UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
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by A. SUGAR verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 05 December, 2013
verified buyer
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Very light, and easy to operate. The shell has a little tab that protrudes when empty making it stick out after the magazine door is opened for easy removal. Shots kinda go everywhere but you only need to hit with one and its kinda the point right? Grips are fantastic, no worries about slippage. Very fun way to blast through 30 rounds in a few seconds! I had no problems pumping a new round(s?) in, other reviews said this could be difficult.

-Three shots per trigger pull.
-Compact Size.
-Shell magazines make reloads quick.
-Opponent reactions are pretty fun when they see you sporting this as a sidearm.
-Rear sling mount makes using a 1 point pretty easy, otherwise hit it with cloth or tape it, it can rattle.

Sights, they show you where you are pointing, but your shot has a mind of its own.
Sling is a joke.
Pistol grip wiggles a little, but tightening the screw at the back fixes that.
by J. GREENE Date Added: Thursday 25 April, 2013
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
After watching a number of reviews on the time of its arrival i was very impressed wit how heavy it was for how much plastic it is. On the other hand this plastic is very high quality and shouldn't break unless you through it on the ground. This gun is well worth the money and i recommend it to any airsofter. it has good spread with .20's until about 50-75 feet were they will start to disperse and fly away. I found that using .30's in this gun is quick amazing and is accurate for up to 100 feet.

Great Feel
Amazing Muzzle Velocity
Great Spread with .20-.30's
Great Accuracy
Good Weight for a Plastic Gun

Hard to Pump(many of my friends that i let shoot it where double feeding it cause they couldn't cock it back all the way, on the other hand i had no problem doing it.)
Only comes with 2 shells(i suggest buying more.)
The Shell Chamber Leaver that reveals where you put the shell is a tad hard to use at first but the spring slowly gets easier to use.
ALL Around really no bad mind changing cons this is a great gun and i am glad i purchased it.
by J. WARD verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 07 November, 2012
verified buyer
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
Great gun for CQB use and short range field work. I have owned two of these: the full stock and the pistol grip models. They are fun and reliable but you must be careful not to double pump the action or you can break the gun. If you want a good shotgun effect without going after a gas-operated shotgun, this is your best bet. Make sure to buy plenty of extra shells for your shotgun also. When your gun shoots three rounds per trigger pull, a thirty round shotgun shell doesn't take long to unload in a fight.

Tri-shot action for more coverage.
Excellent for CQB and room clear.
Decent capacity.
Realistic shells instead of magazines.

Engineering flaw that causes the gun to break if double pumped.
Slower than an AEG in case you were wondering.
Repeated use tends to wear your arm out because of the three springs instead of the standard one spring.
Short range makes it terrible for mid to long range play.
by D. SILVA Date Added: Thursday 22 April, 2010
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
The first five minutes of getting this gun, I wasn't very impressed with the plastic feel. But after taking it outback and test firing it, my opinion changed. THIS SHOTTY RULES. The small size of it allows one to easily sling it across his/her back and use their main weapon with ease. Come CQB encounters this gun will get you out of hot spots even against AEGs. The range and accuracy are rather amazing and it has the option to shoot rapid fire if one holds down the trigger and pumps continuously. DO NOT LEND IT TO ANYONE THAT YOU DONT THINK IS CAPABLE OF PULLING THE PUMP BACK COMPLETELY, THE GUN WILL JAM AND BREAK!!!!

-Dominates in CQB
-Makes a great backup
- Can hold its own vs. AEGS
-Small size makes it excellent for slinging across back into battle!
-Tri shot makes it an effective showering tool

-Plastic internals
-No way to fix jams (mine broke when I lent it to someone who was too weak to pull the pump back all the way)
-Sling could have been better
by S. SCHLEDER Date Added: Monday 21 December, 2009
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
First I should start off by saying that I ordered this from another website. Anyway, This gun is pretty good. A skilled player can hold off against AEGs with this shotgun. I have used it for about 2 months and have got to say, it still amazes me today. The 3 shot burst makes it deadly accurate up to about 80 feet. Though I have hit somebody at 100 feet before, but that is the peak of its range. With .2g BBs, the fixed hop-up forces the BBs to rise quite a bit. I recommend using .25 for better groupings and less rising. FPS is CQB friendly. It pumps quite easily and is very strudy. Very good as a secondary weapon is you are sniper.

-CQB friendly FPS
-High accuracy because of tri-shot
-Uses shotgun shells
-Pumps easy
-Light and sturdy
-Great for ambushing
-Scary. You kind of get shocked when you barely hear one shot go off and three shots come barreling toward you.
-Quiet. The pump makes a cool click, but when firing with BBs, it is quite quiet.

-One of the shells came broken, luckily I ordered the spare 6. I always carrys 5 shells onto the field.
-Doesn't quite have the range of an AEG, low FPS.
-Hop-up. use .25g BBs
by A. 84 verified buyer Date Added: Friday 09 April, 2010
verified buyer
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got the UTG M3S Multi-Shot Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun (Pistol Grip). Out of the box it felt really sturdy and very durable. Got the two shotgun shells that load easy for me. .20 bb is what i have used with the gun, and i have no problems. The weight of the gun is perfect. It is in Between the Not too heavy, not too light. I can cock the gun with no problems, but for little kids i would not recommend the gun because the cock is resistant at first. This is the best gun for the price. CQB gun 5/5.

- Weight is perfect
- Looks great
- Can cock while on the ground (because of the Pistol grip)
- Shells load in easy
- Safety is in the same spot as the actual gun.

- If you can't curl about 20 lbs then you wont be able to cock gun on a regular basis
- The strap wasn't no where near the quality of everything else
by Y. SHAKALENE verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 09 September, 2009
verified buyer
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
this gun is a good buy. I got this gun a year ago and it still works great. no wonder that this gun is the most popular airsoft gun ever, almost every airsofter, novice and above has this gun. i like the commando one better because if you wear a mask you can aim the gun without having the mask get in the way. if you buy this gun get some extra shells and .25 they are more accurate and they do the job the pump is not so bad once you get used to it

easy to use
try shot
nice shells
hard pump

ejection is kinda bad
by J. PRIZZI Date Added: Friday 26 June, 2009
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
I got this gun after coming home from a day of airsoft while using my friends "flaming pile of worthless plastic" spring M4. I couldnt complain, at least i was able to use a gun and not a spoon like my one friend used. After that day my brother and I spent the next 6 hours into the early am researching airsfot guns preferably desiring a spring based one as our first so that we could get the feel of it all and get started with the basics. My brother got some sniper but thats not what im reviewing. I heard my friend say the only worthwhile shotgun is a multi shot one and i dont know if thats true but i took him up on that and started looking up these shotguns and to tell everyone the truth the only reason i got this one was because it came with 2 shells and seemed to be a good deal. And boy was i right. After watching countless youtube reviews i had my dad order this gun and so far have yet to regret it. When i first held it in my hands i felt how lightweight it was and when i first fired it i realized its true power and potential. I play mainly in woods and sneaking up on others with this is their death sentence. Leaping out from behind a tree and aiming this tri barrelled tank at this face will leave the opponent stunned. If you use the .2 gram BBs the spread is really close together and will soar for 100+ft. This gun led me from last pick the first day i played to about 2 or 3rd pick. Since i am ambidextrious the pumping is really nice and easy not really difficult. Even with .12s this gun hurts and will leave you enemy whether its your friend or some random guy in some kind of pain except the spread is further apart. The fps is great on this whether you are CQBing or in the woods. My friend recently bought a 140 dollar gun that shoots about 338 fps. The fact that this gun can reach 310 or more with the corrective BB for this price is exceptional. I recommend this gun to anyone who enjoys popping BBs inside friends , just make sure you get a pack of extra shells since if you are like me and fire at everything that gets in the way you will go through the two fast. This sturdy lightweight and reliable gun will aide you in your games and will more then just get the job done.

-sturdy, wont seem to fall apart
-lightweight and easy to manuever through woods, around corners, in trees (whatever you like to do)
-feels really nice in your hands, like it was always supposed to be there
-powerful enough to leave welts and hold off enemy AEG's (makes them feel pretty lousy)
-shells are really not easy to lose if you keep them in a pouch or pocket with a zipper or snap while playing but if you just throw them about you deserve to lose them
-shells are inexpensive and come about 6 to a pack which can save you in an intense situation
-if you are able to pump the gun fast enough after each shot you will be able to take out multiple enemies, one after the other, in 10 seconds or less if they are dumb enough to stay compact without them even knowing what happened and before they can even fire back
-small orange tip so that while you are playing in the green and brown woods the enemy isnt directed towards the bright orange thing
-fun and reliable

Jams maybe once or twice which was just conlcuded to be a pumping failure on my part

Pump stated by friends to take a bit of effort (but if you cant pump a shotgun dont play airsoft)

Spread wth .12's is a tad bit large if you expect to hit someone from a far enough distance so if you are cheap and use .12s its advised to get a bit closer

Not an ambidextrious sling (as a left handed shooter the sling gets in the way more then it should)
by B. MATTOX Date Added: Saturday 30 May, 2009
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
very solid and will pretty much hod its own during a match
for what you pay for it your getting a good deal. i would recomend the stocked version though, its hard to aim on the move without it
ive had mine for about a year and a half still works great

shoots three bbs at a time
works great
can take abuse

much bigger than it looks
after you shells for a while they start to not feed
pain to switch shells
if you small for your age or dont think you reletivly strong dont buy it too hard pump
rear sling mount is very flimsey
by P. LIN Date Added: Thursday 23 April, 2009
For: UTG Multi Shot Combat Commando M3 S Shotgun Spring Airsoft Gun (Black)
Product Information:
So I got this gun today, and WOW. It is one nice shot gun. It is made of ABS Plastic but very sturdy. It comes with two shells that hold 30 bbs each. A nice sling, (though hard to put on) and a decent speedloader. The pistol grip is nice and sturdy but the trigger can be hard to pull (at times). The pump is also hard to pull for some. Sights are nice, and very accurate, but it has no hop up. Shells easy to put in and take out, and safety is very decent.

Leather pump grip.
Nice Pistol grip.
Safety works nice.
Iron sights are nice.
Shoots 3 bbs at a time.
Fps is good
Safety is safe.
Comes with sling, two shells, and speed loader.

Made of plastics (Very sturdy though)
Sling hard to put on.
Hard to pump at times
Hard to pull triggers at times.
No hop up
Doesn't go very far.
Shells easy to lose (I got more though)
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