KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
[03113 / GBB-602 / V944002]
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by M. CH verified buyer Date Added: Monday 05 January, 2015
verified buyer
For: KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
Product Information:
Got this during the Christmas promotion and I must say it's impressive! I've always been a fan of KJWs (having owned KWAs, KSCs, KWCs, G&Gs, and so on). Good fit and finish, good power, and oh my, the heft of this beast! I measured it on a digital scale and it comes in at 1131 grams (2.49 lb) fully loaded. That is heavier than my real steel Glock 21 SF (1067 grams or 2.35 lb) with 11 rounds!
The power is enough to crack cheap ceramic vases and go through denim. Even though I didn't chrony it, the FPS is definitely there (the slip that came from Airsoft G.I. stated 300 for the test fire).
Take-down and operation are close enough to the real thing. Sure, the hammer-drop is only a safety and the recoil assembly is not 100% but for a fun airsoft toy, it absolutely gets my approval.
At a price point of around $80, this is a no-brainer. Definitely get it! It oozes value but doesn't skip out on quality. You get to have your cake and eat it too. Even if it was priced at $150, I'd still find it reasonable for the performance / build quality. To quote sootch00 "Thumbs waaay up!"

-Weight... Pretty much close to the real thing (unloaded)
-Power... Goes through ceramic and denim
-Realism... Gets 90%+ stuff right
-Ergonomics... This particular Elite model is shaped after the Beretta Vertec grip i.e 1911 grip angle and a bit slimmer than your usual M9 / 92FS clones. If you're looking for a Beretta airsoft pistol, I highly recommend the Vertec frame such as this one. In fact, it's what pushed my decision over the other models.
-Price... $80 during the Christmas promo period; 'nuff said.
-Trigger... Very smooth double-action. Pull weight is very light which aids in accurate breaks.

-Sights... They are fully blacked out. I had to paint them using white nail polish to get a makeshift three-dot system.
-Orange tip... Painted on. Can't really scuff it off or else the barrel finish will also come off. Some ingenious manufacturers use glue or make a separate piece so it can either be heated and removed or dremeled off. Paint is a dumb solution to satisfy legislation because it means the end-user cannot remove it.
-Trigger... The single action has a click / grit on the first pull that is so characteristic of airsoft DA/SA mechanisms (present in a lot of other 92 variants and various manufacturers). Thankfully, the lightness of the overall pull more than makes up for it. Not a big deal overall.
by C. CARROLL verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 30 April, 2014
verified buyer
For: KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
Product Information:
Just recently bought this, and haven't played with it yet. However, I have messed around with it, and shot maybe 30 rounds out of it so far. Haven't had any problems yet, and I love it. It has a good decent weight to it (more realistic), but isn't like toting a small log on your hip like other sidearms. It has a good fire rate, and is simple and easy to use. The ambidextrous safety makes it comfortable for lefties or righties. I have yet to chrono this firearm yet, but it went through an aluminum can at about 20-30 ft.

nice weight
ambidextrous safety
nice sights
laser sight capability

The only thing I have found so far, is the system to remove the slide can be a little bit of a pain
by B. SPENCER verified buyer Date Added: Wednesday 28 August, 2013
verified buyer
For: KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
Product Information:
Amazing, amazing, amazing gun. This thing feels like the real steel. The mechanisms are fluid and the blow back is not the strongest I've ever felt on a gbb gun but does give you enough kick to make you jerk a little. It's loud, sexy, and weighty. Just like it should be. The full metal construction is superb.

Full Metal
Magazine slides out easily since it's full metal too, so sexy
Gun also accepts CO2 magazine (so long as it's made for an M9)
Great Blowback
Rail System for lasers or tac lights

Price (but you pay for quality)
Gun cocks back a little too easily, sometimes poses a problem when holstering your gun. I solved this by holding the cocking pin forward when putting my gun back in my holster. Maybe it's just my gun but just a heads up. This minor thing doesn't make me regret the purchase one bit.
by Y. WANG verified buyer Date Added: Thursday 05 August, 2010
verified buyer
For: KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
Product Information:
-Brief Overview:
I bought this gun along with the KJW M9 Tac-Master, and I must say both of them have preformed heavenly in the past 7 months I've had them, yep, you heard right, seven months! I use either of them as a sidearm when I go to games. Read my review of this gun or simply scroll though the Pros/Cons, in my opinion the pros outweigh the cons. The same, but slightly edited review can be found on the review page for the KJW Tac-Master M9, this is the original review, but has been posted on the Tac-Master page cause they are internally the same gun.

-Simple Warning:
When I first got them I was tinkering with them, and the SECOND i took off the grip on the right side (Receiving end away) a small spring popped out and flew across my room, I caught a glimpse of it for a second and didn't much pay attention. Turns out this spring is vital in cocking the gun after each shot, so I eventually found it again, and let me say, it was a pain in the ass to get it back in and screw on the grip! When you open up the grip on the right side of the gun, BE CAREFUL of the spring. If it pops out, find it immediately, it's easily lost.

-Recoil / Blowback:
So, when I took it for a test drive outside I noticed immediately how accurate it was (More down below)! However I was slightly disappointed by the recoil, I had expected it to be a bit stronger, the recoil spring is not incredibly powerful, but it is noticeable when firing. All and all, this gun has a fairly crisp blowback but, just saying, an upgraded Recoil Spring would do wonders.

-Firing Consistency:
I later took it over to my chrono station, filled it up with some propane, and was getting pretty consistent readings around ~320 - ~340 however after about 5-6 shots it would climb down to about ~310 - ~290 and gradually downwards. However that's not the gun's fault, the magazines are not very well built, more about the Magazines downwards.

The accuracy of this particular gun is fairly outstanding, after I tuned the hop-up just right (was a pain, you need an Allen wrench to do it, they may have included it but I don't remember) I took it out for some more tests, on a cardboard sheet ~50 - ~60 feet away, I was getting pretty consistent groupings of about ~3 -~4 inches. Bear in mind that the groupings were with the gun mounted, and if you were firing by hand the recoil would drastically increase distance of the groupings. In games this pistol really helps me out in some tough situations.

-Build Quality:
The build quality on this outstanding gun is fantastic, KJW has really outdone themselves with this M9, It's incredibly well built, and will most definitely last for a long time. Though all the abuse this gun has been put through it still preforms amazingly! Meaning nearly as well as it did when I first got it, the only cosmetic wear I've noticed is one or two barely noticeable scratches and it's shine has dulled slightly, however that is to be expected with age, I'm sure this reliable gun will continue serving it's duties for months and maybe years to come.

-The Magazine:
I regret to say, that a slight lack in quality comes from the magazine, the magazine has a small O-Ring around fill valve that pops out with a slight bit of shaking, when the O-ring falls out the gun will leek gas like crazy while filling, make sure to keep a CLOSE eye on this O-ring, HONESTLY TAPE IT IN IF YOU HAVE TO.

-Gas Consumption:
Other reviews have been talking about this gun's gas consumption. In truth this gun is NOT a gas hog as long as the O-Ring around the fill valve is in the magazine. The gun itself does not use too much gas and the blowback barely consumes any, the only gas problem I've encountered is if you point is straight downwards while shooting it may spurt gas out of the back of the slide, however I can't think of any scenario where you'd have to shoot straight down anyways.

-Weight and feel
The weight and feel of this gun is great, having this gun in your hands, you just know you're holding a sturdy weapon that will last a long time. The weight of this fully loaded and gassed is about the exact weight of a fully loaded Beretta by feel. If the orange tip weren't there it would be possible to confuse this gun for the real steel version.

- Works well as a pair with the Tac-Master
- Incredibly Durable
- Noticeable Blowback, can be improved.
- Consistency of shots is good for a period of time.
- Amazingly accurate for a blowback pistol.
- Incredibly durable build, will last a LONG time.
- Does not consume too much gas
- The weight and overall feel of the gun is very realistic

- Lousy spring set bends very easily, however can be bent back into shape
- Springs are too easily lost, and pop out annoyingly often (not with simply using/firing the gun though)
- Consistency of shots drops fast after period of time
- Recoil spring needs to be improved
- Easy to lose O-ring for mag
- Can be a gas hog if the above occurs
- Stubborn orange tip won't come off without taking the paint with it.

In my opinion the pros greatly out weigh the cons and this gun will last me a long time to come.
by B. SEIM verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 22 May, 2010
verified buyer
For: KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
Product Information:
I've put appox 3000 rounds through the gun and it only has minor issues. Along with the gun I ordered the KJW M9 CCW threaded barrel. If you put a mock suppressor on the end of the barrel you will impede the cycle rate of the slide (due to the free floating barrel). On the lighter side it does look very nice with the Madbull Gemtech Blackslide mock suppressor (Boondock Saints anyone?). I highly recommend this gun for beginners and pros alike.

Sturdy Construction
Tactical Rail
Slide Serrations
Great Recoil (with a %150 recoil spring it would be even better)
Overall Aesthetics.

by D. CORDERO verified buyer Date Added: Saturday 04 July, 2009
verified buyer
For: KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
Product Information:
I've had this gon for over 6 months now. It fires great and is very accurate.Fps is good. it has a VERY nice finnish and it's weight is very nice and balanced. The only downside is that the trigger mechanism is made up of little springs that are very weak and bendable(like paper clips). But thats the same with all M9 Gbb's. they also have spring sets so incase one of them pops out of place you can easily repace them. overall this is a GREAT gun

easy on gas
nice finnish
tough mags
rail for lights/lasers
nice kick

weak trigger mechanism(easily replaced if breaks)

other than that 5 STARS
by L. FENDLER verified buyer Date Added: Monday 18 May, 2009
verified buyer
For: KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
Product Information:
This gun is very good. i've had it for about 2 months and so far its pretty good. alot better than the older version and is a good buy.

take apart
blow back
ambidextrous saftey

mag doesn't work any more
to much gas
hard to adjust hop up
by L. VAN HOY Date Added: Wednesday 05 November, 2008
For: KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
Product Information:
Ive had this gun for about three months now and all i have to say is wow. Comparing this gun to the kwa m9 (not the ptp) and the kwa m1911 is easy... this gun is a million times better. This out shoots the kwa m1911 by about fifty for so feet, and is worth fifty dollars less. It is also alot more solid. The only problem ive had is in the middle of a game my holdster broke (i was mad). So we were throwing the the pistol back and forth in the middle of combat and sometime during that, the mag release broke. That was a $5 fix so no big.

if you want a great gun for a cheap price then look no further.

Great range
solid constuction
Great feel
internals are amazing for stock
dual action trigger
overall GREAT performance (better than most other pistols ive seen)
i got a reading of over 300fps with UHC green gas
great black finish
looks decent with a grenade launcher on it lol

recoil spring is alittle weak
safety doesnt snap off
barrel doesnt look good (i got a threaded barrel and silencer)
mag release is plastic and weak
needs a hex key to adjust hop-up
by N. WILLIAMSON Date Added: Tuesday 26 February, 2008
For: KJW IAFM M9 Elite Pistol GBB Airsoft Gun (Black/Silver)
I have had this gun for a while now, and I love it. In the shooting world (both real, and airsoft) the don't think anyone shoots with their left hand. I just happen to be one of the people that do. configuring the gun for my disability was EASY! All i had to do was take off the grip and flip over the mag catch. !WARNING! IF YOU DO DECIDE TO DO THIS, LOOK OUT FOR THE SMALL METAL SPRING LIKE THING THAT IS UNDER THE GRIP ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE GUN! when I took the gun apart for the first time, i took off the grip and saw the spring for half a second, then *ping* it was gone. this is an important part, and without it, the gun is almost impossible to shoot. anyway, lets go back to good stuff about the gun. I have had a number of clumsy friends drop this onto rocks, concrete, and hard wood. It still shoots perfectly, and nothing has changed other than some scrapes, and paint scratches. The mag holds quite a lot of bbs, and uses a LOT of propane (or green gas, your choice) I put some bad propane into my gun and almost killed the mag (the stuff in the big green can) only use the stuff in the tall blue can! Like any gas gun, this gun works bet in warm weather. in the winter, on a full mag it will shoot all the bbs, but not lock back on the last shot. in the summer/spring this is no problem. If you get a new barrel for this it looks exactly like a real gun (look for threaded barrel so you can put a good silencer on it that you dont have to glue/use screws to put on)

A while back my trigger spring snapped, so i went down to my local airsoft shop *cough* airsoftatlanta *cough* and they were more than happy to put in a new one... for free! i found out a few weeks before i took it in, that my gun still worked, but that i had to pull the trigger (shoot it) and then push it forward a cm and then shoot again, then push... shoot... push.

shoots great
ok price
100% ambidextrous
good accuracy for a gas pistol!

EATS GAS!!!!!!

over all-
If you like this, go and get it. This is a perfect sidearm for us lefties!
Shoots great, and lasts LONG
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