D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
[03310 / RK-02]
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by I. WILLIAMS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 08 October, 2015
verified buyer
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This IS a great gun! The amount of metal all over the gun is just awesome. It also has a decent rate of fire. However, this also makes a great base gun to modify and just kinda tweak with the internals to modify how ever you desire. I would 100% recommend this to any airsoft beginners that are looking for a good started AEG.

Good FPS
9.6V Battery
Kick *** Metal Body
Heavy (I consider that a Pro)
An okay sling
Some mags are compatible with the gun (I recommend using mid caps)
A Kick *** way to reveal the hop-up!

There isn't much to say, but these are minor things about the gun that you shouldn't really worry about.
9.6V 1200MAH (you can easily just get a 1600)
The mag is kinda wobbly (That's always a con for most high caps, still get a mid cap. they work better IMO)
Plastic Hop-Up
by T. LUCERO verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 16 March, 2014
verified buyer
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
So live on east coast and the gun took about 4-6 days to get here, maybe more. When I first opened it I first noticed this gun looks not only slim and nice, but real! Almost all metal, this thing was heavy at first, but the more you hold it, the more you get used to it. The folding stock operates by pressing a button on the back right side if you are right handed, and folds to a latch on the left side. The front of the barrel is plastic, but that's no problem for me. The battery I never used, for I bought my own 1600 MAH, but the one it came with was a 9.6v 1200MAH, and goes in the back receiver, which can be removed via button at the back. Hop up is easily located in the receiver, which it slides back and forth. Battery goes into hole near front barrel guard INSIDE gun and a plastic piece needs to be (easily) removed from it that protects the hole. Now when if first shot this gun, i noticed it had a good ROF, and it came out of the box of around 400 fps, and comes with a 600 round mag, but note it does wobble from side to side a little. Mag is plastic, and does take a while to fill up, but lasts a long time if you don't waste ammo. Also, this gun is very accurate at a decent range and I didn't notice much spread. This is my second gun, and I'm very impressed. A few cons are that the stock when unfolded can easily be popped out of the catch and is loose, the mag is plastic and a little wobbly, and no rails or places to put rails(it seems) but I don't plan on customizing mine so i don't care, and sling it comes with I had a really hard time putting on, maybe I'm just weak but I didn't end up using it. Oh and the barrel cleaner or thing that is put beneath the barrel completely sucks, and it is just so loose and rattle it falls out all the time and there is no catch for it, it just slides back and forth, so I highly recommend not putting it in your gun, because you will be picking it back up every time you gun gets tilted downward. Overall though I am very impressed an excited to use this gun again, for it outperformed my expectations.

Almost all metal
Great accuracy and fps
Realistic feel and look
Fast fire rate
Very large size magazine
Easily accessed hop up and battery chamber
Foldable stock is sturdy when doesn't pop out

Wobbly mag
Under barrel thing constantly falls out
Sling sucks
Stock is very easy to pop out when locked
Flash hider is plastic as well as magazine
Heavy at first but no problem unless held up with no support for long periods of time
Kinda easy to scratch black finish off
Long time to refill bbs
If you like to customize, few places to put rail systems
by T. GUERTIN verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 30 October, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Just got this for my girlfriend. I was expecting it to come after her birthday (oct. 31st) but it actually came on Friday so big plus on that. She texted me asking why UPS dropped off a heavy box from an airsoft company... lolz
Anyways, out of the box... accuracy, i wasn't impressed; but after I personally cleaned the barrel, the groupings were better. But accuaracy doesn't matter for her. She loves the 600 high-cap mag and I might get her more. Mag works well, but it won't shoot the last of the BBs that are in the feeder. Not a biggy, but still somewhat of a waste.
Got the orange tip off with some pliers after a match and looks ok, but I could easily pick her out in the bushes.
Stock is firm extended and folded. She loves the length but isn't too crazy about the weight. I love the weight and the full-metal design.
Battery for her was a pain, but after I looked it over, I got the compartment to close easily on the first try.
Selector switch seemed odd to me; full auto before semi?
The barrel length is longer than my AGM MK96 _._
shoots around 370-390 FPS, estimating (I don't own a chrono)
I'm not too crazy over the rear sight, but she loves it. I told about getting a rail system for it, but she doesn't want one. So be it lolz :3
"cleaning rod" is more asthetic than practical. We used my cleaning rod that came with my 96... but as mentioned earlier, this barrel is longer than my 96 and cleaning rod _._
Hop Up is under the metal charging handle; gives a nice realistic feel. She's useing .20s so the hop up is fairly low (Remember she doesn't care about accuracy)
All-in-all, I like it, She loves it. Her dad was scared to play with my friends and I, but now he's scared of his own daughter during airsoft!!! LOLZ
FYI, I think I took the last one as of my order :/

Good quality
Mostly metal
Nice weight
Good hop up
600 round high-cap mag
Stock is extremely firm, folded and extended
Long Barrel
Good battery (I think she undercharged though)

Rear sight... I would invest in a rail system for optics. She doesn't (her gun anyways)
cleaning rod isn't practical
Ok accuracy, after cleaning the barrel the best I could (I recommended her getting a tight bore barrel)
Mag won't shoot last feed of BBS (somewhat of a waste, but no biggy if you have extra mags)
by A. BENDER verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 22 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Love this gun. It was my first "professional" airsoft gun, meaning not a cheap Walmart gun. First thing I noticed: So realistic! It Is a perfect replica of an AK. Also, one of the fastest guns I've seen (ROF), and the high cap mag is good for games that last for 2+ hours. Only downside to me is that the mag is plastic :P But that's not a HUGE problem. Doesn't seem to affect it at all. Overall, it is an AMAZING gun.

-Looks awesome
-High ROF
-High cap Mag.
-All Black (I love black :D)
-Quite accurate at 200 ft

-Plastic Mag.
-Strap that comes with it is kind of cheesy
by M. GARCIA verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 20 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This is a GREAT GUN. The Range and Accuracy on this gun chronos at 390-410 Fps incredible, and for 130.00 dollars its worth it. The second you bring this monster on the field you will send the enemy running.But there was a few problems with the gun at first. One was the the gun kept jamming at first but if you use it long enough the problem will go away. Second the magizine they give you is terrible i reccomend getting a spare from this site, the magizine is good but it wobbles and shakes too much and its all made out of plastic. last of all the battery was a piece of crap. at the most it will last up to 5 hours. i reccomend getting a spare battery for this gun. over all the gun was a beast and most feared on my field is power and accuracy made it an unstoppable weapon. this is a must have for Ak lovers.

Great Range and Accuracy
Foldable stock
Loud and powerful
Good weight

Weak Battery
All plastic Magizine
by J. SMITH Date Added: Tuesday 29 June, 2010
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun is amazing! I havent seen anyone list the internals, so here they are.
-Spring guide: metal base, plastic body
-spring: m120
-compression: good w/o airnozzle. would recommend upgrading it
-gearbox- reinforced
-bushings- 7mm nylon. would recommend upgrading to 7mm metal bushings
-shim job- terrible, would recommend reshimming
-greasing- typical chinese overgreasing. would recommend getting all of it out and regreasing with white lithium grease and dielectric grease (100% silicone gel)
-motor- high torque, i like it alot. Spits out about 700 rpm on a 9.6v
-Gears- steel, but noisy
-barrel- 6.08mm diameter 480mm length not necessary to upgrade, its length makes up for the diameter.
-hop up bucking- not the best. I upgraded to systema bucking.

I won't get too indepth into them... they are freakin amazing! Full metal. Only non metal parts are the handguards, pistol grip, and stock magazine. Everytime i go to the field, i always get comments on how realistic and amazing they are.

- Full metal
- good rof
- good fps (400)
- great range (effective range of about 150 feet)
- orange tip can be removed very easily (so tempting!) :)
- skeleton stock
- not a glossy finish
- extremely realistic. Breaks down like the real thing.
- best bang for your buck

- sounds like the gun is screaming when you shoot. (i reshimmed, changed hop up bucking, and put in metal bushings which lower the sound drastically.)
- gearbox is hard to get to.
- wobbly, ugly magazine
- wobbly iron sights and hard to use (would highly recommend buying a scope mount and red dot/acog)
by J. PADILLA verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 13 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
This gun vs Can guess what this gun will rip the can into shreds so far this gun is the best .
This is my primary weapon always . I use it in airsoft wars and people always want to be in my team beaCAUSE of the GUN . IF you want to win in a airsoft war buy this gun .

Cheap price good gun
awesome hi cap mag
metal flash hider
metal stock
the best grip

nothing bad about this gun
by N. ETHRIDGE verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 10 June, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
All around great gun. I like it because it's nice and heavy but not so heavy it's impossible to use. It's sturdy and accurate and the auto fire is not as fast as the higher rated AEGs but the speed is still in the same league. I have had this gun for almost a year now and I have only had a few minor problems that were my fault but were easily fixed. I will say it's had the least amount or problems out of all my buddies guns and say they wish they had mine because it's so low maintenance. I love how the gun feels with the stock folded down. I find myself charging in on bunkers a lot of times and this gun is great for it. It's very intimidating if you are on the other end of it. I would go on ahead and shell out the little bit more money to get a high-cap mag for it. I got the Echo-1 full metal mag and it works great with it and makes the gun all that more beastly. The ultimate Guerrilla gun.

accurate and fairly consistent
great for far away and close up
powerful (can chip concrete and dent strong metal)
good rate of fire in auto
all around great gun

The mag it comes with is crap
The stock can sometimes get annoying when fully out but it's not a big enough deal to not get this gun
by C. ROARK Date Added: Monday 07 June, 2010
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
great gun!!!!!!! i got this gun about 6 months ago and the only minor problem i had was that i had to tighten the selector swithc once (no big deal at all)
its a very accurate gun, and also veeeeeeeeeeeery sturdy. the orange tip is nice and small so it wont give you away.

battery space
power (i chronoed it at an adverage of 386.3 fps with .23g bbs)
ROF (around 950 rpm with a 9.6v)
very sturdy
can use all AK mags
adjustable rear sight.
hell of a deal!!!!!!

the mag is hard to put in sometimes.
by D. SCIARAPPA verified buyer Date Added: Monday 22 March, 2010
verified buyer
For: D Boy RK-02 AK-74S Rifle AEG Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I had just recently received my gun a few days ago. It is a very solid, metal gun, worth the money and then some. The weight of this gun is though you're holding the real thing, it feels like you got your moneys worth. When shooting with it, mine shot straight, right off the bat, I didn't need to adjust it. I shot in both semi and auto, and I'll tell you, I would not want to be at the other end. It does sound mean, not too loud, about average sounding for an airsoft gun. The folding stock, the grip, the battery holder, everything, is solid on this gun. I do think the magazine could have been metal, but, hey, I'm still happy with this purchase. I do like the fact that this gun sells for hundreds more from other brands, I feel like I got the deal of a life time. So, if you haven't decided on a true, sturdy gun, get this. I know I made the right decision.

All metal.
Heavy, a good thing, makes it more realistic.
Powerful. (Mine shoots 380, tested at Airsoft G.I.).
Very upgradeable.

I wish the magazine was metal.
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