(Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
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by B. DIX verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 26 January, 2011
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
Product Information:
I bought these magazines because I was looking for a midcap that would work well in my KWA M4 RIS AEG. These are the best I can find! The MAG M4 midcaps are hit or miss in my gun, some work, but most of them don't. They feed the first few bbs, then the rest don't feed. These magazines however work, shot after shot. Even on full auto, they feed every round. While not as weighty as a real loaded AR15 magazine, they're much heavier than the MAG midcaps, so they help balance my rig out. Additionally, I use CONDOR M4 mag shingles to hold my mags. Because these mags are as long as real magazines unlike most airsoft AEG mags, they fit better in the pouch, and I can draw them out faster. The tops on mine were black however, not clear as shown. I much prefer these over the MAG M4 mags, not just because they feed better, but because the overall quality difference is like night and day, these are far superior.

- Feed great in my KWA M4, which is very picky about magazines
- Excellent finish, they look and feel very realistic
- Added weight helps balance my rig
- Feed all 79 rounds due to an extended follower
- Metal
- As long as a real AR15 magazine, not ~1/2 inch shorter like most AEG mags
- 5.56x45mm trades on the side

- The follower appears fragile, I fear it'll break; however it does have a lot of give while it's out, so it shouldn't break too easily.
- G&G trades on the bottom, I'd prefer Colt, Armalite, or even no trades
by G. BISHOP verified buyer Date Added: Monday 17 January, 2011
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
Product Information:
Recieved these magazines today in the mail. The first thing i said was wow these things are heavy 6 lbs for all 10 magazines i have had experience with almost every type of M4 midcap there is out there. I have to say that these are the 2nd best that i have ever had experience with but thats behind systema magazines the follower design is ingenious so you never waste those 4 bbs every time you take out a mag

Follower: Makes sure every last bb is fed into the gun
Weight: Feels heavier more realistic
Trades: On the side it states 6.65mm X 45 looks very nice and realistic
Finish: Kind of a matte grey finish doesn't reflect sun at all

Nothing that i can say at all fantastic magazines it wont be long before i order another 10 of the amazing magazines
by P. ZURATYNSKY verified buyer Date Added: Monday 20 September, 2010
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
Product Information:
Overall these are awesome mags. They all fed perfectly out of box on their initial load and have performed excellent since. Really solid construction and semi-realistic weight adds to the fun of reloading - in fact it makes it easier and faster to reload. When released these mags will drop cleanly from the mag well clearing the path for quick reloads - they easily can take the punishment of being dropped. The weight also prevents them from moving too much will running and helps keep them securely in pouches, Also no worries about going prone and cracking your mags on rock or debris.

12 bucks per mag is not the cheapest price but it is well worth it for the realism and quality.

+ Flawless feeding to last BB right out of the box
+ Realistic weight - solid construction - metal outer shell
+ No rattle
+ Respected brand

- Can get heavy when you're carrying all 10 mags
- Weight can stress your Molle vest or mag pouches and shorten their service life - of course this depends on the brand and make of our gear - Condor stuff may not hold up to the stress - real mil spec can carry the load with out a problem
- Not necessarily a con but this is something worth looking out for - the reason why these mags feed to last round is that the end of the magazine spring pushes out of the feeder and into hop up. When you release the mag you will see the black tip sticking out of mag about an inch - it best to quickly push it back in before dumping the mag because it appears that piece may break off if pushed sideways
by J. HSIAO verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 19 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
Product Information:
I bought these about a year ago to feed my then new G&P M16. After a year of service in local skirmishes and bigger ops, I can say these are still awesome mags. The follower design is ingenious, feeding every last round in the mag so you don't waste those 4 rounds whenever you change mags from empty. They're also built like tanks. I've dropped them on rocks during fast reloads, banged them into trees, building corners, picked them out of the dirt, and they've always fed flawlessly.

These mags are larger and heavier than the MAG brand M16 magazines, as they're designed to replicate the weight and size of a fully loaded USGI 30-round 5.56 mag. I'm a big guy and I have my plate carrier configured so that weight is pretty evenly distributed around my body, so it doesn't relaly bother me. Just a warning for those who want a super HSLD loadout.

The only issue I had with them was that when they were fresh, the spring tension was so strong that they double fed the first 10 rounds and behaved like there was no hopup. I solved this problem by filling them up and leaving them loaded for a week in storage. Now they feed every round perfectly.

Also they are expensive on a per mag basis, coming in at $12/mag in the 10 pack. By contrast, MAG midcaps (8 pack) are $6.25/mag.

Those objections aside, these are great magazines for any standard AR-style AEG. If you have the cash, don't hesitate to pick these up!

- Full metal
- Realistic weight and size
- Extremely durable
- Feed every last round
- It's a pack of 10!

- Heavy
- Require a break in period
- Expensive per mag price ($12/mag with the 10 pack)
by C. CHRISTEL verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 30 April, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
Product Information:
Very very nice construction, heavier than expected but in a very good way. Very snug fit in my KWA M4 and will not drop out by just gravity, you have to pull slightly to pull out and push slightly to get in(NO WOBBLE OR RATTLE!!) The push tip is an extremely nice touch, every last BB is shot out of the mag. However as stated in previous reviews i am concerned about them breaking off in my dump pouch, Its not a very big deal to push them in before dropping in but in the heat of a firefight i will probably be less likely to do so. Overall i am very impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of these mags. They are full size M16 mags not the shortend airsoft version just so you are aware. If you are looking for nice mid cap magazines you cant go wrong. G&G for the win!

Snug fit in mag well means no rattle,
Push tip makes every last BB fire, no more 3-4 BB's falling out.
Full size M16 mag, personal prefrence
All metal construction save for the top plate.

Push tip may break off in dump pouch
by D. RICHERT verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 18 January, 2009
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
Product Information:
Bought 2 of these awhile back,and after I received them I instantly box a box of 10 that afternoon,and now I'm getting ready to buy 10 more.
Their perfect,feed flawless,and + 1 for the bb pusher coming out into the hop up,NO MORE wasted bbs
dropping out!

Everything about them

Can't find anything yet!
by K. RENZ Date Added: Saturday 20 September, 2008
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
Product Information:
Ok, so i decided to purchase this item with a friend of mine and split it 50 50. I use these in my Echo 1, and my Classic Army.

These Magazines are amazing! they have never jammed for me like most mid caps do. The Full metal aspect is good because they are more durable. They have survived conditions my mag magazines have not. The plastic on top is good too. at first i was skeptical about it thinking it would break or chip easy, I was wrong. It is very durable never had a problem and the fact i can see into the magazine is a huge help if i ever need to know what is left inside them. There is a stem inside too that pushes every bb out for the most part, so you don't have bb's falling out of the magazine well when you remove your magazine. These magazines served me well during OP: Lion Claws 7.

The only thing that might be a problem to some is that they are heavy, for airsoft magazines. As a US Marine i don't find it to be a problem being i have carried real magazines full with ammunition. But for airsofters who are use to mag magazines will feel a big difference.also they are slightly larger than a normal airsoft M4/M16 magazine, so if you have a costume magazine pouch or one that already is a tight fit for other mags, these will become a hassle to get in. All in all i say these are totally worth every penny.
by H. EVANS verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 07 August, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
Product Information:
After an airsofting career of using Mag brand plastic midcaps, I finally decided the time had come to drop some cash on a new loadout worth of better magazines. These seemed like a great balance of realism and value, so I went for it.
To be completely honest, my first impression apon opening the box was 'ooooooh.'
Facing me were 10 of the best magazines I've even shot with.

Over all I am completely satisfied with these magazines. I'd highly recommend them for anyone looking for something a little more classy then MAG midcaps, but still within price and realism.

The construction is solid, they have a nice weight to them.

The size is the same as a real magazine, meaning they fit better in pouches.

Disassembly is extremely easy, requiring only a hex key and a screwdriver to completely take apart, clean, and reassemble the magazine.

At first I was a little worried that, like a CA hi-cap, the plastic inner body is connected to the floorplate with only a single hex screw. I've seen several hicaps in which the connection point in the inner body has snapped off, causing the innards of the magazine to stay in the well when I try to remove the magazine. This design has a metal tab for the connection that seems perfectly solid.

The follower has a tab that causes EVERY round to be fired - no more of the annoying 3 rounds dropping out when you switch a mag. That always bugged me.

When the magazine has been emptied, the follower sticks out of the magazine. I'm a little afraid that this might snag on something or get crushed in a dump pouch, but if the construction is as solid as the rest, it should be fine.

At first, the spring is a bit too strong, causing multi-feeding in one of my guns. After three cycles of fill/empty the magazine, it shoots flawlessly.

My only complaint is that this product advertises as having a clear top. The mags I received have the standard black top, but this is such a minor issue I'm not going to bother returning.
by N. HALM verified buyer Date Added: Friday 27 June, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
These are awesome.

They're all metal so they have a nice weight and size. I like that they have a clear top so I can tell how far in I am at loading rounds.

I've only loaded these clips with the max at 50rds. I've done this as to prolong the life of the spring in these mags as I do not know that the springs used can be compressed when 79 rds are loaded in these. In any case, 50rds is still nice.

My only complaint is that they are a little hard to load in my JG M16A4, and the spring in these are so high powered that I have to load my gun slightly to the side to ensure that these click in before they spit the bbs all over my mag well. That's not these mags fualt by any means though.

The only other down side is the price, at 12dollars a mag, its a little more than I would like to spend, and 13 dollars a mag for the 5 clip set. But, looking at all the other mags listed here, they is no other mag that holds that many for this price and is a mid cap. Not the mention the other cheaper ones are PLASTIC = ICK! Full metal FTW!


Full Metal
Clear Top
Price per Mag


Not to sure how much tension can be put on the spring before it starts to wear out or becomes damaged, so I am loosing a little bit of space due to that fact.

Over all, great mags, if you have an M16 and a few other buddies do as well, but this 10 pack together and save!
by D. SOKOL verified buyer Date Added: Sunday 20 April, 2008
verified buyer
For: (Discontinued) G&G GR16 (10 Pack) 79rds Mid Capacity Magazine
These are probably the most realistic mags outside of Systema. The top is clear so you can see part of the mechanism. There is also a follower that feeds all 80 ( not mis-statement I loaded bb's until no more fit; however I only load 50 rounds for ease of handling) rounds flawlessly. Unlike other mags these do not require silicone spray to work better. They are a little longer than most other stock mags also, in comparison to real steel mags they are about 2 milimeters shorter than standard issue mil-spec mags and the same size as Wilson tactical mags.
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