in a new battery and smart charger.
-Wobbly plastic rail on the bottom of the barrel. Any foregrips attached will wobble as well.
by W. HEALY Date Added: Friday 26 December, 2014
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
Wonderful rifle, really. Feels solid, high rate of fire, high FPS, and supports attachments. Definitely recommend.

Rate of fire
Feels good
Supports attachments
Looks great
Comes with battery

FPS is too high for my local Airsoft fields
by R. ROURKE verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 15 February, 2014
verified buyer
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
When i purchased this gun it was to start airsoft (because i already had a pistol and needed one step up). It is an AMAZING GUN! Most of the gun is metal and holds together really nice. As this is my first AEG i was wowed by everything this gun had to offer.

- Shoots at a high FPS good for field, or a larger CQB field
- nice realistic feel
- long gun with large RIS rails
- FULL metal - barely any parts other than the stock are polymer
- nice grip when holding the gun
- working charging handle with hopup underneath
- perfect low-price
- basically everything about this gun is perfect

- Heavy gun (not so bad if you attach a sling)
- the plastic rail pieces that come with the gun are a tad hard to put on and pull off
- if in a small CQB field you may find it hard to move around because its suck a realistic, and long gun
- battery compartment is kinda small if you put the wires in the wrong way, other wise its fine
by S. KEIZER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 04 November, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun almost 4 years ago and it was my first gun that was an AEG so this gun was my entry into more "advanced" airsoft. Its a cheep gun, actually the price has risen 9 dollars since in bought it, damn the inflation. I do not own this weapon anymore but it and parts of it are still floating around my airsoft group, a testimony to its reliable durability. its was and still is a good gun for its price.

FPS is good, right around the estimate on GIs website
Nice Marine Corps M16A4 feel
Lots of rail space
Big battery compartment
Durable weapon, lasts a long time

Battery its packaged with is junk, little surprise there, did not last very long
Rails are pot metal and heavy, a little clunky
After a couple months the rails twisted along the barrel axis so poor mounting there
ROF was a little slow. Internal upgrades fixed that
by M. LUJAN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 26 September, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
ok so any bad reviews you hear about this gun are probably from players who have a really high end guns and wanted to try a budget gun or the were messed up during shipping..
now with that being said first off the gun looks great for being a plastic body is very solid n with the full stock its firm the rails are a tad bit wobbly but it's hardly noticeable internals are extremely good it could use a shim job because the gear box is a little noisy but that's not a downfall mine average is at 412 feet per second the reins on this is a nominal I can hit a man-sized target from a hundred fifty feet every time and when you put on a optical or scope you should never met

accurate from a hundred and fifty feet with .25
the mag feeds extremely well
hi FPS/con for cqb
looks amazing
built well / very solid
range is phenomenal

I have yet to find one if I come across one I will definitely let you know I guess the only downfall is the battery is kind of tight but with that being said it doesn't move when your moving so its,a pro for stealth
by A. LOZANO verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 13 July, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
I owned this gun fir about a month now and it is a really good gun for people who are just getting into airsoft. I would recommend this if you are looking for a good deal with great quality.

You can take the carrying handle off and put a sight on it
Its full metal except for the body part
Great fps (400)
Not many problems with the mag

It wobbles a bit in the front so i guess suggesting on getting a metal body for it sometime
The battery is a big pain to get in
I would HIGHLY recommend getting new fuses just in case. My fuse blew out within a month and during that month I only used about 3-5 times
by T. HOAG verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 13 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
This was my first gun so I took great care of it and after Maybe 5 games something internally made the gun jam. So I clean out the barrel check for possibly mud in the barrel while playing and try to fire it again the gun fires but the bb doesn't come out again ,jammed -_- I tried this many times with the same outcome. For the price I don't recommend this gun it would be worth it if it wouldn't have broke b4 this it worked great.

Good first gun, accurate mid distance, large mag, Good battery, comes with charger,cheap

Breaks easy (suprizingly typical for full metal guns), bit heavy, deffinately front heavy, rattles not completely sturdy
by A. DEMARR verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 16 March, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
Great Gun! Not much of a writer so Ill get right to pros vs. cons :)

(For the record, the picture makes it look like there is a grey body on this weapon, there is not. All very solid BLACK ABS plastic. Also It was very hard to decide to give this gun 4 or 5 stars. It needs a little bit of aftermarket items like new mags and random stuff like that to give it 5 stars, but I feel its better than 4, I WISH THEY WOULD ADD HALF STARS 4.5 etc.)

Great Range
Solid RoF
Great Build
Full Metal RIS
Comes with everything you need to "Get out and Play"

Slight Rail Wobble (Hardly Noticeable)
Mag has some trouble feeding, I'm getting Mid caps to rectify this situation.
by H. TORRES verified buyer Date Added: Monday 15 April, 2013
verified buyer
For: JG F6620 M16A4 DMR RIS Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun Enhanced Version (Black)
Product Information:
After a year I had with this gun, it's the best airsoft gun I owned. I would highly recommend this rifle to any airsoft assault rifleman. It's sheer power took out my opponent's tooth, luckily we weren't in an actual airsoft game. First of all it shot 410 Feet Per Second. Next, it's lightweight because of the of plastic this gun is mostly made of. This gun is very accurate at medium to long ranges it also looks very intimidating. It is very easy to upgrade and is compatible with most gun parts and goes extremely with my spec ops camo. I did notice the fuse burnt out fast. The biggest issue I found was the 1500 mAh battery was quite crappy and finally the R.I.S wobbles slightly.

- Shoots 410 FPS
- Lightweight
- Extremely accurate
- Looks extremely menacing
- Can be easily upgraded both internally and externally
- Goes well with my spec ops black camo

- Fuse gave out quick (recommend purchasing a few extras)
- Mostly ABS plastic (such as the receivers, stock, carrying handle, and flash suppressor)
- Low NiCad battery life
- The Rail Interface System slightly wobbles
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