CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by B. MCLAUGHLIN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 07 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This was my first airsoft gun I saw it had high fps and really cheap with great reviews so I bought it. It shot great for 2 days and then shot every 10 shots. The magazine was the problem and so I used my friends magazine whcih had worked for years and it broke it within a half hour. I bought 2 more magazines which both broke within a week. My sight then broke off without any sort of pressure. This could not possibly be my fault because I that many magazines that fast. I even used my friends ak and the mags have still not broken. If you are reading this review for the love of god do not buy this gun. It is to bad I cannot rate it lower than one star

48 hours of function!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here goes...

It has cost me nearly 100 dollars in mags

My friends have nicknamed it the mag breaker.

The rear sling mount is like an alarm that warns enemies I am coming

The sights broke off

The battery is hard to get in

Semi Automatic doesn't work

Fully automatic shoots about one in ten shots (because of mag)

Trigger jams on semi automatic

THe working parts on the gun are the stock and the barrel
by B. HALE verified buyer Date Added: Friday 05 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I have played with this gun for a little bit and so far it has been reliable and has worked great in combat. If you are a beginner then I recommend this gun but more experenced players might get bored quick. This gun shoots a great muzzle velocity and has a good ROF. The only thing I have a problem with is that the magazine release lets the magazine wiggle around WAY to much when put in. Overall a very good gun for the price. If you have a little more money go for a more expensive CYMA.

Great FPS
The gun is nice and long for field play and folds down for CQB
Nice ROF

Wiggly magazine
No rails :(
by P. PECK verified buyer Date Added: Monday 22 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
First off, this gun was backordered for me and I was kinda mad at that. But, when it came in and I opened it up, it looked AMAZING, and that made up for it 100%! When you take the orange tip off it looks just like the real thing! The 400 fps will leave a pretty decent welt, especially since my friends and I play in the summer with only t-shirts on. One of my friends' welts had blood in the center of it! I have to say the full metal body won't disappoint. The only thing is that the metal cover on the battery is a little wobbly. The stick battery fits just about perfectly into the slot though.

Looks real! Nice power and firing speed. Orange tip was easy to take off, just boil some water, leave the pan on the burner to keep the water hot and put the tip of the gun in it for about 30 seconds, then use some needle-nose pliers and it pulls right off. Just be careful of the steam! careful not to get it into the electronic parts. I recomend putting a towel around that area so as not to ruin the gun.

Magazine feels like plastic. The adjustable hop-up is a little hard to slide and hard to find. The instructions aren't very good, they have typos and half of it is in chinese which pissed me off because I hate foreign writing.
by L. PITTMAN verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 18 February, 2010
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
All I can say is this gun kicks butt. The weight is almost identical to a real AK. It feels like your holding a real AK. It has good FPS (mine chroned at 410), and a good rate of fire. The price isn't that bad for a full metal AK. The only thing I can say bad about it is the place to attach the sling to the stock, it swings around and makes a lot of noise. Thats not really a big deal but it will get on your nerves after a while. There is a little mag and stock wobble but its not really all that bad either. Overall I would say this is the perfect gun for begginers.

Weight is realistic
good FPS(mine shoots at 410)
Good rate of fire
amazingly realistic looking

A little mag and stock wobble
the sling attachment point on the sock swings around and makes a lot of noise
by B. SEYFERT verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 20 June, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun a week ago, and already had my first airsoft war with it. I know alot about AEG's already i just never really bought a gun. I would HIGHLY reccomend this over any other ak form this site, i looked at all the ak's here and this seems to be the best for the price. I was messing around with my friend to see how accurate it was, so i knew how accurate it was and everything, but my friend didn't. So i bet him 10$ i could hit a can 80 ft away with a burst shot. he lost his money. and this thing is a beast. I chroned it at about 430fps. The stock is made out of full metal, the butt of the ridle it is bent to make a U-shape kind of inside, so the top and bottom of the butt is sorta hollow. I really like it because of the way it's bent. It makes it different from the rest of the ak's. Some people might not like the fact that it doesn't have raisl for add-ons. I don't mind though because I don't plan on pimping it out. Some of the reviews say the battery compartment is hard to release, but to me it is very easy. It takes a little getting used to for the first few days, then you understand the trick to it. This gun does scratch fairly easily, but as long as you take care of it your fine. the butt of the rifle can fold into the gun for easy storage or for one-handed ownage. the handgrip on this rifle is very nice. all metal with studs on each side for good grip. Even thought (if you plan on ordering this) it doesn't come with a sling, there is attachments for a sling, they are very sturdy and reliable as well, they are practily part of the gun. its not likt one of the key-chain kind of sling attachments. I loce this gun and if you plan on buying this, make sure you read the other reviews as well.

excellent rate of fire approx 600/min
can fit a much larger battery withing the compartment
awesome accuracy
bitchin fps (430)
butt folds inward
adjustbale hop up
full metal
can fit larger battery
looks pretty cool
good handgrip
sling attachments are reliable
front sight adjusts up/down

no rails for add-ons
scratches pretty easily.
magazine is plastic (but its still pretty reliable)
by J. DOOGE verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 06 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I've had this gun for about two months and it's great. It fires hard and extremely accurate. Although, it does have a smaller battery, it still lasts long enough. The only problem with my clip is that I have to constantly scroll the bottom of it to fire constantly or it doesn't fire. I just ordered a rear scope mount for this gun, and I just hope it's good. I suggest one. I love this gun though, it dominates.

Fast and accurate
Good FPS
Mostly Metal
Great looks
Folding Stock

Battery Protector is sort of hard to remove
Smaller Battery
Bad clip
Can't seem to remove the flash hider
by C. CUNOV verified buyer Date Added: Monday 16 February, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
OK now that ive had this gun for a a week or so i think i should re write my review. This thing is allright until it starts jamming which i dont get because the first day right out of the box this thing was all i could think about. Now i cant stand to look at this peice of crap.Everyone else had really good thiings to say about this thing but i think i got a defective one it says 400 fps mine goes 370 .
I really would not suggest buying this product.

shoots hard and hits targets until it jams then you are a open target for 30 mins
looks good

gun jams frequently on both single and automatic
my mag falls out here and there
batery cover hard to get off
once it jams i have a hard time un-jamming it
by G. CALME verified buyer Date Added: Friday 16 January, 2009
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this thing is beast i bought it a couple weeks before christmas as a gift to myself and i love it! its 380 fps out of the box. its full metal exept for the grips and mag which are abs plastic and very sturdy
the foldable stock is really nice too it is just like the real thing! good rof (800 somethin) the battery cover is hard to get off tho. the rear sight is adjustable the battery fits great too. it weighs like 8 pounds and is very accurate. great price. its the best gun u can get for the price!!!
the internals are all metal and very sturdy! its soooo accurate i can hit a tetherball pole(2inches wide) like 50 feet away from my deck with 1 shot!!!! the hop up is behind the slide and it works great i can float .2's like 130 ft before they change direction.
it also came in 10 days with free shippin (thanks asgi) it came with 100 bbs, american charger,1100mah 8.4v stick,an unjamming rod, the gun and a 500 rd hicap (works great) and a manual,a poster(cool one too),an aeg thing that gives u basic aeg knowledge and a good bbs/bad bbs brocure thing.
i cant wait to use it in a match!!!! buy it and you will love this gun!!!!!

full metal exept for grips and mag
hicap mag(looks kool)
it has great rof too
folding stock
lots of room for battery
very accurate
cheap (140$)
great internals
great hop up

hard to get battery cover off
nothing else!!!!
by M. SKOKAUCKAS verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 08 November, 2008
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The CYMA CM031C is a wonderful little AK 74 AEG! Full metal body, ver.3 gearbox that is fully upgrade ready, powerfull short type motor, good hop up (Plastic Unit), fairly accurate out of the box. The folding stock is a great addition with this paticular model AK 74 in that it allows you to go into CQB without a problem. Everything that should be metal is metal, little to no barrel wobble at all. Very easy to maintian and clean. All in all CYMA is coming out swinging in the Airsoft Market with these wonderful AK replicas!

Five stars for a great AK platform with tons of room for improvments!

Highly recommend this AEG for anyones AK collection!

Full Metal body and Folding Stock.
Full Metal Barrel, Gas Block, Front Sight Block.
Front and rear sights are adjustible and effective.
Plenty of room for a good stick type battery 8.4volt or 9.6volt.
Strong, Sturdy, and gets the job done...
Runs well stock...will want to upgrade in the future.
Will cost little to nothing to upgrade this AEG.

Plastic bushings.
NOTE: Mechbox and gears are full metal...Box can be fully upgraded.
Plastic spring guide. Recommend upgrade.
Decent wiring harness however CYMA sodders all wire connections. Recommend upgrading wiring harness along with motor (connections are sodderd)

No other issues...
by R. NEUBERGER verified buyer Date Added: Friday 30 May, 2008
verified buyer
For: CYMA CM031C AKS101 Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
I ordered this gun 3 weeks ago, and I got it 2 weeks ago. When they tested this gun at their warehouse it chrono'd out at 380 with .2g bbs. This seemed unimpressive to me, and honestly, a little disappointing. That was until I charged the battery and tried it. To me, it seemed to shoot harder than that. I have no statistical proof, but i think that shattering a glass (wine cooler) bottle at 25 yards was pretty impressive. I then proceded to use .25g bbs in the gun, and it shot straighter then my friends Ak47, and barely lost speed. One thing about these kind of guns is that their power never goes down when the battery is dying, it is just the rate of fire that goes down. I found that to be very impressive. The battery that it comes with is 1100mah (which means that you will get approx. 1100 shots until you need to recharge). This gun is fantastic and I think that anyone thinking of getting an ak style gun should get this one. You may notice that this gun has a lower rate of fire then, say, the ak47. This is not nessicarily a bad thing. This ROF is perfect for the gearbox that comes in the gun. If you get one with a higher rate of fire it will put more pressure on your gearbox, and it will break easier. There is only two things about this gun that i would like to change. The first is that one of the screws(under the cleaning rod) is lose so one of thae handle guards falls off. This is no big deal and is an easy fix. The other is that it comes with a highcap mag. These hold more, but they rattle when you run, you need to wind them and they misfire occasionally. This also is not that big of a deal and you can purchase a midcap/lowcap mag that is all metal for 13 bucks. All in all this is a fantastic gun, and I recommend it to anyone who is considering it or an Ak style gun.
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